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Sparano explains the dilemma caused by his offense

We all kind of figured the addition of Brandon Marshall to the Miami Dolphins was a good thing in that it caused problems for opposing defenses. Yes, the Dolphins have an elite receiver now.

That should help the passing game.

But coach Tony Sparano today got more detailed about how it will help the passing game beyond Marshall. And, yes, it will help the running game as well.

Simply, last year opposing teams had one approach to stopping the Miami offense: They didn't want to get beaten by the running game of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams.

That meant teams would load eight men in the box and that not only would hinder Miami's running attack but also shut down the tight end position because, as Sparano shared today, "the middle of the field was closed."

Enter Marshall into the mix and the middle of the field should open up if teams do what is expected and they double team the new addition with a cornerback and safety over the top on one side of the field. Now, the defense cannot clog the middle of the field, opening things up for the tight end and it definitely cannot commit eight players to stopping the running game, thus opening up running lanes.

Voila: Multi-dimensional offense.

Of course, this is all conjecture and educated guessing not only by us, but the Dolphins themselves. As Sparano points out, he's waiting to see how teams prioritize stopping the Miami offense.

"I don't really know how these people are going to look at us," he said today. "I would anticipate most people will say, 'We're not going to let Brandon Marshall beat us.' But last year the philosophy was, 'We're not going to let Ricky and Ronnie beat us.' So I'm not sure how they're going to look at us right now. They might say, 'Well, prove to us that Brandon is going to beat us.' Or it might still be, 'Prove to us that Ricky and Ronnie can beat us.' If it's the [former] then the tight end will get the ball a little bit more."

Obviously, the proof will be up to the Dolphins. If teams decided they still aren't going to allow Miami to run, then Chad Henne and Marshall must hurt the defense deeply enough and often enough to make them adjust. And if defenses decide to stop Marshall from the start, the tight end play and the running game must be good enough to make the defense pay for its decision.

This much is certain, however. The Dolphins offense now poses a dilemma for oposing defenses.

And that is a good thing.

Other matters ...

The coach said cornerback Will Allen was held out of practice Wednesday morning because his knee was bothering him so he is being rested ... Evan Oglesby, helped off the practice field in Tuesday's late practice, has an ankle injury. Sparano did not say how serious the injury is but having witnessed it, it seemed like a multi-week affair to me ... Center Jake Grove said the bone bruise in his knee is "really nothing.' He returned to practice today although he didn't finish the entire session, something which was planned ... Guard Nate Garner stopped working late in the morning practice and sat out several repetition. He was limping ... The Dolphins have canceled this afternoon's practice. They're scheduled back to work tomorrow morning.

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Go Dolphins.

Armando, which of these canes do you think would fit in with the dolphins next year? Jacory, Bosher, or Bailey? Do you think the Dolphins can get all three? After the Canes go 17-0 this season surely all three will leave.

How about 14-0?
Go Canes.

Excellent report Mando!

Thing are getting cool this season.

I'm expecting big things from David Martin this year.Chad Henne is going to have to audible at the line of scrimmage,Peyton Manning style,to get that offense rolling.If he can read that blitz package,he's gonna have a field day.If he get's confused or flustered,it could be a long season.

No Canes deserve to be on the Dolphins. Not if we want to win anyway...

No wonder they signed Martin. With the talent drop off after Fasano, it was a good move.

Whats going on with Revis?

Waterboy, re: Revis. I got this in my inbox today courtesy of the folks at Draftsharks.com. By the way, if anyone does fantasy football here for more than just fun, this site is a must.

** According to the New York Daily News, the Jets and CB Darrelle Revis are $40 million apart in their contract proposals. And that’s just in base salary. The sides also need to agree on a signing bonus and how much money will be guaranteed. It doesn’t sound like a deal is going to get done any time soon.

Hey Sarasota, how about The U's best player, Colin McCarthy ? Would love to see #44 in a Dolphins uniform...

Championships will be few and far between for UM now with the schedule they play these days. brutal.

Good article on about henne and pennington, mando. thanks. Henne and the success he'll have this year will help him step up in those situations, like the one after the scrimmage. pennington is just imparting a few final lessons to his former student. no problem.


The phins need to keep going to marshall until double team comes.

There are alsoa couple of WRs on the U I would like to see stay in Miami as pros.



NJ and Cuban... Please bury the hatchet.

It's football time again and time to get along.

They Call Me... Tim says:
August 11, 2010 at 2:38 pm
HELP!!!! HELP! Chris T. They are picking on me and my boy friend NJ on the Herald again.. HELP!!!

i never thought about how stacking the box with eight would also affect the TE play. that is interesting and seems to make sense. i still think a big reason fasano dropped off in productivity is due to the fins keeping him in as another pass blocker more often, as well as the fact that henne struggled with the touch pass. people always harp on pennington having a weak arm, but they dont realize that most of the throws a qb makes do not require a shoulder cannon. in fact too much zip actually hurts a lot of those passes' chances of being caught. pennington is a master of hitting the TE on the seam route by dropping it over the LBers, and if henne can add that tool to his toolbox, as sparano says, he will be a force. (and fasano will be back to his 2008 numbers or better)

NJ is a scum dirt bag .his mama is a belly dancer .

What has NJ done to offend the bloggers other than to be strongly opinionated

nj is a scum bag owns 5 gyms,5 houses,5 pools and 5 resturants and he's s 24/7 on the ss .......lol

Diggs, I am tempted by that.
:See MH crew. This why our stadium is always empty because of fans like this,the weakling non fans who don't help pay the players salaries but they constantly pizz and moan from a distance. the worse kind of front running phoney fans out there. The ones on the Scum Sentinel.This is why other fans mock us.Those types over there.The out of touch out of towners who are un-informed.Just pathetic as they are, they should root for the Jets.Probably a bunch of closet Jet fans if you ask me.

You know you want to suck their di*cks ! most of them live in a different states , what do you want them to do , fly down to florida every weekend ?? You're an idiot , plain and simple. these guys buying the NFL package on direct tv does help pay the players salary MORON !!! get a clue before you open your stupid trap !! Have a nice day !
Also , you do know that alot of the MH CREW also live in other states and don't attend games ??? . Are they also closet fans or jets fans. do us a favor and shut your mouth and just talk about the dolphins !!

mario curso or should i say SS moderator or cuban menace . What happened , did your itty bitty feeling get hurt ?? So know you resort to insulting people who aren't even here ?? Grow up and get a life !!!

Frank Walker headed to Dolphins?
Former Ravens cornerback Frank Walker is close to joining the Miami Dolphins.

Armando, you need to change the name of this blog:

1. Aramando and the Mental Midgets Blog

2. The NJ Man Love Blog

3. The Home is Insane Blog

4. The Sun-Sentinel JR Blog

5. All About Nothing Blog

FRANK WALKER CB 200 ib 5.11 is very close to join the fins ,sean smith looks like he can't make it .

NJ/Tim =.... lurk.. lurk..........lurk...... LMAO!


too bad on smith....one year ago we had such high hopes for him


NJ/Tim =.... lurk.. lurk..........lurk...... LMAO! Posted by: SS Moderator | August 11, 2010 at 03:05 PM

Not either one of them . just a pissed off dolphins fan that's tired of your garbage. Like i said grow up and get a life !!

Why is everyone counting out Sean Smith all of a sudden. He fared well in his Rookie campaign. Give him some slack, he will come back to doing his thing.



I think that teams at the beginning of the season will try to stop the run, and let henne and marshall beat them. That will create holes for Bess, Camarillo, Hartline and tight ends to exploit. If they are unable to take advantage of that, the dolphins will depend on the RB´s just like ´09.


NJ/Tim may ro may not be "to whom it may concern" could be bobby. He is got a big date in December to meet his girlnj for a phins game. Booby can be very defensive of nj.

and another worthless fool, or is it the same fool avontos, aguacate and abuelo who does nothing on this blog but post about other people??? NOT ONE BLOG EVER ABOUT FOOTBALL. SAME OLD B/S OVER AND OVER GROW UP AND STOP LOVING MEN

Thanx for backing me up bobby,your skirt is the perfect place for me to hide.

bobbyd12 says:
August 11, 2010 at 1:27 pm
I love how some bloggers who have never played football in their lives, mostly from the Herald, are crying about injuries. Injuries, especially in training camp, happen, it is a part of getting ready and playing football. After two years of 0-3 starts, Sprano made it clear the starters will be playing more in the preseason

Reply NJ PHIN FAN says:
August 11, 2010 at 1:29 pm
that’s just the low level I.Q over there !

Attn: folks this is what was posted at the SS.
Bobby the traitor and NJ.

Hey bobby if it is so bad here, we are all stupid here, then go and stay at the SS. Two faced snake as nj would say.



bobbyd12, my little sister would always defend me at Hoboken High school so I am used to a girl fighting my battles for me.

Boy!. You should see how Tim/Knight gets sooooo jealous when those Jet Fan guys by me drinks at the sports bar. WOW!!!!!!

And that is why Chad Henne must play well this year. If he can't recognize what teams are doing or doesn't connect well with his receivers (especially Marshall), then teams will not respect the passing game.

I'm holding up Fireman Ed at the Dolphins game this year,Can't wait.. I'll be wearing my new JT 95 jersey.look for me. it's the only game I'll be attending in the past 40 years.

Hey bobby if it is so bad here, we are all stupid here, then go and stay at the SS. Two faced snake as nj would say.
Posted by: culebra con dos cabezas | August 11, 2010 at 03:40 PM

what's the matter avontos , ss moderator or your new name today . the truth hurt. ??


bobbyd12, my little sister would always defend me at Hoboken High school so I am used to a girl fighting my battles for me.

Boy!. You should see how Tim/Knight gets sooooo jealous when those Jet Fan guys by me drinks at the sports bar. WOW!!!!!!

Posted by: NJ Munchkin | August 11, 2010 at 03:45 PM

sounds like the cuban menace is back crying again because he's banned from the SS and can't get into the convo ! So jealous and so pathetic !!!

I'm holding up Fireman Ed at the Dolphins game this year,Can't wait.. I'll be wearing my new JT 95 jersey.look for me. it's the only game I'll be attending in the past 40 years.

SO SO jealous it's eating you alive . eat away . eat away , it's tearing you up inside !do you want to suck their di*cks or something ???

awww is right , poor baby !!!

Hey guys. come on down to Hudson Athletic Club at 6 pm. i'll be doing my 3 sets of 20 lb squats 5 reps ea.,then we'll hit the showers with Tim/Knight..wink wink," hee hee "

I read alot of QBs say they didn't pass it on Sean Smith's side because he had good coverage on the receiver, thus decreasing his chances of interceptions.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I know I'm not one to speak about staying on topic but....whats with all tha hate posting as of late ?


Soiled :)

Dear Mr. Salguero

Things are all quiet now.

Officer Soiled

Walkin the beat in downtown Blogville

Soiled :)

Dear Mr. Salguero

I just realized my last post was at 420

Just sayin....420

Soiled :)

just got back from 12 days of fins practice in davie. there are reasons to be optimistic with the play of rookies odrick,misi,carroll and jerry. also dobbins,roberto wallace 6'4" undrafted WR who looked better than turner. marshall was the man; others include the attacking "D" headed by mike nolan. charles grant,odrick,misi,dobbins,baker,langford,wake all were in the backfield. sean smith was burnt several times almost daily. henne did not seem to take the next step up. slow to recognize blitzes or coverages he doesnt seem to feel the pressure and audible. he doesnt go thru his receiver progressions so he ends up with a quick check down to a covered back like last year. this happens when a #2 or 3 receiver is running clear downfield. thigpen looked more comfortable back there and made nice decisions on most days. pennington has a real command of the offense but throws "a wounded duck". forget pat white;he cant hit a receiver downfield when thers no coverage. all the new guys could save us. they r all good! the team really needs days off;injuries were abundant because of artifical turf and fatigue. it was 90 and sunny most days with 90% humidity.

Hey Armando, how about installing filters on your blog so we can just read about the Dolphins, and not the rest of this twaddle. Jeez this place is getting worse than a men's restroom stall. Go Dolphins! I'm gonna go wash my hands.

Hey Armando, how about installing filters on your blog so we can just read about the Dolphins, and not the rest of this twaddle. Jeez this place is getting worse than a men's restroom stall. Go Dolphins! I'm gonna go wash my hands.
jax , that 's the cuban menace and the rest of his minions for you . They love men !!

Thanks for the info greg. Wallace might be a keeper. Sounds like you like Thigpen to start? Dunno, give Henne a chance this year. He's going to surprise you when the real games get here. The defense might be scary good. Again thanks for sharing the knowledge. Always want fresh eyes on the team, since I can't get there myself.

What the heck is going on here today?

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