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The postgame analysis of Dolphins 27-26 victory

As I tell you in my column off of tonight's 27-26 preseason victory for the Miami Dolphins over the Jacksonville Jaguars, there is plenty of good to celebrate and some bad to be worried about.

But the bottom line is the Dolphins showed improvement from preseason game one to preseason game two. I saw it. You saw. Coach Tony Sparano saw it.

 "I feel like we got a little bit better this week during the course of practice and I think Chad [Henne] and Brandon [Marshall] played a little bit better," Sparano said. "Chad was efficient with the football ... And I thought Brandon made some plays. One of the things I really enjoyed was Brandon with the ball in his hands. He's exactly what I thought we might have when he gets the ball in his hands.

"We weren't very good a week ago so making improvement this week was critical. And we have a long ways to go and there's a lot of areas out there we can get better in. I'm fine right now where our team is but we got to make the same kind of jump this week in practice.

"We're nowhere near where we plan to be, but I do believe we made some progress tonight."

The biggest jump was made by Henne, which is important because he plays the most important position on the field. He completed 11 of 14 passes with two of those incompletions the results of drops -- one by Ricky Williams and one by Brandon Marshall.

"The first series was a slow start but overall we're seeing things clearly out there and trying to be more effective and efficient in our offense," Henne said. 

Henne had a 55 yard TD pass to Anthony Fasano and an 11 yard TD to Fasano. Both showed how Brandon Marshall helps even when he's not catching the football. On the first, Marshall blew up two defenders with the block that sprung Fasano for the score. On the second, Marshall's presence opened things up for Fasano.

"They split the safety and tried to double-cover Brandon out there so Anthony came open with a linebacker and I threw it because the linebacker wasn't looking," Henne said.

All in all, the outing was a confidence-building experience for Henne.

"Coming out here and performing well definitely builds it up and helps you going into the next preseason game and going into the season," he said. 

The Dolphins went into the game thinking Chad Pennington would play only if Henne got his work in the first half. If that happened early enough, Pennington would get his preseason opportunity. That's how it played out as Pennington completed 3 of 4 passes and led a touchdown drive.

"I thought Chad did fine," Sparano said. "First of all it was tough duty. He knew going into the game that depending on what the situation was like at the end of the half, he may or may not play. So it's tough being in that kind of situation and as I've been saying all along, he gets it. He wanted to underthrow Brandon just a little bit on the deep throw and Brandon did a good job of working back to the ball ... He even ran one there so that was pretty nice."

Although much about this night came in a good-new package, there were the sour moments, too.

Pass protection was good early. Later it was bad. The team gave up five sacks. One of those sacks was yielded by the starting offensive line, the rest by the reserves.

The special teams were troubling.

"We had another kick blocked tonight which, to be honest, was a flat-out concentration error," Sparano said. "And they have some good returners. I thought it was up, it was down, It was inconsistent. Nolan [Carroll] had a couple of decent returns. It was up and down, a little inconsistent."

To be fair, the kick coverage team has been a mish-mash of personnel as coaches try to find the right combos. Sparano promised that will be resolved in the coming week.

While Henne looked good against the Jacksonville defense, David Garrard performed surgery on the Dolphins secondary. He completed 6 of 8 passes for 79 yards with one touchdown. His passer rating was 145.3.

"We had things there in man coverage that we didn't take care of," Sparano said. "That concerns me because it's two weeks in a row where the ball is completed down the field on us a few times. We had a couple of chunk plays. They're a good group, but we have to be able to clean some of that up."

I asked Sparano his thoughts about getting or not getting Pat White in the game. He said, "It's circumstance right now. I can't get four guys in the game every week. So I didn't get him in the game this week and that's the way it went."

My guess is that was only the thought he felt he could share. He probably really thought that White is the team's No. 4 QBs and getting No. 4 QBs in games is not really a big priority. After the game, White said he was told he would not be playing.

As you have read here already, he's on his way out, which is surprising because he was a second-round pick, but not surprising when the second-round pick is the No. 4 QB. Right now, it seems only a matter of when, not if, the Dolphins will jettison White.

Maybe they can get something for him in trade.

What can I say? I'm an optimistic kind of guy.


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Too optimistic if you ask me....Pats farewell funeral will be held sept 2nd---Bring flowers!!!or daises!!!

Is that the final cut down date? I would think it would be the first group as if we know we aren't keeping him we can look at another player during that time. Damn shame though, even through the last week I have been hoping he can do something to redeem himself.

The Only Thing Troubling Me Now Is The Secondary I Hope They Can Get The Kinks Worked Out. The Rest Seems To Becoming Together

1) The secondary is bad: Smith & Davis are getting beaten over and over. Let'sface it: those guys are average, Clemons is invisible.
2) The special teams are bad.
3) The rest is quite good.
4) at best, we look like a 9-7 team, and that's still generous because we play some good passing teams

Vontae and SS are fantastic athletes, but they need serious schooling on coverage technique. I'm getting discouraged about everybody getting over top of them, downfield.

didn't see the game here in california, but the marshall highlights (block, catch and run) plus henne's stats have me feeling more optimistic. lets see what happens next week.

is nolan holding back on this offensive-defense that I've been reading about, because I was expecting more QB sacks. maybe the secondary would look better otherwise.


Will Allen will really help the team when he comes back.

Where are all the moronic miami sports writers who were whining about some meaningless diva bullsh*t? Maybe it'd been so long since we had a true talent on our team they didn't want one.

So On White, Will We Have To Wait Till The Next Century To Hear Parcells Sporano Or Ireland Admit It Is They Who Messed Up Big Time Wasting A 2nd Round Pick On A Bust?

Parcells and company won't ever admit they messed up big time on a bust with the second round pick of White. They will let their actions speak for them when they cut him. This is not a Popeye movie and they do not owe you an apology!

What I learned last night is that there are way to many fickle, fair-weather fans. Through this week we have endured we have endured everything from the ridicoulus to the just plain stuiped,

Ridicoulus- Thigpen is better than Henne. Lets start a QB controversy.

Stuiped- Brandon Marshal can't catch because he is wearing # 19 and its cursed.

Stuipedest- Lets start a petition to change Brandn Marshal's number

Men, we sould all be accountable for what we put out here on this cyber-blog and garbage in means garbage in means garbage out,

The leadership of this organization has a plan which none of us are privy too. That is eveidenced by the "We will never bring Dansby or Marshall to Miami" episode we went through at the end of the season.

I don't know what the plan is for our CB situation, It may not be addressed until next year because you can't fix everything in one off season. No team does. Maybe the plan is that the pressure the "D" brings will make our corners look better, kind of like a band-aid solution. Like all of you I will be intersted to find out because it seems to be a legit concern.

I should really start proof reading my stuff before I hit post

Oh well, I am sure you can decipher my point. My grammar makes it kinds garbabe though


get over it you morons it was a bad pick stop crieing

I enjoyed reading this article. It feels nice to connect with other people who are passionate about miami dolphins football, and mando made me feel that after reading it...and not in a gay kind of way. I am beginning to trust and believe more of what he writes.

Keep up the good work!!

If anyone offers a 3rd or better pick for Pigpen, he's gone and Pat will stick around. Yall forget that Pigpen is not even our no 2. Penny is 2, Pigpen is 3. Who cares really what kind of 3rd stringer you have, because if you get down to your third QB, your season is over. If nobody will give up a pick for him, then bye-bye Pat. But if a QB goes down in one of these preseason games, Pigpen may be the best trade option out there. I hope we get a 2nd rounder back, one of the 5 we traded away for QBs before the Trifecta came to town.

You know how famous female actors have these stalkers that follow them around and eventually they get restraining orders against them. Well in the NFL these crazy stalkers are known as known as Miami Dolphins fans! And most of them live right here on this website. It is fun to read.

Keep up the good work!!

Didn't get to watch the game but I'm glad the performances were enough to get some of the less mentally gifted fans off the ledge. Like those who question Henne. That performance looked Manning-esque.

if a man is not in your plans for your team, why wait to cut him when you can do it now! i still have hope for pat white maybe im just wishing but its to early to give up on him and let a more seasoned offensive mind put his talents to use. it funny how a journeyman in thigpen garners so much trust, he hasnt won anything in this league but most ASSUME he's clearly better!!
Now on the game: henne look great hope he continue, dont mind the checked downs as long as he puts the reciever in position to do something with the ball. MARSHALL the BEAST=man amongst boys, can average 9 catches a game. the o-line looks great with groves at the center and jerry is a mauler. Ronnie and Rickie looks ready to go and finally was that Fasano!! the OFFENSE looks great!!
DEFENSE is a different animal: we might have the best run defense in the league this year. starks showed why the coaches think he can play the nose and it was unreal to see how quick he was on the QB,solia is much improved. the starting LB havent really been tested but that should change this week vs. Atlanta, they look great so far. Dansby didnt seem interested last nite(maybe he missed Channing being out there). Smith and Davis are making techinical errors. Smith is very lazy but his tackling is much improved(not battling every play) and Smith biggest problem is, he missing on his jams but he is a top-notch tackler(best in nfl at his position). Clemons need to come up when the chance presents itself, i can still see him thinking about the deep ball but overall he's doing good.
Hopefully with a little more tuning and tweaking we will be the talk of the league! Im looking forward to this next game and wondering if we will see some exotic blitzing from the defense. i loved the empty backfield formation we showed on offense, didnt really see the grouping of players out there but i loved it. the wildcat is still up and running and for goodness sake if we are going to use it why not just take henne off the field all together!! GO DOLPHINS


what are the tape things on Marshall's arms for. i don't see any other recievers using them. ?

The defense we have been using these past two games is a base type defense. Any football fan who watched Denver last year knows what is coming. The time Garrard had to throw the ball last night will come to an end. Sean Smith, Vonte Davis, and Clemons will be just fine back there. I'm not saying they don't have work to do but the secondary isn't horrible as some suggest. Special teams is an obvious area of concern though. Very pleased with our offense last night!! Go fins

The drop was by Brian Hartline not Ricky Williams.

just looked at the box score and noticed 28 rushes for 79 yards.....that sucks.
I did not see the game last night and wanted to get a better view of our running game ( or lack of one)...did anyone get a run of 10 yards or better last night?

Rick , They Don't Owe An Apology But We Are Entitled To Honesty Not The Usual No Comment Or Tow The Party Line Drivel We Normally Get At Press Conferences From Them..... When They Speak.

Andy, The Tapes With Writing On Marshall's Arms Will Be The Lists Of Plays As He Won't Remember Them All Yet

Were they not 4-0 Last year in Pre-season?
Then 0-3 when it counted?....SHOW Me When they COUNT......

guys, we are getting a very basic version of Nolan's defense in preseason... He is not giving away his schemes and exotic blitz packages in exhibition games...

Maybe its different in the UK, but nobody owes anyone else an apology about a missed draft pick... The draft is a crapshoot... it is what it is... You win some you lose some

Nope, the tape on Marshall's arms is exactly that... tape... Mando said it dulls pain or something

Okay, I've been reading the posts on here long enough, without saying anything about the Pat White situation. To all you Pat White defenders, could you not see that when PW was put in the game last year, (the one where he got knocked out)he just looked plain scared? Seriously, the man had terror in his eyes! He had no clue what to do! Thigpen has an arm, can see over the line of scrimmage, and shows he has potential. I just don't understand why you would want someone on the team who clearly shows no improvement even at practice, just because he was a second round pick? Get over it! He's horrible!

secondary still has issues. I don't think davis and smith are anything special. Nolan carrol needs to be cut. He's useless. I hope will allen is ready for the opener

Nolan Carroll needs to be cut? LMAO... The kid is a very promising rookie and he makes a few bad plays in one preseason game and he needs to be cut? He is still learning the nickel CB position, the Dolphins are thin at CB, and he is the Dolphins most promising KR... OK, cut him... lol

It was Brian Hartline who dropped a pass, not Ricky Williams. I'm not worried about Brandon Marshall drops becasue of gis history of at least 100 catches over the last 3yrs. Hartline has no history so his drops are a concern.

Good article, Mando, but they're not going to get anything for Pat White in a trade!

Good Morning Dolfans

Some points of note from last nights game
As priorly posted by Home

Chad Henne is Our Miami Dolphin Franchise QB

Pro Bowl Td Scoring Brangetterdon Marshall Will Be The Best Miami Dolphin WR, EVER

Simply The Bess Is Just That

2010 Miami Dolphins Have The Most Balanced Offense EVER

sean smith was passed against on the very first offense play of the game for the Jags
After that he sean was targeted twice
Twice more sean gave up big gains on both plays

sean Made NO Plays

Why R U Still Dillusional on sean smith?

Last week sean gave up the ONLY TD
ang gave It up, Easy

sean was The Worst Starting CB in the NFL last year in the opponent earning YAC

The Worst


tradeseansmith.com and ...

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

NOLAN CARROLL is the man baby....forget about it.


Cut Nolan Carroll ? Are you serious, like Carlito said He's learning the Nickel CB position, should we stick PAT WHITE back there ? Would that make you feel better, bad analysis on your part, what game are you watching ? Don't panic, dude, we'll be alright, the preseason is for improving the mistakes, hell, the JEST's barely got by the lowly Panthers with Jimmy Claussen, you think Fat Rex is panicking ??????

Vontae gave up one big play
But Also
Vontae made THREE Fierce Tackles, one for a ten yard LOSS

Vontae is way better than sean

Vontae will soon earn serious consideration for the NFL Pro Bowl

sean will not come close to serious consideration of anything but the bench as the season develops and Our Dolphins "Keep It Real"

"you know what i`m saying"

Home was dissapointed in Nolan Carrolls performance @ CB

Think without question
Nolan Carroll Should Take ALL KR
Until Further Notice

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

BTW Your mom looks great in those fishnet stockings. Stanks though, just gotta plug your nose.

When they selected Pat White, they already were set on Henne as their long term starter. Penne is clearly the #2 guy, so they can afford to give White time to get it together. I think Thigpen is the real trade bait here. Remember, guys like Romo, Aaron Rodgers, two of the better qb's today, sat on the bench for a few years before they were good enough to start, so it 'could' be the same with White. My only point being that I don't think the trifecta is in such a hurry to dump him as the fans are. They may not have expected him to be started material so soon.

Home 1st Took Notice of this "new player"
the 1st day and everyday after day at 2008 Dolphin Camp
Watching this player catch football after football from the Jugs machine
and Watching in Awe
The way the catch was so smooth
The way the football was enveloped into his body
The Intense Focus and Quick Deliberate Authoritive Studder Steps
Planting the Foot Quickly And Ripping Open A Juke
The Ability To Work & Get Open In Such A Limited Area
The Power Pumping of His Arms Thrashing In Unison
And The Hands
Man , The Hands R Incredible

Looked Up His Number
#15, Bess

Wow, Who Is This Kid?

Been one of his biggest supporters & fans ever since

even gave him his nickname 2 years ago ...

Simply The Bess

and only getting Better

Good game last night #15

Simply The Bess

Pat White can sit on the bench for the next decade and will never be a good QB. Sorry but if they had ANY trust in White he would be out there. You can talk all you want about 3rd string but the fact is if Henne gets injured, Pennington is one hit away from having his arm fall off. Very fragile. I would feel a lot better having Thigpen come in then White. We could write the season off with White. I'm tired of hearing about "next years" and "the future" The future is NOW!!! White is not going to be a part of it

white is garbage, told bobby that when they drafted him and he disagreed. good to see you have come around. good riddens white

Dolphins4life1973, In response to your statement...

" i still have hope for pat white maybe im just wishing but its to early to give up on him and let a more seasoned offensive mind put his talents to use."

Common dude... Dan Henning has been a Offensive coordinator since 1978, he used to call the O for Miami back in the Griese days, he has been on enough teams and done enough that finding a guy with a more "Seasoned" Offensive mind would be just about Impossible. Why is it that some cannot accept that White has not earned time on the field or anything else for that matter with his play in practice?
White may be saved from getting cut because Miami will likely do some horse trading in the coming weeks. History with Parcells say's they will. Thigpen was not that sharp and may garner Miami a CB or FS to band-aid the situation until Will Allen is 100% which may take until mid season.

The offense is still only showing vanilla. I have seen their more sophisticated sets in practice and they are just not running those plays. Same with the defense, in the scrimmage, I watched several Zone, Seam, corner and LB'er blitz's that have not been used. Only a few very simple 4-3 pressure packages have been run so far in Games.

Special teams is a funny animal. I want to wait and see who they choose to be the 4 core players. The revolving door going on until they do that makes it hard to evaluate the situation with any sort of accuracy. It only takes one guy unsure of his assignment or missing a block or tackle and the whole show caves in. I hope we have not neglected 4 core for the sake of 4 QB's, 399 Linebackers and every o-line guy on the East coast.

All and all Miami did EXACTLY what they were supposed to. The scored and they did well defensively with the 1's. I am very impressed with the improvement... it shows that last week really was a rust remover and they are growing into their new look just fine.


What did you have for breakfast ? in details .

second, nolan trying not to show his schemes on defense ? i never heard this one before other wise why we play then ?

home, i noticed you missed ted turner , what had happened last night for him not catching any balls ?

turner caught a ball

I disagree that Smith and Davis are not special. Vontea had two tackles for losses last night and only gave up one big play... listen, the rules are written so the receiver has the advantage... get used to big plays... the NFL WANTS THEM AND WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES RULES WISE TO GET THEM........ The key is to contain the best you can... Vontea may have gave up the catch... but he made the tackle. Its all you can ask. Did you see any interference on the call made against Miami? I sure as hell didn't, but that is why You never heard much from Smith... wanna know why?..... He was doing his job and did not get thrown at... That's why.

Dear Mr. Aloco

"What did you have for breakfast ? in details"

Myself I am having fresh brewed coffee and a left handed ciggerette as I practice on my acoustic guitar with my dogs Bosco and BuddyLuv at my feet.

What are you doing for breakfast Aloco...details please

Soiled :)

I saw these drops from a Henne pass. Hartline, Williams, Marshall. Also, has anyone noticed Bob Griese has nothing good to say about Henne, all negative. Maybe he is pissed we are all hoping and comparing a little bit to Marino and not him. He was a great QB, but not Marino!

Yes bill_cnnrs I have come around to the point that White isn't going to make it with the Fins. I don't think the kid is garbage but he just isn't a good fit on this team. There maybe a few teams that can use him but he is more suited for a CFL or Arena type football then the NFL with his style. Seems like a good kid with good values.

Turner only had one catchable ball thrown his way and he caught it for 6 yards
May have run a little too deep on one play
However Thigpen threw of his backfoot & into the dirt, one yard behind Turner
Clearly Not where u want to place the football on a 6.5 NFL WR
One More play Turner was open and Thigpen could Not get him the ball

As 4 Anthony Fasano
As Home has said since last season

"2009 was an Aberration for Anthony Fasano"
"Pay Fasano the money"
"Fasano was great in his rookie year and will only get better with Brandon Marshall"

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

0 INT sean smith got beat on ALL 3 PASSES THROWN AGAINST HIM

mr soiled,

i had waffle ,blueberry and coffee .

looks like you living the live of retired man. 2 beautiful dogs ,ciggerette and acoustic guitar , my tax dollar at work .

p.s.........Bosco and Buddy luv are nice names .

Derek, I couldn't agree with you more about NFL rules favoring the pass game. Again, when Nolan starts bringing his blitzes and different schemes I truly believe it will make a big difference in our defensive secondary. Having the QB rushing his throws and throwing off his backfoot leads to alot more breakups and interceptions. This is going to be an exciting year for the new look Fins!!

Dear Mr. Aloco

You allow me to live the dream

Soiled :)

Misi looks like he has locked down a starting spot

Was Channing Crowders play worth his pay, Mr. Home ?

Soiled :)

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