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The postgame analysis of Dolphins 27-26 victory

As I tell you in my column off of tonight's 27-26 preseason victory for the Miami Dolphins over the Jacksonville Jaguars, there is plenty of good to celebrate and some bad to be worried about.

But the bottom line is the Dolphins showed improvement from preseason game one to preseason game two. I saw it. You saw. Coach Tony Sparano saw it.

 "I feel like we got a little bit better this week during the course of practice and I think Chad [Henne] and Brandon [Marshall] played a little bit better," Sparano said. "Chad was efficient with the football ... And I thought Brandon made some plays. One of the things I really enjoyed was Brandon with the ball in his hands. He's exactly what I thought we might have when he gets the ball in his hands.

"We weren't very good a week ago so making improvement this week was critical. And we have a long ways to go and there's a lot of areas out there we can get better in. I'm fine right now where our team is but we got to make the same kind of jump this week in practice.

"We're nowhere near where we plan to be, but I do believe we made some progress tonight."

The biggest jump was made by Henne, which is important because he plays the most important position on the field. He completed 11 of 14 passes with two of those incompletions the results of drops -- one by Ricky Williams and one by Brandon Marshall.

"The first series was a slow start but overall we're seeing things clearly out there and trying to be more effective and efficient in our offense," Henne said. 

Henne had a 55 yard TD pass to Anthony Fasano and an 11 yard TD to Fasano. Both showed how Brandon Marshall helps even when he's not catching the football. On the first, Marshall blew up two defenders with the block that sprung Fasano for the score. On the second, Marshall's presence opened things up for Fasano.

"They split the safety and tried to double-cover Brandon out there so Anthony came open with a linebacker and I threw it because the linebacker wasn't looking," Henne said.

All in all, the outing was a confidence-building experience for Henne.

"Coming out here and performing well definitely builds it up and helps you going into the next preseason game and going into the season," he said. 

The Dolphins went into the game thinking Chad Pennington would play only if Henne got his work in the first half. If that happened early enough, Pennington would get his preseason opportunity. That's how it played out as Pennington completed 3 of 4 passes and led a touchdown drive.

"I thought Chad did fine," Sparano said. "First of all it was tough duty. He knew going into the game that depending on what the situation was like at the end of the half, he may or may not play. So it's tough being in that kind of situation and as I've been saying all along, he gets it. He wanted to underthrow Brandon just a little bit on the deep throw and Brandon did a good job of working back to the ball ... He even ran one there so that was pretty nice."

Although much about this night came in a good-new package, there were the sour moments, too.

Pass protection was good early. Later it was bad. The team gave up five sacks. One of those sacks was yielded by the starting offensive line, the rest by the reserves.

The special teams were troubling.

"We had another kick blocked tonight which, to be honest, was a flat-out concentration error," Sparano said. "And they have some good returners. I thought it was up, it was down, It was inconsistent. Nolan [Carroll] had a couple of decent returns. It was up and down, a little inconsistent."

To be fair, the kick coverage team has been a mish-mash of personnel as coaches try to find the right combos. Sparano promised that will be resolved in the coming week.

While Henne looked good against the Jacksonville defense, David Garrard performed surgery on the Dolphins secondary. He completed 6 of 8 passes for 79 yards with one touchdown. His passer rating was 145.3.

"We had things there in man coverage that we didn't take care of," Sparano said. "That concerns me because it's two weeks in a row where the ball is completed down the field on us a few times. We had a couple of chunk plays. They're a good group, but we have to be able to clean some of that up."

I asked Sparano his thoughts about getting or not getting Pat White in the game. He said, "It's circumstance right now. I can't get four guys in the game every week. So I didn't get him in the game this week and that's the way it went."

My guess is that was only the thought he felt he could share. He probably really thought that White is the team's No. 4 QBs and getting No. 4 QBs in games is not really a big priority. After the game, White said he was told he would not be playing.

As you have read here already, he's on his way out, which is surprising because he was a second-round pick, but not surprising when the second-round pick is the No. 4 QB. Right now, it seems only a matter of when, not if, the Dolphins will jettison White.

Maybe they can get something for him in trade.

What can I say? I'm an optimistic kind of guy.


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yolo, what do you do for living ?

You have a truck stop down the hall???

Didn't get a chance to chime in last night. GFs and their IMs....can't they ever shutup?

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Overall, the team didn't look bad. There are some bright spots. But, there are also some problems. Namely, the defensive secondary and special teams. Just like it's time for players to step up, it's time for some of the coaching staff to step up too! Who am I talking abot? Time to name names, I guess.

Todd Bowles is listed as Assistant Head Coach/ Secondary. Joe Danna is Assistant Secondary. And, David Corrao is Defensive Quality Control/Assistant Linebackers. These are the people who need to help put our secondary in better positions to make plays on Defense.

What about Special Teams? John Bonamego is the Special Teams Coordinator with Darren Rizzi listed as Assistant Special Teams.

Ok, now we know who you guys are. It's time to get your act together cause your replacements are waiting in the wings! Remember in this league it's "What have you done lately?".

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Eracy474, take it easy ,you won 2 lousy preseason games and you already have us win the super bowl ....last 2 years we started the season w/ 00000000-3 . we need to clean the marshall issue of dropping balls and harline also .

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the unspecial teams will be useless this year as well

Guys When will they Rebroardcast the game on NFL network???????

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Anyone.... Know the day and time of the Dolphin rebroadcast on NFL network???

Yolo, your last post sounds very ignorant... Combined with your xenophobia and lustful truck stop vacations, I conclude that you are a person of low moral character.


Monday 11 pm
Tuesday 10 am


you would make a great judge in real life .

What I learned last night is that there are way to many fickle, fair-weather fans. Through this week we have endured we have endured everything from the ridicoulus to the just plain stuiped,

Ridicoulus- Thigpen is better than Henne. Lets start a QB controversy.

Stuiped- Brandon Marshal can't catch because he is wearing # 19 and its cursed.

Stuipedest- Lets start a petition to change Brandn Marshal's number

Men, we sould all be accountable for what we put out here on this cyber-blog and garbage in means garbage in means garbage out,

The leadership of this organization has a plan which none of us are privy too. That is eveidenced by the "We will never bring Dansby or Marshall to Miami" episode we went through at the end of the season.

I don't know what the plan is for our CB situation, It may not be addressed until next year because you can't fix everything in one off season. No team does. Maybe the plan is that the pressure the "D" brings will make our corners look better, kind of like a band-aid solution. Like all of you I will be intersted to find out because it seems to be a legit concern.


im really just kidding around... you cannot judge those you don't know and shouldn't judge those you do

golfo - you've concluded wrong my friend. i've lived and worked in 4 different countries, have had gf's from every corner of the world. no xenophobia with me. i'm merely concerned with the fact many tech jobs are going overseas or they import foreigners at lower wages to bring down the salaries here. xenophobia is entirely different, you should look up big words in the dictionary before you try to use them.


What I'm getting at here is... nobody cares... this is a blog... get over yourself and talk Dolphins

carlito..fair point...so many wander off on other subjects here that i've become guilty of it myself now. i too wish others would stick to the fins...

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Here is what I think the 53 man roster would look like if the cuts were made today
QB Henne, Penne, Thiggy
RB Brown, Bong Pipe, Cobbs, Hilliard, Polite
WR Marshall, Camarillo, Bess, Hartline, Turner
TE Fasano, Haynos, Martin
OL Long, Murtha, Incognito, D.Thomas, Berger, Grove, Jerry, Carey, Garner
PK Carpenter
P Fields
LS Denny
FS Clemons, Jones
SS Bell, Culver
OLB Wake, Anderson
SOLB Misi, Alama Francis, Moses
ILB Dansby, Crowder, Johnson, Dobbins
DE Odrick, Langford, Douglas, McDaniel, Grant
CB Smith, Davis, Carrol, Allen, Allen
NT Starks, Soliai
This roster leaves us thin at RG, But I think Proctors days are numbered, perhaps Randy Thomas makkes the team as a backup, but this is the way I see it now. I think Spitler, Ness, Amaya, and Tristan Davis all could be practice squad material.

can we keep wallace Darryl ?


Peace... you're alright...

Who do you think will be the starting O-line?

Like ur list Darryl, the only thing I'm not gonna give you is Camarillo and Turner. I think Camarillo n Bess are to similar and not sure Turner has shown enough yet.

oline long cognito grove jerry vernon

i'm not so down on the game against jax like others are. garrard is a damn good qb, made some great throws, had an off year last year, and they have some talent. its preseason, lots of experimenting going on. vontaes pluses far outweight his negatives, in a year or two he will be a pro bowler..even Moss told him he was impressed with him. jags looked pretty spunky in the beginning but the fins are built to wear down the opponent as the game goes on.

The young secondary needs to come together... but this will happen in time... they will also be helped out when Nolan starts sending the blitzes and Qb's wont have all day...

Stark's sack was a very good sign too... he destroyed the Jags whole interior line on that play

ALoco- Wallace could be another practice squad guy, I don't think he will make the final cut. He will have to be spectacular, and improve on special teams. But of all positions, WR. could still be the most open as far as who will bw on the opening roster.
Bobbyd12- Turner is definitley an enigma. I'm rooting for him just because if he can get it together, just because of his size alone, he can offer a huge target, especially in the redzone. I think it his job to lose.

Stuiped- Brandon Marshal can't catch because he is wearing # 19 and its cursed.

Stuipedest- Lets start a petition to change Brandn Marshal's number

Posted by: kris | August 22, 2010 at 07:10 AM

This is my favorite post of the day. This dolt is calling others stuiped and Stupedest.
Hey Dolt, you shouldn't be calling others "STOOPID" when you haven't even figured out how to spell or use spell check.....Diiirrrr!!!!

PS: If those cursed or petition posts "upset" your delicate sensibilities, you might to want to learn about something else. It's called humor, Diiiiiirrrrrrr!!!!!

i think they need to trade greg camarillo and replace him with moore and let pat turner and wallace battle for the last spot. Also they need to try moore at punt return because BESS does not for me back there! dont know if garner will play this year and murtha been playing bad this preseason. its gonna be some ppl cut that might surprise. i really like what i've see from hobb's at cb

D4life-i think that Garner would have been put on IR if they didn't think he was going to able to play. I'm sure that will go into the decision making proccess. The wild cards on the O-line for me are Randy Thomas, can he still get it done? And Proctor, a multi position guy who is medicore at best(this pains me because he is a Montana guy, but this is how I see it)

I wished the defense would have played better and I'm sure they have a ways to go, but......

Bench Smith, switch him to FS, Clemons is invisible, where oh where is Will Allen........

Sounds like chicken Little's at it again.

listen up Chicken,

Nolan's running a pre season vanilla schemme with a bunch of young hungry kids playing their a s s e s off.

At last weeks slop fest these kiddie cats gave up a TD(I'm not counting the field goal).

This week they gave up 12 points. I can't really count the safety against them so make it 10 points.

That's about 8.5 points a half. Lets all panic together now, on the count of 3, ah 1, ah 2, ah.............................

CB=smith,davis,j.allen,w.allen,carroll,?(i like hobb)
Barring trades these 43 will be on the team leaving 10 spots to fight for

whats up odinseye? longtime and such. to everyone wanting to can white i really cant blame them but here is a question i havent seen asked yet: why isnt thigpen running the wildcat? white was brought in to add a passing element to the wildcat but thigpen can run AND throw . plus the WC trigger man is all about instincts and white and thigpen are both described as instinctual qbs. i know people are worried about the secondary and while understandable i'm not worried. new system new coach new style of play. and it's being learned by two second year corner's who still are learning the nfl and what it's like playing against top competition every week. i figure miami's offense will need to carry the team the first 5 or 6 weeks until the defense catches up and has nolan's tendoncies down.

till next time dolphins nation be safe . it's too bad the dallas game is miami's last preseason game. i was looking forward to our starter's taking it to parcells former team.

Hey Guys, Quick Note... Kinda Nice To See Our 1st Stringers Bring In A Couple Of TD's And Then Look Over Ad See The F*jets With A Few Measly Field Goals. Phags. Go Fins!

i think we may get a 4th rd pick for higpen and maybe a 6th for white

Does no good to have blitzing attacking defense if your corners are playing sloppy man to man defense. It scares me that 1-2 plays a game we may give up 7-14ppg on the deep ball.

Clemons may be adequate at fs, but he's yet to prove he can be a playmaker. There's still an open asterick mark that should be placed next to his starting position.

If Clemons continues to prove he's only adequate and Jones cant overtake him fs position should be our #1 pick next April.


No one will give you a 6th round pick for an unproven return specialist(Pat White). Not even a 7th.

Try Pat White out as a return specialist. Tell him if he wants more PT, he needs to practice running routes, and returning kicks.

The 49ers have a rookie (not Ted Ginn) returing kicks...

Pat White is not a punt returner. They have no intentions of trying him out back there

peterson's gonna need that gorilla tape!! 49ers trying to strip him

any one knows how much money henne is making ? and how much pat white is making ?

Cant beleive favre's coming back this year, hope he puts cement aroung that ankle cuz everyones gunning for it and his head----little bit of taste by the niners tonight, just a matter of time for vikings and childress,he'd better hope tavares plays well enough at the backup position.

Nice to see ted ginn "stone" hands once again

Patience required. I see a lot of lofty expectations from the bloggers. The cb's after one season are supposed to be playing like pro bowlers. The safety can't make plays when needed. The oline is not set. Geez, building a team back from 1-15 takes more than two years. The team is now young with several guys in key positions with a lot of upside. Vontae Davis misses on an absolutely perfect pass from Garrard and some of you are howling that he is not good enough even though the amount of good plays he makes say otherwise. It took Revis his third season to really make a mark. All world Cris Carter didn't really get rolling until his 4th or 5th year. It took Bill Walsh quite awhile to figure out that Montana was better than Steve Deberg. Marino was a fluke and a freak of nature, don't let that spoil you. 99% of players need time to develop. It's a little too soon to be writing some of these guys off. Patience required.

NBC shown 49's vs vikings.........Ted Ginn


Nice article Armando-I followed the game on Twitter. Lots of good and lots of bad-Phins still look like an 8-8 or 9-7 team if the season started today. But it's still early and I hope to see improvement by the start of the season or at least as the seasno progresses. Right now, fins still don't look like a playoff team to me at this point.


Thanks for injecting a little realism into some blogger's lives.

Rookies on our D; DE, OLB, FS.
Second year guys on D; OLB, CB, CB, NT.
New player to our D and 3rd year players; ILB, DE.

What's that leave? A lot of inexperience that has to be worked through. Mistakes will be made but no one has even seen our REAL D except players and maybe some journalists. Is it really time to panic?

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