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Sparano on weather, other subjects

Let's start with the injury update: Coach Tony Sparano said running back Patrick Cobbs and inside linebacker Tim Dobbins -- both of whom missed the Miami Dolphins preseason opener -- are expected back at practice for today's afternoon practice and work to some degree.

Sparano is aware there have been questions about whether the Dolphins should use the rainy season in South Florida to practice in the rain. The Dolphins have not practiced in the rain this season and he clearly falls on the side of folks that believe doing so raises the chances of injury.

...And by the way, his is the only opinion that really matters.

"You're in a downpour out here, A, you risk injury. B, you risk the opportunity to have an inefficient practice -- a sloppy, inefficient practice," he said. "You don't really have enough of these opportunities out here. I was telling the team today, the Buffalo game is getting closer. It isn't getting further away. In some situations you have to play in it, but you don't have to practice in it all the time. We have a bubble here so we can try to get the most effecient practices out of it. I think if the rain is one we feel it's not going to hurt the players in any way, that we're not going to get anyone injured out there, that's a different story. I think you stay out there. If not the wet-ball drills and all the things we try to do with our guys is our way of answering that." 

Sparano studied the tape of Saturday's 10-7 victory over Tampa Bay and came away convinced the Dolphins pretty much play like they practice. Frankly, what you guys saw from the first-team offense early Saturday was about what we've seen from the first-team offense in practice.

"In some situations we played a little bit like we practiced, which is a little bit up and down," Sparano said. "What we do out here on the practice field clearly correlates to the game."

Sparano called nose tackle Paul Soliai's performance, "pretty good," but as has happened in the past, he needs to find a level of consistency. "The next step where we we that consistency happen will be important," Sparano said. "But it was good to see."

I asked the coach about Patrick Turner's game. He caught two passes for 44 yards and played as much, if not more, than any wide receiver on the team.

"There were some guys that made the most of their opportunities when called on and Pat was one of the guys in the game that made the most of their opportunites," Sparano said. "I mean, he runs across the middle in the ball, catches the ball and runs with it. That was a big third-down conversion. There were a couple of things from a route discipline standpoint Pat can do a little better. That has to do with missing time in the spring. There is some catching up he's still trying to do. But he flashed at you in the game in some situations and that was really good for him and his confidence."

Another 2009 rookie who is fighting for his life to make this team is Pat White. Some folks are sort of writing him off based on the fact he only got in for afterthought snaps late Saturday night. One reporter even asked today if White is going to be switching positions soon.

"I'm not getting any closer to wanting to trying him in any place other than the one he's in right now," Sparano said. "From my end, I've seen improvement in the last week -- clear improvement in the last week -- out of Pat throwing the football. So that part of it, I have no other agenda than to try to continue to develop that player as a quarterback on our team and see him make the same kind of improvement this week that he made last week."

Sparano said Julius Pruitt, Nate Ness and Chris Clemons played well on special teams.


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Beat down them Jaguars!!!


Practicing in the rain is overrated.

Practice with a wet and muddy ball...that is good enough.

It's not like a player is going to remember how he practice in the rain back in August....


How about a new stadium for our FISH??????

Practicing in the rain is stupid. Injuries arise just like they do in games that take place in the rain. Anyone recall Ricky tearing a pectoral muscle in his first series back in 2007?

Cuban Menace,

All you Cops are the same. A guy goes out, parties and has a good time. Next thing you know, he's waking up in a drunk tank that smells like stinky feet and urine.

Of course there's ALWAYS that assault and battery charge pending. Well that and the usual false info, disorderly conduct, obstructing justice and urinating in public.

One time, after suffering from this harrassment, I got so pissed off I repeatedly assaulted two Michigan State Troopers knee caps with my rib cage!

Thank God for plea bargains and vicodin.

LOL @ Odinseye.

What I saw this year was what I saw last year...a lot of balls slipping through wide receivers hands. The one Brandon Marshall drop was a perfect pass, Henne couldn't have thrown it any better, so I think he gets ZERO responsibility for that play. The others (Hartline dropped one, a couple other ones I remember) were also pretty good balls if I remember correctly from Henne. Here's what HAS to happen this year for us to have any chance, these WRs MUST catch EVERYTHING that touches them in their hands. This teams isn't good enough on either side of the ball to let chances go to waste. They have to almost be perfect (like 2 years ago) to have any chance of making the Playoffs. I know, this is just the first preseason game, means nothing, but in 4 weeks they'll be embarking on the toughest schedule the Dolphins have had in many, many years. They need to come in fast and ready to shine, or else the season will get real long very quickly.

Mando, great interview with Bernie Kosar today on your radio show. definitely bring him back as much as possible. great guy.

F*** EM UP, ODIN!!!

Pat White is a WR.

Oh yeah! Pat White is much better now at receiving a snap and downing it. Please... Give him more, real plays!

Patty White would look great throwing to Teddy Bear Ginn. Trade him to the 49ers for a RC Cola and a Moon Pie.

Ithaca Phin Fan: "Anyone recall Ricky tearing a pectoral muscle in his first series back in 2007?"

He got stepped on by an opposing player. What does that have to do with rain?

I hope that Pat White gets a real chance to show what he can do in a real game. To date all the speculation is based on a very narrow base of data. Lets see what he can do given a couple of quarters to do it and see how he compares with Thigpen apples to apples. On another note, while I think the Dolphins will be great this year, it was a little disturbing to hear that they played the way they practice. They looked disorganized and overwhelmed this game compared to the way the other NFL teams have looked in their first preseason game (NE in particular looked sharp as did NO, Dallas and the Colts first teams and second teams for that matter).


Totally agree with you. I believe he has not gotten enough chances. Do we really need to see Thigpen throw for 3 quarters? I'm hoping to see Pat White play those same 3 quarters against the Jaguars.


At least Pat White has more BALLS than Teddy Ginn.

What is the rush in cutting Pat White? Why not stash him somewhere on the roster and give him the standard 3 years before making a decision as with any high draft pick??

If there was a war-crimes tribunal for screwing up the Miami Dolphins the following 10 people would be in the docket at the Hague

1. Cam Cameron
2. Randy Mueller
3. Dave Wanstedt
4. John F. Bassett
5. Rick Spielman
6. Nick Saban
7. A.J. Feely
8. Tedd Ginn
9. Eric Kumerow
10. Tom Olivadotti

You will note a few things.

1) of the 10 names a full 7 come from the 2000-2008 era -- which is fitting.

2) the only individual who was not on the Dolphins payroll was John F Bassett.

3)Only three players have made the team.

4)if you asked me 5 years ago, Ricky Williams would have had a top 5 spot on this list. Yet today, he probably ranks among my top 20 Dolphins of all time.


Ok, I'd love someone from the other side to please respond. Pat White has such an incredible fan base on this blog for any 4th-stringer EVER! All I read on here is how he needs a chance, has shown good potential, blah, blah, blah. I'm the guy who said get rid of him LAST season (just so we're clear). This team only keeps 3 QBs (at least that's what Sparano said). Henne and Pennington are 1 & 2 automatically. So you have White and Thigpen fighting for that last slot. How any sentient being with more football intelligence than a Pop Warner kid could say Pat White shows more promise than Tyler Thigpen is beyond me (based on everything you've seen in the NFL). F*** college (for all those, "White was great at WVU), this is the big leagues. Thigpen has STARTED in the NFL, has TDs in the NFL, I think he may even have a win under his belt when he was in Kansas City. Pat White is some trash (based on all accounts). Someone who's been at training camp PLEASE dispute this. I'd LOVE to hear that Pat White has looked brilliant, has shined, has been throwing with the best of 'em. That's not what I've heard. I've heard, "he's progressing," which, when translated to non-football speak means, "he's slightly better than a piece of crap, but not much."

Don't get me wrong. I don't hate Pat White. I just hate losers. I hated John Beck (still do), I hated Ted Ginn (still do). I hate average players. I want my team filled with studs (Jake Long comes to mind, Ricky Williams comes to mind). I want nothing but Pro Bowlers and potential Pro Bowlers. I don't get that feeling from Pat White. I get the feeling he's another John Beck (bust). If someone has some info I need to know to maybe change my mind, I'd love to hear it.

"I get the feeling he's another John Beck (bust). If someone has some info I need to know to maybe change my mind, I'd love to hear it."

- DC Dolfan

Based on DC Dolfan's "feelings" Miami has cut Pat White.

My point is, right now all we have is "feeling". WHy not let a few years pass. I mean Troy Smith is a very similar player and still stashed on Baltimore's roster. he's nto counted on to start or even counted on to backup - so why rush?

3rd string is meant to be a developmental position anyway - perfect spot for Pat White. My feeling is that Thigpen or Pennington will be gone anyway - not White. Because both of those 2 are just too good and valuable to be 3rd stringers. That's a waste.


I understand what you're saying and it would be nice to look as sharp as one of the playoff teams you mention.

Realistically speaking we have a ways to go. Pain is the engine of change.

In all fairness we're starting new players at WR, both guard spots and center. One of those is a rookie and the QB is entering his first season as a starter.

On defense we're starting new guys at 3 of the 4 LB spots, 2 of the 3 DL spots and FS. Of those, 2 are playing new positions, 2 are rookies and the other is a 2nd year, first time starter.

In contrast to the sky is falling mentality this team seems hell bent on getting better. Make no mistake about it, these coaches and players got their hands full at the moment. When it starts to gel and come together, I think it's going to be dominant.

Oh, and just to respond to Mark in Toronto (just read your post), FIRST preseason game, and John Jerry showed me something, Odrick showed me something, Koa Misi showed me something. This is their FIRST game. White has had an entire year (preseason and season) and has shown me absolutely, 100% nothing. That's what the rush is (in my humble opinion). I'd rather have an extra TE or OL or safety in the lineup that can actually contribute than a Pat White (so why keep a waste a space). You guys can't think that if he can't be a QB in this league, he can be a WR, do you? I mean, we now have way too many WRs to even think about putting him there (no way he's got the potential at that position that Turner has, or that rookie from San Diego St. that looked great Saturday). We saw his running ability (good enough for 5th-string). I say put White on the practice squad if you want to spend another year developing him to be a 3rd-stringer. And then when he shows he's not good enough, cut your losses and trade him or drop him from the roster.

enjoy ur last days of camp Pat, cause you gone.
GO Marlins!!!

B.Marshall is our new ted ginn .he started the season w/a drop .
sean smith started the the season w.interception .

marshall the basketball guy............... 0000000

a possible scenerio that coach sparano is holding out for(keeping PW) is that we trade penny to a team in desperate need of a QB (vikings for instance) in exchange for a 2 or 3 rounder. then PW would indeed have some value on the QB depth chart.

of course, I don't think penny re-signed to be trade bait.

Phontsolo...while you were dead on with your comment regarding ricky williams getting stepped on...that guy should have been suspended for that dirty@$$play. Regarding your second comment...lol...well where did those balls get him? Ironically...knocked the F--K out...Ironically by the aformentioned stealers...while Ironically trying to get out of bounds.

As much as you hate Tedd Ginn DC, he still contributed more than Pat White ever did and will. AND we still don't have a kick and punt returner.

DC Dolfan, I know you aren't comparing being a guard, OLB, or DL with playing the most difficult position in the game, and possibly in all of sport. Come on .....

drsaii...........................................................and marshall droped the first pall this season ,watch out .you can't compare the great ted ginn to PW .

i love living in the past ,i want to see fins vs jets last year w/ted ginn scoring 2 td .

these were the glory days when ted ginn defeated the jets .will it happen again ?

I Agree, Pat White Needs To Return Kicks Or Something To Earn His Keep On This Team! He's Probably More Agile Then Anyone On This Team. The Wildcat Should Be Only Pat White Other Wise He Is Useless!!

Patrick Turner Has Finally Shown Some Thing Worth Keeping! Because He Was A 3rd Round Pick He Is Going To Be The Fifth Wideout! Sucks For Wallace But Some One Will Get Hurt This Year And Turner Will Get His Chance To Be Trade Bait!
And If Chris Clemons Is Our New Safety, Why Is He Playing Special Teams?? WTF?? Talk About Getting Starters Hurt!!
Im Also Proud Of Solia An Misi!! You Gotta Admit The Tri Fecta Do Get It Right Sometimes!!!
Ps ~ Jake Long For President!!

wooooowwww!!!! Some of us might be a little traumatized from the past and thats okay. But the way I see it is different. Who remembers how FLAT and slow and uncoordinated the Fins opened up last year against the Falcons??? I do, and their performance on Saturday night reminded me a lot of that day. However, it is the first preseason game folks, I rather see that performance now then later when it does count. This team has basically been redesigned over the offseason, lets give these players a week or two of playing together before we start panicking. This might turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to this franchise!!! Go Dolphins!!!

I like Sparano but I think he's a little paranoid about injuries. Football is a contact sometimes violent sport. Players are going to get hurt. Somebody said the other day (greg z?) practice like you play. And that meand tackling and out in the elements.

BTW, what's the injury total so far, from dome injuries?

well, presently we do not have a kick/punt returner.

Despite the fact that the Trifecta values secrecy like the CIA, focus on the big picture and it becomes clear.
First let me say that I'm not a White fan and I'm not really that big on the wildcat.
The point is, the Trifecta has been burned and cut their losses one too many times since coming tom Miami. They want fair value for what they got and they don't want to come out on the losing end anymore.
They're only keeping 3 QB's period. Trading White at this point is not an option. We can't get anything near what we invested.
Why do you guys think Pennington was suited up on the sideline even though it had been announced he wouldn't play? They wanted any possible trade partners to know he was here and ready to go. Everybody already knows what he can do when healthy.
Thigpen played 3 quarters and got to throw the ball around alot to the guys that are fighting for that 5th reciever spot. Win win. They're obviously trying to pump up his value allowing them two options in a possible trade scenario.
Hennings obviously doesn't want to show any new wildcat wrinkles, thus White takes a knee.
Even though I don't think White fits this team, he and Henne are the locks for now. Thiggy or Penny will be gone.

Just for the record, I'm hoping the Pat White experiment leads us to one of the major final pieces of the puzzle. Our new Offensive Co-ordinator. Henning and his cutesy style and wildcat offense obviously had Parcells ear when "someone" was advocating drafting White. As White and the Wildcat proves less and less effective the writing will be on the wall for all three.

White, Hennings and the Wildcat we're a misguided experiment. As it all blows up in Hennings face, the realization will come that it's just not prototypical Parcell's football.

What did the Dolphins do when they didn't have an inside bubble tent to play in....they played outside. Please explain how it's dangerous to practice in rainy weather...but O.K. to play in a game in rainy weather...will the headcoach keep his best players out of a game...of course not. This team and it appears some fans have turned into weanies. Injuries are part of the game....you have a better chance to get injured when you try to prevent those injuries....play the game.

odinseye, still scatching my head about picking Pat White. But Henning should be the next to go. We can do better than that. I believe if he hadn't been Parcells buddy, he would have joined Paqualoni.

well, if they're truly playing like they practice..then sparano and this coaching staff to need to step it up an extra notch in practice and make sure that these guys are putting their full effort into making their team better for season...its one thing to look bad in presason, but another to look enept and bad in practicing everyday.As far as the weather goes, yea it would be stupid to take this team on the field with sloppy conditions and play in a mud bowl, miami was greatful to get out of that game basically injury free so putting them back in those elements is crazy. Practicing with a wet ball in drills would be smart enough to do in the meantime.

drsamii, agreed, Ginn did way more for the Dolphins than Pat White has (however, I like White's heart a little better than Ginn).

Mark in Toronto, no, absolutely not saying those positions are in any way similar (I was just saying that I'd rather have more depth in another position of need than keep someone I doubt will become a good player in this league). BUT, I feel you when you said we might need to keep White as a safety measure if we trade Thigpen. I'd hate that to happen (QBs are hard to get and even harder to keep, and I think we have 3 good ones who can all possibly win) but I know we'd get good trade value for Penny or Thigpen. So maybe on that count it would be wise to keep Pat White.

And I'm also willing to give him the preseason to prove himself. He deserves the majority of the snaps in the next game (I think Thigpen has already proven himself) and let's see what he does.

Finally, no one take my posts as a sign of fear or depression. I think the Dolphins will be a force this year. I think we can win the division and make the Playoffs. I think we're turning the corner to being an elite team in the NFL. Our coaching staff is formidable, our 1st-stringers are talented (a few holes, but nothing as glaring as the last few years), now we just need to build up the backups, etc. and round the team out. I don't think it's bad to say Pat White isn't good enough to make the team. It means there are great players on the team and you have to be great too to make it (and maybe White isn't good enough).

We all knew Ginn would be dropped at some point 2 years ago (we just didn't know when the coaches would finally have enough). I think we're there with White. He's got 3 games to shine. For his sake, I hope he makes the most of them. By the way, I would have said the same about Turner (if he didn't show up for the game Saturday), I've said as much for Allen (even though he's a pretty good special teams guy), and I'm gonna start saying as much for Jake Grove (not impressed between end of last year and Saturday).

Also, did Ritchie Incognito play? I didn't see him or hear his name called.


I honestly believe(well, at least I'm hoping)that Parcell's and Ireland are praying the guy just retires.

Hennings WAS the man. A great football mind, but he's had his time in the sun. Time to pack it in.

Odin--Wildcat won't get you to the Superbowl, but it certainly helped back in 2008 when we had no receivers and Pennington couldn't throw a 12 yard pass. I'd like to see some now and then, with a legitimate passing threat mixed in. I agree with you that some of the offensive play-calling last year where White comes in and stalls the drive was terrible. White is too delicate for the NFL, and he isn't a QB. But I'd keep the Wildcat. We gotta beat the Patriots somehow. . .

Incognito played. I thought he played well.

Not hearing his name or number called is usually a good thing for him.

hennings doesnt need to do much, just think smarter plays like...get the ball to brandon marshall--at least 15 looks a game--run CONVENTIONALLY with ronnie and ricky---Stop using the Dam wildcat in LONG down and Goal Line situations---Utilize guys like bess and hartlines spped over the middle of the field instead of dumping 5 yrd in slants and gos. Use cammirillo for what he is--a good solid possession reciever that could be good in curling and medium out routes. C, how hard is that for an offensive coordinator

Observations from the First Game:

1) Starting FS can't tackle a QB in Open Field
2) Stud Receiver drops two cannonballs
3) Vontae Davis keeps on singing "Im gettin' Burn baby Burn"
4) Sean Smith is looking at himself (like a little punk) on the jumbotron after each play, whiffs on goaline situation
5) Sparano, Fins Coach / Cheerleader jumps up and down after scoring a TD in preaseason.
6) The Special teams play was horrible. Blocked punt, no return game at all
7) At least no injuries
8) Please cut the field manager for whiffing on the soil prep before the game. Extra sand only after the first half?
9) Thigpen is being showcased for trade, Pat White is staying off the field to prevent further value erosion (which is 0.01)
10) Someone tell the Fat Dude that dances in the bleachers, to get another shirt now that Porter has been canned.


Really....spending your entire commentary on the rain and how the Fins played a preason game in it?

How about commenting on key players and how they played. Maybe our number 1 and 2 draft picks? Maybe Wake a key player we need to see improve this year? Maybe Dansby our new stud linebacker? Maybe Clemons who we need to play well at safety?

Nope...just your random thoughts on how the Fins play in the rain.


There is a reason why, Pat White was not in the plans in this preseason opening, "HE IS NOT A GOOD QB" plain and simple, the big TUNA knows this ( please stop this madness )


I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love the wildcat as long as it's used as a very limited, situational offense.
It can be used effectively without having to be a rhythm breaker for Henne. Hennings is too cute to understand this imo.

What finally made up my mind on Hennings was two things last year:

1. He seemed completely intent on putting Henne in 3rd and longs.

2. The halfback pass against Buff. You got the ball inside the ten with Ricky Williams in the back field. Hmmmmmmm...........what to do?


I disagree with the fact that thigpin is bieng used for trade bait, i think the coaching staff is showcasing him to be the #2 QB of this team, so they arent initially trying to rely on injury prone pennington which i still feel would be a better and smarter backup to henne. I do agree with you on sean smith needing to tone his antics down a notch after he got juked out in the enedzone for the first and only bucs TD(which really mattered more becuase it was on the first team) then for him to look like an idiot raising his hands in the air after someone throws up a sailing air ball where all you have to do is catch it....GROW UP A L ITTLE SEAN!!!

I predict Fins offense stalls the first weeks and Henning gets canned on bye week.

@ Odinseye, after pounding the bills on a 80+ yd drive running up and down, you call a RW pass to Joey Haynos?? What a joke.

Pat White is all but cut. He's not gonna make the roster and he doesn't have any practice squad elegibility I don't believe.


For sure, if you play guard, being "Incognito" is a good thing.

WOW, that was some funny stuff!


theres a team up in new jersey with your fan base all over it, Plz go there, and if you ask him nicely, im sure Fat rexy will pay your way and fly you up there coach style with your own personalized jersey name---CLUELESS---just dont forget to bring ribs, Rexy likes his ribs

Tricky calm down.
Lets see what game 2 brings.

The special Teams units sucked the long one though!!!!

"The next step where we we that consistency happen will be important." -Tony Sparano

Yeah its important to get those quotes right.

Good job.

Thiggy had already started quite a number of games for KC, he is still highly erratic and most likely will be. I can't say what potential Pat White has or has not, but what I can say is geeeezzz...the guy hasn't really even been given any real shot yet. He entered the game ice cold just a few times to execute gadget plays. How many rookie qb's realistically could have been expected to do any play better under those circumstances? It a rarity, not the norm, for a rookie qb to play well under normal circumstances getting many snaps, he's had to jump into a game ice cold for a snap or two to execute some bizarre formation. Until he get's to play several quarters I say the jury is still out.

Players can get hurt in any conditions. I don't think anyone is suggesting practicing in a torrential downpour. Besides, if you want to get technical weren't both players lost for the year injured while practicing in the bubble?? I don't get the ineeficient practice aspect either; you work at it a little so you are efficient at it come a game like this past Saturday's. Not practicing in some wet conditions probably led to inefficient game results; which would they rather have?

@ odinseye... The wildcat was installed by David Lee. He had McFadden run it in Arkansas. I agree with you thought, they are not cutting P.White. He's a second round pick and letting him go for nothing would be stupid and would be like if we didn't have that pick. In my opinion, we are keeping Pennington and probably going to shop Thigpen. Thigpen is young and still has alot of upside, plus he's started a few games for the Chiefs. We'll probably take a QB next year in the later rounds. I think the Pat White pick was a set-up by the Patriots tipping their hand saying they wanted Pat and Dolphins didn't want to go to the Patriots and picked him just so the Pats wouldn't. Should've let the Pats pick him.


i am enjoying reading all the posts;

mark toronto
jaxdolphins.......why can't this blog stays that way .

I think what Tony was trying to say was that with all the rookies starting, new guys starting and player evaluations, it was more important at this particular point, to work on the playbook and assignments as opposed to game day readiness.
Right or wrong, that's just my take on it.
I was more than a little dismayed to hear him say we played like we've been practicing-LMFAO!

Ok, interesting question for all youz fans. You have one opening for the following 3 players: Marlon Moore, Roberto Wallace and Patrick Turner. I know, I know, we still have 3 games to critique, but as of now, who do you promote?

I'm a let it fly and say Roberto Wallace. Turner showed up (finally) but I don't like that he got hurt earlier in OTAs (or wherever). Moore was ok (but b/w him and Turner I'd go with Turner). The reason right now I say Wallace is he's a rookie, so who knows how good he can be, and if he's already close to Turner and Moore, then his upside might surpass both those guys. So if I had to choose today, I say Wallace (plus the whispering I've heard from camp is he has great hands). Anyone else wanna chime in?

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