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'Fly in oinment' at center could be in works

There could be a twist coming at center.

"We may go with little ... throw a fly in the oinment here as we get on," Sparano said.

The first week of training camp has seen Jake Grove and Joe Berger split first-team snaps on a daily basis. But with Berger doing some things better, while Grove does other things better, Sparano hopes one of them will improve his weaknesses to the point where he separates from the other.

I would hope we start to see separation in those players in the next week or so," Sparano said. "It's starting to happen a little right now."

If the Dolphins do seek "a fly in the oinment" they might throw Cory Procter or even Nate Garner into the mix. I suppose it's even possible the team might sign another player.

Staying in the same vicinity of the center and nose tackle, I think Sparano said something quite interesting today in that he sees a possible upgrade at nose tackle this year with Randy Starks as the starter. Remember that was a question when Jason Ferguson was injured, was suspended and then ultimately retired.

Skeptics thought there might be little way to find a nose tackle as effective as Ferguson.

But Sparano thinks otherwise now.

"I'd say I feel that way, yeah, I feel we have a chance to upgrade. You know my feeling about Ferguson and people like that so this isn't a slight on him. From a productivity standpoint, getting pass rush from the nose in base ... I mean, talk about having a perk. That alone upgrades you a little bit. To make plays from that position in first and second down situations, that's critical."

Scrimmage Saturday

The Dolphins will run a full-pad scrimmage on Saturday. Sparano said there should be around 110 plays during the scrimmage. The scrimmage is scheduled to be held outside and will be open to the public.

Pasqualoni down, Nolan up!

As you might know former defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni liked to run his defense from the sideline. New defensive coordinator Mike Nolan likes to work from the press box so that's where he'll be on game days. The Dolphins will practice at Sun Life Stadium on Monday and with the different dynamic in the coaching staff, Nolan will be in the press box during that session to simulate what will eventually happen on 2010 game days.

Check back

The Dolphins practice at 3 p.m. I'll have an update after practice. Check back.