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Some behind-the-scenes on the Miami Dolphins

Throughout our country the Hard Knocks post-broadcast analysis is taking up sportstalk radio segments and blog space. Spit on that.

In Dolphins country, I have a little inside-the-team look to give you without the million-dollar production of an HBO show. The inside look is courtesy one Tony Sparano, who was my guest this week on the Armando and The Amigo Show on 640-Sports in South Florida.

By 8:30 one morning this week, Sparano had already worked out, conducted a team meeting, conducted a meeting with his coaches, and had three players into his office for one-on-one time. The one-on-one meetings were not pat-on-the-back sessions.

"They're about urgency, telling them about urgency, and expectations and those type of things where you're counting on somebody and he's not playing up to his level," Sparano told me on the show. "You're trying to make somebody aware of the opportunity they may have and how fast their window is closing. You try to tell some of these young players that but sometimes they get lost in the middle of training camp and then it's too late.

"I think it's important for me to let my players know where they stand in some of these situations and I'll bring them up to my office and tell them, ‘This is what I want to see, this is what you've done so far, and this is what I haven't seen.' They walk out of here with a pretty clear picture of what I'm looking for."

Sparano did not say which players he met with. Actually, I didn't have the guts to ask. (I suck). But I do know coaches have lately been on first-round pick Jared Odrick to get more out of him, to get him to expect more of himself and produce more. Just sayin'.

I also asked Sparano about his weight-loss regimen. He told me he works out in the morning and then tries to get another workout in before he leaves the facility at night. He's still doing two-a-days. He said he's lost 61 pounds since he began, following knee surgery.

Finally, you see the Jets behind-the-scenes fun and frolic on Hard Knocks. The Dolphins are not without some of that. On Sunday, the coaches, Sparano and Jeff Ireland called in Bill Parcells to an office. They surprised him with a birthday cake and a song.

Parcells turned 69 that day.

Happy birthday, Bill.


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Stay out of this, this is between me and the WestCoast Wuss bag!

Besides, he was cuttin on Henne.


He was cuttin on Henne?

Oh F-CK him up dude!


I did already, Dude!

Why I feel someone talking to self?

Time for my meatball sub.....................

Let's see, here in the 21st century, the seahawks have clearly been the better team, more wins and an NFC championship. Lets see what the fins have this century:
1. 6 head coaching changes
2. probably at least 10 offensive and defensive coordinator changes
3. Zero play off wins, or maybe 1?
4. 12 different horrible quarterbacks
5. Of the first 8 drafts only one or two players left on the team from them! I mean, has any team drafted worse? Impossible.
6. the magical 1 - 15 season.
7. several players arrested in the last year alone, PHDs, woman beating, drunk driving.
8. they have what, 9 cornerbacks now??? I think they like maybe one of them.
9. Injury prone Ronnie, has he ever played a full season? Maybe once.
10. Ricky...hmm, actually I admire Ricky, great player, would have been in the top 5 all time backs had he had a team with with a reciever qb and front line.

p.s. I live in Seattle, but I am not a Seahawks fan. Lived in Miami during the Marino days, been a fin fan since. But not so obsessed with it that name calling or contrary opinions would ever rile me up.

Well, my gal is beckoning me to bed, more work to do... have fun with yourselves now.

Looks like Arizona will bench Matt Leinart.

So if the Cards call Miami looking to wheel and deal, who do we part with - CP10 or TT16?

I don't think PW6 would be part of the equation.


You started all the immature name calling, and then started crying like a mama's boy when it bit you in the BEHIND.

You fair weather trolls are all the same. I live in San Francisco, but I'm not really a fan. I used to be a fan, but I'm not that into it. Blah blah whine whine.

If that's the case take your sorry a&s on.

PS: Doesn't it bother you that the voice beckoning you sounds awful deep?
Oh well, if you don't mind the Adams apple, it's all good!

You Go Bu-ooyy!!


I would try to Deal Pennington. That's only because I'm one of the suckers that believes Thigpen will develop into the real deal if given the proper chance.

Ultimately, I would deal either one of them if the compensations right.

If we do deal either one of them, I hope we come out a little better than we did on the Camirillo deal, DAMN!

R & R Express, IMO it would not be wise to get rid of either Penne or Thiggy. It would be highly unlikely that Henne makes it through this season without a litlle ding that causes him to miss a game or 2. Now what? Penne is more then capable of leading this team, and would be my choice to replace Henne if he were to get injured. Lets say Henne gets blasted and is lost for 5-6 weeks. Whats the probability thet Penne would go unscathed during that time? I guess my point is that I like having depth at the qb position, even if Thiggy doesn't play a snap all season. He is a good insurance policy for the long brutal, carnage pile they call the NFL season.

Yeah, it's a tough call.
I hope no one comes calling actually.
I am comfortable with CH7, CP10, and TT16 as our 1-2-and 3.

It looks like an 18 game NFL season is pretty much a done deal. Does anyone know if the subject of increasing the 53 man roster (or the number that can be kept on the practice squad) will increase to help off-set the extra wear and tear on the teams?

Also, if we were to make a trade right now, I don't think that we would want future picks, I would think that any trade would be for a spot that Fo sees as a position of need, perhaps a return specialist, or a backup lineman(tackle or guard) I use these positions just as an example, but I think that we would be better off searching the waiver wire, then making anymore trades(unless the trade is a no brainer)

So case closed.
If someone comes calling, we will give them Pat White in exchange for a cornerback (ha ha).

Rex is so fat Tony should just run laps around him for his exercise

Good evening Darryl,

Just a thought concerning the New England/St. Louis game tonight.

We have been told by Media that the 3rd game of preseason is a accurate barometer of where a team is going into the regular season. I happen to disagree with this summation, and I believe the NE/STL Game is a accurate barometer of why I do. Having had 36 points (I believe that to be correct) laid on their defense by a team that last year won a negligible number of games.. do we now write off NE for the season? Do we shelve Tom Brady and say "Its all over for him"?

I doubt NE is ready to roll over and die... I also doubt the Miami winning or losing Friday night is going to be some Crystal ball into their future season.

I do like Miami PERFORMING well... but placing that much emphasis on a PRESEASON game can lead to a major let down for the fans and team.

I also agree that the waver wire will be a fertile place to gain ST's help or perhaps depth in another position. All that talent is not there because they suck, many are there because of overloads on teams rosters in particular positions.

Don't know if anything has been agreed upon but.....
there is talk of a 65 man roster, an extra bye week, and only two preseason games.
Hope this helps.

yea right, if there is football next year which is still very much in doubt.

we should place Rex at various points along the east coast as protection against hurricanes.

Another argument against the 3rd game being the all telling game concerning a team being ready for the regular season is Indy and Green Bay. I have not seen Green Bay lay 59 points on anyone in a long time. And I sure as hell have not seen Indy get trashed like that in an even longer time... Based on what we have been told abut game 3... We should now write Indy off for the season... Do you believe that to be reality?

I am just driving a point home, you can NEVER take these preseason games at face value... they do not ever give and accurate accounting of a teams ability. You can only do that when the starters begin and finish the game with all fury that can be administered... Rookies and walk-on's have not leaned how to close out a win... you need you top players on the feild for 4 Quarters to do that.

Its concerning but also irrelevent as most of the scrubs will be cut come next week, and therefore is not any indication of teams performance,, now i would say its a concern for the colts as far as depth as right now they would look to have little to none where as miamis secondary may need work but considering teams aren't putting 42 or 59 pts up in the last two games against their defensive units, i would say we are not as bad as the colts situation is as of right now.

I would try to Deal Pennington. That's only because I'm one of the suckers that believes Thigpen will develop into the real deal if given the proper chance.



I agree with you about Pennington, but for a different reason. Thigpen may just develop as you say. But I believe having Chad Pennington around is like having an ultimate insurance policy against Henne having a meltdown. I believe Henne and Pennington have a good professional understanding, and with it, I believe Henne respects Pennington at the highest level. Should Henne start to get shaky mentally or have a rough few games, I believe Pennington would be a good thing to have re-settling Henne were necessary to get him back on track. If Henne goes down, I have NO WORRIES concerning Pennington coming in. In fact, there is a certain peace of mind I get, like when an old friend or father type takes over for the young guy in a tough spot. We are extremely lucky to have Henne, Pennington & Thigpen. I can remember when we could not get ONE qb who could play on the field, now we have 3.

if our hopes rest in thigpen at any point this season...You can count on a high draft pick next year. Bottom line, we need pennington more than we need thigpen which is why if we had to deal one or the other, i would choose thigpen, that is of course if pat white is undealable which is my guess to why they wont try to showcase him. Teams already know what they are getting from pat white which is not much!!


If the right opportunity was to present itself, I would agree that Thigpen should be a consideration for trade. I have watched him and believe he has promise, but needs developing. If Thigpen could be in Henne's boots under Pennington for a few years... he could be a very decent QB. But for now, his inconsistency is a tough pill to swallow, 3 points in the second half under his QB watch will not make it. As far as White goes... I am sick of the whole damn argument and have decided I no longer care... do whatever... just do it soon.

SuperPHIN...not superfin...My Bad...

As am I, and i agree cutting ties with him early would be better than holding him for a roster spot. Sparano has no intention of playing him as a QB, or a reciever, and is just avoiding the reality of the situation that Whites pick was another mess up in the Miami front office but no more about that. It's on to preseason #3 against the DirtyBirds.Go phins***

Wow, that sucked. My neighboors puppy just got ripped by a car. What a downer!
Derek- Yeah, I made a statement here saying that I thought the 3rd game was indeed a good baramoter as to how the team will compete. I still think this applies to the first team players, as this is the most playing time they will see all preseason. As long as it's the 1's against the 1's going it is a better measuring stick then game 1 of the preseason. There is always an if or but. take tonights game, and this goes along a little with what you had posted earlier today, talking about what you had seen in practice that the Phins had yet to show in a game(good post) The Pats had no game-plan for tonights game. The sheet was as about as white bread, vanilla, off the cuff as it gets. For the Pats, they had scrimmaged against their previous opponents twice before each game. Naturally, they had a better idea of what to look for. This game against the mighty Rams, they didn't. They looked sloppy at times, and uninterested. It was wierd to me that the Pats starters were in against the second and third units of the Rams. I have thought about this and sure it is cool to watch the starters. But the exciting stuff in the preseason, is watching the fringe guys play for their lives, just get those last spots. The scores in the end don't really matter, it's all about the evaluation, and how the team comes together


I had actually not read your comment about 3rd game Barometers. But I do agree with the way you present it. The one I was actually going after was a piece written by Greg Cote a day or so ago. He placed the whole bag on the line with this game tomorrow night. My argument about such claims has to do with teams being able to get a lot of work done in the fourth quarter. Last year I can recall several games where Miami won because it scored early, then again, they gave away a bunch in the 4th Quarter last year. When you have rookies and walk on in the game in the 4th quarter defensively, I feel they are at a disadvantage, the vets know how to buckle it down. And at least kep the long stuff in front of the safeties. Rookies forget easy when they are under heavy pressure so games slip away. The score against JAX is no barometer of that game. Miami's 1st's DOMINATED once they were on track. But their 2nd and 3rd let a bunch go later on. Its no big deal either way... I just get on the media very fast when they drag fans down the doom and gloom road.

At night I walk this stinkin' street past the crazies on my block
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And I'm searching for the latest thing, a break in this routine
I'm talkin' some new kicks, ones like you ain't never seen
This is home, this is Mean Street
(This is) Yes-ah home, the only one I know

An' the Miami Dolphins don't worry 'bout tomorrow 'cause they're sick of these four walls
Now what you think is nothin' might be somethin' after all
Now you know this (LOS) ain't no through street, the end is dead ahead
The Dolphins linemen play for keeps down here, they're the living dead

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2010 Miami Dolphins Offense

1st Team = Unstoppable

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As many as 5 back to back storms coming form NWO HAARP Weather Weapon of Mass Destruction

Danielle is now a cat 4
Four more HAARP severe storms/hurricanes being created now from Africa

Weather will be good for Miami Dolphins Home Game tonight @ 7:00 pm

Northeast America will be the target of NWO HAARP created & steered severe storms this 2010 season

God Bless

Home will be foiled up the game

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8 27 2010

CNBC Jim Kramer now seeing what NostraHomeUs has been telling Miami Herald bloggers for months

“I’m predicting mass panic tomorrow morning,” he said.

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Good Post, Home Van Halen.

Good Story. It Is Great To Hear About How Truly Normal Thry Are.

69 and u suck huh?

Rob in Seattle the worst blogger I ever read.

Home is beyond nuts

favre ;

13 million salary
3 million bonus
4 million icentives
5 million deferred payments = 24 MILLION COULD REACH 28 MILLION .

now you know why he comes back every year .........

Home are you still there?
I have a question.

Is it possible to steal this HAARP weapon from the government and then use it in such a way that the effects are confined to a small area.
That small area would be the Jets' side from the line of scrimmage?

Thank you for your attention.

to throw a football for 24 million a year , it's amazing . a crappy game w/a lot of money . favre will be back next year if he does well or real bad .

why god you didn't make me a QB ,WHY ? WHY ?lol

Too many years, I've been waiting for the Dolphins to get top players...so we have Brandon Marshall this year...uh, is there any other "remarkable" players? Vincent Jackson as Armando said would be the BMW but we're still driving the Chevy's...this has to change. Parcells needs to do better than this. Always seems we are trying to win with cubic zurconia's rather than investing in diamonds!

i told you knuckle heads during the ota's that odrick is a box of rocks. he will only be used in goal line and short yardage situations where he doesn't have to think.forget the 1st and 10's and 2nd and 6's, he will be staring out into space during those.lol

Speaking of staring out into space, I noticed last week Henne actually looked off the defensive backs.
Apparently he took the "lock onto receivers" criticism to heart and has made some improvement in that regard.
The two legitimate knocks on Henne has been that and his weak play action fake. There should be a lot of passing going on tonight, I'll be watching for signs of improvement in both areas.

2 Watt, Odrick has already been announced as a first team starter, your blogs get dumber by the day.

Slim pickings.

3 days on this blog and I've learned:

1. Don't drop the soap around guys named Robin that live in Seattle.

2. Hard work and exercise beats lap band surgery.

3. Sporano and Ireland sing duets together.

4. Armando chokes when it comes to asking the "real" questions.

Thank God we at least have Homes keeping us informed on those dastardly cowards more commonly known as the Illuminati.

Thanks Homes!

why god didn't you make a QB ? i am not asking to be like favre w/up to 24 million this year but even a lousy one like thigpen w/2 million .


You want to be like Thigpen? I bet you he got tough growing up with kids making fun of his name.

I always wanted to be Wayne Gretzky, turns out I was more like Happy Gilmore.


Could you comment on our potential QB trade situation? THe cards are benching leinart and starting a very suspect Derek Anderson, would PENNINGTON be suitable for their style of offense? Just a thought?


abnormal fan, grant will be the starter while odrick will be on the sidelines trying to count to 5 on one hand..lol

lol@ odin

ok not like thigpen,like pat white w/4 million .

where are the

j.ust e.nd t.he s.eason fans today.?..lol

Yes Mando comment on a potential QB trade. Comment on some injury updates, or playing time forecasts.

I don't care if you comment on Soiled Bottoms mother, just comment on SOMETHING!


2 watt, they r waiting for a new blog from armando .

Nostra-Homiss is predicting great weather for tonights game.

The National Weather Service is calling for rain in the area.

Will the aliminum foil wearing Wizard inspire awe and fear in all of us yet again with his uncanny abilities?

Will the high tech Doppler Dummies once and for all finally realize it's unwise to fool with Mother Nature?

Will these dastardly cowards stop at nothing to ruin another Miami Dolphin Pre season Game?


Did you, or anybody else out there, have any luck live streaming the game last week?

Can somebody please nudge Mr. Salguero...I think he fell asleep..tell him the Radio show is over and the blog needs a new article.

Soiled:)(tapping foot impatiently)


Hey Amigo, SLAP Armundo in the back of the head!

Tell him the clock is ticking and the blog is waiting!

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