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Sparano: Dobbins injury won't keep him out long

Coach Tony Sparano has addressed the media this morning and this is what I gleaned from the session:

The coach confirmed that inside linebacker Tim Dobbins will miss this afternoon's practice as he nurses an ankle injury he suffered during practice Monday night.  Sparano also suggested Dobbins won't be gone from the lineup very long.

"It shouldn't be long," Sparano said.

As you know, Nate Garner got repetitions with the first Monday night. "We're going to leave him there a little while," Sparano said.

Last year, Garner started four games at right guard and four at left guard. Working at right tackle since the start of training camp, Garner is now going to get a chance to compete. He had expected to compete for a starting job earlier but obviously did what good soldiers do and worked at tackle when coaches ordered him there.

The work for quarterbacks provides a hint of what the Dolphins are thinking about their signal-callers.

According to Sparano, starter Chad Henne has gotten 360 repetitions in practice before this afternoon's work. Tyler Thigpen is second with 274 repetitions while both Chad Pennington and Pat White have gotten 140 repetitions.

So obviously, the Dolphins are walking out their stated intention of having Henne as the starter and have been giving Thigpen as much opportunity as possible to win the backup job. Pennington, the more likely backup who doesn't need as much work, has not gotten as much work. And Pat White?

White is the fourth-stringer who needs to get much, much better to no only earn himself a chance to make the team, but simply earn himself more work in practice.