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Quickie morning practice update

One day after suffering a semi-demotion and getting beat on two notable passes, cornerback Sean Smith recovered today.

He was back with the first-team defense while Jason Allen and Will Allen worked as the second-team cornerbacks.

More interestingly, Andrew Hartline continues to take first-team snaps at center this morning. Joe Berger also took first team snaps at center today.

Jake Grove, meanwhile, was working with the second and third units today. Hmmmm.

Wide receiver Greg Camarillo was slowed close to the end of practice by an unknown leg injury, according to The Herald's Jeff Darlington. He didn't leave the practice, but rather just stayed on the sideline.  One would think that if it was serious, Camarillo would have been taken into the locker room but that isn't always the case. A.J. Edds stayed on the practice field sidelines during drills three days ago.

And we later learned he blew out his right ACL.

I'll have an update for you after 12:30 p.m. when coach Tony Sparano addresses the media.


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How much cash do they save if they dump GROVE?

That would be worth investigating.

Was this another Tuna Blunder in FA?
1) Ernestttttttttt
2) the Gerbillllllllllll
3) Now Jake "cant beat a journeyman" Grove

No way they bump Grove- Berger was having a really bad camp- surprised he is even above him in the depth chart. Grove has neither been up or down this camp. But he is a gamer- much to the fact Jason Allen is at game time. True, there are limited spots on this team, but for sure we keep 5 CBs, with all the passing these other teams employ and the spread formations, we need quality CBs. In this leaque the talent level and depth is extremely important to be playing come January. I like Soprano is giving those 3rds from last year a chance to move up.

Jake Grove played real well before he got hurt last year. The dolphins were 1 or 2 in rushing before he got hurt.

It has already been noted that Sparano plans to tinker with the OL no biggie that the combination has changed a bit. Hopefully Hartline show the goods and continues to impress. About Sean Smith, There is a guy here (HOME, I think) who has been saying that he is garbage for quite some time. I'd like not to believe that and hope the efforts to motivate him to perform up to his potential works. I'd like to see all of these young guys improve.

I hope Sparano knows what he's doing with the Center situation.

I like to hear that both 5th round picks are making some noise.

Also the first 2 picks are beginning to feel it. Too bad about Edds though, I wanted to see him play. I'm also waiting for Spitler to get better soon. He's got a big chance to step it up now.

I hope Sparano doesn't d**k around with Grove. He is one of the real fine centres in the league and did very well against a healthy Kris Jenkins in the first Jet/Phin matchup. And like soomeone else alluded to, there was a significant drop off when Berger played. Berger is a fine backup but that's it. Hopefully they are just trying to limit Grove's reps so he can last longer this year.

By the way, listened to Mando's radio show this morning and he sucks. What an annoying person to listen to. Stick to writing. I'm surprised Troy Strafford didn't rip you a new one by the end of your shift.

What The Flip Is Up With Smith?? Hope He Doesnt Lose His Mojo Having To Cover The Beast Every Day!!!

How many INT's did Henne throw today?

As many as your mom!

Smith is in his 2nd year. Him and Vonte are still in the learning curve. May be not this year (CB & SS/FS) take a few years to get it down. Look at a few good/great CB Etc. D.REVIS, CHAMP BAILEY, LIDO SHEPPARD, DARYLL GREENE, they all took 2-3years to develop. I know we as PHIN FANS want to be great now but relax we are still rebuilding. NE took 5 years and 2 QBS (BLEDSOE THEN BRADY) befor they became a dynasty. THE TUNA WILL GET IT DONE.

Wow, Nice little quickie.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Are you a serious Journalist or a waiter that serves me Bafoonary ?

Well If your serious and need any help with the Radio show I have a large staff of Monkeys armed with typewriters ready to go.

Soiled :)

The Tuna is done next year and Peterson will take over and Herm Edwards will be the new coach.

Doesn't JT look good in green.?.lol

no he looks like he hates being a jet more than revis....good luck w jt...he will prove to be a non entity in the cold...

smith's going through a rough patch, should be good for him.

This guy needs some adversity because he is way too comfortable with himself. Better now than during the season.



Dude, how do you mention Lito Sheppard in the same sentence as 2 HOF CBs and the best CB in the league right now ?

Tricky is Lito Sheppard's cousin.

What's going on with the PennSt DLineman and the Utah LB? ARE THEY LOOKING LIKE THEY CAN CONTRIBUTE THIS YEAR? I live in Atl, and don't get much on the 'Phins..

Hey T REX... Only the Jets were stupid enough to have Herm "deer in headlights" Edwards for a coach. He is your version of Dave Wanny.


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