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Sparano on weather, other subjects

Let's start with the injury update: Coach Tony Sparano said running back Patrick Cobbs and inside linebacker Tim Dobbins -- both of whom missed the Miami Dolphins preseason opener -- are expected back at practice for today's afternoon practice and work to some degree.

Sparano is aware there have been questions about whether the Dolphins should use the rainy season in South Florida to practice in the rain. The Dolphins have not practiced in the rain this season and he clearly falls on the side of folks that believe doing so raises the chances of injury.

...And by the way, his is the only opinion that really matters.

"You're in a downpour out here, A, you risk injury. B, you risk the opportunity to have an inefficient practice -- a sloppy, inefficient practice," he said. "You don't really have enough of these opportunities out here. I was telling the team today, the Buffalo game is getting closer. It isn't getting further away. In some situations you have to play in it, but you don't have to practice in it all the time. We have a bubble here so we can try to get the most effecient practices out of it. I think if the rain is one we feel it's not going to hurt the players in any way, that we're not going to get anyone injured out there, that's a different story. I think you stay out there. If not the wet-ball drills and all the things we try to do with our guys is our way of answering that." 

Sparano studied the tape of Saturday's 10-7 victory over Tampa Bay and came away convinced the Dolphins pretty much play like they practice. Frankly, what you guys saw from the first-team offense early Saturday was about what we've seen from the first-team offense in practice.

"In some situations we played a little bit like we practiced, which is a little bit up and down," Sparano said. "What we do out here on the practice field clearly correlates to the game."

Sparano called nose tackle Paul Soliai's performance, "pretty good," but as has happened in the past, he needs to find a level of consistency. "The next step where we we that consistency happen will be important," Sparano said. "But it was good to see."

I asked the coach about Patrick Turner's game. He caught two passes for 44 yards and played as much, if not more, than any wide receiver on the team.

"There were some guys that made the most of their opportunities when called on and Pat was one of the guys in the game that made the most of their opportunites," Sparano said. "I mean, he runs across the middle in the ball, catches the ball and runs with it. That was a big third-down conversion. There were a couple of things from a route discipline standpoint Pat can do a little better. That has to do with missing time in the spring. There is some catching up he's still trying to do. But he flashed at you in the game in some situations and that was really good for him and his confidence."

Another 2009 rookie who is fighting for his life to make this team is Pat White. Some folks are sort of writing him off based on the fact he only got in for afterthought snaps late Saturday night. One reporter even asked today if White is going to be switching positions soon.

"I'm not getting any closer to wanting to trying him in any place other than the one he's in right now," Sparano said. "From my end, I've seen improvement in the last week -- clear improvement in the last week -- out of Pat throwing the football. So that part of it, I have no other agenda than to try to continue to develop that player as a quarterback on our team and see him make the same kind of improvement this week that he made last week."

Sparano said Julius Pruitt, Nate Ness and Chris Clemons played well on special teams.


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I'm enjoying the fact that you're still with us.

They way you sounded after the game, I thought you might be thinking about "ending it ALL"!

blog up

odin, yeah, I was kidding. I don't really think that's what Tony said. I guess I was suggesting that someone possibly got the quote wrong.

ALoco don't let 'em get you down. You've still got the Dolphins and nobody can take that away from you.


i am enjoying reading all the posts;

mark toronto
jaxdolphins.......why can't this blog stays that way .

Posted by: ALoco | August 16, 2010 at 03:44 PM

100% AGREED! Nice comments you guys, some very thought provoking, others down right halarious.

DC Dolfan-
I would take Roberto Wallace just beacuse a) He's a rookie like you said, b) He's smart, I can tell by the way his interview went with Buetel.

DC, Wallace was my favorite to make the team right up until game time Saturday night. Now I'm going with Turner, better size, etc. I think Moore is a dark horse. There's no question all three had better step it up in these next three games. I still like Wallace but he has to get noticed in games to have any chance.

Pat White.... is a bust pick.... deal with it, trade him, get rid of him, thats the end of it... NO BIG DEAL happens to every team.... bye!!!! PW

How about Micah Johnson? I thought He played like a beast.

PW needs to watch some Joshua Cribbs film. I would love to see him in that role.

I wish ALoco would end it all. He is a little qu eer.


Really liked this post. Great job. You do an excellent job of filtering down Sparanos words to the important parts that us fans want to hear. Now if only you could leave your lack of football knowledge out. Just kidding big guy keep it up.

First off we won our game, unlike those sticken Jets. You can say preseason doesn't matter but tell that to the 2002 Rams. After going 14-2 the previous season they lost all 4 preseason games in 02. Analysts said it didn't matter; just preseason. They went on to finish 7-9 and no playoffs. Get my point? winning is streaky and contagious.

Listen Pat Turner is a beast. He was hurt all last year and now he is finally coming into a stride. Im not saying its this year, but one day we will line up Marshall on one side and Turner on the other. Good luck to opposing defenses trying to defend two 6-5 230 pound catching machines. Trust me, I know this kid, he just needs motivation which it sounds like he's getting from marshall.

Cali Cali.

I keep hearing commends like Penny is injury prone, but a sure back-up and things like White still needs more time to develop, but I've seen nothing out of him. I also hear about how lethargic and sloppy the first team looks, but I never hear anything really negative about Henne? I saw Thigpen score the points without everybody dropping the ball, so he's good trade bait? Perhaps, just perhaps, Henne is the reason for the "lethargy" and sloppy-play on the first team? Just maybe Henne is not the team leader that I keep reading about! In fact, the only team leader I read about is always Pennington and he clearly has demonstrated over quite a few years that he can't get you to the Superbowl, so what's wrong with that picture? It definitely will be interesting to see just how things play out in Miami! P.S. I know that the "Big Tuna" always builds winners!


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