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Roughcut play-by-play of today's scrimmage

This is the quick reaction post from today's scrimmage at Dolphins camp.

Bottom line?

I wasn't impressed by anyone other than Jake Long, Cameron Wake and Nolan Carroll. Read the play-by-play and you might understand why. The most impressive wide receiver was Brian Hartline.

Third-team offense versus third-team defense:

Tyler Thigpen is at QB

First down from the 25: Three yard rush by Lex Hilliard

Second down from the 32: Deep sideline pass to Marlon Moore. He jumps for the ball, its in his hands, but he drops the ball.

Third down from the 46: Thigpen connects with Patrick Turner for six yards.

First down from the 49: Tristan Davis gains four yards.

Second down from the 49: Nolan Carroll jumps a quick-out, tips the ball and linebacker Charlie Anderson plucks it out of the air for a turnover.

Third down from 40: Thigpen throws an out pattern right to Carroll. He drops the interception.

First down from the 37: Play-action. Jason Allen breaks up a pass to Julius Pruitt in one-on-one coverage.

Second down from the 27:. Handoff to Lex Hilliard loses two yards.

Third down from the 14: Offside defensive line and Thigpen pass to Moore is incomplete.

Second down from the 11 yard line: Pitch to Tristan Davis for a gain of four.

First down from the 7 yard line: Center Andy Hartline fires off a low snap from shotgun and Thigpen misses it. Blame both.

Third down from the five yard line: Bootleg right and Pruitt catches a TD pass in the back corner of the end zone beating Jason Allen.

First-team offense versus first team defense:

first down at the 25 yard line. Deep sideline to Brandon Marshall, who is stumbling through his route. Incomplete. Sean Smith was on the coverage.

Second down from the 35: Inside handoff to Ronnie Brown for two yards.

Third down from the 46 yard line: Henne thrwos in the middle of the field to Marshall who is cutting across right to left. Ball goes through his hands.

First down from 42: Screen play, Smelled out by the defense and Henne throws it into the ground.

Second down from the 38: Counter play to Ricky williams pops open on the left side for six or seven yards.

Third down from the 24: Henne looks deep to Marshall, checks down to Polite, who is popped immediately by Will Allen. Jake Long one on one vs Misi eats the rookie up.

First down from the 28: No one open downfield. Outlet throw to Ronnie Brown for 5 yards.

First down from the 12 yard line: Pass play, false start on Kory Sperry who still cannot block Cam Wake. Sack for Wake.

Second down from the eight yard line: Handoff to Ricky Williams for two yards.

Third down from the 7 yard line: Three wide with Bess in the slot and Marshall and Hartline outside. Henne fires to Bess who is covered by Bell. Bell gets closer to catching the ball than Bess.

Carpenter misses a 36-yard field goal.

Carpenter misses a 39-yard field goal.

Carpenter then misses from 41.

Third team offense versus third-team defense with Pat White at QB

First down from the 25: Completion from White to Joey Haynos coming across the middle.

Second down from the 40 yard line: Handoff to Tristan Davis. Gains three yards.

Third down from the 46. White pass to Taurus Johnson is high and incomplete.

Second down from the 46. Andrew Harltine andother low snap. White throws too long down the sideline. Incomplete.

Third down from the 35: White finds Marlon Moore on a slant for a 15 yard gain.

First team offensive versus second team defense

First down from the 25 yard line: Henne low pass, incomplete.

Second down from the 35. Shotgun. Short out pass to Brandon Marshall is complete, he then slips under Jason Allen for YAC.

Third down from the 45: Henne throws a 9 route, Marshall is running a deep out. Ball falls harmlessly incomplete.

Third down from the 48 yard line. In-cut to Marshall who is defended by Allen. Incomplete

First down from the 39 yard line: Hartline back shoulder against Will Allen for a 14 yard gain.

Second down from the 29 yard line: Short out to Brandon Marshall. He's open. He catches it, Will Allen bumps him and Marshall drops it. Got to catch that!

Third down from the 26 yard line: Sack for Charles Grant.

First down from the 12 yard line: Shotgun. Henne rolls right  Can't find anyone. Pass behind Hartline for an incompletion.

Second down from the six yard line: Check down to Ronnie Brown. TD.

Third down from the four yard line: Interior screen to Anthony Fasano. TD.

Second team offense vs. First team defense with Pennington at QB and Allen taking the snaps at right cornerback ahead of Sean Smith.

First down from the 25 yard line: Allen comes on a corner blitz. Pennington throws to Marshall who is uncovered for a 12 yard gain.

Second down from the 40 yard line: Inside handoff to Hilliard gains 3 yards.

First down from the 44: Sack by Charles Grant. Pennington got the ball off but in a real game he would have been picking himself off the ground.

Third down from the 49: Pennington completion to Julius Pruitt.

First down from the 45: Koa Misi sack vs David Martin pass protection. (Smith enters game.)

Third down from the 33: Shotgun: Cornerback blitz by Sean Smith. Sack in a real game.

First down from the 22 yard line: False start.

Second down from the 14: Screen Lex Hilliard for gain of four. Great hard hit by Channing Crowder.

Third down from the 11 yard line: Pass attempt to Bess in the right back corner of the end zone. Incomplete.

Third down from the 6 yard line: Incomplete.

First team offense vs first team defense:

First down from the 30: Henne looks left and deep to Bess who is covered. Check down to Brown.

Second down from the 45: Handoff to Brown gains 3 yards.

Third down from the 50: No one open! NO ONE OPEN! Henne pulls it down and play is over.

Third down from the 41: Marshall on a crossing pattern gains five yards.

First down from the 37: Henne quick pass to Hartline for 8 yards. Long versus Jared Odrick battle goes to Long.

Second down from the 27: Henne quick pass to Fasano for five yards. Long and Ricky Williams double-team Cameron Wake. Stuffed him.

Third down from the 25: Free safety blitz! Long recognizes it pre-snap and picks up Chris Clemons. Henne completes a three yard pass to Fasano.

First down from the 12: Henne runs out of time and must call time out. Not good.

First down from the 12: Trips right. Cameron Wake gets a sack verus Long. Henne throws the ball anyway and completes to John Nalbone. I love the Wake versus Long battle. Classic.

Second from the eigh yard line: Two yards for Ricky Williams.

Third down from the five yard line: Back corner throw to Hartline. TD. Kudus to the offensive line for picking up the blitz.

Dan Carpenter connects on a 34 yard field goal.

Dan Carpenter connects on a 40 yard fiel goal.

Dan Carpenter connects from 42.

Second versus second (Thigpen at QB)

First down: Incomplete pass down left sideline by Thigpen.

Second down: Incomplete (high) pass on an in-cut.

Third down from the 45: Incomplete wide receiver screen. Batted at line.

Third down from the 48: Incomplete. Nice pass defense by Nate Ness.

First down from the 44: Tight end screen to Joey Haynos for 6 yards.

Second down from the 38: Completion to Haynos for 28 yards.

Third down from the 28: Lex Hilliard no gain.

First down from the 24: Tristan Davis pops outside after getting throw the line for a gain of 6.

Second down from the 14: Pitchleft Davis for a gain of four.

Third down from the 12: Roberto Wallace goes over Ross Weaver for a TD in the corner of the end zone.

Third dwon from the 6: Thigpen incomplete.

Third down from the 6: Quentin Moses bats away a pass attempt to Haynos. Incomplete.

The Dolphins were not at full strength for the scrimmage. Jake Grove, Greg Camarillo and Patrick Cobbs did not practice. The Herald reported earlier Cobbs is nursing a hamstring injury. Ryan Grice-Mullen is back working.


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I know but I think Comcast is starting to offer it... So I just need to order it!

White didn't do so bad with his limited snaps.

Let's see if they give him and Thigpen equal snaps during the pre-season.

CBS Sports news stated:

8/6 - QB Pat White had a nice Friday morning practice, throwing tight spirals and having his passes hit the intended target. White finished Thursday’s practice strong, too. He’s battling Tyler Thigpen and Chad Pennington for the backup job; Thigpen is thought to be leading.
8/5 - QB Pat White had a strong session to end practice Thursday that included throwing a TD pass with nice touch and keeping on an option for a TD. Nevertheless, White remains a disappointment in the eyes of fans.

It seems that White is starting to pick up his game. We'll know soon enough.

Grrreatdane- Whats up! I don't know of any free agents, or a team -player that we could aquire as a return guy. I was trying to make the point that it is better to have this happen eraly in camp then towards the end. Take Cobbs out of the equation because we know what he can do. If none of the guys we currently have are able to cut the mustard. It wouldn't be out of the question to go find some one. I'm sure there are players out there that could fill this possible void that are not on a roster now, or not familiar with us in the blogosphere. Same with a player that might get cut from another team here down hte road. A lot of these return guys are specialists that nobody except those in charge of putting teams together has any knowledge of. Like I said Cobbs can do the job, we all know this. The others are still a question mark. I hope someone can step it up, if not these are some different options

Well, disappointed in the scrimmage. I was all excited about Marshall. I guess i am very happy our corners bounced back. What's with Marshall dropping the ball? But anyway, I guess overall I was happier in practice this week. Our defense will be great and I was excited to see what our offense could do. And, apparently, nothing.

Hey all!

Just came in to drop a few musings...

Pat White can only get better...no other way but up. Right now he is still bouyed by his 2nd round status but he better bring the flashes a lot more often in the Preseason. I hope he does better just to make things interesting.

Cam Wake will probably make a good IDP in FFL for sack heavy leagues. If he stays healthy he could easily be this years Dumervil.

I want to see all these live, exotic Nolan blitzes unleashed on foes...can't wait.

Nolan Carroll seems to be doing well and seems to have the change of direction suddeness to make a few big plays. Injury bug has to stay away.

Rex Ryan is still so fat that if goes to a Halloween party he can throw a white sheet over his head and go as Alaska.


I'LL be Happy with a guy that has sure hands and can go up the field for 20 to 25 yards with out running out of bounds(Ala Ted(Opps I Fell down)Ginn....

K thanks just was wondering if you knew something I didn't and agree with ya we know what Cobbs could lets see if we got something else!



Dear Rob in OC

People expect football analysis from you and fart jokes from me

I don't talk football...you dont't talk fart jokes.....got it !

Soiled :)

Rob in OC....WHAT UP!!!! Long time my friend.
All accounts say that Nolan Carrol has been straight ballin' this camp. This has been a pleasant suprise to me. I thought because of his limited amount of game time the last few years in college that he would have done well to make the practice squad. It sound like we have a player! Nice work FO.


Mr. Soiled Bottom. I need to know if you have given any thought at all to publishing your work! Christmas will be here soon, and I would like to have something for the Cuban Menace, Aloco, and all the others that would proudly display your musings in text.

It's Great to see Uncle Soileds posts whenever they appear, It makes my day........

I just got back from the scrimmage game;

I was very impressed with Nolan Carroll. He looks very talented and he has the speed to take it back. He broke up a few passes and almost had a pick.

Sean Smith broke up a nice pass intended for Marshall. The thing about Smith though, is that he seems to be too concerned about showing off in front of his fans. He needs to know that he's not in a dance competition but on a football field. When he starts doing this stuff in a game, then he can dance on the field.

Pat White looked like the best QB out there, believe it or not. I think he needs to be given a chance, seriously. His passes looked crisp, and he wasn't startled out there. He was making his reads, checking down, and throwing the ball accurately. He can play under center.

Reshad Jones also made a nice play today. He seems to play with swagger as well.

Joey Hanos made some nice plays out there too. He looked a heck of a lot faster today than he usually does. He can get open and has decent hands.


yes we signed him... (he wouldn't be in camp if we didn't! :)

Aloco, crowder looked good. I just wish he would make these plays during the season and stop running his mouth. He laid a vicious hit on a receiver, can't remember who it was. I didn't know they were allowed to hit this hard in a scrimmage game.

One thing I will say again; CARROLL is the real deal. No joke!

Dear Mr. Darrly Dunphy

Thanks for the kind words :)

Dear Mr. Salguero

Recently Soiled contacted 3rd persons disease from some posts left by a Mr. Home.

Home has laced his posts with a chemical compound which makes the reader become narcissistic and paranoid of Sean Smith.

Now Soiled isn't so sure about Sean Smith anymore :(

Can Armando help Soiled...Mr. Salguero ?

P.S. Somthing bad about NJ phinfan and the SS

I have some nice pictures, I wonder where I can post them. Any ideas?

David Martin caught a TD pass during 7 on 7 drills. He looks good and ready to go. I'm very excited about having him back.
He's the only TE with the speed and play making ability on our squad right now. I really don't know about Fasano guys.

Yes Soiled, It is truly shocking but not surprising that our "Friend" NJ fin fan has been Banned for life from the "SS", Look for his appearances here at the Herald as "Carlo Ponti" or something derogatory to yours truly.....By the way, Have you tried a Topical Cream for your disease that you contacted from Home???, I warned you about Reading around.....

tomorrow night we watch the football

The PB Post's Ben Volin posted that Pat White's pass to Moore was a 40 yd TD, not just a 15 yd completion as Armando has posted here. (Too bad it wasn't on a post pattern...)


You weren't impressed with ANYONE else but those guys? So you completely missed the fact that Charles Grant treated John Jerry like a turnstile a bunch of times by getting 2 sacks in FOUR PLAYS?! And then Pennington came in and Grant immediately had a qb rush and the very next play had a sack! That makes three sacks in limited playing time. How does that not impress you? He did it against the 1s 2s and 3s.

Carlito, Has NJ phin fan been banned for life At the SS??? Lmao over it, Is it true????


Wow, how utterly and painfully boring. Just when I thought this blog was unreadable, you take it to another, even more pathetic level, Mando. Kudos, man. If kudos were given to people for sucking as opposed to succeeding. Imagine if you had a radio show and people had to listen to your Tyson-voiced version of this blog? Oh, wait. Gah. Keep up the snoozerama.

- Bebo

Was'nt he Banned for life here too??????

Cuban Menace,
Who, me? I haven't said anything offensive. Just my opinion: that this blog blows and Mando is not very good at his job. I doubt I'm the only one, too.

- Bebo

AH-OHHHH, Sounds like LIL Bebo needs his nap.....

Cuban he may only be suspended like you were, for a few days. LOL

this blog is the best i read in my 12 years following the dolphins .

Cuban you still have not told me what kracken is???

Then you may want to practice reading more.

Mando means well, I'm sure, but the info provides is given with little context and his holier-than-thou tone makes it even harder to tolerate. I get more info from the news wire. You read a blog for insight into the process. Here, I just get filler and wheel-spinning. But hey, if that's your thing, more power to you. I guess.

- Bebo

Bebo, Sorry, You sound like "HOT ASHLEY" After I only gave it 3 minutes of my finest(And that's stretching it for 30 seconds) to her "NEEDS", But then again like Mando, Just as long as "I Am Satisfied" Is all that matters... True????

Cuban who is this ocala bob the fool was fighting with last night?

3 minutes cuban??? Three minutes of hard aerobic pounding!!!

Cuban Menace,
No idea who HOT ASHLEY is, and considering you only spent three minutes with her, you don't seem to know, either. But funny story!

- Bebo

Assasin, That's what the "TK8" are always saying over there at the SS, It's quite annoying actually, but it's how they greet every member of the TK8. I guess the equivalent would be a Handshake to normal people.......

Bebo , i hear you . for you to enjoy this blog you have to let it go .when you come here you should leave your dignity at the door and never get into a fight .in other words act like mr soiled bottom .

Cuban over at the SS there is this cool guy with a neat picture of a clown. He gets into it with your buddy.

Hey Mark,
Most of the time I just read the blog and try to glean any info of value, but on days like today, when it's clear Mando's phoning it in more than usual, it gets frustrating. That's all I'm trying to say.

- Bebo

ARMANDO IS OFF ON SUNDAY FROM HIS RADIO SHOW .HE SHOULD GET A LOT OF SLEEP .why i feel he's ignoring us and giving all his time to his wife and the radio .

FB,If You Have The iPone Or iPod You Can Post Them On There,that Is Of Course,If You Are A Member Of The Dolphins Football App.

Thanks Bebo, Assassin, Two in a half minutes of pounding........She is hot though, I'am shocked that I lasted 2 and half lol..... Again, Just as long as the man is Satisfied, Lets face it guys, if it was'nt for that "Patch of love" we'd be "hunting em"

Cuban who is this ocala bob the fool was fighting with last night?

Posted by: The Cuban Assassin | August

He's A Hero to me now............


Bebo , i hear you . for you to enjoy this blog you have to let it go .when you come here you should leave your dignity at the door and never get into a fight .in other words act like mr soiled bottom .

Posted by: Mark | August 07, 2010 at 06:53 PM

Might be the post of the night... IMHO..



Aloco, $296.00, Please child, We're Talking "HOT ASHLEY", Nothing but the best... Cubic Zirconia at $ 315.00...lol

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cuban we better not catch your azzz at the SS. Nobody is buying your shyt

There He Is NJ(The Plumber)Phin fan.... How you doing NJ, Or is it Carlo????

OMG, Aloco, You stopped posting in capital letters??? Or is this a Fake aloco??? Maybe it's the plumber, or it's Carlo, Or maybe Aloco took off his Caps Lock on his key board, Well we ever really know????????

it's me cuban,SOME TIMES I DO CHANGE .

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