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Sparano: Dobbins injury won't keep him out long

Coach Tony Sparano has addressed the media this morning and this is what I gleaned from the session:

The coach confirmed that inside linebacker Tim Dobbins will miss this afternoon's practice as he nurses an ankle injury he suffered during practice Monday night.  Sparano also suggested Dobbins won't be gone from the lineup very long.

"It shouldn't be long," Sparano said.

As you know, Nate Garner got repetitions with the first Monday night. "We're going to leave him there a little while," Sparano said.

Last year, Garner started four games at right guard and four at left guard. Working at right tackle since the start of training camp, Garner is now going to get a chance to compete. He had expected to compete for a starting job earlier but obviously did what good soldiers do and worked at tackle when coaches ordered him there.

The work for quarterbacks provides a hint of what the Dolphins are thinking about their signal-callers.

According to Sparano, starter Chad Henne has gotten 360 repetitions in practice before this afternoon's work. Tyler Thigpen is second with 274 repetitions while both Chad Pennington and Pat White have gotten 140 repetitions.

So obviously, the Dolphins are walking out their stated intention of having Henne as the starter and have been giving Thigpen as much opportunity as possible to win the backup job. Pennington, the more likely backup who doesn't need as much work, has not gotten as much work. And Pat White?

White is the fourth-stringer who needs to get much, much better to no only earn himself a chance to make the team, but simply earn himself more work in practice.


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Pat white no earn himself a chance
Pat White bust. Pat White no play qb
Pat White go bye bye 5th rd pick?

August 10, 2010 at 12:42 pm
HELP!!!! HELP!!! HELP! Chris T HELP!!!!.
They are picking on me and my boyfriend Tim again on the herald blog. HELP!

Listen Carefully:

Everyone knows that if you post on a sports you are pretty much a dork (including me). But if you come on here and rip other posters who you have never met in real life, you are at a level of loser that is not even describable. So stop ripping other posters who you dont even know in real life, and stick to football.

Keep Thigpen as the #2 and White as #3 and send Pennington to the Vikes.The Vikes are unsure about Harvin(he's missed 15 practices after his Grandmother passed away)and there's talks of migraine issues.Sydney Rice is up to something(Injury or hold out)and I guarantee you without a doubt that Favre is waiting to see how this all unfolds before he commits to the Vikes.I hate Favre,but that doesn't mean he's dumb.Home is right......we will be 4-0 to start the season.

I want Pennington as our #2 QB...period.
QB's are going down at an alarming rate and if Henne does, we will have the best #2 QB in the NFL stepping in to finish out the season.

We need to nail downt the starting 5 oline people soon. Part of the reason we start slow is that our oline never get enough rep together to gel

Honestly thik Tyler Thigpen could get it done better to keep Thigpen over Pennington unless you sure hes gonna stay and coach

Penny has the respect of all the players and they view him as a leader...this is an intangible that neither Thigpen or White will ever have. KEEP PENNY!

Thigpen is still young and has tons less experience true but I'm sure he is respected as a player. He is getting almost twice as many reps and his intangibles are in the Game being Wiley on his feet. Penningto is 4th string by name but actuality is hes our second. anyways so calm down. The thing is he is a valuable QB and could garner a valuable draft pick (2nd rd) from a team thats desperate for a starting QB

penny can't throw past 20 yards. every game with him playing will be the ravens p/o game all over again.remember that 1?

I do...but I also remember him kicking the JETS a** in the Meadowlands to win the AFC East... I was there cheering on the Fins as Penny drove us into the playoffs for the first time in 7 years.

Most people know PW was a project and taking him in the 2nd rd surprised everyone. He will need at least 2 years to pay any dividends. On the subject of trades , my prediction is two O-Linemen. They are more loaded at that position than they were last yr when they traded two GDs.

Here is my prediction! Thigpen will be the starting quarterback for the Dolphins, by years end.

Here is the link on Revis

Revis most likely sit out the year! Woo Hoo!

This is a joke, Pat White was involved in 26 plays last year. 26, how can any player be judged on just 26 plays. Most trick gadget plays that fooled nobody(it was obvious to all that White ould only get reps in the wildcat) Where was the coaching, and if White is the type of player that doesn't respond to coaching, where was the advanced scouting that would have raised a flag about this? Every team makes mistakes in the draft, that is part of the gamble. But this experiment has baffled me, If White is so bad in practice, that he cannot be trusted to play, we should just cut the losses now, and give reps to players that could use them. If this is part of the growth of a young player, limited reps is a strange way to build his confidence, or knowledge of the scheme. The whole "Pat White Experience" has so far been an failure. I don't see how this ends up well for White, or The Phins.

I totally agree with you Darryl. If you've read my posts in the past, you'll notice that I think Pat White has been treated unfairly. He's drafted as a QB, yet's he's used scarcely, and he's asked to hand the ball off to Ricky or Ronnie. That's totally ridiculous. You want to take full advantage of what this kid does, let him lose in the spread offense. Design plays for him! You saw what he did in WVU, that's why you drafted him. He's a baller, he makes things happen.
Like you said, either give him an honest chance or let the kid go. No wonder he feels like crap. Who wouldn't?

I don't think there is any way that Revis sits out the entire year, get real. But what this does say about the Jets, is that they are really a medicore year from complete orginizational collapse. They have put all their marbles into winning this year. Imagine the hammer that comes down if they don't make the playoffs(which is going to be the reality) All the mercenary players will be gone, the house will be cleaned, and the poor jets will be reduced to a prop plane. This is not a team, this is a group of individuals led by a loud mouthed fat man, with false bravado whose guts got sucked down a vaccum, along with the hopes of his team. Go jets you rule!

jamarcus russel tore it up in college too..Just another WASTED draft pick by Parcells.He hasn't won anything since the 80's. almost as long as Shulas winless streak.lol

I don't know, DD. Why would Revis fold now? He holds all the cards. And Woody Johnson (love that name) is a cheap S O B.

Pat White needs to embrace the idea of possibly becoming a WR, cause I don't see him lasting long @ all as a QB!

Rage- I don't know if it's a case of Revis folding, but more of a case that he should be realistic. I would be stoked if Revis sits out all year, I just don't see the jets letting that happen. They are desperate to follow last years miracle run, with a good season. They have stacked the deck this year to put out a winner. They know that without Revis, their defensive scheme changes, and they will be limited as to what they wan't to do. He changes the dynamic of their D. Revis has to look at it this way too, he may not get paid at all for 2 years if he refuses a contract. How does that make sense, and what does that prove, That he is an idiot??? (on the assumption that there may be a lockout next year) I think this is a case of a player with an inflated ego, that will eventually be on the field.

Revis will be suited up once they lay an egg in the first 2 games.
Too bad he will be burned by Marshall and Company come WEEK 3.

Man. Another Fin injury. That cover linebacker spot is looking thin. I'm guessing it's not easy to find a cover linebacker.

Pat White has a better chance of making this team as a QB rather than WR but if he knew how to play both competently, he would have become one of those exception players like Josh Cribbs (who originally was a QB). WOuld've helped if he would go back and return kicks too. That seems the easiest way of making this team for any marginal offensive or defensive player. That is where a glaring need exists!

Reports are Micah Johnson looks like a head cracker on special teams. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. One thing the man could do in college is close in and TACKLE with authority. 260 lbs!!! Welcome to the fold, Micah!

Hypno, no worries we have JD FOLSOM to back up all ILBs.

He had signed up for Vet school before the draft thinking he was done with Football.

But Tuna thought someone would draft him and spent a 7th on him!

I'm pickin up what you're layin down, DD. I just hate the Jet's with every fiber of my being! My Father hated the Jet's before me, and passed that down. If me and my ole lady ever have a son/daughter...they too will hate the rotten stinkin Jet's. LOL
But I am not an Idiot. I know that Revis is one of the best Def. player's in the league, if not the best. If he sits out the year, I will just sit back and laugh, watching that tub o lard up north, crying on TV again.

Rage- Yeah, Fat Mouth helped the cause by saying Revis is the "best" CB. in the league. Now Revis thinks he should be paid as the best. We should thank the Raiders for overpaying Asimngwoa(spelling??). Those guys are grevious, and I share the hatred of those green martians with you.

Mark In Toronto. I think that if White cannot play QB. They should change his number so that he doesn't have to report as a QB. (that is if he makes this team) White could still run the wildcat, it would just be as a reciever, or running back, or center, or whatever. This way we skirt around the wierd rules about Qb''''s entering the game

Dear Mr. Salguero

Am I the only person that wants Revis to sign with the Jets ?

This Revis not signing mess is clearly the Work of Roger Goodell and Rex Ryan.

When the Jets lose altitude and finally crash and burn, which they will, Rex and Jet fans alike can blame it on not having there best player available.

Convienant little built in excuss.

Soiled :)

DD, everyone it seems, including me, was under the assumption that when White was drafted, he would be some X factor or gadget player and not the next QB in waiting for the team. However, we have only seen him taking direct snaps.

Interesting to see what they do with him now that they have a veteran logjam at QB.

To think that only a few years ago (end of 2007) our QBs were John Beck and Cleo Lemon. Pat White is better than both and might not be on the team.

When ever I hear that name all I can think about is the song that fits him to the T.... I'm a looser baby so why do you kill me!

John Beck... wowwww.... that guy was a comedy show.

pat white is every bit as bad as beck was, just fools in here cant admit it yet. they also backed beck until he was gone.

first of all, changing white's number is more harmful on game day roster. you save a game day roster spot by having him #2 QB and making the "real" backup the inactive #3. if your starter is hurt you put in the 3rd and white stays on the bench too.

secondly, thipen is not a good QB. let's break this down.
white's too small at 6', thigpen is 6'1.
thigpen lead carolina coastal too... well nothing. white led wvu to 4 bowl victories and senior bowl mvp.
thigpen is now in his 5th nfl camp and is still considered a project, this is white 2nd.
thigpen is 0-11 as a starter.
thigpen is a career 54% passes
thigpen was 4-16!! in the scrimmage with the only int and had 2 others that should have been picked!!
white is faster, more versitile, and only in his second year and outperformed thiggy in the scrimmage!!

only way thigpen makes this squad will be if penne's starts on the pup. yes, penne doesn't trow bombs, but he does complete the majority of his passes and keeps them out of the other teams hands!!

PW is not a prototype NFL QB...period
End of discussion.
He cannot stand in the pocket and deliver under pressure.
His only chance of making the team is to prove that he can throw an accurate pass while on the run out of the wildcat formation.

white is garbage, thigpen has played solid in this league before. thigpen could bring a 4th round pick right now from buffalo, gailey loves him

What is with the Pat White love??? The guy had a great chance to show what he can do in the last game of the season when he replaced the injured Henne at halftime, does anyine need reminding, he didn't complete a pass and was lucky not to be seriously hurt, he's not good enough period!!!

sefense worries me to. im sure in hindsight parcells wishes he kept jt now

Why did we re-sign Moses and Dotson who are scrubbies?

UK, i'am still groggy from that hit that White took last year......

Off the subject, Sorry. Hey Jaison, thanks for the info on Directv! They took 2 months off the NFL package price( which adds up to about 1 hundred and change). Good lookin out brutha!

Cut the frickin white keep thigpen and pennington and we are in bussines my friend we can kiss the tough boys in the league

uk dolfan, what are you talking about? he was the victim of a viscous helmet to hemet shot on his first series.

when did he get a shot? oh you mean the 5 pass attempts!! whoo hooo, well sure 5 atempts is a legit shot! he sucks!

bill_cnnrs- when has thigpen shown his solidness? i guess thigpen's 5 years and 11 full games wasn't enough though? 0-11. oh wait was it his 1td- 2int performance? in the last game? he was awesome in the scrimmage, 4-16. white was 5-10.

NHFINSFAN-tyler thigpen is not a prototypical QB either, henn and penne are. thigpen is 6'1 to short. doesn't stay in the pocket. and has had 5 years to prove he can do something and hasn't. pat white haters i guess expected him to adapt to all the changes to staff made, while getting 3rd string reps and be perfect right out of the gate?

thigpen has gotten twice as many practice snaps as both penne and white in camp. he got 6 more reps in the scrimmage and was by far the worst of the 4 QB's!!!!!

rage- no prob. told directv would discount it if you called to cancel the sunday ticket. i'm peaved because my buddy got the same discount i got plus 2 free months of showtime!! but i already have showtime on cable.

Players I want to cut after Tampa game:

1) Haynos
2) Moses
3) Nalboner
4) White
5) All WRs scrubs
6) Tristan Davis
7) Rice Cripy Return guy
8) Dotson

Players on the hot seat
1) Clam Chowder
2) Thigpen
3) Jason Allen
4) Merling
5) Baker
6) Tony Mcdaniels


we can speculate all we want...the bullets start flying on Sat night...then we will truly know who has a chance to make the team, or not.

seriously after 4 years and 11 starts you get what you got. a guy who makes some plays but also kills you just as often. thigpen after 4 years is pretty much only slightly ahead of white. don't just go by armundo and omar. see what's said when other guys come in. cbs sportlines, sirius nfl will be here on the 12th. there are guys who blog after being at camp session. most said white was either the best or right behind henne in the scrimmage. omar didn't even go. and armundo only posted about 1 white series.

The bottom line here is that last season PW was a rookie going to a pro style offense from a spread offense in college. I know there are alot of Johnny come lately football spectators who look at QBs like Matt Ryan and J. Flacco, and Sanchez and think that it is perfectly normal to start a rookie QB and the franchise will be fine. COnventional wisdom and History tells us that most QBs dont even see the field in their first year. they hold a clipboard and learn. PW was at a significant disadvantage last year when he was thrust into the game against a Steelers defense. He is being treated unfairly because he was drafted in the 2nd round. given time to develop he could be a valuable asset to any NFL team. fortunately our front office recognizes talent/potential in a position and cuts accordingly. Have you ever asked why Jason Allen is still on the team? Because he is not nearly as bad a player as we make him out to be with the lofty expectations of a 1st round pick. I admit PW's situation is precarious. But I trust that the front office is not looking to give away (cut) any one of the QB's on our roster. however if 1 had to go, please remember that Thigpen was brought in in a pinch when we needed a vet to sure up Henne when Penne went down. Nothing more.

Jaison, if the difference is so close, how is the trifecta not going to keep White? I agree they keep white.

They cant cave on the idea they threw away a 2nd rd pick...

August 10, 2010 at 3:50 pm

HELP!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!! Cris T…..HELP!!!!!!!!!.. They are picking on me again. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

waterboy, wow, those are some the worst observations ever!

either haynos or nalbone will make the squad, crowder is the clear starter, not even a question, merling is on IR(pretty sure) which WR are scrubs? not like we have 15 in camp. more like 9. so which 4 do you gut? RGM is most likely gone. so that leave 3 for 1 spot. davis, turner and wallace. which are scrubs?

contrary to most of you, white will also make the squad. he is a project worth keeping. henne is and will continue to be the starter. they don't need 2 back-ups. it's a battle between penne and thiggy. the loser is either gone, thiggy, or put on the PUP list, penne. but white stays.


Sexy Rex is now saying they are all covered with Cromartie and Wilson as DBs...

Cromartie cant tackle.... Let if fly baby against the WETZ!!!!!!!!!!

You guys are forgetting that Thigpen played for one of the worst teams in the league.When was the last time KC was mentioned,other than a BBQ festival?We all know that Pennington can complete passes,but he's in the same category as R.Brown....will he make it through the season?
Now,if our D holds up,then we have more options,but until the dust settles on that storm,we'd better put TP #2 behind Henne.This is only my opinion,so don't hate me til I get proven wrong.

With Fasano, Martin and Sperry where is the room for Haynos and Nalbone?

Chowder needs to put his money with his mouth is, or Dobbins will take his place.

waterboy they keep white because thigpen has already had 4 years and this is what you got. with white you have a guy with plenty of room to improve. did you guys forget how much they tinkered with him? basically the took everything he did playing football in high school and college and chucked it!! he wore gloves, they told him no gloves (i don't get that) warner, brady and big ben wear gloves. they made him take nearly every snap under center, almost never in college. they changed his footwork, his throwing motion and his release point. gave him 3rd string reps, threw him in games cold but fans expected perfection. sorry but that takes time. he has gotten into better shape, he has been studying nonstop and he has been better in camp. forget these bloggers, listen to coachers and teammates. oh, and actual reporters. armundo and omar are not reporters. at best they are editorialists, but i say bloggers!! omar who wasn't at the scrimmage said i heard white didn't soil his diaper. is that cool? his is supposedly a journalist?? he gets access.

Yes Jaison, I read that comment from Kelly and thats why I dub his paper the SLUM Sentinel. No regards for professionalism.

Jaison, I commend your passion here on this argument. My understanding here is that Pat White missed throws with out a defense down the field often in practice last year. That is where his chances came in to throw the ball last year, and why he did not get Game opportunities.
When he was in the game, he over threw a wide open ginn running full speed, which is amazing, but terrible none the less. And then short hopped a couple by 2 yards.
He also ran scared, played scared and took one big hit and was knocked the f out. That will stick with him for a long time.
Thigpen has been far from stellar, however was on AWFUL teams, and he was a competitor, he almost beat us with KC and a very bad offense. He did look good when he came in for us after white went down. And in my opinion was intercepted at the goal line on a obvious pass interference where ginn got killed before the ball got there.

All this leading to the point. Pat White just has not shown confidence and poise even in practice, which is tough to hold on to. Thigpen although erratic, goes out not scared and TRIES to win the game, not just try to be sure he does not lose it.

Pat needs to show A LOT more before I would think he is worthy of a roster spot.

I agree with trading Pennington to the Vikings....I see some posts saying heck no, He's a Great Leader....guess what....he's not the starting QB anymore...Henne is the leader now...and he doesn't need to hear CP doing any rah rah over his shoulder...trade for a draft pick and a project player.....and no White doesn't end up in the #3 spot with CP gone. White will never play QB in the NFL on a routine basis....there's a ton of QB's sitting at the house or playing arena ball that are better than White!

Neither Pennington or Thig would bring much, low picks at best. Penn 3 shoulder surgeries and not getting younger...Thig is more of a scrapyard improvisational QB, better on the broken plays, interception prone otherwise. Not so sure he is ever going to be a reliable starter.
I agree with the defense of White, thrown in games ice cold to do gadget plays...can't expect anyone to have much success with that, not ever having played enough downs to get a feel for anything. I'll trust the coaching staff, as long as he is on the team, there must be a good enough reason. They don't seem hesitant to dump anyone they don't want anymore.

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