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The postgame analysis of Dolphins 27-26 victory

As I tell you in my column off of tonight's 27-26 preseason victory for the Miami Dolphins over the Jacksonville Jaguars, there is plenty of good to celebrate and some bad to be worried about.

But the bottom line is the Dolphins showed improvement from preseason game one to preseason game two. I saw it. You saw. Coach Tony Sparano saw it.

 "I feel like we got a little bit better this week during the course of practice and I think Chad [Henne] and Brandon [Marshall] played a little bit better," Sparano said. "Chad was efficient with the football ... And I thought Brandon made some plays. One of the things I really enjoyed was Brandon with the ball in his hands. He's exactly what I thought we might have when he gets the ball in his hands.

"We weren't very good a week ago so making improvement this week was critical. And we have a long ways to go and there's a lot of areas out there we can get better in. I'm fine right now where our team is but we got to make the same kind of jump this week in practice.

"We're nowhere near where we plan to be, but I do believe we made some progress tonight."

The biggest jump was made by Henne, which is important because he plays the most important position on the field. He completed 11 of 14 passes with two of those incompletions the results of drops -- one by Ricky Williams and one by Brandon Marshall.

"The first series was a slow start but overall we're seeing things clearly out there and trying to be more effective and efficient in our offense," Henne said. 

Henne had a 55 yard TD pass to Anthony Fasano and an 11 yard TD to Fasano. Both showed how Brandon Marshall helps even when he's not catching the football. On the first, Marshall blew up two defenders with the block that sprung Fasano for the score. On the second, Marshall's presence opened things up for Fasano.

"They split the safety and tried to double-cover Brandon out there so Anthony came open with a linebacker and I threw it because the linebacker wasn't looking," Henne said.

All in all, the outing was a confidence-building experience for Henne.

"Coming out here and performing well definitely builds it up and helps you going into the next preseason game and going into the season," he said. 

The Dolphins went into the game thinking Chad Pennington would play only if Henne got his work in the first half. If that happened early enough, Pennington would get his preseason opportunity. That's how it played out as Pennington completed 3 of 4 passes and led a touchdown drive.

"I thought Chad did fine," Sparano said. "First of all it was tough duty. He knew going into the game that depending on what the situation was like at the end of the half, he may or may not play. So it's tough being in that kind of situation and as I've been saying all along, he gets it. He wanted to underthrow Brandon just a little bit on the deep throw and Brandon did a good job of working back to the ball ... He even ran one there so that was pretty nice."

Although much about this night came in a good-new package, there were the sour moments, too.

Pass protection was good early. Later it was bad. The team gave up five sacks. One of those sacks was yielded by the starting offensive line, the rest by the reserves.

The special teams were troubling.

"We had another kick blocked tonight which, to be honest, was a flat-out concentration error," Sparano said. "And they have some good returners. I thought it was up, it was down, It was inconsistent. Nolan [Carroll] had a couple of decent returns. It was up and down, a little inconsistent."

To be fair, the kick coverage team has been a mish-mash of personnel as coaches try to find the right combos. Sparano promised that will be resolved in the coming week.

While Henne looked good against the Jacksonville defense, David Garrard performed surgery on the Dolphins secondary. He completed 6 of 8 passes for 79 yards with one touchdown. His passer rating was 145.3.

"We had things there in man coverage that we didn't take care of," Sparano said. "That concerns me because it's two weeks in a row where the ball is completed down the field on us a few times. We had a couple of chunk plays. They're a good group, but we have to be able to clean some of that up."

I asked Sparano his thoughts about getting or not getting Pat White in the game. He said, "It's circumstance right now. I can't get four guys in the game every week. So I didn't get him in the game this week and that's the way it went."

My guess is that was only the thought he felt he could share. He probably really thought that White is the team's No. 4 QBs and getting No. 4 QBs in games is not really a big priority. After the game, White said he was told he would not be playing.

As you have read here already, he's on his way out, which is surprising because he was a second-round pick, but not surprising when the second-round pick is the No. 4 QB. Right now, it seems only a matter of when, not if, the Dolphins will jettison White.

Maybe they can get something for him in trade.

What can I say? I'm an optimistic kind of guy.


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Get Ready For Da 1st Real Taste of Our Team

and a looksee @ Others

Action Man, Action

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Posted by: Home | August 21, 2010 at 07:03 PM

Crowder looked neither bad nor good LOL

Believe Crowder Will Do Well This season

Crowder IMO
Had too much resposinbility playing against the best football players in the world

Karlos Dansby as Defensive Captain and Ever Improving Y-Bell & the emergence of Ball Hawk safety Clemons & rookie LB Misi with a nose for the ball will all compliment Crowder and ...

Even u
Soiled Bottom will take notice of Crowder being a productive part of the Miami Dolphins defense

The Chad’s looked great!!! It's going to be an exciting year, I can't wait. But, I think Sparano and Co. are very concerned that they won't be able to get anything out of Thigpin before the start of the regular season. How could they? I mean you have a guy going into his fourth season, with many starts and reps., and I guarantee he doesn't want to be a 3rd teamer. He couldn't even score against the opposing teams’ third/fourth squad. Hopefully he'll do better next game and we can get a fifth rounder for him.

That was informative about crowder home .

did he shave his beard yet ? and cut some of that hair in his back head .

davis will be a stud, smith i just dont like. maybe hes to big to cover these guys?

Remember the past year
As Home lobbied hard for Brangetterdon Marshall

The local sportswriters/bloggers and punk NJ bloggers told Home to stop blogging bout Marshall

Marshall will never come to Miami
Marshall is too selfish and a distraction to the team
Marshall is not a team player
It will never happen
Home, Please stop blogging about Brandon Marshall coming too Miami"

Todays local sports headline story:

Marshall finished the first half with four catches for 65 yards, including an impressive 37-yard catch and run on a lob from Chad Pennington.

Marshall also made his presence felt when he wasn't catching the ball.

The Dolphins' first touchdown of the night, early in the second quarter, came on a 55-yard catch and run by Fasano made possible by Marshall, who took out defenders Sean Considine and Derek Cox with one block.

"That was really an unselfish play," Sparano said

Once Again Home
ThanX for the Best Miami Dolphins Insight on the Planet

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

home posts are the best on this blog .

Anotherthing we learned about is that Brandon Marshal is the unselfish player he is almost never reported to be.

Actions speak louder than words and the blocks he threw for teamates during a PRESEASON GAME that led to two players NOT named Marshall scoring TDs. So lets put the diva stuff to bed until he proves otherwise. Legit proof.

Stop with the thought that Pat White will ever be a starting QB in the NFL. One writer brought up Rodgers and Rome sit a few years to acclimate to the league's speed. Here's the difference, both Romo and Rodger were in pro offences in college, they both were accurate passers, with good arms. Each was over 6"2" and 220 pounds. Pat White ran the spread in college, he's 6"0", 190, with a weak arm, and inaccurate. HE WILL NEVER START IN THE NFL, and well may be out of the league this year or next. Thigpen on the other hand has a strong arm, as fast as PW, proved in starts in KC that he can play the position, and played in a pro offense in college. Where in the word did you pro PW people get the idea that he can play QB at this level. Did you see him play last year, and the reports out of camp this year. One thing he can do is hot BP with a pass while he sitting in his cart on the sidelines.

White Needs To Think Again About Changing Positions. Hey, I Like The Missionary Position, But If My GF's Perception Of Me In That Position Is 4th Best, I Think I'd Try Another Position Too.

PS. Once Again I Have To Say That This iPod App Is Horrible! last Years Was Far Superior, And It Needed Further Improvement. The Developers Made It WORSE, Definately Not Better.

Home, Nobody Remembers Any Of That, And Whats Worse, Even If Its True, Nobody Likes Someone Who Pats Himself On The Back. Who Cares.

Home is not patting himself on the back
Home has 5 dif people iside of his complex Dolphin Super Fan self

and 4 the record
All Is True

U,kevin11 have a few years of catching up to do

maybe u r new here

Speaking in the 3rd person is part of his MO

The proof is in the previous documented postings & predictions by Home, aka "NostraHomeUs"

and 4 the record, kevin11

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

please work on your short term memory loss

step into the red ruby heels
click them together 3 times
and repeat ...

There Is No One Like Home
There Is No One Like Home
There Is No One Like Home

Here is one 4 u kevin11

Home predicts the 2010 Miami Dolphins start the season 4-0

against all odds


***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

if we start 4-0 vs that schedule, we are going to sb baby. i see 2-2

People that didnt help their cause:
Pat White, didnt look fluid on the sidelines
Hartline the fat one
Donald Thomas

People that need to pick it up:

Sean Softie Smith
Hartline the one with the dropsies

People that need to be put on ice until Buffalo game:


Dear Mr. Home

"Home has 5 dif people iside of his complex Dolphin Super Fan self"

Does each one have there own Foil hat or do they take turns wearing just the one hat?

Do they all go by the name Home or do they have there own names like...Ted Ginn or Sean Smith and Pat White or NJPhinFan.

Must say you have peaked my interest

Soiled :)

Moving Up: Micah Johnson
Moving Down: JD Folsom
Moving Up: Nalboner the helicopter man
Moving Down: Haynos the bad blocker

i think if a team comes knocking about thigpen you listen. i thought when they drafted white he was going to be a WR, trick play guy, who could also run in the wildcat and in an emergency situation would step in at QB. they drafted him with 2 guys in front of him. i blame the coaching staff for this situation. if they aren't going to keep him they should cut him loose now so he has a chance to go to a team that will know how to use him.

this to short thing is stupid though. he's an inch shorter than thigpen.

one foiled hat is the minimum requirement
however multiple layers of cranium delfection material r prudent at this juncture as chemtrails turning to chemclouds have been prevalent to to the more asute New World Order slaves
As for the names u mentioned above
Am not a fan of any of those folks
with the exception of NFL misused & coached specialty player and man of good morals & high integrity, Pat White

Wish the best for Pat White
He is a class act and was brought up well by his family

class act, congrats. have a great life white somewhere else

As stated b4 Thigpen should be traded

Prob will get a 4th round pick for this guy
who will lead us no where

no reason why
Chad Pennington could not be An Excellent Choice for the Miami Dolphins Back Up QB

Chad Pennington = Solid Back Up FOR 2 MORE YEARS!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

when Home sticks to
Football Commentary
and steers clear of Political mumbo-garble...


PASSION FOR FOOTBALL is a Beautiful Thing!

Now if he could only accept the idea that THE DEFENSE IS VERY YOUNG and that MOST of them -- INCLUDING SEAN SMITH -- are going to need some time to DEVELOP!!
On top of that..... they are ALL trying to learn a BRAND NEW
Defensive Scheme that is very different from last year.

Everyone should try to understand that
They're likely to be better in the 5th game than they'll be in the first

For what its worth...Former Steeler Coach Bill Cowher said that BOTH Dolphin Corners are "MUCH IMPROVED FROM LAST YEAR."

THEY will Bench the dude is there is any real problem.

That's reality folks.
We'll know everything we need to know about Sean Smith by the END OF THIS SEASON.

The defense held Maurice Jones Drew to (-)2 yards.

that will be too late p-u-f-f

NostraHomeUs has warned us of the dismal play of sean smith and it has come to fruition

Be Afraid
Be Very Afraid

Jets lost a back up defensive end for the year.
Looks like Gholston will get the nod.
Hope he continues to be his same incompetent self.

sean smith is the weakest link on defenses

The Gerbil is out for the year.
Was hoping to "sic" Fasano on his lame ass when we play the Bengals.

Really. Were Are Spending Time Taking About The 4 Qb That Did Not Played At All ?? Really ?? I Wander Whats The Obsesion With This Particular Player, You Need Arms In Any Camp Will People Be Happy If White Is Cut And We Bring A Total Unknow To Be The 4 Qb Of Camp ??

Home: (@ 1:03 PM)

Coaches get paid LOTS OF MONEY to manage those risks.

the reserves are horrible. i guess thats why they are reserves. thigpen looked awful. can't wait to play some meaningful games.

home, last year, out of 64 starting CB's only one gave up more TD's than vontae davis, he also yielded more catches than smith in less games. davis was rated the 3rd worst starting Cb and smith was rated the 11th worst starting Cb last year. so to be honest they both sucked and both need tons of improvement. davis won't be sniffing a probowl any time soon. unfortunately. the front 7 better get to the qb fast or we will still be giving up a lot of big plays. hopefully nolan gets that done. i have a lot more faith in him and the front 7 than i do in the back 4!!

fellas.....we have our first legit qb since marino!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reggie Torbor is out for three weeks.

whos torbor play for now?


well damnit, we need him to play for them. help us win


Yeah - that's kinda what I was thinking.
Hopefully his back up will be even suckier.

smiths second year only. how bout getwillallenhealthy.com

You have call on line one.
It's Jamar Fletcher.

3 passes against sean last night

All passes caught against sean

0 PDs

0 INTs

0 plays made

sean smith is ... the weakest link



On every there is always an unsigned free agent that emerges from the ashes to make the roster. It looks like Micah Johnson could be that player for us. The guy is a pure run stuffer, as well as someone who can lay some lumber. The knock on him is that he struggles in pass defense. The scouting reports aren't always the rule, plus we aren't running Tampa 2. I didn't get to see the game yet, but dod Johnson get any play on special teams? If he can excell there, it will be hard to release him.

We need Will Allen back, Switch Vontae to FS which is what best suits him.

I like Hobbs, Carroll is a future legit CB in the league. We need another veteran CB.
Too bad we did not get Clark or Rolle.

But Vontae and Smith get burned week after week.

"On the first, Marshall blew up two defenders with the block that sprung Fasano for the score."

Mando, blew them up? while blocking the CB, he got thrown down at the feet of the safety and ended up tripping both. TRIPPED not blown up! c'mon man, you're a writer....

It sounds like the first team corners srtuggled a little last night. Some think that Nolans defensive scheme might hide some of their deficiencies when the regular season clock strikes 12. I ask this, In Denver, the Broncos had a big time lockdown corner(Champ Bailey) This must have allowed Nolan to bring pressure where now he may be hesitant because it seems we don't have that luxury. How much will this change Nolans aggresive style, if we do not have a guy that handle one on one matchups?

Saw a lot of good things from Henne last night, as well as some goodthings from Mashall that lead me to believe the two will have great chemistry in the regular season. I do not however share optimism in having Pennington back up Henne. His noodle arm has gotten much worse as evidenced on the 37 yard prayer out route he threw to Marshall. If not for it being Marshall thats a pick. Thigpen is a far better choice for back up because god forbid Henne goes down do you really want a guy out there throwing 10 yard passes all day? Im guessing you do not. offense looks sharper each snap and defense is a ways off but they are learning a new scheme and i trust that by week one theyll have a better grasp, and lets face it they havent even shown a blitz package yet.

Nolan Carroll has the speed for the blitzing scheme.

Ziggy, Are you sure that Thiggy, would be the better backup over Penne? IMO, Penne is the guy that could come in and lead this team, and the game plan wouldn't change. No way the coaches would trust Thiggy to run the offense the way they would with Penne. First off Penne knows this offense probably just as well as Henning does. Secondly, Thiggy might bring more dynamic play(fun to watch) but Penne is not going to make that mistake that kills a team, Thiggy is yet to prove himself trustworthy. Finally, Who cares if the completions are only ten yards, what matters is that the ball is delivered in space for the reciever to do the work after the catch. Yes we need big plays, but when we are talking back up QB. we want a guy to maintain the flow of the offense first, we will worry about the big plays happen second.

switch davis to fs, hilarious. are u drunk or really dumb

The FO will wait as long as they can before making a decision about White and Thigpen. That maximises boths potential as trade bait and provides more time to evaluate them as players. I just hope that we don't carry 4 QBs into the season wasting a roster spot that could be filled by a better player that could help the team on the field instead of the PS. There's a lot of raw talent on this team with players on the bubble. We can only stash so many on the PS and really don't need to lose any diamons in the rough to other teams if we can help it.

Oops...meant to type "maximizes" and "diamonds". Stupid crackberry!

Teams whiff on draft picks every year, when they whiff on half of them is when you start worrying.
I hear the pro's and con's about White, pro's being maybe he just needs time and con's being he just ain't got what it takes. Either is possible. I figure if he is still on the team, there must be a reason. Either they still see future potential, or they are waiting to see if they can get something for him. Time will tell. If they trade Thiggy, then that will tell you they haven't lost faith with White. Regarding Pennington, his arm is no rocket but plenty good enough. He should have been MVP his first year with the fins, coming aboard a few weeks before the season opener and taking a 1-15 team to the playoffs. Peyton already had a great team so it wasn't as big a feat. Anyway, his smarts and experience more than compensate for his arm strength. I agree with the fragile argument, but he looks to me he can still be an extremely effective qb while healthy. Not convinced Thiggy will ever be consistent, he nature is more suited to high risk broken plays with uneven consequences...think Farve at his worst.

We need to get Will Allen ready to go and bench the young Smith and let him ride the pine and chump on his bit then maybe he will learn from watching and be better for it. He does have talent!

We can fix special team stuff, but we can't fix a quarterback! The Great News? Chad Henne looked like a true winner to me for the first time during this game! This absolutely was the best that I've ever seen out of Chad Henne for me to pass the torch off to him! He's earned my belief in him to give Miami a SuperBowl! I'm also now absolutely confident that Miami has built a powerhouse, a dread-naught if you please! Go Miami!

As NostraHomeUs told U

Dallas vs Miami in Super Bowl 2011

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

and of course the New World Order & HAARP causing epic weather destruction & contaminating the food supply (this week 1/2 billion eggs poisoned,etc)

and the NWO targeted with worst HAARP flooding in history on the planet - below

Shahdadkot, Pakistan (CNN) -- For almost a million Pakistanis, the misery of epic flooding covering one-fifth of the country has now taken the form of communicable illnesses.

Cases of acute diarrhea have topped 204,000, the World Health Organization announced Sunday. The number of skin diseases -- such as scabies -- has topped 263,300.

So let the Miami Dolphins Rock On & Keep Us Happy


More than 204,600 Pakistanis have reported acute respiratory infections as filthy waters surround homeless flood victims, WHO said.

Thousands have cases of suspected malaria

Diarrhea and Scabies? Sounds like the Jets locker room!

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