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Sources: Camarillo tweaks groin, will live

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said he had no medical report and thus no specifics on receiver Greg Camarillo, who had to step out of the last part of the morning practice Friday. .

But a source tells The Herald's Jeff Darlington that Camarillo tweaked his groin and "will be fine" eventually. I am reporting that Camarillo has been given the afternoon off to rest the groin if he wants it, so it is up to him whether he works or not.

I'm also reporting Camarillo, a tough guy, will live.

(Big sigh of relief there).

Free safety update

We all know that Chris Clemons is getting plenty of work at free safety as the team tries to find out if he is truly ready to be the starter in his second professional season.

But despite working Clemons into some first- and third-team repetitions, the Dolphins are not ignoring rookie Reshad Jones.

According to coach Tony Sparano, Clemons has 238 reps so far. Reshad? Only 11 fewer.

And the best news of all?

Sparano said Clemons has one mental error in 238 plays.

Pennington, QB update

There have been multiple reports that Chad Pennington is getting the least amount of repetitions of any of Miami's four quarterbacks. That is true. He had 99 repetitions as of this morning, according to Sparano.

Those are eventually going to start increasing in the preseason. Tyler Thigpen and Pat White will get plenty of preseason game experience as they battle for the No. 3 job. But by the third preseason game, Pennington should be getting more reps than either of those two.

That's because Pennington is this team's backup quarterback even today as he's taking fewer reps. Once the season draws closer, Thigpen/White will see fewer snaps and Pennington will get more.

"As we get on the process that will probably increase a little bit because that's the pace we want to take him on," Sparano said of Pennington.


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Anything else?

The key to this season is how the secondary holds up against the pass. Everyone threw well against the Dolphins last year. Now will see if Gibril Wilson was the reason for that. You can't win a game allowing over 300 yards of passing week in and week out. If Clemons or Jones aren't the answer, we are screwed.

Whew! Surviving the groin tweak (not sure if that sounds good) is very important! This gives Turner and Grice-Mullen a few more reps to see which will be the eventual 5th receiver.

I'm sure Pat White hopes Favre does retire or another QB somewhere goes down. It seems it's the only way he's going to retain an NFL job. By all reports, he seems totally disinterested. Doesn't look like a Parcells tough guy after all. We all make mistakes I guess. Good thing that this regime has excellent scouting because for every Merling or Pat White 2nd round pick there is a Donald Thomas or Brian Hartline late round pick.

Rashad Jones seems to be doing pretty well. 5th round guy, that's petty good. Apparently Jason Allen is having a pretty good camp as well. We need or DB's to step it up. If that happens, the Dolphins will be a serious contender. But I must admit I just don't see it with Sean Smith. I hope I'm wrong. Fortunately for us Nolan Carroll seems to be the real deal. He could be the Brian Hartline of this draft.

Yep, Montreal, those late round picks are key. They make up for some of the more higher touted guys that don't pan out. That's what seperates the good teams from the average in the NFL. Every pick counts.

BTW, I loved Carolina's draft despite not having a #1 pick. Claussen and Brandon LaFell and Greg Hardy have 1st round talents. And Eric Norwood is an intriguing prospect. Just had to throw that in there.

I think both Allens will be great for us adding depth to a DB squad. Clemons is a gamble but also one i hope we make. Reshad needs a few years to learn definetly he is too raw right now. I'd like to know who is more athletic between those two guys though

Mark in Toronto, I still to this day don't understand the Pat White pick. A lot of people crucified Mueller and Cameron for selecting Ted Ginn JR, and rightfully so. But to me, Pat White makes even less sense than Ted Ginn JR. But like you said, for every Pat White and Patrick Turner, there's Donald Thomas, Brian Hartline, Devone Bess and possibly Chris Clemons. I can't wait to see what happens with Nolan Carroll, Rashad Jones, etc... And I'll tell you something about Jared Odrick...

Odrick and Misi sound every bit as good as any pick the Dolphins have had over the last few years so far. Sounds like they will be fine.

I agree with you, also sounds like Rashad and Carroll might be finds.

You got to draft 3 PLAYERS every year minimum. And the Dolphins under the current regime have done a good job of that.

You also can consider Brandon Marshall part of this year's draft. All those people dumping on this draft early on may be eating their words.

This just in from ESPN's Chris Mortensen "Police investigators have contacted Miami Dolphin wide receiver Greg Camarillo about an alleged sexual misconduct incident that occurred in a Burger King restroom. Apparently, acoording to Lieutenant Steve Banyon, 'Camarillo pulled a groin muscle that was not his own.'" Dolphin spokesman Harry Balzak refuesed to comment on the ongoing investgation.

One of my closest friends lives in a little town called Zion, PA, just a few kilometers outside of State College. He's a retired state trooper for the state of Pennsylvania. He's got season tickets for the Nittany Lions, I think he's had them for the last 10 years or so. Anyway,every year, I go down there, it's about 950kms from Montreal, but a nice drive once you're on U.S.soil. That damn 401 to get to the border is so boring. I stay there for a couple of weeks when I'm on vacaton and he brings me to a couple of games. I saw Jared Odrick play, more than once. I know a lot of Dolfans didn't like this pick, but let me tell you, he's a beast. Very hard to block, extremely powerful and strong. He's going to be just fine, and with time, has the potential to be a Pro Bowler, that I'm sure of. I was very happy when the Dolphins decided to get him. Great pick. We needed a guy like him, especially with Starks going to NT.

Is this news? I mean c'mon man, who hasn't tweaked their groin?

Montreal, he also has the opportunity to shift to NT later in his career like Starks has. I mean, he's 23 or so and already 300 lbs. Wait until he grows up!!!

PS, Don't have to tell me about the 401. I take it almost every day and find myself swearing a blue streak and raising my blood pressure by about 20 points.

I will be taking a similar trip in October (route wise) to catch the Dolphins - Bengals game in October (about 600 kms). Will also be catching the season opener in Buffalo. I love when the Dolphins play close to home here.

I anyone stretching this season?

im stretchin nice w dis ho look like a yun madona w back...oozn...

Glad to see Camarillo suffered only a tweak. That would of made it 3 Dolphins in a row down for the year with injuries. Not sure that would of sat well with Fin fans and totally Pd me off. Glad to see Clemons not messing up...yet.

But The Trifecta Didnt Draft White #9 over They Drafted Him In Th 2nd Round Ginn Was A Waste An So Is White

All this talk about missed draft picks is ridiculous. EVERY single team misses, nobody every hits a winner with every pick. If you get three starters out of each draft that seems to be quite good, which they have done. No sense in fretting endlessly over a pick that didn't work out. Plenty of first and second picks don't work out.

It's great to see these young bucs "stepping it up" and learning how to "leave it all out on the field." I appreciate coach showing how to do it "old school" to prepare these young men for the season. We just need Ted Ginn Jr. to "make some moves" and show us he is finally "worth his weight."

The only team that doesn't mess up on draft picks are the Patriots.They've won like just about every SB since they drafted that video guy.

cinq, you're a glass half full guy - and I agree with you. Too much time wasted on negative posts.
Think how many first round picks fail - with all the experts touting them. We may not be in the Super Bowl this year, but man, it's so much more fun being a Dolfan now than a few years ago. This is going to be an exciting team on both sides of the ball!

I think cinq sees things the same way I do. Granted there are 22 starters between offense and defense, if you are drafting 3 starters every year, you are potentially turning over the entire starting units every ~ 7 years. You are pushing out expensive veterans around 30 yrs of age (and hopefully accumulating more picks in trading them away) for younger, cheaper 23 year olds. And you can use free agency and trades to fill in the cracks. I think that is where you want to get to as a football team and the Dolphins are getting there.

2008 - 4 starters (Jake Long, Chad Henne, Kendall Langford, Donald Thomas)

2009 - 4 starters (Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, Brian Hartline, Chris Clemons)

2010 - 3 starters (Jared Odrick, Koa Misi, John Jerry)

Anyone who complains about this administration's drafting surely is being very unreasonable. That is excellent drafting.

If Patrick Turner makes the team and suddently becomes a productive WR, that will make the 2009 draft that much better. It will certainly make the Pat White pick much easier to swallow...

Agreed with the last two posts, how far we go remains to be seen, but the team is respected again, taken seriously again, and it appears not too many teams are thrilled to see us on their schedule. Our oline/running game is pretty damn intimidating, throw in an upgraded receiving corp and new talent on the D, things are looking good despite the few holes that still exist. I think the fins are going to be one of the more exciting teams to watch this year.

Mark, you forgot about Bess...maybe Nolan Caroll and Edds looked to be a starter before injury.

I dont like 560 WQAM... all JET talk all day with BIG O and the SID

Some of you sicko's are tweaking your groins right now....admit it. You jets fans...

cinq, I was just naming starters or probable starters. but you are right, there are other numerous examples of promising contributors elsewhere on the roster. bess, carrol, reshad jones, and dan carpenter are just some examples.

I think Edds was drafted for his excellent coverage skills in passing situations. Not sure if he's an every down player. But who knows. Probably would of contributed on special teams since he can run being a little light for a LB. Too bad he got hurt. We'll see next year I guess.

those of you that wanted to pick up the Cowboy's Spears when Merling went down... He is out of the Season. Knee related.

Trade Pat White before he gets hurt & loses value!!! I like what this team is doing but we are not getting respect from the AFC East foes!!! The Fins need to Sweep the division this year & I believe it WILL get done!!! GO FINS!!!

I dont like 560 WQAM... all JET talk all day with BIG O and the SID

Not sure Pat White has any value

Fair enough Mark. I was just tossing some more names because of those complaining about the few missed picks like it was doomsday. At least there seems to be a few bloggers here who can see overall this team has drafted quite impressively. I'm convinced they know what they are doing, and if they take a gamble on a pick once in awhile that doesn't work out, they've more than compensated for it. Giving up the #12 this year and getting Odrick and Koa in return is looking real good right now.

Trade Pat White? What are you expecting in return? His value is pretty much worthless right now. In fact, Tyler Thigpen has more value than Pat White.

stugotz is also another jet fool...

These are players I think need to have a productive season if they're going to have any kind of future with the Dolphins.

1)Channing Crowder
2)Jake Grove
3)Anthony Fasano



An Ode To Jason Taylor Hey Jason, I hope you don't mind, but when you come to OUR home game this year I will be sitting behind you on the AWAY benches. I plan to do that so I won't miss your bald head when I throw all of the #99 jerseys at you. I hope you don't mind. I sure hope you can tolerate your coach Rex. I know I can't. And what happened to "I can't stand the jets, or their fans"? I thought that you would remember saying that. Hope you have fun while your team falls flat. I just read that rex ryan said that he guarantees a superbowl win this season? Umm he doesn't realize that he still has to play us twice this season. I'll keep the broom ready. Have fun on the trip down to Miami. "cause were the Miami dolphins"

He doesn't speak intelligently at all. Reminds me of the geek in high school who tried a little too hard to fit in and just came out sounding like a bigger geek.

In particular, I think he got a little too into a racial debate regarding the neat Heat trio's decisions and he went out of his way to mock Troy Strafford. If I was Troy, I would have bounced him off the wall. Before publicly calling out someone's athletic achievements, you perhaps should have some of your own.

swept-the-jets.... business is business. he is making more money this year playing for the jets than you will in your entire life. a silly rivalry doesn't mean jack in exchange for millions of dollars.

I heard Mando once only on the radio. I was shocked, he sounds like an obnoxious teenage punk. Found him totally undesirable to listen to an immature as well. I'm not even sure why the other bloggers seem to be so down on Cote, I find him to be a far more interesting writer.

cinq, my opinion of Armando on the radio is very similar. I expected a lot more professionalism from the man.

"I've got your backlash right here"????? Are you still in high school, Mando???




Go back and look. The Pats actually draft pretty poorly. Look at the last 10 yrs drafts.



Where is NJ the plumber???

Fool leader of the SS tk8???/

Dolphins sign David Martin...And no we didn't hear it hear first.....LOL

where the fool cuban and the fool nj ?

bocaditto I know it is you cuban foolmenace you social parasite!



CARLO PONTI was italian director married to sophia loreen AND HE WAS GAY .NOT THERE'S ANY THING WRONG W/THAT .

It will certainly make the Pat White much easier to swallow...

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | August 06, 2010 at 03:26 PM

Aloco does this not sound gay???

Poor menace ahole posts at the SS as Chuck. You hear that you bozos at the SS. Menace is posting as Chuck you gdamn fools hahahahahah

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