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Some behind-the-scenes on the Miami Dolphins

Throughout our country the Hard Knocks post-broadcast analysis is taking up sportstalk radio segments and blog space. Spit on that.

In Dolphins country, I have a little inside-the-team look to give you without the million-dollar production of an HBO show. The inside look is courtesy one Tony Sparano, who was my guest this week on the Armando and The Amigo Show on 640-Sports in South Florida.

By 8:30 one morning this week, Sparano had already worked out, conducted a team meeting, conducted a meeting with his coaches, and had three players into his office for one-on-one time. The one-on-one meetings were not pat-on-the-back sessions.

"They're about urgency, telling them about urgency, and expectations and those type of things where you're counting on somebody and he's not playing up to his level," Sparano told me on the show. "You're trying to make somebody aware of the opportunity they may have and how fast their window is closing. You try to tell some of these young players that but sometimes they get lost in the middle of training camp and then it's too late.

"I think it's important for me to let my players know where they stand in some of these situations and I'll bring them up to my office and tell them, ‘This is what I want to see, this is what you've done so far, and this is what I haven't seen.' They walk out of here with a pretty clear picture of what I'm looking for."

Sparano did not say which players he met with. Actually, I didn't have the guts to ask. (I suck). But I do know coaches have lately been on first-round pick Jared Odrick to get more out of him, to get him to expect more of himself and produce more. Just sayin'.

I also asked Sparano about his weight-loss regimen. He told me he works out in the morning and then tries to get another workout in before he leaves the facility at night. He's still doing two-a-days. He said he's lost 61 pounds since he began, following knee surgery.

Finally, you see the Jets behind-the-scenes fun and frolic on Hard Knocks. The Dolphins are not without some of that. On Sunday, the coaches, Sparano and Jeff Ireland called in Bill Parcells to an office. They surprised him with a birthday cake and a song.

Parcells turned 69 that day.

Happy birthday, Bill.


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Mr. Odinseye

Expect a heavy demand for a live feed...myself included...look for feeds at..."atdh.net" or "justin.tv" or "firstrow.net" should find a feed somewhere in there

Soiled :)



Soiled :)

i have nfl odin ,i don't stream no thing .

armando isn't a sleep ,HE'S WORKING HARD ON NEW POST PLUS LIVE BLOG TONITE ....his week starts on friday and ends on saturday night .

I pulled a double yesterday trying to get my work done for the week so I could be here for Armando.
I got so drunk last night waiting for Armando, I thought I was an Apache Warrior and argued with a gay seashawk fan until 1:00am.
Still no luck.
I got up early today(and hungover)finished up my work and closed the shop by 10:00am. Again, so I could be here for Armando.

Armando, as much as I love to hate on you, I hate myself for loving you!!!!

sounds like a top 10 song in the making.lol

come on j-lo, steal odins lyrics.


I've got the NFL Channel as well.

The games at 7:00pm and don't re-broadcast it until 2:00am.

That might seem like a trivial problem to most, but if I wasn't going "commando" it would have my panties in a bunch!

Thanks 2 watt, but I'd rather have Shania Twain doing me..........I mean MY song.

Dear Mr. Aloco


Mr. Salguero :Hey Darlington, drop what your doing and get me a coffee stat..and while your at it tell Neal light on the starch and 2 coats of wax this time, he will know what I mean....I've got deadlines to reach.

Soiled :)

the preseason games are sucks any way or at least it's good untin midway the second Q .seeing the game at 2.oo am sound fine meanwhile we can eat .


mr soiled ; can we really call what armando does ... A JOB ?

(( as much as i love to hate on you , i hate my for loving you ))


1-TKA 8 member
2-bruce lee
4- ODIN talking to armando

Mr. Aloco

Don't say the word Job so loud...moms upstairs and can hear everything.

Soiled :)

i hate myself for loving you

Dear Mr. Salguero

Better get a new article up fast...the blog is devolving into a desert display case in a greek dinner.

Soiled :)

Mr. Bottoms,

My Mom sounds a lot like yours. She was always complaining about that funny smell coming up from the basement.

She always got over it real quick though. She would go smash a big bag of cheetos and start blubbering on and on about Peace, Love and Happiness.

Momma loved her Cheetos.

Miami win afc east:

Dolphins 12-4
Jets 9-7
Pats 8-8

I dont see where the Pats have defense to consistently stop above middle of the pack air attacks. Sanchez has been terrible in preseason and defense will have to hold opponents under 13ppg just to get 9 wins.

Dolphins will have a top 10 offense and I believe we can get 12 wins simply by holding opponents to 20ppg or less. Also with Nolans schemes and defensive philosophies we can finish top 10 in defensive turnovers negating most of the big plays our young secondary WILL give up.

Mr. Odinseye

And don't get me started with the, tell your friends to come tuck me in and give mother Bottom a big hug....my friends get creeped out.

moms should have there own friends

Soiled :)

When the plumber comes to my house
I stare at his crack and stroke my hambone

r you guys with me?

Let's set a date
and have a plumber nut BUSTIN PARTY!!

Mr. Bottoms,

OMG! Your Mother wasn't the only female Boy Scout leader in your town too, was she?

I used to get a little embarrassed by it, but I was always real proud of her..............until I read your last post.

henne ......600;000
pat white ..... 1,500,000
eli manning.......20,000,000


odinseye eats snacks that are buried in his couch

He washes is down with toilet water
after his mammy releases a burrito BLASTER!!


I eat right and get plenty of protein WINK WINK!!

Dear Mr. Aloco

"henne ......600;000
pat white ..... 1,500,000
eli manning.......20,000,000"

Peso's or rubbles

Soiled :)

Dear Mr. Aloco

"henne ......600;000
pat white ..... 1,500,000
eli manning.......20,000,000"

Peso's or rubbles

Soiled :)

Posted by: SoiledBottom | August 27, 2010 at 02:40 PM


who will have a bigger impact on game Odrick and Misi or Dez Bryant? what an awful draft.

odinseye eats snacks that are buried in his couch

ONE TIME, it was only that ONE TIME, I swear!

He washes is down with toilet water

That was my pit bull Debo, he does that all the time.

after his mammy releases a burrito BLASTER!!

She's not Mexican she's Norwegian


I'm telling ya, You smelled em too?

I eat right and get plenty of protein WINK WINK!!

I feel really flattered Homes, I really do, but I'm a little too uptight right now, big game on tonight!

Posted by: Home | August 27, 2010 at 02:23 PM

Mr. Fake Home


Dam son, your in public...now go wash yourself off

Soiled :)

P.S. Please stop with the fake names....Be yourself, be creative, its ok where all Dolphin fans here

who will have a bigger impact on game Odrick and Misi or Dez Bryant?

Posted by: The Manegotts | August 27, 2010 at 02:45 PM

That's an easy one, Odrick and Misi.

Dez won't be playing in the game. He missed to many practices trying to figure out which county jail his moms in and how much her bail gone be.

They Call Me... Tim says:
August 27, 2010 at 3:09 pm
HELP!!! HELP!!! Chris T, My boy friend NJ is going down to Tennessee to have sex with pigs on a farm. HELP!!!!!

Rubbles or rubbies which one were you tryining for, I thought Gold was the answer?

porcine babes. lol

Walker says:
August 27, 2010 at 3:40 pm
Exactly CB!! lol
I hope NJ’s little anus is ok on his trip. Also, hoping his little puppy’s doing well

Reply marinofan13 says:
August 27, 2010 at 3:41 pm
I’m in stitches over here!!!!!!!

Folks this is what they talk about over at the SS. This is just a small sample. Let's see..someone asks if Njs anus is ok, followed by the puppy doing well. I guess the puppy was doing NJ from behind????

O Rob
nj its not about what was said here, every time i post at the SS you reply with sarcastic nonsense i never say anything to you and all you want to do is pick a fight with me over there! i'm tired of your BS! last time you freak'n posted 10 sarcastic stupid post to me i ask you please to stop it and i got suspended for 3 weeks! i think your immature i don't want to have any conversation with you anymore as next time i'm gone for good! so leave me the fck alone!
Yesterday, 11:16:22 PM–

This post is an example on how NJ is with his own kind. bwahahahahahahhaahha

This guy walked into the Doctors office and told the Doc "Listen,I've got gas really bad and I fart all the time.You can't hear them or smell them,but trust me,it happens.In fact,I've farted 5 times since you walked in here."
The Doc writes out a prescription and the guy say "Great...will this help me with the gas?"
The Doc said "No,this is for your sinuses and I want to see you next week for a hearing test"

Forgot to mention the copied post was from another fin's site.

mr ,soiled.........

did you ever had sex w/lesbian and another woman ?

In need of a new Blog topic

q u i c k l y !!!!

Just went to the SS looking for news and scrolled down to read comments. They sure love each other over there. Gay-o-rama

armando is working hard writing a new post then live blog .

cocoajoe, they are always talking about someone's anus hurting. Sick and funny at the same time. LOL


listen up gang, if we don't wake Mr. Salguero up in time for the live blog he could lose his job.

Aloco and Cocojoe head over to Mondo's house...check by the pool

Cuban menace and Odinseye check the parkinglot at the radio station Mr. Salguero usually drinks a beer in the parking lot after work...he may be asleep in his car

I'll head over to the Herald and see if I can stall the Editors

Soiled :)

Armondo..asleep in his pool, with Game-time drawing close...


MONDO! Put You On Blast

mat ryan is making 14 million a year .
henne is having the same number mat has and is making 600 thousand only .


ronnie brown.........4 million

Armando on a raft
in his pool
two hours before game-time.
Watching an outdoor PATIO TV!!


Aloco...'the Capologist'.

Ok Guys, I guess Mando has fallen asleep on his Raft at his Palatial Estate in "Gables by the Sea", But dont worry, The Cuban(The other one) Has arrived... Is every one ready for foot Ball?????


Groves is a bust. I thought the same thing you did, this guy would be great for a 3-4 team. WRONG. Biggest problem, his heart. Groves is more concerned with his record label than football. He actually got worse in Jax last year when they played some 3-4. My guess is he will be out of the nfl by next year if not this year. Definelty no need to trade for him because the raiders are probably going to cut him.

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