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The early report from a stormy Monday

The Dolphins are back to work this afternoon and they have picked up where they left off Saturday evening. They are avoiding the bad weather.

The team held approximately three periods of practice -- walkthru, stretching and one more -- outside, but then a thunderstorm rolled in. So the team went into the bubble.

Channing Crowder, with what looks to be a hamstring injury, and Quentin Moses, with an undetermined injury, are not practicing today. Vontae Davis, who left Saturday's game with a chest issue, and Brandon Marshall, who excused himself during from postgame interviews because he "had to see the doctor," is also practicing today.

The club has cut RB Tristan Davis, NT Travis Ivey and TE Kory Sperry. The Dolphins are now down to only one Cory [Proctor] on the roster after beginning training camp with three.

Center Jake Grove was taking snaps with the first-team offense earlier, suggesting he will get some first-team snaps the remainder of practice. Today is the first day practice is close to everyone. The media sees only the first 30 minutes and then, well, we have to head out into the rain.


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Odin, i saw the movie called (( prince viliant )) about the time of vikings . it shows the leaders and princes did not go w/the vickings to fight but sent the poor farmers to fight and get killed and when it was over they would come and steal and rape the women .is that true ?

Cuban, believe it or not. Ginn got behind the coverage on a broken play. The Qb made an awesome throw. the funny thing on the relay was Colinsworth(like him or not) mocked Ginn in slow motion by muttering " please don't drop this, please don't drop this" True story, Ginn didn't handle the pass clean, and went directly....you guessed it, out of bounds.

Steal and Rape the women aloco????? Whats the problem..

darryl, do you have coupons for odinseye to use at you BAR ?

LOL At Aloco.......

Funny Comment Fish Boy.

Agreed D473 as bad as most of us would agree look at the tape on Revis, Ginn is the only

Ginn was the only guy you see nine yards deep behind Revis all season it stands to good reason why the braintrust woundnt let there be one more seaaon to bring him alomg especially under the Tootilidge of a first rate wr like Brandon.... Why Not?

i wanna know do you hate the player or do you fualt management for making the picks! it cant be both ways!! also we have a bad history of first round picks it didnt start with j.allen or ted ginn!! this goes back as far as i can remember the draft with FUMBLING SAMMIE SMITH

D4L, The draft is a gamble, But when they picked Ted(Fill in,Ive got no other nick names)Ginn, I knew I had my Scape goat for at least 3 years...

The Pat White plug has been pulled.

Parcell's knows the pick was mistake, but more importantly, he knows it's time to move on.

Before we drafted Pat White, we had Pennington at QB having some trouble making the conventional offense work. We had Henne who at the time was completely unproven. Out of desperation we "introduced" the wildcat. Because of it's EARLY success and the fact that we has two second round picks, the Trifecta decided to gamble/experiment and draft White.

Since that time, Henne has proven he can run a conventional offense. White and the wildcat proved to be nothing but a drive killer. Brandon Marshall was signed and has giving us a passing game. Top it off with having a back up as good as Penny and a no. 3 guy with a lot of potential in Thigpen and suddenly the White pick looks embarrassingly bad.

It's not a knock on White. It's just that we got a lot better, a lot quicker than the Trifecta expected.

If anybody wants to lay blame(I don't, I just want to move on), lay it on the Trifecta.

A rim job call against Louska for clipping agaisnt the Texans negated another bomb to Ginn that was Huge! Unless his contract was out of hand payroll wise dont see how it could have been a bad thing to bring him back whats the worst that could happen give Marshall more looks OK

THATS WHAT I CANT UNDERSTAND ABOUT OUR FANS but i guess this takes place all over the league. fans wanting some other teams garbage!! yes ginn drop pass but so do some of the best in the game, yes ginn avoid contact but so do some of the best in the game, yes ginn has blazin speed but most in the nfl dont. with brandon marshall ginn would have showed out. most of you forget or dont realize ginn was been double covered or has a safety key on him, now how in the world would a defense be able to double both him and marshall at the same time!! THAT'S THE BIG PICTURE!!!!!

Ginn is gone because Bill Parcells wants to mold this team in his own image.

I have to chime in on Ted Ginn. He was a tremendous dissapointment. He never developed the consistency you expect from your number 1 receiver, I wouldn't mind him making a bee-line for the sideline or falling down and getting 0 YAC if he caught the ball consistently. I watched every game and I cannot remember being more frustrated with any single player on the Dolphins more than Ginn. For all the (few) great plays he made, he made 4 or 5 times as many horrible plays. I feel getting rid of him was the right move. Yes, he ran back 2 KO's against the Jets but he did nothing else spectacular as a KO returner, he would run toward a seem and then fall down when it looked like it was closing. He had hands of stone and nads of goo, if only it was the other way around he could have been great. All speed but nothing else, what a waste.

this my last statement on ginn and only b/c he plays for somebody else now!! we have the beast and a bunch of wes welker maybe outside of Hartline. last year wes had like 75+ catches without a TD to end the season. the reason i mention this is b/c teams know for a fact that bess and camarillo aint gonna outrun nobody. also do you remember wes having great punt returns for us to only get ran down 10yrds before the endzone and this is exactly who bess is!! we need playmakers too, not only serviceable players like bess and camarillo, these are all safe picks or players nothing fancy. you will never see bess or greg do 65yrd anything in their career(cant remember greg td distance to beat ravens during 1-15 season)

Dolphins4Life1973 -
Relax man, defenses won't be able to double Marshall all the time cuz I belive Hartline and Fasano will make them pay BIG TIME! Not to mention D. Bess underneath.. too many weapons on this WR corps all ready.

you obviously did not see the game yesterday, 49ers and Vikings, where Ted Ginn dropped like 3 passes right on his hands!!!!!....... great speed, great family, great everything except hands!!! had one long pass for 64 yards playing against #3 defense..... so he was a bust and will not last very long in 49er uniform....

damn why should i calm down, im doing nothing but making point about what i think should have happen just like everyone else. im not being disrespectful or anything like that!! im cool i hope you are

no i didnt! truth be told i watch up until that catch and i also saw the collinworth said he should have caught that was thrown behind him by 2 feet!! also i really only watch the DOLPHINS and HURRICANES and nothing else, especially if we lose, i dont watch the highlights, read the paper, watch the news, listen to the radio nothing until the next game day!! DIEHARD to the core!!!!

sorry didnt proof read. saw the pass collinsworth said ginn should have caught was like 2 feet behind him

TIGER WOODS'S divorce is final.Elin Nordegren the ex wife is for real ,she would not stand by her man while he screws others.

I am a HUGE Ohio State fan and when we selected Ginn I was kind of happy. I thought he went a bit early, but I thought he would be a pretty good player eventually. But let's be honest-even at OSU most fans new that Gonzales and Hartline were better receivers than Ginn and that Ginn's ONLY weapon was speed. He dropped a lot of passes at OSU but was never as much of a sideline putz as he was in the NFL.

I mean his routes consisted of maybe 3 in the route tree-primarily a Go route. So, in my opinion he is what he is. A fast guy with no route running capability that is capable of making spectacular plays if given the right circumstances. Unfortunately that includes not being jammed at the line and having adequate room to get up to top speed-even then he still has to catch the ball.

Anyway, just my opinion.

on the nfl channel web page ,they listed ted ginn as the star of the game .

cuban, does ashley kind of ( STAND BY MY MAN ) woman ????

yes Ginn was the star of the game but for the Vikings, since he dropped 2 first down passes that where not perfect but SHOULD HAVE BEEN CAUGHT both balls hit him right in the hands!!!!! yes both hands!!! and if you can get both hands on it its a catchable ball...... Ginn sucks there is no other way around it....... glad he is gone from Dolphins!!....

the phins are going to crush buffalo. nothing to worry about there.

if the game was on the line, and it came down to ginn catching the ball for a winning score, he would drop the ball. can't trust him to make the catch. that simple.

I rather have Ted "Jet Killer" Ginn on the Dolphins as a 3rd wide-out option than a 2nd round waste of a pick (sorry ,Pat White). One thing I know, Ted will always have love from me because He ALWAYS delivered against the F@@king team I despise the most, The subhuman, low life, big mouth team, New York Wets and their stupid ass fans like "Runnning away from" Cuban! Cuban you know you are a low down Jets Fan, Go root on their web site! JDove, Dolphins defender! Yaa Boyyyywee!

I'm considerably more worried about the coverage team than the secondary. We need to remember that Nolan isn't using his blitz packages yet; ideally, there will be far less plays where the secondary has to maintain coverage for as long as they have these two scrimmages...err...games.

The coverage team should be there, though. There's little to disguise in preseason. I hope they settle into roles and we see better coverage this week.

I love the old Ginn had so many returns called back because of flags arguement. MAYBE he had long runs because of the holds!

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