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Some behind-the-scenes on the Miami Dolphins

Throughout our country the Hard Knocks post-broadcast analysis is taking up sportstalk radio segments and blog space. Spit on that.

In Dolphins country, I have a little inside-the-team look to give you without the million-dollar production of an HBO show. The inside look is courtesy one Tony Sparano, who was my guest this week on the Armando and The Amigo Show on 640-Sports in South Florida.

By 8:30 one morning this week, Sparano had already worked out, conducted a team meeting, conducted a meeting with his coaches, and had three players into his office for one-on-one time. The one-on-one meetings were not pat-on-the-back sessions.

"They're about urgency, telling them about urgency, and expectations and those type of things where you're counting on somebody and he's not playing up to his level," Sparano told me on the show. "You're trying to make somebody aware of the opportunity they may have and how fast their window is closing. You try to tell some of these young players that but sometimes they get lost in the middle of training camp and then it's too late.

"I think it's important for me to let my players know where they stand in some of these situations and I'll bring them up to my office and tell them, ‘This is what I want to see, this is what you've done so far, and this is what I haven't seen.' They walk out of here with a pretty clear picture of what I'm looking for."

Sparano did not say which players he met with. Actually, I didn't have the guts to ask. (I suck). But I do know coaches have lately been on first-round pick Jared Odrick to get more out of him, to get him to expect more of himself and produce more. Just sayin'.

I also asked Sparano about his weight-loss regimen. He told me he works out in the morning and then tries to get another workout in before he leaves the facility at night. He's still doing two-a-days. He said he's lost 61 pounds since he began, following knee surgery.

Finally, you see the Jets behind-the-scenes fun and frolic on Hard Knocks. The Dolphins are not without some of that. On Sunday, the coaches, Sparano and Jeff Ireland called in Bill Parcells to an office. They surprised him with a birthday cake and a song.

Parcells turned 69 that day.

Happy birthday, Bill.


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Interesting. I wonder who the players were. I think Odrick, Misi, Nolan Caroll.

jared odrick? why does that name sound familiar?

the 3 people in his office were ross,parcells and ireland.. lol

Wow. Sparano has lost 61 lbs by working hard while rex looks like he is the first person to actually gain weight after lap band surgery. With a mouth like that it's no surprise.

pat white -odrick-turner

Sparano is a real good human being .

does any one knows how to get a rex ryan photo in a swim suite or full photo in a real suite .

The meeting with Pat White was about there not being enough sugar in the cool-aid.

My girlfriend said she plans on losing 190 lbs by the first of the year.I asked her how she planned on doing this,and she took my house keys and called the cops.WTF.

3rd place.

Out of the playoffs.

Believe it.

i will give any one who comes w/rex ryan photo in a swim suit 5 bucks .

if there's no DL this year to keep the ball in henne's hands kiss the season good by .

I think it was a mistake to get rid of WR Greg C. Marshall probably will not make it though the whole season without an injury... well see.

they are already wondering about Odrick? that doesnt sound good...the next merling

He doesn't even know if it was Odrick.

I doubt it was odrick. I think these are probably more bubble guys.

Steve, why would you think Marshall can't make it through the season? He missed games because of suspensions, not injuries.

You may purchase my swim suit photo on the Jet website. BY the way, fork all of you.

Nice way to slam O'Drick without proof. Now all the lemmings will run around calling him a bust.

startn the rumor now-----I want quentin Groves from Raiders, some people call him a bust--(most inaccurate label in nfl)

Groves was a beast At Auburn tieing the sack record, at combine had measurables that compared to Demarcus Ware.--

I think for groves to play well he needs to play in a 3-4, which he hasnt been able to in jacksonville, or now in oakland. Bring him to miami with nolan i think this kid could be a beast.---

Now i understand if he gets cut worse teams will pick him up---so i would even be willing to make a trade involving an expendable player or a late draft pick like a 5 or 6th---this could would be worth the investment---im hearing he is running with the 3rd team, b/c he never played 4-3 oLB in college, but isnt strong enough to play 4-3 end.

change his position to WOLB in a 3-4, and get him stronger the kid is only 26

Rather have him as the 5th OLB over Walden or Moses at this point

Happy Birthday Bill!

Mark In Ottawa - proof that they're dumb people up in Canada, eh?


Gotta admit, Coach looks damn good! Congrats to him.

Sporano is doing the right thing. Another 0-3 start will not only kill morale, but it will also put his job in jepardy. and rightfully so. This team can't afford another slow start. With the bills being one of our first two games I say 0-2 will be unacceptable. Favre will be rusty and there is no reason we shoudn't expect to beat the Vikings.

I commend Sporano for not keeping his head in the sand and meeting the challenge head on. He isn't trying to pretend its no big deal. I apperciate the man's honesty and work ethic.


allen- trading a player or pick for a 5th olb seems kinda, well dumb. i think linebacker is one area i feel pretty good about. i feel fairly good about the whole front seven. it's the back 4 that give my nightmares. both CB's are still getting toasted too often and fs is an almost rookie. i'd be looking for more corner and FS help if anyone good gets released.

Agree with you Mel.

Pretty weak blog post, actually. So we learned that Tony has 1:1 meetings with players. Wow. Thanks for that insight, Armando. We also learned that if some people get more exercise they lose weight. Double wow. Beyond that, we also learned that Tony is an early starter and probably a workaholic. Triple wow. Methinks the higher ups had a sit down with Armando and said "Don't care how pathetic it is, you MUST have a blog post every afternoon." And Armando is all like "Even when there's no news?" And then they're all like "ESPECIALLY when there's no news." I feel for ya, man.

Well at least sparano didnt use the cam cam-moron analogy with his players" FAIL BUT FAIL FORWARD--MEANING FAIL OFTEN AND EARLY AND LEARN, BUT LEARN FAST!!!***

Gee, and I thought the clock post was bad. The one single thing that could have been interesting Armando chickened out to ask.

Still, good to know they have a clock now in the locker room.

Sparano called in one player 3 times in a row

sean smith
sean smith
sean smith


LOL @ HOME...I dislike SEAN SMITH as well. At least VD blows up people at or behind the LOS on some plays...SEAN SMITH play patty-cake

is sean smith a bust ?
is O'dric a bust ?
is misi a bust ?
is white a bust ?
is turner a bust ?
is davis a bust ?
is crowder sucks ?

the DL is the key this year to keep the ball in henne's hands, other wise no PLAYOFFS .

Defensive line is stout barring injury, defensive secondary is NOT!!!

Dear Mr. Salguero

"I have a little inside-the-team look to give you without the million-dollar production of an HBO show."

But if you did have a million-dollar production of an HBO show what would it be ?

"Taxi Cab confessions with Armando and the Amigo"
Each week you will ask Miami Dolphin Football related questions as you pickup and drop off players at strip clubs and film the antics that ensue.

I'd tune in

Soiled :)

you got to chew some ass sometimes hopefully it will have the intended effect, we will see we have to beat Buffalo or my new big screen could be in Jeopardy

Like it or not, unless Will Allen recovers, Smith will be a starter. One thing Smith does have is height and long arms to match up with Moss and Braylon. Besides, after VD and Will, none of the others on the team can cover any better so there really is no choice.

unless Sapp can impress early and often that is, highly unlikely but not impossible.

NJ1Dolfan (Mike E.) says:
August 26, 2010 at 3:16 pm
Exactly! I’m looking to get suspended talking about baseball so I can look at all the pictures of you, NJ, Jahn, Home, Payaso, Cuban, O Rob etc…

They Call Me... Tim says:
August 26, 2010 at 3:22 pm
I was told to see Cuban you need to put your head in the toilet

Being on Odrick hard out in the practice field and having him in the office are different things. Does anyone believe Odrick is on the bubble? I would be suprised if it was him. Can't wait for Saturday, Go Fins

All the reports on Sapp were that he was terrible in coverage, more of a run stopper and special teams. It's a shame Jason Allen never figured out which way was up. He is a fine athlete, just thinks in slo motion.

to be or not to be...time for my meatball sub .

mr ,soiled..............no players goes to strip clubs any more ,it's old fashion . players have affairs and women on the side not a striper .these are for people like price master .

Islamabad, Pakistan
The New World Order which targeted Pakistan with HAARP flooding has told the government to warn about 500,000 people in the country's southeastern Sindh province they should evacuate immediately because of more HAARP flooding, or die like the worthless slaves the NWO thinks you are, government officials said Thursday.

HAARP = Weather Weapon + of Mass Destruction

I really hope that 2 of those guys were Vontae Davis and Sean Smith.

They looked really bad in the first preseason games.

But the worst part of it is that(with Will Allen out) they don't even have true competition.

If they don't get better really quick, no playoffs for us this year.

to be or not to be...time for my meatball sub .

mr ,soiled..............no players goes to strip clubs any more ,it's old fashion . players have affairs and women on the side not a striper .these are for people like price master .

Posted by: ALoco | August 26, 2010 at 05:06 PM

Oh aloco, dont encourage it--its all about seeing Armando in the backseat of a taxi cab with the word confession on it to attract someone like soiled *lmao*

way to overreact in the preseason Yan.

Tell sean smith
Shucking & Jiving are Not NFL Stats


Tell sean smith
Shucking & Jiving are Not NFL Stats


SuperPHIN, MOST nfl players have 2-3 women

1-a woman to sleep with and can be seen with.
2-a woman to sleep with and can't be seen with.
3-a 2 women friends to sleep with and never been seen with .

I bring nothing but misery and death to those who believe in anything i say. A fortune cookie of destruction and illness upon all who refuse to listen.


The mental-disruption possibilities for HAARP are the most disturbing. More than 40 pages of the book, with dozens of footnotes, chronicle the work of Harvard professors, military planners and scientists as they have been using and testing HAARP on humans and entire populations will soon be mind controlled by HAARP

This is perhaps why sean smith cannot cover a NFL WR of any size.
After hearing rubber lips speak, Houston we have a problem.

"You know what i`m sayin"


World renowned scientist Dr. Rosalie Bertell confirms that "US military scientists have completed and are operating HAARP on weather systems as a weapon of severe mass destruction for unsuspecting dumbed down humans through out the world. The methods include
the enhancing,steering and stalling of storms and the diverting of vapor rivers in the Earth's atmosphere to produce targeted droughts, floods, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Our receivers had the case of the drops last year...except for the one we just traded. Our backs had issues, to say the least, with their cover skills so what do they do? Trade for a guy who is pretty good against the run but has trouble with defending the pass. Opposing QBs have over a 100 passing rating against him. Sometimes this front office makes moves that are questionable to say the least. Getting rid of Cam makes me feel like I did when we traded away Wes to the Pats. Not feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Good luck Cam and hope you have a great year.


With a 5th round pick you usually look for a back up or special teams player with potential---

If you know Groves you now at the least that is what you are getting---at the most he culd crack the lineup and be a player---so i guess its a dumb move if you dont know the player or understandthe upside

It never fails, but almost every time I read something posted by Soiled, I laugh my you know what off. Soiled I don't know what you do for a living but you should try stand up comedy.

Right Now the Dolphins r Reaching for a CB

Cuz we r in trouble with sean smith


Miami Dolphin Tin Foil Hats

available for Dolphin vs Jets

Sunday nite football

LMFAO @ Idiot Home!! World Renowned Scientist Dr. Bertell. World Renowned As A Whack Job. Takes On Any Whacky Theory And Runs With It. Most Scientists Refuse To Have Anytthing To Do With Her Because She Has Become So Looney. Lost Her Mind In The Late 70s And It Hasnt Been Seen Since. World Renowned 1st Class NutJob. Bwahahahhahah

THE fake home hates home so much ,he kind of devoting his life to fake him .lolllllllll

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