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The postgame analysis of Dolphins 27-26 victory

As I tell you in my column off of tonight's 27-26 preseason victory for the Miami Dolphins over the Jacksonville Jaguars, there is plenty of good to celebrate and some bad to be worried about.

But the bottom line is the Dolphins showed improvement from preseason game one to preseason game two. I saw it. You saw. Coach Tony Sparano saw it.

 "I feel like we got a little bit better this week during the course of practice and I think Chad [Henne] and Brandon [Marshall] played a little bit better," Sparano said. "Chad was efficient with the football ... And I thought Brandon made some plays. One of the things I really enjoyed was Brandon with the ball in his hands. He's exactly what I thought we might have when he gets the ball in his hands.

"We weren't very good a week ago so making improvement this week was critical. And we have a long ways to go and there's a lot of areas out there we can get better in. I'm fine right now where our team is but we got to make the same kind of jump this week in practice.

"We're nowhere near where we plan to be, but I do believe we made some progress tonight."

The biggest jump was made by Henne, which is important because he plays the most important position on the field. He completed 11 of 14 passes with two of those incompletions the results of drops -- one by Ricky Williams and one by Brandon Marshall.

"The first series was a slow start but overall we're seeing things clearly out there and trying to be more effective and efficient in our offense," Henne said. 

Henne had a 55 yard TD pass to Anthony Fasano and an 11 yard TD to Fasano. Both showed how Brandon Marshall helps even when he's not catching the football. On the first, Marshall blew up two defenders with the block that sprung Fasano for the score. On the second, Marshall's presence opened things up for Fasano.

"They split the safety and tried to double-cover Brandon out there so Anthony came open with a linebacker and I threw it because the linebacker wasn't looking," Henne said.

All in all, the outing was a confidence-building experience for Henne.

"Coming out here and performing well definitely builds it up and helps you going into the next preseason game and going into the season," he said. 

The Dolphins went into the game thinking Chad Pennington would play only if Henne got his work in the first half. If that happened early enough, Pennington would get his preseason opportunity. That's how it played out as Pennington completed 3 of 4 passes and led a touchdown drive.

"I thought Chad did fine," Sparano said. "First of all it was tough duty. He knew going into the game that depending on what the situation was like at the end of the half, he may or may not play. So it's tough being in that kind of situation and as I've been saying all along, he gets it. He wanted to underthrow Brandon just a little bit on the deep throw and Brandon did a good job of working back to the ball ... He even ran one there so that was pretty nice."

Although much about this night came in a good-new package, there were the sour moments, too.

Pass protection was good early. Later it was bad. The team gave up five sacks. One of those sacks was yielded by the starting offensive line, the rest by the reserves.

The special teams were troubling.

"We had another kick blocked tonight which, to be honest, was a flat-out concentration error," Sparano said. "And they have some good returners. I thought it was up, it was down, It was inconsistent. Nolan [Carroll] had a couple of decent returns. It was up and down, a little inconsistent."

To be fair, the kick coverage team has been a mish-mash of personnel as coaches try to find the right combos. Sparano promised that will be resolved in the coming week.

While Henne looked good against the Jacksonville defense, David Garrard performed surgery on the Dolphins secondary. He completed 6 of 8 passes for 79 yards with one touchdown. His passer rating was 145.3.

"We had things there in man coverage that we didn't take care of," Sparano said. "That concerns me because it's two weeks in a row where the ball is completed down the field on us a few times. We had a couple of chunk plays. They're a good group, but we have to be able to clean some of that up."

I asked Sparano his thoughts about getting or not getting Pat White in the game. He said, "It's circumstance right now. I can't get four guys in the game every week. So I didn't get him in the game this week and that's the way it went."

My guess is that was only the thought he felt he could share. He probably really thought that White is the team's No. 4 QBs and getting No. 4 QBs in games is not really a big priority. After the game, White said he was told he would not be playing.

As you have read here already, he's on his way out, which is surprising because he was a second-round pick, but not surprising when the second-round pick is the No. 4 QB. Right now, it seems only a matter of when, not if, the Dolphins will jettison White.

Maybe they can get something for him in trade.

What can I say? I'm an optimistic kind of guy.


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Agreed Yaya. How many teams are playing great ball 2 games into preseason? Tons of experimenting going on. Someone said above they still don't look like a playoff team...who does at this point? How about waiting until game 4 or 5 of the regular season before passing judgement? There will be mistakes for sure, but a cb getting beat by a perfectly thrown ball isn't necessarily a mistake. I'm impressed by what I am seeing and highly doubt any other coaching staff would have done as well heading into their 3rd season. Look at this draft, they parlayed the #12 pick which likely would have been an NT and got instead odrich, misi and dobbins. Not bad! I don't think anybody is going to be looking forward to playing the fins this year.

Can anybody on this blog just own up to their words.

Look, I already did it before Odineseye edited my post and claimed he called me on it, but I will do it again. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPELL STUIPED and i refuse to use spell check or write my post on a word document. This blog just isn't that serious. It's not like writing a term paper.

Cinq, well said. Maybe I should have been that eloquent. I tend to be more to the point and hurt other's feelings. Sorry :(


Yeah I think we will give teams headaches. Last year we started with an experienced QB without an arm and Ronnie/Ricky. We had an average D at best with a horrible D-cord.

This year we start with an experienced QB who has an arm, a top 5 WR, Ronnie/Ricky and all the other benefits of a top 5 WR. Our D is young but our D-cord is top notch. I see improvement on every front.

Doubt you hurt anyones feelings kris...no pain felt here...

kris, you write whatever you want.it's a blog not a holy book .


I agree.

When another team sees Miami on its schedule, they can no longer call it an automatic W.

Last year, had we not lost Penne, Ronnie, Patrick, Will, and Jason, we may have made the playoffs.

Mike Nolan appears to be no non-sense kinda coach.

I think we will be okay.


What did Parcells eat for his birthday?

yaya-r&r: Talk about bad picks, last years d-cord was a really bad pick, I think it was his first time at that position, agreed Nolan is clearly superior, the d players are already jacked up. With all due respect to JT, it was time to move on from both him and Porter, and we are already better off today because of it. As others have pointed out, I think Crowder will fare seriously better with the new talent around him. Can't understand those who are down on Henne, he looks solid to me, plenty good enough already. With this oline and Ricky, Ronnie, Cobbs, Hilliard and Polite...whoa...plus we can already see Brandon opening up the middle for Fasano and Bess...maybe its premature to say it but this team is starting to look scary to me.

cinq wrote: "Can't understand those who are down on Henne, he looks solid to me, plenty good enough already."

you're absolutley right ... how quickly we forget the arms of the post Marino years (the list is so long I've forgotten most of them myself) .... BUT, I remember the first pass Henne threw in preseason and yelling "hell Yea! ... somebody who can actually throw the damn ball!"


I didn't claim to have culled you on anything.

I thought your sentences calling others stupid while mispelling stupid was sheer comedic genius. Touche'

I honestly don't like seeing anyone in a Dolphin's no. 19 simply becauze it reminds me of Ginn. Other than that, I'm sure all the posts about curses and patitions were all in good fun.

I was just trying to be funy, my bad and if me posting the words Dolt and Diiirrrr offended you, I truly apologise-LOL!

We're 2-0 Bro, lighten up!

Atlanta is coming to town.
Dolphins gonna ruffle their feathers!

Was it me, or was Hennings trying to get a good look at our passing game?

It seems like he called an awful lot of pass plays while our first team was on the field.

Some people you just can't make happy. We have an awsome day passing and they start blogging about how our run game is stryggling.

I don't think we're struglling at all offensively. I think it's coming together right on time.

Scary? Yeah, scary sounds about right too me.

watching the Jets right now on Preseason Live (though it's not really) ... they were dialing up all sorts of exotic blitzes and sending continual pressure packages Carolina's way ...

interesting the difference in philosophies between the secretive Fins and the arrogant Jets ... time will tell who was right or if it mattered ...

"Hot Dog Man" looked pedestrian in his outing ... I'd much rather have our guy ...

Not really sold on Sanchez...don't really see the hype. He often looks scared or like his confidence has been shaken. He makes some good throws, but don't see him in the same league as Mr. Henne. I can see our D pounding him into the ground and rattling him out of his game. Henne has already shown he knows how to bounce back after a sack or a pick.

Sanchez will be/is the wets Achilles heel.

Pennington, after 10 seasons and three shoulder surgeries still has a stronger arm.

He's a complete west coast cup cake. He seriously just doesn't have what it takes to be an NFL quarterback.

If it wasn't for the wets D and the Colts and Bengals "resting" their starters Sanchez would already be in trouble.

Atlanta is coming to town.
Dolphins gonna ruffle their feathers!

Posted by: R & R EXPRESS | August 22, 2010 at 11:02 PM

Meaningless one way or another, just need to see more secondary and special teams improvement, offense for once (at least for now) not worried about, We need to be ready to burn the wagons down in buffalo week 1--that counts for more!!!

Matt Ryan will give the secondary a test ... I do like his development ...

Sanchez will have a sophomore slump and cause Ryan's lap band to explode in frustration ....


Anybody can make an argument one way or the other about the value of pre season games.

After what you've seen thus far, what would be your "game plan" for next week against Atlanta?

EX: How much will starters play on offense, defense, etc, etc. What 2nd teamers and bubble players would you give more of less playing time too, and so on and so forth.

Just asking what your opinion is if you were the coach?

to be honest odin,
As much as other dolfans would love to see the starters play thruough three qtrs of the dress rehersal, if we see they same type of offensive production through 2 qts of play. Pull the 1st team unit completely for the rest of the game(no need to keep them in for that long in preseason) but i want to see this first unit defense thru all 3 qtrs of play to see what kind of pressure they bring and how this mixing and macthing of secondaries sparono uses with carrol and clemons or jones works out. To me, he might have put too much faith in these guys as a whole to jump right in their first year and make an impact. And lets not forget special teams or lack of----They should play the whole dam game!!!

Ur thought????

And i still think our KR Carrol is too suspect, Dallas return man Crayton is still out there and i think he would be a much better Return guy than carrol, not to mention he can be a good situational down type reciever over guys like turner, moore, and wallace.....just what i think anyway

Well superPHIN,

I acknowledge and respect your opinion.
I just want to hang with the "glass is half full" crowd.

I agree with you on special teams. Other than Ginns infamous wets game, our special teams have been dismal since the Trifecta's arrival.

I would play Henne and the first string 2 quarters. During the 2nd quarter though I would like to see a lot of Turner, Moore and Martin getting throws from Henne. Try to find out who that 5th receiver will be and whether Martins up to speed.

On defense I would pull out all the stops for 2 quarters. I want to see how the secondary looks when we're running all these pressure schemes and blitzes.

The second half would be free for all with all the 2nd and third string/bubble players for further evaluation(practice squad).

This is why we dont need to be worried about our defense:


broncos 2nd preseason game. notice how matt hasselback absolutely torched the broncos D all half long. 80+ yard drives twice in the first half. Then in the regular season their defense exploded on nfl teams for 6 straight weeks. yes they ended up imploding but their offense kinda died and they dont have brandon marshall like we do...oh wait LOL nah its all good though henne >>>> orton. and the fins need help STARTING the season on a good note more importantly.

*lol*Fair enough R & R Express

just was checking out the game book for last night's game and the only Dolphins on the roster who did not play were Will Allen and Merling ...

it will probably be more of the same in game 3 ...


Allen and Merling?

Did Crowder play? I don't remember seeing him?

i can live with that philosiphy approach but knowing nolan and his approach, i doubt we'll see many planned packages that involve anything else but all out blitzes and more vinalla zone coverages. The guy just doesn't game plan in preseason games if you look at his past rep for preseason action with his other teams defensively,but i hope i'm wrong this year!!

No he didn't play, dobbins started

I don't either ... think the NFL official record could be wrong? It showed 9 Jags did not play ...

perhaps their "did not play" refers to not suiting up ... I'm not sure ...

hey superPHIN,

Looking forward to week one of the regular season in Buffalo, any recommendations for Dan Henning?

just checked the Bucs game book and it showed another category in addition to "did not play" ....

"not active" ...

when preseason live releases the Dolphin game from blackout status, I'll be sure to double check (24 hour wait on games not sold out)

even if I have to work with one eye open tomorrow ... errr, today ...


I was just kidding about Crowder. Earlier yesterday Armando(and some others) kind of snapped at me when I said Dobbins is simply the better ILB.

Anyway you're probably right about what Nolan will do next week. It's more the fan in me that wants to see all the stops pulled out :)

R&R express,

absolutely, more with the conventional playcalling, less with the wildcat plz!!!
Did you notice that on all our scoring drives in that game saturday night it was all about henne working the offense and less about gadgetry. Let the guy play!!!

Exactly, no Wildcat Rickey throws on the goal line.
Hope he is not arrogant enough to repeat that one.

Odin, *lmao* that was you, i forgot---you might be right in all seriousness unless crowder was just off this week *literally*

what are your expectations R&R Express for this team this year???

I think you guys might be on to something. Tony finally seems to be realizing it too.

From his presser:

``I thought Chad made some good decisions,'' Sparano said. ``I thought he got the ball down to the back when necessary and was able to push the ball down the field, I felt like he had pretty good rhythm.''

No more rythm breakers.

I am hoping Bill Parcells has been tapping Dan Henning on the shoulder and insisting that the Wildcat be toned down a little in favor of a more standard / conventional offense approach where the QB is under center or in shotgun.

Defense is a bit of a mystery for me with Mike Nolan. He is a no non-sense guy who I am sure will find the right mixture with the people we have.
I am sure he gets it together enough to get out of Buffalo with a W and then be ready to rock and roll when we visit the Minnesota Brett Farves.


its just insane to pull a guy out who completes a deep pass and then all of sudden henning gets all i-wing spread happy with ronnie and ricky just to kill momentum. And for the most part thats what its become---a rally killer in respect to henne and any chemistry developed between him and his recievers. I'm sure defenders love seeing it more becuase in all honesty its either a sweep or an iso up the middle, at least 90% of the time i see it...am i wrong???

I'm not that worried about our defense.
Only because I believe our offense is going to be that good.
Henne and co looked sharp against a fresh Jaguars D.
Can you imagine what our pass game will look like after Ronnie and Ricky grind down the opposing D for 3 quarters.

Really looking forward to that minny game R&R, all i know is AP better stay healthy this season cuz favre aint gonna last---big bullseye on his back and with health concerns over percy harvin and sydney rice, their recieving cores lookin a little thin lately so we'll see!!!


That is exactly the formula we need as we begin the campaign of 2010.

That game at Minnesota will be the toughest game prior to the bye week.
Minnesota's got D.
We will need the R&R EXPRESS to carry us to victory.

We just need that good old bend, but dont break approach technique and we might just make it through to a playoff berth after all, maybe further....one game at a time

I myself would testify under oath in a court of law that you are absolutely correct.

But that's just my opinion(and yours).

If Henne is consistently moving the ball down the field(and he has since becoming the starter)why the F_ck change up? Especially now that we have Marshall.

I'm old school: If it ain't broke, don't "fix" it!


Man I hope your right about Favre.
I hope the Dolphins send him into permanent retirement.

We'll get a good look at just how recovered favre is when he plays New Orleans opening night....should be interesting, and childress is playing the sarogate mother hen right now with him in the preseason so i expect him to be rusty as hell against the saints.

Right now it's pre season and a lot of the defenses are playing a little loose.

When the regular season starts and the games count we're just going to pound defenses with Ricky and Ronnie. When the CB's and safties start cheating up and bitibg on the fakes, Brandon Marshall is going to be the living definition of "Chunk Yards"!!!!

My three week vacation ends tommorrow morning at 8:00 am. It's been fun fella's.

Amen to that brother, thats why they "PAID" that man that green stuff.....PHIN OUT!!!!

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Grabbing the actual win is fine I will take that even in pretend games...

What I won't do (as I have told myself again and again in years past and didn't stick to it as much) is put much stock in these vanilla on vanilla, can't show you the goods offense/defense, faux games.

It is Phins football so I will ALWAYS tune in but just to see some of the younger guys take reps and catch the glimpse of new players.

Liked that I heard Henne was bringing it and Marshall shook off his first game blahs.

As some of the folks have already mentioned when the real blitz bullets start flying around in the form of CB's, S's and LB's flying around from all sides that will keep more pass plays from making our secondary look so pedestrian.

Pressure busts pipes!!! It will limit the opposing QB's options in the regular season when Nolan revs the troops up on DEF.


Yo Rob in OC. WHAT UP!!!
I'm not 100 percent positive that we will see a blitz happy defense. At least not until the personel can prove that they can handle this scheme. For 1 look what happened to Nolans defense last year. Fraudulent. The first half of the year they were great, Two things happened. 1 teams figured out how to attack,2 Bailey was a little banged up. I mentioned this earlier, But we don't have a shut down corner, not yet. And these defenses that like to bring blitz packages from all over the lot depend on corner backs being able to match up with the recievers one on one. We can bring all the pressure in the world. But the better Qb's will toarch us if the man coverage is pourous. Yes I think we will see a more agressive defense, but I think it will be in the forms of confusion, with a mix of pressure. At least for the first few games.

AHHH harmony,,,,I LOVE IT

Howdy Darryl and my other brother Darryl!!!

How you been mang? Good ta see ya bud. Same for you payuengsnwings! Long time no chat for me...I just loiter from time to time. You may be right, we may still be hunting for pieces of the secondary puzzle. Still feels like we are nudging in the right direction.

I am sure Nolan won't go all buddy ryan's 56 on everyone but I feel he will strive to bring more heat than reflected in the preseason thus far.

Pressure (when it arrives cam help the secondary look better) Like you said it may not be the all out, full tilt, kitchen sink of some DEF coaches but it should be more aggressive than last year. I am willing to live and die by the blitz sword and I hope Nolan is too. If they start getting cooked than mix it up.

One thing that should help the DEF is the OFF should be better at scoring and moving the chains. Better weapons and more seasoning for some of the young'uns.

Should make for some great sports TV.

A Jet hunting we will go! lol. Gotta mmake sure to keep Brady moving around too...


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Posted by: Home | August 23, 2010 at 01:17 AM

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Just as most of us anticipated once the Fins inked Marshall; our worries (and rightfully so) have shifted firmly to the secondary. The injury to Allen and the inability to land a replacement at safety puts that much more pressure on our sophmores.
I agree that both players still exhibit raw skills at time. It seems as though Smith relies too much on athletic ability because he and lacks proper technique. We all know that won't get you far in this league. Davis is very physical. For that matter, I think he can get away with a little more growing pains than Smith. Most importantly IMO, is the ability for the Fins to get presuure on the QB. I have not seen enough of this 2 games into the preseason. I, like most of you, hope this is somewhat by design. I have high hopes that Nolan will bring back the glory of the Fins once top 10 rated defense. I also think Dansby will bring leadership to the squad. However, the bottom line is that if they can't bring consistant pressure on the qb, then they are asking too much from this particular secondary.

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Posted by: Home | August 23, 2010 at 06:55 AM

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