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Sources: Camarillo tweaks groin, will live

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said he had no medical report and thus no specifics on receiver Greg Camarillo, who had to step out of the last part of the morning practice Friday. .

But a source tells The Herald's Jeff Darlington that Camarillo tweaked his groin and "will be fine" eventually. I am reporting that Camarillo has been given the afternoon off to rest the groin if he wants it, so it is up to him whether he works or not.

I'm also reporting Camarillo, a tough guy, will live.

(Big sigh of relief there).

Free safety update

We all know that Chris Clemons is getting plenty of work at free safety as the team tries to find out if he is truly ready to be the starter in his second professional season.

But despite working Clemons into some first- and third-team repetitions, the Dolphins are not ignoring rookie Reshad Jones.

According to coach Tony Sparano, Clemons has 238 reps so far. Reshad? Only 11 fewer.

And the best news of all?

Sparano said Clemons has one mental error in 238 plays.

Pennington, QB update

There have been multiple reports that Chad Pennington is getting the least amount of repetitions of any of Miami's four quarterbacks. That is true. He had 99 repetitions as of this morning, according to Sparano.

Those are eventually going to start increasing in the preseason. Tyler Thigpen and Pat White will get plenty of preseason game experience as they battle for the No. 3 job. But by the third preseason game, Pennington should be getting more reps than either of those two.

That's because Pennington is this team's backup quarterback even today as he's taking fewer reps. Once the season draws closer, Thigpen/White will see fewer snaps and Pennington will get more.

"As we get on the process that will probably increase a little bit because that's the pace we want to take him on," Sparano said of Pennington.


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OK Guy's I see My Good Name is being Abused, What'd\s going on in "PHINLAND" Tonite????????//


Aloco you're a fool. David Martin was our #2 te when we went to the playoffs. His abscence made Fasanos job that much harder last year and is one of the main reasons why his numbers dropped. Martin is an EXCELLENT #2. "has he won anything" wtf does that have to do with anything? Which one of our players has "won anything"? Please think before you make inane comments it's really annoying.

Aloco, Iam usually asleep when Mando's Show is on, But I've got a Vacation coming up next week, Is it available on the Internet???,Iam stuck up here in NY......

Cuban, please shut up. Why don't you read the freakin articles before you come in here so you actually have something to say that has any iota of substance. What's going on in phinlland tonite? GO READ FOR YOURSELF. Or maybe you were just trying to chat with someone I guess? You're a strange poster.






Thank you "Dick", I did read the article, Here's A "Q" for you, What are your thoughts on Pennington Being #2, I myself believe that Thigpen would be a better Option, Only cause he can throw for more then 20 yards,And what are your thoughts on Cammerello's "Tweaked Groin",Now the only reason I ask the last "Q" is I'am sure you've either "TWEAKED OR PULLED" A lot of groins in your time, How I'am I doing???

Poor menace ahole posts at the SS as Chuck. You hear that you bozos at the SS. Menace is posting as Chuck you gdamn fools hahahahahah

Posted by: FYI | August 06, 2010 at 05:50 PM

This Post is really funny, Havent posted on the "SS" cause I'am tired of seeing Only 8 guy's post such sayings like"Release the Kracken", and Attacking any new posters, I Banned "Myself" From there, If you enjoy the "SS" FYI, Go there and enjoy those Guys.... LMAIO ohhhh yeah I almost forgot.... "RELEASE THE KRAKEN" ......

i look at both sites, and i rag on that stupid kraken crap!! whhat a stupid try at renaming marshall. a monster who destroys everything his 1st time out but is destroyed in his second coming. like anyone would want that for the beast!!!

also, rag on pat white till the cows come home but he will be on the 53 man roster and he will be designated the #2 QB and he will play every week.


Jaison, Not sure About Pat making the cut this year....

Aloco, Tell us about the 1st time you saw Pat White play..........

we shall see who's right about pat white in about 4.5 weeks.

David Martin(TE) a Dolphin again!

the people who's opinions really count, and no i don't mean me, i mean parcells, ireland, sporano and his teammates all want him and aren't gonna dump him after one season. some guys are longer term projects. pat white is one of those. the idea that he and thigpen are interchangeable is silly also. thigpen and white are very different. thigpen is not nearly as fast or quick, thigpen ain't gonna be running an option play ever. marshall is not the end of the wildcat or the wild pat. the dolphins won't be giving up either any time soon.

Dan Henning may want to retire soon.
He's been at it for quite a while.
Tyler Thigpen would make more sense in the standard / traditional offense approach that we would probably see as a result of Henning's retirement.

I Hear you Jai, But do you think there gonna go into the season with 4 QBs????

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Sources: Camarillo tweaks groin, will live"

Thank God(Substituting religious action figures allowed)....David Carradine tweaked his groin and didn't live.

Soiled :)

Great point Uncle Soiled, My Uncle Felippe died as a result of a "Pulled" Groin while seeking therapy at a masseuse parlor in Brevard county in fl., Apparently he did'nt have a "Happy Ending"..........

I hope they keep White, but not in the QB position. His strength is in the open field and WR or maybe more importantly kick returner. Based on what he did in college he would be great once he got the ball. He does have tremendous talent to be tapped just not at QB!

4 is possible but i think one will be traded before the regular season, most likely thigpen. that's why they will be auditioning thigpen and white in the 1st two preseason games. henne is the man, penne is the back up, white is the xfactor, thigpen?? the idea that henning leaving will end the wildcat is not gonna happen. proof? look at the other teams all running a version of the wildcat. whoever replaces henning will keep the cat.

Hey socalfan,

Pat White at KR, huh?
That is an excellent idea given that Kory Sheets is out of the picture.

i don't even know why everyone has this love for thigpen anyway?? what makes him viable? is it his 0-11 record as a starter? is it his 54% completion rate? is it his huge 1 inch height advantage over white? maybe it's his college resume, i mean costal carolina is a real QB factory!!

If they trade Thigpen as opposed to trading White, it will be because Thigpen has greater trade value and not because White is more valuable to the Dolphins.

Wont Happen.......

My Advise is 86 Pat White, And Jaison, Tyler has a much better pass then Chad Penn.,Just cause his record is'nt that good is because he came from Chiefs.......

Does anyone on this blog read the Sentinel or other blogs?

Then you should have read this from today:

"...Second-year quarterback Pat White got a lot of work with the first team and had his best practice of the week, finishing it off with an impressive touchdown pass to Brandon Marshall in the end zone. He deftly evaded a pass rusher as he stepped up in the pocket and had some zip on the throw."

Yes, you read "zip on the ball".

Could Camarillo and Ricky Williams comments that Pat White is the MOST IMPROVED player just starting to show?

I believe some sportswriters (sadly Salguero is one of them) and many fans have already written White off.

Thigpen will be the one traded or gone if only three QBs are kept on the roster.

r&r, white is more valuable to the fins. what will thigpen bring? both henne and penne would have to be hurt for him to hold any value to the fins. white will play every week. so who has more value to this team? also i wouldn't automatically think thigpen brings in a better trade offer. if white is willing to play everywhere then i think plenty of teams would be interested.

According to David J Neal Brandon Marshall roasted Vonte Davis all day today. Davis got so frustrated he yelped at a coach, "what else can I do?" Marshall talked to Davis after camp and gave him some advice. Ok, so all this yelling about Sean Smith needs to be put into perspective. Davis took a beating today from Marshall. Smith has had a tough camp so far but IMO he will be fine.

Jaison, Word has it that White isnt even sure he wants to play Football anymore, I can see why after the shot he took Vs. The Steelers, I got a concussion from that hit....

IMO Pat White is done. He is not a NFL QB, hell, he can barely see over our offensive Lineman. We don't keep 4 QBs when camp breaks. I also like what Roberto Wallace has done so far in camp. Don't be surprised to see him at minimum on the practice squad.

tyler has a better pass than penne?? in what universe?? that is insane!! guess what, ryan leaf has a better pass than penne too. but those passes only count when some one actually catches them!! i guess if you count int's as catches that may help thigpen catch up a bit, but comparing a career 54% to a career 66% passer and saying the 54% guy has a better pass is kinda crazy.

Jaison, Word has it that White isnt even sure he wants to play Football anymore, I can see why after the shot he took Vs. The Steelers, I got a concussion from that hit....

word from who?? i listened to him say he love playing football and this is where he is most happy, on the field. but i guess some sports blogger know him better than he knows himself!! was this the same guy who said he was about to be traded or was going to sign with the yankees??

What's that about Brevard county?

boobyd12- so a guy 6' tall can barely see over the line but the other 3 guys, thigpen 6'1, henne 6'3 and penne 6'3 all see over those same 6'6 plus guys just fine?? that is an excuse i've heard forever and don't buy it. there is barely a QB on any team who can see over the o/d linemen. drew brees is 5'11, so i guess you'd cut him based on his height too!!

Jai, Penningtons passes are in the 10 to 20 yard slant verity mostly aimed at sidelines or running backs coming outta the backfield, Let's face it chad pennington coulndt throw a 40 yard Laser if his life depended on it....That's all I'am saying, Though Pennington is the best "Coach" for the offense out there, But with him in there you disable so much offense, at least with Thigpen he'd keep the defense honest, Miami doe's have one of the best as a wide receiver, What good is he if the QB cant zip a 40 to 50 yarder at him???????

What's that about Brevard county?

Posted by: cocoajoe | August 06, 2010 at 08:03 PM

Uncle Fellippe made a untimely exit from our existence, No word yet if he got the "Happy" ending he was looking for, But he did make a "Exit" non the less.... LOL..

word from who?? i listened to him say he love playing football and this is where he is most happy, on the field. but i guess some sports blogger know him better than he knows himself!! was this the same guy who said he was about to be traded or was going to sign with the yankees??

Posted by: jaison biagini | August 06, 2010 at 08:01 PM

His Brother.......

cuban, how many times in a game do qb's complete 40-50 yard passes? i'll answer that for you, not very often if any, most 40+ pass plays are completed with a 10-20 yard pass.

how does it keep a defense honest if they know going in nearly 50% of all passes won't be completed?? plus penne has made those long throws, only difference his have more air under them.

also, marshall is not known for, nor has he ever been known for catching 50 yard bombs. marshall is more a possession receiver who catches 10 yard passes and runs over people. you talk a good game but me thinks you don't pay much attention to what happens on the field. marshall's career avg ypr is 12 not 20.

This guy makes Home look like a champ.
Not that Home is bad or anything.
Peace to you Home.

his brother who lives in a different state? my sisters live in the same town as me and if they were interviewed about me would have to make things up because they know very little about what goes on in my life. sporano said he had to kick white out of the facility in the offseason he was in there so much, he misses one practice and everyone goes wild with speculation. guess what, they were all wrong. i'll take white's 'actual words and his coaches.

all the hate on this blog tonight and no jets fans to take it out on!!! Time for a beer. did anyone catch the fact that will allen may have tweeked his knee? whats going on with that??

Agree With you on somethings Jai, Gotta go, You all have a great nite... PEACE..

please, home is a bafoon. he say's the exact same thing over and over and over and over and, crap starting to sound like him. let me tell you 3 things you will hear in the next 5 home posts, vontea davis is great, sean smith sucks, and turner is great! maybe all 3 things multiple times in those 5 posts. and he will call himself home at least 3 times in those 5 posts, like home knew the truth.

he makes rain man seem quite normal!!

also when looking at actual stats he is wrong about smith and davis, and unless some one gets hurt, or turner proves his value on special teams, he won't be here or will be on practice squad again.

will allen would be a tough loss. let him rest and lets see more nolan carroll in there. this kids the diamond in the rough of this draft.

Sorry to hear that Cuban. You might remember I live in (Cocoa Beach area) Brevard.

Welcome Bsck David Martin!

Its good to see that they are giving that man a second chance after his injury... Shows that the trifecta might actually have a heart all though it is very small!

At 6'4", he would make a nice target for Henne (or Penne or Thigpen).





This Post is really funny, Havent posted on the "SS" cause I'am tired of seeing Only 8 guy's post such sayings like"Release the Kracken", and Attacking any new posters, I Banned "Myself" From there, If you enjoy the "SS" FYI, Go there and enjoy those Guys.... LMAIO ohhhh yeah I almost forgot.... "RELEASE THE KRAKEN" ......

menace , you haven't posted at the SS because you've been banned, stop lying . also stop whining and crying about the ss because you can no longer be on there. It's so sad and pathetic !

I Can tell every one now that the menace was never banned from my blog.it makes me proud to see the cuban post on my blog when ever he wants .it's honor for me to call the cuban a friend .

Good evening guy's, hope that all is well on this fine Friday night. It looks like they are starting to settle in a bit at camp now. This is when a coaching staff starts adding different levels of adversity to determine how players will react. Like shaking up the O-line as they have. I read back a few posts where some have been led to believe Grove is a wash out FA. I doubt it seriously. If Grove is perhaps missing his technique or having t be told the same thing more then once, sometimes it helps for coaches to press adversity dropping them to the 2nd or 3rd string, going straight at them with plays (In Sean Smith's case). It really shines a light at how much heart a player has and if he is what you want as a coach. There are some tough choices to be made very soon. Ability to face and work through adversity is a good way to recognize who you want to stay.



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