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'Fly in oinment' at center could be in works

There could be a twist coming at center.

"We may go with little ... throw a fly in the oinment here as we get on," Sparano said.

The first week of training camp has seen Jake Grove and Joe Berger split first-team snaps on a daily basis. But with Berger doing some things better, while Grove does other things better, Sparano hopes one of them will improve his weaknesses to the point where he separates from the other.

I would hope we start to see separation in those players in the next week or so," Sparano said. "It's starting to happen a little right now."

If the Dolphins do seek "a fly in the oinment" they might throw Cory Procter or even Nate Garner into the mix. I suppose it's even possible the team might sign another player.

Staying in the same vicinity of the center and nose tackle, I think Sparano said something quite interesting today in that he sees a possible upgrade at nose tackle this year with Randy Starks as the starter. Remember that was a question when Jason Ferguson was injured, was suspended and then ultimately retired.

Skeptics thought there might be little way to find a nose tackle as effective as Ferguson.

But Sparano thinks otherwise now.

"I'd say I feel that way, yeah, I feel we have a chance to upgrade. You know my feeling about Ferguson and people like that so this isn't a slight on him. From a productivity standpoint, getting pass rush from the nose in base ... I mean, talk about having a perk. That alone upgrades you a little bit. To make plays from that position in first and second down situations, that's critical."

Scrimmage Saturday

The Dolphins will run a full-pad scrimmage on Saturday. Sparano said there should be around 110 plays during the scrimmage. The scrimmage is scheduled to be held outside and will be open to the public.

Pasqualoni down, Nolan up!

As you might know former defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni liked to run his defense from the sideline. New defensive coordinator Mike Nolan likes to work from the press box so that's where he'll be on game days. The Dolphins will practice at Sun Life Stadium on Monday and with the different dynamic in the coaching staff, Nolan will be in the press box during that session to simulate what will eventually happen on 2010 game days.

Check back

The Dolphins practice at 3 p.m. I'll have an update after practice. Check back.


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Is it that Sparano is seeking too much perfection on the OL or is that they can't scout them worth a darn ? I mean they've got 800 OL's and don't seem happy with any of them.

I'm not sure what Sporano and Company is suppose to say. Big Ferg retired on us. We didn't draft a NT. We move a DE/DT to NT. I hope he is right.

My concern for Starks will not be in the 1st quarter of games, but rather the 4th quarter of the season. I hope he doesn't get worn down by all those Double Teams, or worse. Teams don't need to double team him. In either case I know Starks has heart and a TEAM 1st attitude and thats a great starting point.

Solai is decent reliever for Starks. It is not expected Starks has all the reps during the game.

Go idea on being upstairs. Better angle to view schemes.

BTW, Sparano make a run at Emmit Smith's English articulation title.

even though i DO wish they would pick a starting five and let them "gel" for most of camp in order to get some familiarity with each other, you know tony is not going to stop messing with them. its his OL coach coming out and i think he takes a lot of personal pride in the OL. he will tinker every year until they are all pro bowlers.

Elvis Dummervil out for the season. WOW

The reason that Ratliff is a Pro Bowl NT and Ferguson was not is due to quickness.

There are basically two types of NT's, the traditional guys that "just" eat up space and tie up two blockers, and the quicker guys than can also get penetration up the middle.

Sparano believes that Starks is the latter type of NT.

To the comment by kris - Starks getting worn down? Why worry about that with Starks specifically? Every NT has that issue, which is why you rotate the guy out now and then with the backup, and also run a 4-3 taking the NT out for some snaps.

Starks is what, 26? Fergy was what last year, 34? So you're worried about Starks, the younger guy getting worn out but no worries re Fergy last year? They are both the same size, with Starks the stronger guy (strongest D lineman the Fins have according to Sparano).

starks will be fine he is a beast does anyone know how there doing lerning new d

Dear Mr. Salguero

Camp battles I would like to see
Tell me who wins and why

Jake Long Vs The Incredible Hulk

He Man Vs Channig(skellitor)Crowder

Karlos(Obi won Kenobi)Dansby Vs Joey(The Dark Side)Porter

Just killin time before I see my shrink

Soiled :)

what is plan B if we lose ever lose starks for a game or worse?

Armando: Why doesn't the Miami Herald have the Dolphins Roster posted that shows what the players weighed at the beginning of camp? Like they use to do. Can you help with that? Thanks and keep up the good work!!!!

Start Solai and rotate him with Baker/Montavious and go to more 4-3 base

the oline is in too much flux. Maybe that's why we start slow. These guys need to gel a little more before the season starts

what is plan B if we lose ever lose starks for a game or worse?

Posted by: dolfanSF | August 05, 2010 at 01:47 PM

Same as it was last year dude, Soliai, McDaniel, Baker....More importantly changing up the scheme a little bit, running a little 4-3 etc...Mellow out man all is well.....

Not to mention we don't know anything about Travis Ivey yet..

I think you missed a potential "ointment" candidate at the center position - Richie Incognito. He has played the position before, he gets the movement on run downs that Tony loves, and he hasnt consistently been running with the 1's at guard.

the oline is in too much flux. Maybe that's why we start slow. These guys need to gel a little more before the season starts

Posted by: BoulderFinFan | August 05, 2010 at 02:03 PM

Just my opinion but I think it's more important at this point to find out who your best 5 linemen are before settling on a line and letting them "gel"

I mean its the first week of August dude

That would be an interesting scenario Mike, but that would mean Jerry would end up starting at guard. Hopefully he ends up being a beast, too early to tell for the rookie...

How about them J.E.T.S. ?


I worry about him because he is the one playing out of postion. Its a legitimate question. As a DE I would train differntly the I would for a NT postion. Differnt muscles getting used, and differnt muscles getting used. When you are used to one on one match up with possible running back chipping you, then your new job is to make two 300 pound plus guys block you its like night and day.

The bigger loser in all of this is Solia because he can't execute well enough at his natural position

Randy Starks is a MAN! He will be fine. Bad azzz dude.

You guys want to laugh, Go to espn.com, and go to the AFC East blog. There is a blog about Ryan Rex hip-bumping Jeff Weeks. Read the comments.


Can you cut and paste them?


The O-line Will Be Fine. ....I Hope.There Have Been A Lot Of Injuries So Far This Year,So Hopefully We Don't Get Any More.What About The Jets T-rex?What's Your Point,I'm Curious.

Dolphinfandan13,I just got done reading them,they are pretty funny.I wanted to say that Rex and Jeff were the first Siamese twins born at the hips who faced the opposite way and they were extremely happy to find out they Both were gay.....but ESPN said to keep it clean.

F**K ESPN!!!

feed my azzzzzz

the jets want pennington back.

just feed the wolf. we are starving. uhmmm, patsies and jesters look tasty. oh, wait, is that buffalo over there? licking my chops. afc east beasts, the wolves,er, a, the fins are on top of the food chain.

Who do you guys hate the most?The Jets or Patriots.I would've included the Bills,but I almost feel sorry for them.

I hate the Jets and Pats equally. At one time it was the Bills by a wide margin but they've become such a pushover ...

It's not that TS can't pick good players on the OL and DL, etc....it's the fact that he's never really satisfied....he's always looking for a way to be better.....and I for one like the approach...if he has a few people competeing for the position why lock into one and be satisfied.....it's a little early for that.....he can lock in on one when the season starts....these guys are bout having the best player on the field and about having depth...more power to them....no need to put your eggs in one basket...

Hate the bills the most in the 90's (double fisted fingers from Bryan Cox) classic

The 00s brought the rise of the cheatriots and bill belicheat. never really hated them unil I found out they were cheating. No wonder they used to pillage all our old players, to include wess welker. Rember the game when Marino said that its like the cheatriots "knew all of his audibles". Well they did.

overall, I just hate the jets. period

I route for two teams the Dolphins and who ever is playing the Jets..GO PHINS

D-Bag Rex Ryan makes me hate the Jets the most
Pats are old ,slow and cheaters, I hope Brady gets shipped to the Vikes next year.
Bills need a whooping in Game 1.

If we loose against the Bills, Sparano needs to be canned. No excuses on this one.

any one of you hate the dolphins ? i do and i love my sanchez .

Where do you love your Sanchez? Right in the anouuussss I imagine??? That's where all funboys like it.



Please bring yourself up to date.
Sanchez likes getting banged by Rex Ryan.
You have no chance at Sanchez.
However, 2watt likes to travel the hershey highway.
You should consider that as an option.

Adding on to what lake city fan said. We do not have a pro bowl center or anyone even close to being that good so you have to create competition at the position to push the players to be better.

Or Tony can just choose one guy and give him the job and then just watch as he lets up and stops trying to better himself. Stupid right?

Someone questioned the trifectas decision making in scouting o-linemen. What people have to understand is that there are only so many spots on any given team for pro bowl type players. Salary caps force every team in the league to decide where they want to invest their money. Players contracts signed by players on other teams dictate what the free agent you covet should make.

Meaning Jake Grove may not be worth the money he makes in your mind but at the time of the signing, he was the best available option and his contract was worked out based on how other centers who perform at or around the same level are being payed.

I just don't understand Dolphin fans who question the simplest of concepts as if Parcells and company are clueless. EVERY TEAM in the NFL creates competition at positions that are in need of upgrade.

Hate's a strong word but I truly dislike the Jets A LOT more than the Pats. The Pats do it with class. The Jets are arrogant and rude. They disrespect the game and they disrespect their opponents even after they get beat.

Who in the hell loses a game and then goes on national tv talking about how they're better than the team that just beat them and then talks about specific players from the winning team in a "I'm better than him" way?

Only the Jets, oh and 12 year old boys with poor sportsmanship.

What about when Carroll was coaching the Jets and he and his entire team ran up the sideline with simulating the choke sign after our fg kicker missed the winning field goal? Class right? Just like when Rex fought publicly with Channing Crowder. The fans being arrested in the stadium for throwing beer bottles at women who wouldn't show their breasts.

Look I don't have all night here but the list goes on and on. The Jets and a lot of their fans have always been low class with little understanding of what it takes to be a winner. Just look at how many division titles they've won. Check out how many superbowls they've been to. Check out their AFC championships and remember they've been in the league longer than the phins.

Hate the Dolphins? You're in the wrong blog jackass. And not only that but you're hitching your wagon to dirty Sanchez? hahahaha good luck with that. Maybe when he grows up he'll be able to see over his offensive line.

agree w/you nyscott . pats are very great team .also i agre the jets and fins are on the same level .

Sanchez is a man of many talent . the first is he knows how to win and this year he's going to do with IT class and Jt .

Hey Eel,

If your qb falls into some mud on the field does that make him a dirty sanchez...

Sanchez is the new soul of the nfl .





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