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Roughcut play-by-play of today's scrimmage

This is the quick reaction post from today's scrimmage at Dolphins camp.

Bottom line?

I wasn't impressed by anyone other than Jake Long, Cameron Wake and Nolan Carroll. Read the play-by-play and you might understand why. The most impressive wide receiver was Brian Hartline.

Third-team offense versus third-team defense:

Tyler Thigpen is at QB

First down from the 25: Three yard rush by Lex Hilliard

Second down from the 32: Deep sideline pass to Marlon Moore. He jumps for the ball, its in his hands, but he drops the ball.

Third down from the 46: Thigpen connects with Patrick Turner for six yards.

First down from the 49: Tristan Davis gains four yards.

Second down from the 49: Nolan Carroll jumps a quick-out, tips the ball and linebacker Charlie Anderson plucks it out of the air for a turnover.

Third down from 40: Thigpen throws an out pattern right to Carroll. He drops the interception.

First down from the 37: Play-action. Jason Allen breaks up a pass to Julius Pruitt in one-on-one coverage.

Second down from the 27:. Handoff to Lex Hilliard loses two yards.

Third down from the 14: Offside defensive line and Thigpen pass to Moore is incomplete.

Second down from the 11 yard line: Pitch to Tristan Davis for a gain of four.

First down from the 7 yard line: Center Andy Hartline fires off a low snap from shotgun and Thigpen misses it. Blame both.

Third down from the five yard line: Bootleg right and Pruitt catches a TD pass in the back corner of the end zone beating Jason Allen.

First-team offense versus first team defense:

first down at the 25 yard line. Deep sideline to Brandon Marshall, who is stumbling through his route. Incomplete. Sean Smith was on the coverage.

Second down from the 35: Inside handoff to Ronnie Brown for two yards.

Third down from the 46 yard line: Henne thrwos in the middle of the field to Marshall who is cutting across right to left. Ball goes through his hands.

First down from 42: Screen play, Smelled out by the defense and Henne throws it into the ground.

Second down from the 38: Counter play to Ricky williams pops open on the left side for six or seven yards.

Third down from the 24: Henne looks deep to Marshall, checks down to Polite, who is popped immediately by Will Allen. Jake Long one on one vs Misi eats the rookie up.

First down from the 28: No one open downfield. Outlet throw to Ronnie Brown for 5 yards.

First down from the 12 yard line: Pass play, false start on Kory Sperry who still cannot block Cam Wake. Sack for Wake.

Second down from the eight yard line: Handoff to Ricky Williams for two yards.

Third down from the 7 yard line: Three wide with Bess in the slot and Marshall and Hartline outside. Henne fires to Bess who is covered by Bell. Bell gets closer to catching the ball than Bess.

Carpenter misses a 36-yard field goal.

Carpenter misses a 39-yard field goal.

Carpenter then misses from 41.

Third team offense versus third-team defense with Pat White at QB

First down from the 25: Completion from White to Joey Haynos coming across the middle.

Second down from the 40 yard line: Handoff to Tristan Davis. Gains three yards.

Third down from the 46. White pass to Taurus Johnson is high and incomplete.

Second down from the 46. Andrew Harltine andother low snap. White throws too long down the sideline. Incomplete.

Third down from the 35: White finds Marlon Moore on a slant for a 15 yard gain.

First team offensive versus second team defense

First down from the 25 yard line: Henne low pass, incomplete.

Second down from the 35. Shotgun. Short out pass to Brandon Marshall is complete, he then slips under Jason Allen for YAC.

Third down from the 45: Henne throws a 9 route, Marshall is running a deep out. Ball falls harmlessly incomplete.

Third down from the 48 yard line. In-cut to Marshall who is defended by Allen. Incomplete

First down from the 39 yard line: Hartline back shoulder against Will Allen for a 14 yard gain.

Second down from the 29 yard line: Short out to Brandon Marshall. He's open. He catches it, Will Allen bumps him and Marshall drops it. Got to catch that!

Third down from the 26 yard line: Sack for Charles Grant.

First down from the 12 yard line: Shotgun. Henne rolls right  Can't find anyone. Pass behind Hartline for an incompletion.

Second down from the six yard line: Check down to Ronnie Brown. TD.

Third down from the four yard line: Interior screen to Anthony Fasano. TD.

Second team offense vs. First team defense with Pennington at QB and Allen taking the snaps at right cornerback ahead of Sean Smith.

First down from the 25 yard line: Allen comes on a corner blitz. Pennington throws to Marshall who is uncovered for a 12 yard gain.

Second down from the 40 yard line: Inside handoff to Hilliard gains 3 yards.

First down from the 44: Sack by Charles Grant. Pennington got the ball off but in a real game he would have been picking himself off the ground.

Third down from the 49: Pennington completion to Julius Pruitt.

First down from the 45: Koa Misi sack vs David Martin pass protection. (Smith enters game.)

Third down from the 33: Shotgun: Cornerback blitz by Sean Smith. Sack in a real game.

First down from the 22 yard line: False start.

Second down from the 14: Screen Lex Hilliard for gain of four. Great hard hit by Channing Crowder.

Third down from the 11 yard line: Pass attempt to Bess in the right back corner of the end zone. Incomplete.

Third down from the 6 yard line: Incomplete.

First team offense vs first team defense:

First down from the 30: Henne looks left and deep to Bess who is covered. Check down to Brown.

Second down from the 45: Handoff to Brown gains 3 yards.

Third down from the 50: No one open! NO ONE OPEN! Henne pulls it down and play is over.

Third down from the 41: Marshall on a crossing pattern gains five yards.

First down from the 37: Henne quick pass to Hartline for 8 yards. Long versus Jared Odrick battle goes to Long.

Second down from the 27: Henne quick pass to Fasano for five yards. Long and Ricky Williams double-team Cameron Wake. Stuffed him.

Third down from the 25: Free safety blitz! Long recognizes it pre-snap and picks up Chris Clemons. Henne completes a three yard pass to Fasano.

First down from the 12: Henne runs out of time and must call time out. Not good.

First down from the 12: Trips right. Cameron Wake gets a sack verus Long. Henne throws the ball anyway and completes to John Nalbone. I love the Wake versus Long battle. Classic.

Second from the eigh yard line: Two yards for Ricky Williams.

Third down from the five yard line: Back corner throw to Hartline. TD. Kudus to the offensive line for picking up the blitz.

Dan Carpenter connects on a 34 yard field goal.

Dan Carpenter connects on a 40 yard fiel goal.

Dan Carpenter connects from 42.

Second versus second (Thigpen at QB)

First down: Incomplete pass down left sideline by Thigpen.

Second down: Incomplete (high) pass on an in-cut.

Third down from the 45: Incomplete wide receiver screen. Batted at line.

Third down from the 48: Incomplete. Nice pass defense by Nate Ness.

First down from the 44: Tight end screen to Joey Haynos for 6 yards.

Second down from the 38: Completion to Haynos for 28 yards.

Third down from the 28: Lex Hilliard no gain.

First down from the 24: Tristan Davis pops outside after getting throw the line for a gain of 6.

Second down from the 14: Pitchleft Davis for a gain of four.

Third down from the 12: Roberto Wallace goes over Ross Weaver for a TD in the corner of the end zone.

Third dwon from the 6: Thigpen incomplete.

Third down from the 6: Quentin Moses bats away a pass attempt to Haynos. Incomplete.

The Dolphins were not at full strength for the scrimmage. Jake Grove, Greg Camarillo and Patrick Cobbs did not practice. The Herald reported earlier Cobbs is nursing a hamstring injury. Ryan Grice-Mullen is back working.


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Hey Willfan at 4:28,

It will be nice to know that we beat them in week two.


Those type of things (if they're not 'Business Ventures') are usually 'Labors of Love'

If I did it (because I Love my Team) then I would probably run it with something called an 'IRC Server'.

IRC Blogs can do ' amazingly cool things ' like share video and music between posters and communicate with 'subgroups' of users. They also have strict banning tools in case a Member goes b a z e r k .

But to answer your question...good Administration takes too much effort. I couldn't do it right now.
(...and I'm not involved in a Radio Show.)

Aloco, Armando is doing a lousy job reporting from camp. He could be doing it as it's happening.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I would like to report a missing person.
It has been over 24 hrs or longer since anyone has seen a post from Nathanial Dodsworth.

Last I remember was Nathanial Dodsworth became an American citizen, married his best girl and bought a place to live somewhere in this great nation of ours.

Do you think Nathanial Dodsworth's disappearence has anything to do with him denoucing Rush and becoming an American citizen ?

If Canada was behind Nathans disappearance wouldn't Mark in Toronto and that guy from Montreal have already left the blog ? Unless....

Has anyone seen Odinseye ?

Soiled :)





Welcome back football

Last I heard; Odinseye's Ex Kidnapped him after she caught him with a 23 year old Stewardess on a Raft
on Lake Michigan...

Aloco: (@ 7:54 PM)

Would that be the three guys from Google?
(Did Google have three guys?...or was that Apple?...I can't remember.)


You're FAMOUS.

I've read you on the SS!

Whats up puff? Pass that to the left...

Hey, I'll take some of that!
Unless Soiled allows me into his fields of Sativa.

Aloco: at 7:54 PM --

Actually many of the Apps used on Cell Phones are written with software was written for free.
Its called 'Open Source'

If you're curious...Goggle it.
That is a modern example of 'Labors of Love'
Speaking of Love...

I'm going to L O V E
watching the Dolphin's Offensive Line POUND Teams into
submission this year.
And it all starts Next Week !!

Gibril Wilson just got beat by a TE... lol

Dare I say....
Its not that kind of 'Puff'.

(I was going more for the FIRE BREATHING aspect of the deal...)


I'm really looking forward to the Dallas Game.
It will give us an early idea of how good our team is!

P-u-f-f ~the 'Magic Kraken'

Really DOES live "by the Sea!"


That is why he is the Gerbil.

Cuban, WTF? Are you a woman? I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that I'm just wondering because I always thought you were a man that we were talking to. But as soon as you come into the blog you start with the he said/she said stuff. Does anyone in here really care about these moronic little squabbles?
I don't get a lot of time to talk Dolphins football and EVERY TIME I come in here I read back a bit in the posts and see the best conversations going on regarding the Phins. But for some reason whenever certain people come in here those people who were having the great conversations dissapear. And then I'm stuck with "O Rob says,,, and They cal me Tim said,,,, but then NJ was mean,,,,, and everyone's stupid,,,,blah blah blah.
Posted by: NYScott | August 08, 2010 at 05:04 PM

PRICELESS !!! and Fits the Cuban Mange to the T !!!! Well said , NY Scott !

Gibril Wilson just cost his team 15 yds for a late hit. LOL

F R E A K I N G ~~ T R O L L S !!

They've come back!


I hate 4 people here: NJ b/c he is a pompous know it all. Home, b/c she's a liberal, g ay Conspiracy theorist. Cuban menace b/c he tries to act cool and funny, but is pathetic and putrid instead. And Aloco, because the attention whoore writes in CAPS. Andostly b/c these idiots talk so much non-football. NYScott's rant was right on.

the Gerbil just put a late hit on a punt returner down on the ground .... 15 yards ..

good job ...

Imagine if Nolan Carroll actually develops into an Ed Reed type Safety!


then are you here?


That would be awesome.


I mean its Sooooooo early in camp.

But from what people have said...
There are these little flashes - he seems to have an instinct for making breaks on airbourne footballs.

That stuff is unteachable!

AND he's 200 Pounds!

Because he has nothing better to do


May he Layeth the Smacketh down on our opponents.

Look who's talking ass-assin ! you and miguel ( cuban menace ) are one in the same, 2 douchebags for the price of 1 .


"He who layeth the law, shall shalaketh the living daylights out of his opponents." Vs. 10, ch. 6.

I meant 'Amen'

No One Else.

To the 'Bi-polar' crowd...
Please stop drowning yourselves in anger and hate and imaturaty.
Life is Too Short.

(...don't you wish it was that easy?)

for crying out loud, do some of you really have no life? It's one think if you were here to actually discuss fins football, but some of you only seem to be here in order to have stupid babble with other low lifes... enough with the stupid back and forth sarcastic (lame and not a bit funny) banter which for the most part has zip to do with the team and rarely about the Article. Do some of you ever go back and read the stupidity that you spew on this board? Obvsiously not. How about discussing the team or the article at hand? Dolts, you know who you are.

As far as tne actual article. Mando, I'm usually a little hard on you, but great job, noboody is giving play by play and as many actual details as you gave in this blog. This is the stuff we want to hear about the scrimmage. Since most of us couldn't be there it's nice to have a reporter give us FACTs about the scrimmage, instead of just their "Overview" .... Which means the crap they watched when they weren't bs'ing with the other writers etc......... THe few practices I've attended in the past, it seems that most of the writers are more concerned with kickin' it with the other writers, then actually taking notes about the "facts", so they can report the info that their readers want..

For Unto Thee is a team that has been made.
And thou shalt call them the "DOLPHINS."
For whoever shall root for them and become one with them shall be blessed.

Dolphins - Chapter 1 verse 1.

(no I do not equate myself with the the Lord - just his lowly servant trying to rally the troops).

Why??/priceless please dont bother

You tell em priceless, the cuban menace was suspended from the SS. He is a parasite, no good imbecile!!


john henry , miguel ( the cuban menace ) was banned , not suspended. but you're about the imbecile part.

First things First and MOST importantly,

Let us not forget the meltdown at Buffalo.

We gotta get a "W" outta week 1.

Who disagrees with this????


Priceless you probably are right about menace being banned. Let me ask you. Who do you think posted as John Henry??

Seems like alot of folks are getting banned/suspended from the Sentinel.

R&R We have to take care of Buffalo, it goes without saying. 3 and 1 start for the first four games I say...

WHY..........WHY ?

Fu,,k the SS .

Earlier, cuban menace was talking too his minions here. Nobody at the SS is fooled by you anymore. Menace you are a cancer to this blog, a two headed snake!

My favorite people are the cuban,soiled,aloco and my mom .

WHY = priceless

Well now, the Assassin is on board with a 3 and 1 before the bye.

Truly he is blessed.
Anyone else want to receive blessings from on high?

i love one person on this blog the most the Cuban Menace .

praise the lord .


Priceless you probably are right about menace being banned. Let me ask you. Who do you think posted as John Henry?? Posted by: The Cuban Assassin | August 08, 2010 at 10:04 PM

ME !!!


the plumer in da house


Earlier, cuban menace was talking too his minions here. Nobody at the SS is fooled by you anymore. Menace you are a cancer to this blog, a two headed snake!

Posted by: John Henry | August 08

NJ, Is it true you've been banned from the SS ????, And by the way, Call your wife tim, I think she might be suicidal now that you've been banned....LMAOROTF, What a BUFFOON...


No Thanks Little buddy..

i love banana and hot dogs .

Lovest Thou anyone more than the DOLPHINS?
Acknowledge Ye that the DOLPHINS are most mighty or burn in hell!

(Hell is anything JETS related)

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