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Pat White's days with Dolphins seem numbered

Everyone is reporting today that Chad Henne will play about a half in Saturday's preseason game at Jacksonville. That is, after all, what coach Tony Sparano said.

"I think probably Henne's going to go, I'd like to take Henne into the half," Sparano said Thursday. "I got a play count particularly in my head right now, that would take him through the first half, but if you hit that play count a little bit earlier I might take him out. If we move the ball and had some success and he hit that play count and I felt good about it, I think I might do that. Unless there was a two minute situation before the half hanging there that I feel like he might need or something like that. Right now I'm thinking that he's going to go the first half of the game and then we'll see how it trickles down. I'd imagine at this point Tyler [Thigpen] would get in there and we'd see where we are."

Well, I'm more concerned with the "we'd see where we are" part.

Pat White, last year's second-round draft pick, is the see where we are guy. He is apparently an after-thought now, if one believes Sparano -- and I do. He was something of an afterthought last week when he came into the game the final series to do little other than take a knee.

Folks, his days on the Dolphins are numbered. I don't know if he makes it past the first round of cuts in a couple of weeks. It definitely doesn't look like he makes it out of the final cuts.

Simply, he's not a very good quarterback. Simply, there are no plans in the works to try him at another position. Simply, his goose seems nearly done if not out-right cooked.

Earlier this week Sparano said White showed marked improvement throwing the football a week ago. That grand improvement didn't get White any meaningful snaps in last Saturday's game. And it didn't vault him above fourth-string this week.

Sure, he's taking more snaps than Chad Pennington right now. But Chad Pennington is an established NFL quarterback who doesn't need to fry his surgically repaired arm in practices. The Dolphins know what Pennington can do.

Unfortunately for White, the Dolphins know what he can do also. And what he cannot do.

He's simply not good enough.

Is he better than he was as a rookie in 2009? Yes. Is he good? No, not really. 

Sparano hasn't said any of this, mind you. He doesn't have to. Sometimes you don't have to hear it from the coach to know it is true. Pat White is the fourth-best quarterback in camp.

And unless the Dolphins keep four quarterbacks or trade one of those ahead of him, White's days in Miami are now numbered.


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Boss: what are you talking about like the other guys said this chump in Pat White is one hit from getting killed he is so wimpy my 10 year old is stronger. He's not even good in Madden

Armando, I used to think the same thing but its not White who is out, its TT. He is the one getting all the playing time and being showcased to other teams...he will be traded by the end of next week.

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Are you like Cromartie? All your children are 3 years old too?

I thought we could use this Pat guy to run the pat-kat but if he keeps the ball on the play there is a good change he might get leveled and fumble.....

PT, I'am more worried that pat will keep the ball and get KILLED.....

TT is fast and even though he is inconsistent he can take a hit better then Pat(ricia)

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No they're not all 3 years old. I actually spreaded them out pretty good.

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If Dolphins do plan on cutting White, what are they waiting for? Would the Phins Give White a stay of execution so that he could showcase his skills(Whatever they may or may not be)to a prospective team. Who knows, perhaps White gets into the game and plays well. It gives him a few more breaths before the plug is pulled. I don't get it. People talk about the lack of game experience as an excuse for some of Henne's progression. What about White? 25 plays, 5 passes. What kind of evaluation can a team get from that amount of live action?
On the other hand. The coaches must see nothing that gives them an idea that White can play at this level. They must know this is a complete waste of time, and that White will never be a Qb. in this league. It must be that bad if White isn't getting more of a chance.

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We're pushing 8 pages here and it's 23 hrs and ten minutes to game time.

We need a new one!!!!

Maybe Pat White does suck and maybe the coaching staff have seen enough and he's not cutting it but in my opinion the guy hasn't been given enough opportunities. He had what last year? 5 passing in total? Why not see what he can do in a game for 2 quarters. Give the guy 1 quarter at least! He had a couple positive plays running last year. Some 1st downs. The amount of plays he has played in a real game just aren't enough to make an opinion. At least keep the guy on the practice squad and develop him further.

Fue una vez un payaso??? Desde el infierno??


I believe they'll wait on White at least until the Sept,4 53 man cut.

If there's an injury(God forbid) to one of the QB's or someone makes an offer we can't refuse for Thigpen, there will be no reason to cut the guy before then.

Bengals Vs. Eagles on Fox

Darryl Dunphy: Totally agree with you. 5 passes isn't enough.

We all remember Terrell Davis right? Pretty great running back. Well he was going to get cut by the Broncos way back when he started cuz the coaches didn't see anything in practice. Then Terrell Davis makes a sick play in special teams and they kept him and we all know what happened next to Terrell Davis's career. Pat White needs MORE opportunities.

Listen pat white is a QUARTERBACK who cant PASS the ball!:) I was a RECEIVER who couldnt CATCH the ball in other words I SUCKED and so does he!!!!!!!!!!!!! GEEZZZZ

We may be in BIG trouble against Buffalo

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Can we trade pat white for Ted Ginn ?

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