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Preseason G1 player to watch: Roberto Wallace

The Dolphins open their preseason Saturday with a home game versus the Tampa Bay Bucs. During the next four weeks, I'll preview the game one day out by shining the spotlight on one player you must keep your eye on because, well, he's impressed me and has a chance to, as Jimmy Johnson once said, be special.

Today we shine that spotlight on wide receiver Roberto Wallace.

Wallace is an undrafted free agent out of San Diego State. So he is, by definition, a long shot on a Miami team that already seems to have roster spots reserved for Brandon Marshall, Brian Hartline, Davone Bess, and Greg Camarillo.

Wallace is locked in a battle for a spot with guys such as Patrick Turner, Julius Pruitt, Marlon Moore, and Ryan Grice-Mullen.

But he has caught my eye because he brings a combination of size and deep-play ability that isn't common among receivers. Wallace is listed at 6-1 and 195 pounds on page 266 of the Miami Dolphins media guide.

That is simply not correct.

He is every bit as big as Marshall and Turner, at 6-4 and 225 pounds. But unlike Turner, I've seen Wallace flash deep-play ability. He showed it in a practice the first week when he caught a 40-plus-yard TD pass versus Sean Smith. And I saw it during a recent evening practice in the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble (NSMB) when he beat Jason Allen deep down the left sideline.

I spoke to a Dolphins personnel man about Wallace and asked how it was that he wasn't drafted? I wanted to know what the problem was with him that no one spent even a seventh-round pick on a receiver with such impressive size and ability to flash (at least occassionally).

"His production was his main issue," the personnel man told me.

Seems throughout Wallace's senior season, the team's scouts simply weren't too impressed because the kids simply wasn't catching passes.

"Everyone had undrafted free agent grades on him early in the year but as the year went on the grades on him started to climb," the personnel man told me.

Wallace caught only 36 passes for 463 yards in 11 games for the Aztecs his senior year. That was third on the team in receptions. So he clearly wasn't the quarterback's favorite target. But the personnel man told me the San Diego State QB last year, Ryan Lindley, struggled early on and really didn't in tune with Wallace until later in the season.

Sure enough, Wallace averaged only 2.4 catches per game the first five outings of the year. He averaged 3.4 catches per game the final seven games of the year, and his outing in the season-finale against UNLV opened eyes. 

In that game the Aztecs actually made an attempt to get Wallace the ball and he caught eight passes for 108 yards. I'm also told the fact that Vincent Brown did not play the final five games of the year was another reason Wallace was given the opportunity to step up and perform.

And he did.

Wallace started playing football later in life. He was born in Panama City, Panama and didn't play football until his junior year in high school after moving to Oceanside, Calif. So he's still learning the game, especially route running techniques.

I cannot predict Wallace will make the Dolphins. Yes, he has prototypical size. Yes, he moves well enough. But he has much to learn and the inconsistencies still exist. But he bears watching. Like I said, he flashes.

If he does it often enough starting with Saturday's game against Tampa Bay, he could earn himself a practice squad spot. And maybe I'm being conservative.  


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Soiled :)


Not all of us are half a s s e d Phin fans.

Some of just enjoy taking every oppurtunity availiable to vent the everyday frustrations of life.

What better douche bag is there to take out your frustrations on than Nick Saban?

Odin, its not really called the nsmb, its just what Salguero calls it. So no sweat.


Well....OK...if you say so!

Still....Saban's a DOUCHE!!!!

Dear Mr. Mark in Toronto

I hope you and that guy from Montreal are doing well in your search for the Canadian traitor Nathaniel Dodsworth.

I know if I was Canadian and one of my countrymen denounced "Rush" as the greatest band ever.

Then declaring both Labatts and Molson's could learn a thing or two from Budweiser as he become's an American citizen.

Anyhoo, Nathanial hasn't been to the blog in a while...some say he went south....some say he never existed at all.

Soiled :)

SoiledBottom, I don't even drink beer or have had a sip of it on my 35 years on the planet - so who am I to judge? And not all Canadians adore Rush. I respect them but even I, a proud Canadian, do not own even one of their CDs.

I didn't know he was from Panama... thats pretty cool...

Okay, Last time I write this...Take note...

The Miami Dolphins do not own the Bubble they practice in. They lease it (with an indefinite lease) from the owner. The Bubble is currently owned by Jerome Harriott of Blockbuster and he leases it out to the Miami Dolphins for by an insubstantial amount. (basically just a formality number to place on the contract). It stands to reason the facility was a part of a deal penned by Wayne Huizenga through his one time majority ownership of Blockbuster Inc.
There is absolutely NO mention of Nick Saban in the name of the facility. The name that stand currently on the least is...

"The Miami Dolphins Training Facility Bubble"

Most of this info is available to everyone, simply Google "Miami Dolphins Training facility. Wiki has a very simple explanation of what, where, and when all the facility was built and what some of the features of the facility are.

Armando, being ever sarcastic about ANYTHING Nick Satan. Still pokes fun since the facility was pressed into existence at "Nick Satan's" insistence so the team could continue to practice even in foul weather and to have a facility with artificial turf to simulate teams in our divisions fields we play on 3 times per year. The real irony about the situation, and what Armando is undoubtedly having fun with, Is that "Nick Satan" never was able to enjoy his facility... he left before its ribbon cutting ceremony. Further endearing Nick "The Dick" Satan to all of Miami Dolphins land.

I hope this help further concerns about naming issues with...

"The Miami Dolphins Training Facility Bubble"

Go Miami!!!!!

Thank you soiled for the help.

Mark Toronto what did you mean by the cheerleading comment?

There was never a NFL player from Costa Rica. Would he be the first from Panama? Panama City is a rough place. Maybe there was a soccer style kicker before him from Panama. Remember the guys that used to kick field goals with only one shoe on? Why nobody does that anymore?

Dear Mr. Mark in Toronto

Please forgive my ignorance. :)

I am a big fan of Rush, seen them live many times throughout the years...hell i've hith hiked to one of there shows way back when.

No disrespect... just havin fun with fellow Phin fans.

Soiled :)

soiled, you were fine until you provoked the name Rush . i thought you love savage .

SOiledBottom, never any disrespect taken. I'm a fan of your just like every other blogger here that wants nothing more than success for our aqua and orange.

costa rica is good only for coffee and women , men i am not sure .

He is every bit as big as Marshall and Turner, at 6-4 and 225 pounds. But unlike Turner, I've seen Wallace flash deep-play ability. He showed it in a practice the first week when he caught a 40-plus-yard TD pass versus Sean Smith. And I saw it during a recent evening practice in the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble (NSMB) when he beat Jason Allen deep down the left sideline.

Thanks Mando, If this "Rookie" Does that against Smith and Allen, I Shudder what the Premier wide-outs are gonna do to those guys.....

why i feel mark toronto from haiti not canada .


elom, please turn your caps off,it's annoying .


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Diving is ok in some places, but not really on the pacific coast there are reefs, but the water isn't super clear like the caribbean...

carlito, do you have rush or savage there ?

Buffalo Vs. The Redskins tonite, Who's gonna watch it??

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"practice the first week when he caught a 40-plus-yard TD pass versus Sean Smith"

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"Poser Boy" sean srikes again

Cannot cover an undrafted free agent

The FBI would call that .......... a clue!


And one song sounds like every other. Listen to Pink Floyd

Posted by: cocoajoe | August 13, 2010 at 06

Now Thats what I'am talking about......

Why can sean cover no one?

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"practice the first week when he caught a 40-plus-yard TD pass versus Sean Smith"

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Home Like I said before, can you imagine what some of the wide-outs are gonna do to Smith and Allen if a undrafted guy from SDSU did that to those two....

Please tell sean the Poser Boy
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Please tell 0 Int sean to shut up

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Rush is like a fat girl...Don't think of it as lowering your standards, think of it as broadening your horizions.

Soiled :)


Exactly, My Point


Sean Smith has actually been holding his own in practice against Brandon Marshall lately, has been getting his share of passes broken up, and had a pick 6 a couple days ago

August 13, 2010 at 6:16 pm
Phish !!! really ???? give me a break , you’re the only one of the regulars that feel that way . just the other day , there was a brand new blog up . the very first post on there was a shot at me by this clown avatar. i wasn’t even on there and bobody else posted there yet . tim and the others told him to cut the crap , this is everyday !!! enough is enough, what;s tour probel with me , i’ve always been nice to you . i don’t get it !!!

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i was told that sparano told marshall to take it easy on smith to build up his morale .

tomorrow will be big day for fins;

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