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Armando and the Amigo debuts today 6-10 a.m.

This morning marks my return to talk radio, as I take over the morning drive show on 640 Sports here in South Florida.

I hope you will tune in to "Armando and the Amigo" and make me and my co-host Larry Milian part of your morning routine whether you live in South Florida or not. If you are local, you can obviously tune in at 640-AM if you're in your car or at www.640WFTL.com if you're at your computer.

Doesn't matter if you're at work. I'm having permission slips printed so your boss won't mind.

You can listen live by clicking the window that says, well, "Listen Live On Air Now." You can also call the show toll free from anywhere in the country. Our numbers are 1-888-640-WFTL. That's 1-888-640-9385.

You can also text me your questions or comments directly at 2247-640-640.

A few things I want to share that I will expand upon during today's show:

1. I just do not see Pat White making the Dolphins unless something drastic happens. His so-called "personal issues," as he called it and "personal injury issue," as coach Tony Sparano called it, have little to do with my opinion. I've been watching White practice the past few days and, frankly, I don't see the improvement from last season.

2. I'll share with you an interview I did with cornerback Sean Smith and tell you why we should pay very close attention to his practice battles with Brandon Marshall.

3. Look, this is your opportunity to get as inside the Fins as you can without being part of the team. I do not know it all, but I have no agenda. If you ask me a question, I'll tell you all I know. I don't have to hold back tons of information like some shows must. And I have 20 years of covering the team to draw on, which other shows simply cannot provide. Will I have an optimistic outlook most of the time? Yes. I think some good things are coming. You guys know I admire Bill Parcells and respect Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland. I also like most of the players. But I'm never going to give you the company line.

My show will cover all sports, so if you want to discuss college football or CFL football, or Arena football, or Australian Rules Football, I'm good with that. Just kidding. We'll talk baseball. Former Mets GM and ESPN analyst Steve Phillips is scheduled to be on the show today. We'll talk NBA and Heat also.

I also promise surprise guests and segments as the weeks pass. It should be fun.

So please give a listen.


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El Cacahuate is first!!!!

Congrats on the new show. Best of luck!


Congrats on the show!! I'll be listening tommorow. I wish u the very, very best! Dont be afraid to make your show Dolphin centered. U r right in saying u know more about the Phins than anyone not employed by the team, b/c u do.

Wow, New talk Radio, Nice house,Hot wife.... Danm Mando, YOU DA MAN DOG.............

Man, that's a change. You go from a six month vacation to being busy all the time. You must be shell shocked.

Is that before or after Dingo and the Baby?

So you'll miss all the 9am camp practices ? How will you keep informed ?

Congratulations Armando. My drive is from around 5:45 till 7:00 so I'll get some then and have you up on the Computer when I get where I'm going (senseless work stuff can wait, important business will be at hand) New wife, Nice pad, New Radio show, Tony Sparano calling you out by your first name in his Press Gig.... I am very Impressed...

Armando... A word of caution...

The brighter the star shines, the more people start wearing sun glasses, the higher the plane fly's, the more time you have to think about hitting the ground....

Be careful my South Florida Neighbor and Friend. Nothing in the world brings out those with a different agenda then the success of a one time friend and now new competitor. Those "Stations" and their participants will see you as "Competition" not as a Home Town Favorite done good. You will get attacked eventually. But I am certain you know this.

That said.... GO MIAMI!!!!

Can't wait to hear your show!!! Please don't suck and embarrass the whole town....(just Kidding! You'll Rock!)


Armando, I'm listening to your show. You can put down Sean Smith all you want but keep this in mind. He's never been up against anyone remotely close to Marshall's talent. I know that he still has to prove himself with 0 interceptions, but he has the work ethic, the tools, and the attitude to succeed in this league.
My prediction: 5 ints this season. Mark it.


You are like the poor man's Ryan Seacrest.


More new, less shamefull self promotion. Enough already! Get your ego in check and report Phins news only.

Today is a holiday in Canada and I am so f****** hung over.

To that guy calling out the Cuban and ALoco, do f*** yourself, those are 2 of the beacons of this blog.

Mando, if you will be talking all kinds of football, will you be talking about the resurgence of the Toronto Argonauts and the hand former Dolphin Cleo Lemon has had in it?

Here me go. A shameless plug and self promotion....

BRRP..... excuse me

Good luck with your new show Armando. Heard you talking about Sean Smith this morning. Good work, practicing against Marshall is just going to make him better. Lot of people are excited about the season, let's get it started

LMAO @ the Jets and Darrell Revis

Dear Mr. Salguero

Lets see

Follow my blog, Follow me on twitter, Follow me on my radio show, this is my home and swimming pool.

So let me get this straight...you want me to stalk you ?

Do you want the full on stalking or just a mild fan appreciation ?

Soiled :)


This is all show for Hard Knocks.

In the meantime, let me know when Sean Smith learns how to tackle...

How does it go with Alama at OLB


How does Revis look at practice? Oh yeah thats right, I heard Revis Island is up for short sale...

P.S. The whole Jets team is just all show for Hard Knocks! LMAO! Enjoy the preseason... that hype machine, joke of a team is looking at 8-8 at best

Let me know how it goes with the following studs making their into the NFL

Alama the Run man OLB
Coco Misi the Rush OLB
Cleo Lemons at FS
Cam Cameron Wake the Coverage OLB
Patrick Poor Man Marshall Turner QB
Pat hide and Seek White 4th String QB

I have to say I am super impressed with what I am hearing about our young guys!

1. John Jerry holding down RG since camp started!
2. Jared Odrick showing pass rush skills and drawing compliments of #77
3. Koa Misi bulking up and competing for starting spot
4. Brian Hartline running as the #2 WR and looking unchallenged
5. AJ Edds getting good snaps at ILB
6. Nolan Carroll and Reshad Jones both getting early int’s in practice

I’d have to say John Jerry is the biggest surprise so far, but we are counting on Odrick and Misi the most…

Thats all good, but when the stadium is full and the real game starts, Jerry, Coco, Shrek, Mr.Eds and XMAS carroll will all run for the potty room

Mando, i think it was a kind of a cheap shot this morning when a caller jokingly commented, "what, is this the Joe Rose show" and one of you commented that, no it wasn't, we know something. Come on fella's, keep it real, but not real cheap.

Question before I listen to 640 and the 3 amigos,

did they put a filter on the hosts voice so it doesn't want to make people drive their car off the road?

That First Guy That Rated Armandos Show Is A Retard.

I am one of the biggest DOUCH@BAGS on this blog and I want Rex Ryan's weenie in my mouth.

Please dont use my name. Grow some and post like the little princess you are, suggested name: OMG Fin Princess 001

Greenie Weenie

"suggested name: OMG Fin Princess 001"

Already asigned to Jason Taylor

Soiled :)

Greenies Weenie,

Almost forgot, Vladimir Ducasse, starting instead of Alan Faneca, good luck with that. Guarantee you John Jerry turns out to be the better G. Watch and see!

He is OMG Ballerina 99

Fake Greenie's Weenie at 9:57 and 10:04

It may be a fake poster... But common man tell the truth that is really what ya want!

I love to watch Sanchez in shorts and Rexy in his girdle to hold his gunt

Greenie Weenie sucks balllllz

Now available in blue

I want the fin fans to realize their teams reality of 7-9 or 6-10

Mark be nice now

Just a question,

Do any of you Dolphin fans go and post on Jet blogs? Just wondering. I think the Jets fans are reaaalllyyy NERVOUS!

So glad I finally got in blue. Just kidding guys Dolphins are sure to go 12-4 or 11-4. That 6-10 thing was a joke. If I really believed that I'd have to be an idiot Jet fan or not know anything about football. In reality its probably both. Jet fans just hate you Dolphin fans so much because we want to be like yous guys.

I mean 12-4 or 11-5 book it.

Tri State

I tried to go to a jets blog but they have an I.Q. cap of 25 anyone over 25 I.Q. is denied entry.....somthing to do with living in reality

Soiled :)

Dolphins AFC East Champs for sure yous guys


Soiled Bottom,

Not everyone from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have an IQ of 25, just Jet Fans! LOL !! Just letting you know, there are some intelligent people from the TriState region.

Aloco Thanks Yous!

Dolphins AFC East Champs for sure. What you think?

The Jets? Fuuuggitaboudit

Something tells me that even Mark in Toronto has an imposter now. He's always kinda been a prick, but, usually more well-spoken. I doubt he'd ever call Cuban and Aloco "beacons". They are without a doubt part of this blog, but, more like barnicles. Really bad one's that you would love to get rid of...

ALoco, "I don't drink" That expains everything very clearly now. All ex-alcoholic, ex-smokers, ex-gamblers all turn into preaching, pain in the as@es once they realize they have no self control over their lives. They then want everyone to be miserable like them. ALoco and Home belong as bestie friends. They wallow in each others misery no doubt.


I'm made of glass. Please don't throw stones. Just put on the dress and heels like normal. Maybe go down to the kitchen so pot can meet kettle.

Carlito now goes by Greenie's Weenie in Blue

Carlito from CostaRica

M@@C You Dress wearing Hermaphrodite, How you been doing buddy????Dane, This is the Marc I ws refering about the other nite.....

BTW Marc, That was a funny post.....

Cuban, nice to see you, hope all is well but missing Hot Ashley. Where is your "future ex-wife who takes your pension and finds someone else much younger" ? You guys all right and we having a Dolphin's wedding??

Cameron Wake got roasted by TE Anthony Fasano on good throw from Henne. Defense shifting TE to Wake's side will happen a lot.

One Trick pony!

-- Brian Hartline beat Sean Smith for a 40-yard pass. It was a great sideline catch but Smith didn't play the ball well.

Pat White usually doesn't look good at QB, but he looked SUPER bad on Monday morning.


Aaahhh Your Fame Precedes You Mark... But In This Case I Dont Think That Is Such A Good Thing!

New season, new nicknames, same idiots. If you need $ for a hooker, please let me know. You and your multiple personalities surely need to get laid.

Cuban, nice to see you, hope all is well but missing Hot Ashley. Where is your "future ex-wife who takes your pension and finds someone else much younger" ? You guys all right and we having a Dolphin's wedding??

Posted by: bobbyd12 | August 02, 2010 at 11:49 AM

Bite your tongue Bobby...........lol

Pat White is finished, his throws are very inconsistent, unless we are keeping 4 QBs which would really disappoint me to cut a good player to kern a 4th. Sean Smith going against Hartline and Marshall this camp will only make him better.

Marc, If your on here, Who's running Hell?????????????

Bobby, Hot Ash is doing great, she's now Head of Radiology at her hospital, though she works some wicked hours, she gets home at 7pm and Iam off to work till 4 am, only see each other a hour or two a day, but it's a great hour if you know what Iam talking about, And I think you do........

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