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The early report from a stormy Monday

The Dolphins are back to work this afternoon and they have picked up where they left off Saturday evening. They are avoiding the bad weather.

The team held approximately three periods of practice -- walkthru, stretching and one more -- outside, but then a thunderstorm rolled in. So the team went into the bubble.

Channing Crowder, with what looks to be a hamstring injury, and Quentin Moses, with an undetermined injury, are not practicing today. Vontae Davis, who left Saturday's game with a chest issue, and Brandon Marshall, who excused himself during from postgame interviews because he "had to see the doctor," is also practicing today.

The club has cut RB Tristan Davis, NT Travis Ivey and TE Kory Sperry. The Dolphins are now down to only one Cory [Proctor] on the roster after beginning training camp with three.

Center Jake Grove was taking snaps with the first-team offense earlier, suggesting he will get some first-team snaps the remainder of practice. Today is the first day practice is close to everyone. The media sees only the first 30 minutes and then, well, we have to head out into the rain.


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Lets go DOLPHINS!!

I hope they are working on the secondary because they are stinking up the place!!! After watching both preseason games and comparing it to last year I see the same non coverage in the secondary 30 yard gains as if were not even playing defense sometimes!! Very frustrating as a true fan who remembers the madison and surtain days if only they were young again!! lol

this team will be ok on defense!!! maybe even DOMINATE!!! they way i see it,teams look like they are gonna catch hell running the ball against us,the sack STARKS got showed he's gonna create pure havoc,and there is no way if we send CHANNING and DANSBY that one of the 3 wont get the sack, i haven't seen WAKE or MISI really tested by TE's but the play WAKE showed on JONES 6yrd loss was very telling. like i said before SMITH's problem is he's lazy(dont play all out) and the only time VONTE struggle is when he wiffs on the jam(recievers are gonna catch balls),CLEMONS seem ok,maybe thinking to much about getting beat deep but his game will come around with more game time. the wildcard for the defense will be WILL ALLEN, hoping he can make it back and be major cog. dont for get DANSBY can play outside if one of the two younger guy struggle thus bringing in DOBBINS to man the middle

on offense we should be top 5 barring injuries!! henne needs to keep progressing,ronnie,rickie,cobbs and hillard are the best group of backs in the nfl. the beast was a major upgrade for all involved (QB,WR,TE, and RB) the online will be ok. yes we will run a more natural offense now that we have marshall,but i still love the wildcat it just needs some tweaking, take henne completely off the field replace him with a WR and actually pass the ball sometime(the time we run vs pass out of the cat is 99.9% run. didnt the wildcat work better from mid-field vs. inside the 20!!!

I might get killed for this but watching viking and 49er's game showed why we should have kept ginn on this team and im sure im not the only one who said that when he caught a 65yrd bomb. not only did he return 2 kickoff for TD vs the jets but he actually was the only WR to show REVIS up

the funniest thing to me about some of the ppl on the blog, is they go out their way to let it be known how they fill about certain players on the team but are quick to wanna claim other teams GARBAGE!!!!!!!!
heres my case for saying this=ppl screamed to get rid of ginn in favor of signing cribbs,who at best would have been a 5th WR,KR and PR with less speed than ginn on this team(maybe the 6th WR). nobody can even tell me what college thigpen went to and he has been playing the same way in the nfl for 4yrs erratic but some ASSUME he's a starter, 2nd QB and just flat out better than white, its like compare apples to oranges(white has 5pass attempts). the same ones who say white is to fragile to play QB are the same ones saying he needs to return kicks, go figure! ask yourself why the dolphins are will to keep him around,not play him but still bring him out to practice and game, if he was that horrible why not release him so he can find another team. at best they get a what 7th round pick for white!! IT DONT ADD UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dolphins4Life1973 - True points and about Ginn...there was not room for him to be on the team. Yes he has speed, but he was not worth us keeping.

No we wont dominate on D no way well be stellar against the run I GUARANTEE that!! But as usual once teams figure out they cant run on us theyre gonna pass everydown and thats when well get scorched!!! I know you cant stop every pass play in a pass oriented league but we just give up too many big pass plays, every game against every team!!! That is my concern its that even sorry passing teams like the bucs and jags can light us up then you know were in for it against any top notch passing team!!

We will need to score a min of 20 points per game to remain competitive in the wild AFC.
The secondary will give up some long TD's, that's a given....but if Henne/Marshall can counter with a quick 60 yd strike, then we are playing on the Brady, Manning level.

I hope they're working on kick coverage, too.

"The media sees only the first 30 minutes and then, well, we have to head out into the rain."

Perfect time to run some WR plays for Pat White and he can practice some KR plays as well.

The Offence is coming along. Let's hope they make the same amount of progress that they did last week. The Defense, well, they kinda regressed IMO.
Special Teams needs some major work, just to get on the same page. And, all those penalties need to get ironed out. If we come out hot early in the season, we've got a chance at the playoffs. Otherwise, we'll be looking at 8-8. We need a sense of urgency, but I'd feel better if the guys were having a little bit of fun in pre-season with just a touch of swagger to their step. There's a differene between urgency and desperation.

D4Life- Sure Ginn had a long catch that happened on a broken play, it was actually a great throw-play by the Qb, more then Ginn running a good route. But Ginn did drop 2 passes, both that would have been 3rd down conversions, both that ended drives. Something that kills momentum, and confidence that the Qb, can trust you in big spots. The commentator even made a point that Ginn posses evrything that an NFL revciever needs, except courage. That is harsh. Collinsworth pointed out that Ginn does nothing to help the qb. out, and that he should be making the catches that he continually drops. What you get with Ginn is a guy that is capable of making the big play, but more likely to screw up the routine ones. Simply he was not good enough to play reciever on this squad.

Things I expect to see next pre-season game:
First team O and D should play the entire first half.
A little more planning by the coaches specific to their opponent.
A couple of simple blitz packages by the Defence.
The O-line start to gel a little.
Better communication in the secondary.
No blocked punts/field goals.
Henne/B. Marsh clicking like last week.
The score run up into the 30s with a 2 touchdown lead so they can put P. White on the field a little bit. Otherwise, we may not see him till the 4th game.
Less penalties.
Better special teams play.

Feed the Wolves! (There isn't just one wolf out there! There are 11! And, wolves work better in a pack!)

IMO - White was picked in the second round because New England was set to pick him four picks later. I don't think he's a legit QB right now. Maybe with more tutelage (5yrs of tutelage) he maybe a decent QB, but to keep him on the 53 man roster would be ridiculous. Put him on the practice squad and see how much more he can develop. If we keep him on the 53 man roster for a few wildcat plays (remember the NFL rule too, White would have to be listed as the 2nd QB to go into the game for the Wildcat so Chad Henne can come back in after or else Henne would have to sit the rest of the game) would be stupid too... I would rather have that roster spot for someone for depth somewhere else than having a 4th QB on the Roster. Unless he's willing to play special teams. Also, I think the Defense will be fine. We are not showing anything yet on defense because we don't want Buffalo looking at our preseason game tape to counter our blitzes. We'll probably have more Zone blitzes and Corner Blitzes as the season goes on. Looking forward for this season to get started already!!!


nolan carrol was terrible I hope will allen gets back soon.

Wonder if the Pats would pick up Pat White if the Dolphins cut him. Ex-Dolphins tend to thrive with New England, Sammy Morris, Larry Izzo, Wes Welker, Junior Seau, etc...

Not sleeping on the Bills in the season opener. They are not a team the Dolphins match up well against. While Buffalo's defense can and should be run on, Henne and Marshall will find it tough going through the air due to Buffalo's excellent secondary. Miami will try to play ball control, but if Miami's secondary makes Trent Edwards or Ryan Fitzpatrick (remember last year) look like Tom Brady, then the running game will be neutralized (again, remember last year). This is an early "must win" game considering the rest of the schedule.

I agree. The buffalo game is gonna be interesting and I do agree that its a must win game. We have to get away from starting 0-3 or 0-2 this year. Its good for moral. I hope the team doesn't look past the bills cause after watching them on thursday they could easily beat the phins at home

for those of you who dont think the defense will be better, need i remind you who we just replaced.
for starters we got rid of wilson, ineffective against the pass all season except for 1 game
2: we no longer have to worry about sorry ass akin get beat by TE's and RB all day long!!
3: no longer is porter on the team with the bad vibes and his only wanting to rush the passer attitude( didnt do that good either),no run support at all!!
4:JT is gone(fan favorite),truth be told JT is slowing down and at best was just a guy last year nothing special(i love JT though not this year)
5:ferg is gone, old and breaking down

now we replaced them with young,hungry,energetic and more athletic players in starks,wake,misi,dansby,and clemons! dont fret if one of them dont pan out as the season go along b/c we are so versile it dont make sense! if odrick struggles i now have faith solia can man the middle and move starks back outside but dont forget about grant and mcdaniels to help out on the dline. if wake or misi struggles dont forget dansby can move outside and bring dobbins in the middle. if clemons struggle you still got both allens' who could fill in as stop gaps!!!

whatever happened to the good ol' days when we would jump out 5-1,4-0,6-1 to start the season

i remember the days when my dad would throw the football and a i catch it for 69 yards.i long for the day when we start 2-0 .

Darryl , thanks for answering my Q about wallace .

who would you rather have on your team...tedd ginn, patrick turner, or marlon moore?

i would rather have the great TED GINN .

Please tell me you wernt tired of ted(I Fall down)Ginn 's sidelide running, Falling down near defensive players like a scared goat??? Actually the goats that fainted for the movie "The men who stare at goats" Were forced to watch Ted Ginn playing football......where they perfected there craft to fall down on "Que"................

Posted by: Cuban Menace | August 23, 2010 at 02:44 PM

The Sidelines in San Fransico cant be safe with Ted(Sideline)Ginn on there team.... For both teams playing ......

The new and improved teg ginn caught a 65 yard ball .

i would rather have the great TED GINN .

Posted by: ALoco | August 23, 2010 at 02:42 PM

Aloco, Now I know you have a substance abuse problem.........

flipper- ginn, because of his returner skills. but as a pure WR, moore.

The new and improved teg ginn caught a 65 yard ball .

Posted by: ALoco | August 23, 2010 at 02:55 PM


If anyone saw the SF vs. Vikings game last night, you wouldn't want Ted Ginn anywhere NEAR a Dolphins jersey. The play I saw, the ball was slightly overthrown, but catchable, and Ginn WIFFED it as always. Chris C was announcing and he was like, "look, if you want to get to the next level, become that elite receiver, those are the types of catches you need to make." I felt bad for the 49'ers at that moment. They'll soon come to learn though that Ginn is just being Ginn (all speed, no hands). LOL, we have our own problems now (THANK GOD)!!

cuban, why is so evil to have one's opinion ,ted ginn for me is gold .

Dolphins4Life1973(and all the Thigpen haters),

You make a lot of good points. I do have to disagree with one.

Everybody keeps mentioning that Thigpen has played for 4 years and hasn't become a starter. This is just wrong.

He was drafted by the Vikes, who then tried to "sneak" him on their practice squad. The Chiefs signed him off waivers. In his second season he became the starter for a terrible Chiefs team and despite this, posted some awesome numbers. His stats were better than Flacco or Ryan in their first two seasons and better than Henne's and Sanchez's first seasons. This is his third team, third different offensive coordinator, and the first time he's worked with an NFL level quarterbacks coach.

Thigpen has started 11, count em, 11 NFL games. That's it. That doesn't quite add up to 4 seasons worth of experience.

The fact is Thigpen is still green(he has less NFL experience than Henne). He's a QB worth developing, with all kinds of upside and potential.

If you guys are going to make negative pronouncements like this guy or that guy has been playing for this many years and hasn't done anything, at least learn a little something about the guy first.

ted ginn did for this team more than all the players on this team ,he won games for us (( jets )) .

CUBAN truth be told most WR get low,run out of bounds or just straight-up drop to avoid the big hits! we are very bless to have a WR with the size of MARSHALL. but yes ginn all day long-most of you fickle fans forget how many reurns for TD that ginn had called back b/c of flags

Thank you DC, Please tell aloco(Who saw Ted(Sideline)Ginn catch a 65 yard pass)(In what multiple universe I'am not sure) that Ted would fall down at the sight of his own shadow.........

odin, for all the changes you say thigpen went through and as bad as he looks at times for us how can u make that arguement when you might be one of the one who said j. allen should be cut yrs ago. and that all he's be through coaches,schemes,and postitions his whole career. I do respect your opinion and im not trying to take it no further than a lil diagreement between loyal dolphans

DC, I saw ted(No testicular fortitude)Ginn lose 2 games by himself last year, and not to mention his falling down performance against Baltimore in the playoff game.... Ted Ginn makes Miami a better team being on another team........

and the pass collinworth was referring to was a good 2 ft behind ginn. why do y'all listen to descent but not great players and never has beens like a tim hasslebeck! or sport writer acting as if they played the game! truth be told they know no more than you or me

D4L, Are you sticking up for Ted(Sideline)Ginn???????

Yeah, Cuban, not sure what ALoco is puffin' on, but it must be top shelf! Ted Ginn is a joke. Be happy he's gone.

And, right on odinseye! Not sure why people are dissing Thigpen (they might be the same people who kept saying Pat White was gonna surprise us if we'd just give him a chance). Thigpen is a fine, young QB. I like that he can COMPLETE A PASS IN THIS LEAGUE! I like his movement. I think he has plenty of upside. And you are absolutely correct, he's young and definitely doesn't have 4yrs experience.

i guess in a way i am b/c he did something we havent had here in a long time! a threat at kr and pr!! we never used him in the pr game though, that was a mystery in itself! off the top off you head who was the last dolphin to return a kick for a TD before ginn! now we stuck with cobbs and fair catch bess

i guess 5 passes makes a career and the scramble thigpen excaped on, white would be still running and i know for a fact a dlineman would not have been closing in on him the they were on thigpen. he plays for the dolphins so i like him but im no more ready to give him propers and say he 2nd than i am with white! the last time we saw white play he was hurt, why havent they cut him yet, it aint like it gonna hurt the team or the cap!

LOL D4L, At the Aloco comment, Yeah, Gotta be good stuff, Anyhoooo, Ted(My left foot)Ginn returned 2 k.o returns for TDs but still ranked 7th on Ko return average in the NFL, last time a guy returned 2 all the way during the season and wasnt 1st or 2nd in the leaguge on KO return Avg..... Never,Plese just say "Ted Ginn Sucks" so we may put this issue to rest... LOL..

cuban i you can prove what you just said. did you google that info again or did you just write it to make your point look good.LOL

Question to the Cuban... Who are you happier to see gone, The Gerbil or Hands of Stone Ginn?


Lighten up. I actually enjoy talking to people with differing views. As long as it's cordial. I'm not a head case that thinks he's always right.

For the record, I am one of those that said J. Allen should be cut. I'm still not totally sold on the guy, but I have to admit, once the decided to keep him at ONE position, he has made progress. Besides, considering how our special teams is looking, I'm beginning to think we need him. Plain and simple the pick spent on him and the high expectations biased all us fans when he didn't produce immediately.

The only statement I wanted to make about Thigpen is that he hasn't been playing for 4 years. When he did earn a starting job, he had no supporting cast at all. The Chiefs didn't bring in the spread offense because of Thigpen. They brought it in because Larry Johnson was injured, their offensive line couldn't block and the receiving corp was suspect at best.

Thigpen could go bust, but given the chance, he could possibly get us more compensation than Cassel got the Patsies.

Go Thigpen!

RUN RICKY RUN...Opps he just dropped a dime bag!!

CUBAN last year who was the only WR to beat REVIS deep all year and no its not the STAR WR you thinking about either

The Dolphins blew it when they practically gave Ted Ginn (a top 10 pick) away for nothing. If they cut Pat White they will be doing the same thing. Ted Ginn would have been perfect working as the 3rd receiver on the Dolphins. A 3 receiver set with Marshall, Bess and Ginn would have been tough to defense. Give White away and watch another team pick him up, develop him and reap the rewards!

odin im cool just thought i'd make mention b/c you know how quick the blog can turn and i enjoy read and chatting with all rite or wrong

Sparano: "Says flatly he doesn't expect pat white to play this week"

WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they might just be getting thigpen the work so he could be traded! a 2nd is a high pick to give up on in only on year and realistically how high is the compensation for pat white right now? NONE!
i repeat NONE!!

D4L, It was from the Herald in jan.(The last NFL stats for the season)(Commenting to my Pops how unusual it was for a guy that returned 2 KOs for TDs to be ranked 7th in return avg.) Jeremy, It's like asking a person are you glad "You dont have cancer"or" You dont have aids", Your just glad you dont have either....

I apologize to all, but I have to go off topic for one minute to ask a question for Mr. ALoco. As I went in to open the bar this morning, the cook was crafting meatballs for the lunch special. I immediatley thought of you, and wanted to ask your permission to use your name on the lunch special. The ALoco Sub!
Of course you would recieve royalties, and the servers would be instructed to explain to peolpe that the sandwich is named the ALoco because he was indeed the father of the meatball sub...A history lesson of sorts. Anyway, back to football

Thigpen wont fetch a 5th in the open market.

Too many scrub Qb's still available!


I agree with you again. I'm not saying Thigpen is a solid back up and I'm definite3ly not going to say he's a starter.

I'm just saying good young quarterbacks with potential are worth developing. If they hit, worst case scenario, you get mucho compensation.

Guys, Any one missing Ted(Opps I Dropped another one)Ginn Antics can catch the movie "Staring at goats", Same thing, Man Frightens goats by staring at it, Def player in the area of Ted (hands of stone)Ginn he falls down in fright... same thing... Buy the movie, more enjoyable then watching Ginn...

Odin, Did you see the "65 yard catch" by Ginn that Alaoc saw??????

Ted ginn was the target and taking the heat for all dolphin players last two years,now that he's gone all these players will be open for discussion .

Darryl, it's ok .

Hey Armando, what are the chances of the Dolphins going after Vincent Jackson from the Chargers....????? That would be an amazing WR corps..... even if it meant giving away future picks. But what is the cap situation etc as well as the lack of CBA for next year. Thanks

I haven't seen it, but I did hear about it. It doesn't matter, he did it against the 2nd-3rd stringers. Everyone knows he can outrun almost every elite DB in this league, let alone some back ups fighting for a roster spot. This is the only stat that matters here. In the first half, Smith threw him a pass on 3rd down that hit him in the hands, but he dropped it. There were 2-3 defenders around him, but none on him, simply put he got scared. Chris Collingsworth dissed him by saying that Michael Crabtree would've made that catch, a much younger guy than him!!! All in all, let's all hold hands on week 3 in the home opener and sing Kumbayah my Lord, and let's give thanks for not having Ted(T-Rex arms)Ginn Jr. on this team.

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