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Some behind-the-scenes on the Miami Dolphins

Throughout our country the Hard Knocks post-broadcast analysis is taking up sportstalk radio segments and blog space. Spit on that.

In Dolphins country, I have a little inside-the-team look to give you without the million-dollar production of an HBO show. The inside look is courtesy one Tony Sparano, who was my guest this week on the Armando and The Amigo Show on 640-Sports in South Florida.

By 8:30 one morning this week, Sparano had already worked out, conducted a team meeting, conducted a meeting with his coaches, and had three players into his office for one-on-one time. The one-on-one meetings were not pat-on-the-back sessions.

"They're about urgency, telling them about urgency, and expectations and those type of things where you're counting on somebody and he's not playing up to his level," Sparano told me on the show. "You're trying to make somebody aware of the opportunity they may have and how fast their window is closing. You try to tell some of these young players that but sometimes they get lost in the middle of training camp and then it's too late.

"I think it's important for me to let my players know where they stand in some of these situations and I'll bring them up to my office and tell them, ‘This is what I want to see, this is what you've done so far, and this is what I haven't seen.' They walk out of here with a pretty clear picture of what I'm looking for."

Sparano did not say which players he met with. Actually, I didn't have the guts to ask. (I suck). But I do know coaches have lately been on first-round pick Jared Odrick to get more out of him, to get him to expect more of himself and produce more. Just sayin'.

I also asked Sparano about his weight-loss regimen. He told me he works out in the morning and then tries to get another workout in before he leaves the facility at night. He's still doing two-a-days. He said he's lost 61 pounds since he began, following knee surgery.

Finally, you see the Jets behind-the-scenes fun and frolic on Hard Knocks. The Dolphins are not without some of that. On Sunday, the coaches, Sparano and Jeff Ireland called in Bill Parcells to an office. They surprised him with a birthday cake and a song.

Parcells turned 69 that day.

Happy birthday, Bill.


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What is up tonite in Phin Land???????????Who will be attending tomm. Nites game??

I Feel Like We Are Going To Get Passed On Heavily This Year. Vontae Davis Is A Slight Disappointment, Sean Smith A Huge One, Clemons Is Not The Answer And Bell Is Overrated. And Now We May Have List Will Allen.
Lastly, In Approximately Three Games In Two Years In The Preseason Sean Smith Has Three Picks. None The Whole Season Though, And Our Secondary Has Made Even Tampas Backups Look Great. We Are In Trouble In Pass Coverage Guys.

got a good feeling about this kid, get him in a 3-4- cant wait for cuts around the league--i follow those SEC players, i see u Groves


good stuff from Sparano, but I am concerned that it seems every blog is now a shameless radio plug...

They are replacing Mr. Peanut on the Planters containers with a picture of Home. Home is the bigger NUT hands down.

Bpobby, I can Swear that I busted a guy At work that could possibly be home a couple years ago....He was sent to Bel Vue not a vacation spot..

pats vs rams w/first pick in the draft playing for rams .

tom brady is the man , watch and learn .

i see things,

i see fins 1-3 then 3-7 then 5-10 then the coach is gone .

FOR this team to go to the playoffs DL must work hard and smart to keep the ball in henne's hands .

Home was right 3 hours before firing of eric green
2 days before firing of ted ginn
and now Home is right on Greg Camarillo as odd man out

So is Home Crazy


Crazy like a Fox

Dear Mr. Salguero

It appears that mother Bottom appeared in your last article looking for me.....somthing about a skunky smell eminating from the basement.

Please tell her I havn't posted in months and you heard I had a part time job down at the grocery store...she thinks I'm working.....LOL

Soiled :)

P.S. Hey Aloco, anyway you can send a little extra this week....I want the new StarCraft2 game

home is one f the best bloggers on this site.wisdom,smart and funny .

soiled , any thing for you .you earned it .

I am a little worried about Home's mental state. However, with that being said, I do enjoy reading his opinions.

Trade for Vincent Jackson.

Well documented in previous posts earlier in the year

Home picked two (2) Free Agents
ans ONLY two (2) Free Agents to become Miami Dolphins

Karlos Dansby & Brandon Marshall

Even though all the local sports bloggers

That Is Exactly What Happened

Home was Right, AGAIN!

So Is Home Crazy

Crazy like a Fox


does henne has kids ? state of mind ,why ?

P.S ......he's the lowest paid QB in the NFL

Well Documented

Home predicted & posted b4 1st Jets game

2009 Miami Dolphins Sweep the Jets!

and guess what happened


So Is Home Crazy

Crazy like a Fox

I will now soil my bottom as I fantasize about Rex Ryan in a speedo.

FAvre..........16 million a year
henne......... 600,000 a year

payton manning looking to make 20-25 million a year

Home has been telling u to but GOLD
and sell stocks for months now

and guess what

stocks down


So Is Home Crazy

Crazy like a Fox

home, the stock market is going down next week .......short

The USA stock market is artificially propped up doing everything possible to stay above 10,000

This is FRAUD

Expect Devastation!

Do not get your money caught in this rigged game

USA stocks going down in PERIL

Buy Gold
or hide out w/Odin and but canned foods & shotgun shells

They're going to look like complete fools if Odrick is a bust and Dan Williams turns out to be a good NFL football player.

Home, What about the weather tommarrow nite at Chem-Trail stadium??????

can i make love home meanwhile ?

Chemtrail Death stadium weather will be fine at game time

Expect good conditions
Great Miami Dolphin Performance

Watch 3 Hurricanes in a row coming in
Compliments of real weather weapon HAARP
Check out satellite photo of three (3)steered hurricanes, now

Live while your living
Cuz your gonna be a long time dead

***** The Dynasty Be Fins!

Miami Dolphins WRs #4 Turner & #5 Moore Shine at Chemtrail Death Friday Night

***** The DynastyBe Fins! *****

wow - what's with the haters. lighten up. this is the only time of year you can be jusifiably optimistic so enjoy it. it's a WONDERFUL time of year. we no longer have to pretend to care about the marlins. the wait if finally over - and I don't care what you putz's say... I'm CHARGED UP over here! if you can't say anything positive... go post on a jets blog. BTW - I thought the post was a revealing contrast to the jets brass who are eating, swearing and joking around on their prime time show. talk about setting yourself up for a NASTY fall. I'm glad I'm a Fins fan... and will genuinely feel bad for JT when the Jet's take a dump. can't blame him for taking the money when the fins were toying with him - now he's going to be on the poop end of another fin's sweep! LETS GO FINS!

mr mike... instead of taking Dan Williams at #12, by trading down they got Odrick, Misi and Dobbins...3 for 1...that's what you call some good horse trading.

Aloco, do you remember what I told you yesterday about who came in as SuperPhin? Check it out again and tell me I'm not right. That's him.

Home = HAARP manufacturer error

Aloco, do you remember what I told you yesterday about who came in as SuperPhin? Check it out again and tell me I'm not right. That's him.

Posted by: FB | August 26, 2010 at 07:06 PM

And what was that???

hennes the lowest paid qb because when he signed his contract, he'd not played a down and had to prove himself. and unlike revis, he's abiding by the contract he signed until he actually EARNS a raise and his contract is up. crazy thinking... i know...

Aloco, have you noticed that NJFinfan is back as SuperPHIN? Welcome back my greek brother NJFinfan.

Posted by: FB | August 25, 2010 at 08:56 PM

Sice u peeked my interest, i had a look and most definately i am not him who is from new jersey, thank you for the compliment tho if that was what it was intended to be. And between me and you i don't even like greek food, it upsets my stomach!!!

I am not certain how many of you had the opportunity as I did to attend the teams first scrimmage at NOVA. I would LOVE to have had that entire scrimmage on film to show to those who still believe they have seen what Miami has to offer in a game. Now I can say this, "The 1st string offense looked MUCH better Saturday night then it did at that scrimmage. After the 1st team left the field they were about the same.
But defensively..... There is no comparison. hat I saw was not "Blitz City" although Nolan did have his share of blitz packages going on. Instead, there was a mix of Corner/safety/LB'er pressures that came from as many directions as the number of plays they were used. So far, the closest thing to those plays I have seen was against Jax when Starks pressed the middle for a sack and a few hurries. Because of the way they send a quick player like Starks then back him up with Dansby pressuring the Guards who want to double the NT... something has to give. I cannot describe it well enough but to say this... Miami would start by attacking a certain spot on the line, that player would establish his rush and then within a few seconds there would be another guy hitting the same spot or maybe just off the edge of that rush followed by another. It was like watching a damn video game with the "Power or Life force Meter" running like gas pump numbers to zero on the O-line blockers. They were literally OVERWHELMED with bodies. Long fell victim more then once.

I say all that crap to only say this. We always hear how we are not shown the whole package up front. Sometimes there is more truth to that statement then others. But from what I saw... there is more truth in that statement this preseason then any other I have witnessed in many years. Miami as also yet to line up with 3 WR on one side of the line. When they did that formation in practice, Marshall or Hartline nearly always came out of the mess with the ball. It leaves no room for the CB and Safety to maneuver.

I read above "3rd place and out of the playoffs".... I disagree, and not because the kool-aid has plenty of ice... I believe Miami has the tools and the ability to coach wins out of these young guys... We all know Luck is important... Careful with the injuries, a few good bounces, keep taking the ball away the way they have been and keep the penalties to a minimum. Do that... and Miami can compete with every team in the NFL. Hell...They did last year BEFORE Marshall, Dansby and a more experienced Henne... they were in nearly every game. They can win those close ones this year... they really can.

Stand Tall and Kill 'em all Dolphins fans... we can be this seasons New Orleans! just as easy as anyone.

Superfin is in NO way The Plumber from Jersey.........

Home has some strange need to convince the world he is clairvoyant and knows the future. He recently predicted an injured 4th string receiver would get traded. I must admit that is pretty amazing. Imagine what he is like in real life...scary.


A hideout? A hideout? Are you effing kidding me?

We've got a full blown para-military training camp going on here. Militia my A S S!!!!

Keep it under your tin foil hat though, "Big Brothers" always listening.........Wink Wink!

a nice birthday gift for bill would be to make the playoffs and win them for once!!!

Thank u cuban, i have a hard time fixing my own sinks as it is, and dont get me started on toilets****

Superfin is in NO way The Plumber from Jersey.........

Posted by: Cuban Menace | August 26, 2010 at 07:24 PM

De Menace sounds like a stoolie.

yo quiero mas frijoles por favor...

Thank u cuban, i have a hard time fixing my own sinks as it is, and dont get me started on toilets****

Posted by: superPHIN | August 26, 2010 at 07:28 PM



Sounds like some kind of code. Something BIGS coming down de PIPES.

Dress rehersal tomorrow night.

The complete starting line up should be set in stone by the time the NFL Channel re broadcasts the game.


Grove or Berger?

Dobbins or Crowder?

Who gets the nickel? Nolan, Allen, Hobbs or Sapp?

Who will be the 4th receiver? Moore, Turner or Pruitt?

Crowder, Allen, Turner.
By game 1, Pruitt will be gone, Moore or Turner will be #4 and the other on the practice squad.

Grove, he's better. Berger can't handle Wilfork or Jenkins. Berger is a 2nd stringer anywhere.

LOL At Meyer..., Not that's funny...

I Say,
I Say, Now Boy

Knock Off
All That
Long-Haired Hippie Yankee Sas, Now Boy

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Pat Turner & Moore Fri Nite

Action Man

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

I LOVE the FINS!!!
Yes, I DO!

But....the Jets are TOO good this year. It's true.

Jets 11 - 5
NE 10 - 6
Fins 8 - 8

You heard it here first.

Home Knows!
Know Home!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! But NOT This Year! *****

comer todos los frijoles que quiero que mi fontanero de triple estado .....

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It's the end of the world as we know it.
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I feel fine

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

I think Berger has definitely improved. Grove and his overall nastiness is still the better of the two.

Moore and Turner have similar numbers in pre season. It could go either way. Their two different types of players and I like things about both of them. Tough call in my opinion.

I'm a little concerned about the nickle. I pictured Will Allen being there since the end of last season. Maybe Smurfy Sapp(5-9 190)will stick to Welker like stink on........ah........Toilet?

I'm still out on that limb with Dobbins over Crowder. Injury problems aside, I think Dobbins is the better Backer.

OK Guys Iam Outta here, Peace be with you all......

Six o'clock - TV hour. Don't get caught in foreign tower. Slash and burn,
return, listen to yourself churn. Lock him in uniform and book burning,
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Markets are down on VERY low volume. After labor day investors are back at work. Stocks are WAY oversold. Beware the short squeeze...all the shorts will have to cover on the slightest move up and that will push the buying further...Huge rally in September...don't get caught SHORT, buy in before the rally, sell before November. Home knows nothing beyond sensationalism and fantasy and maybe young red headed boys.

Markets r Fixed

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Cuban Menace,

What do you mean I'm funny?

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REM & HAARP have some common knowledge in the end of days

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You Get That, Huh?

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