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Uninspiring Falcons beat sloppy Dolphins in preseason G3

This was supposed to be the sneak peek. This was the dress rehearsal for the Dolphin before the regular-season show opens because this was the game the coaches prepared for the opponent, the starters played longer and units and sub packages were comprised of personnel you're likely to see in the regular season.

But it wasn't good enough. As I write in my column in the Saturday Miami Herald, the Dolphins are not yet ready for the start of the regular season, which is only 14 days away at Buffalo. (Thankfully, guys, it doesn't look like the Jets or Pats are playing much better.)

But let us concentrate on the Dolphins:

"We played sloppy, inconsistent," coach Tony Sparano said, "at times did some decent things, but couldn't finish. We just didn't finish. There was something always unexecuted one place or another on either side of the ball. They were 10 of 18 on third down on defense and on the other side we were two of 12. So we didn't stay on the field, and we really couldn't get off the field too well, either. There was something always unexecuted one way or the other.

"That's my fault. I got to do a better job."

Truth is, everyone has to do better for the Dolphins to be ready to play to start the regular season. Sparano did a study of how teams make the playoffs and he found an undeniable connection between starting fast and getting in the playoffs.

So the Dolphins must start fast in 2010.

They must find a pass rush as the first-team defense hasn't really created a consistent one all preseason. Last night the Dolphins had 26 pass-rush opportunities for their first-teamers. They did not sack Matt Ryan even once.

Sure, they didn't blitz but once. But sometimes you have to get to the passer without creating the rush. Sometimes it has to come from your core rushers without the help of corners or safeties or other blitzes.

"We really didn't do a whole lot from a pressure standpoint in this game," Sparano said. "I think you want to see what happens when you have four or five guys in the rush in the rush. At times with four or five guys you have to win your individual match-up and we didn't always do that."

Cameron Wake won his matchup twice that I counted. He didn't collect a sack, but he got a hit on Ryan or hurried a throw. I didn't see anyone else do that.

I'd like to see quarterback Chad Henne begin to find a groove. The hope was that he could pick up Friday night where he left off last week against Jacksonville. He had an excellent night against the Jags. He could not extend that excellence versus Atlanta.

Henne never looked comfortable. Never looked on the same page with his primary receiver Brandon Marshall. And he seemingly, and most troubling, never looked the defense off. He seemed to lock onto one side of the field or one receiver and throw it to that side or receiver while never seeming to think about turning his head and, whaddaya know, surprising the coverage by throwing the other way.

"We're going to need some work," Henne said. "Obviously, we're inconsistent in areas. We just got to keep on grinding. I mean time is running out. We need to start clicking and get it done in this preseason game, next preseason game and do it in practice."

Sparano said this outing probably will not affect the way he approaches the final preseason game. He did say it might change how he approaches "the next three days of practice." That probably means the intensity will be stepped up. I can only hope.

The running game, by the way, is also becoming a source of attention, if not outright concern. The Dolphins really haven't created much daylight or run lanes this preseason. I have yet to see a great block by an interior lineman at the second level of the defense. Perhaps that's a product of all the mixing and matching they've done in practice with the interior guys at RG, C, and LG.

But that sounds like something of an excuse. The fact is John Jerry has been the RG since the second week of camp. He's been a first-team fixture. The truth is Richie Incognito has been at LG for over two weeks now. Yes, the center spot has been a revolving door. Maybe that is where the problem lies. Jake Grove is the better run-blocker while Joe Berger is probably the better pass-blocker.

This position needs to get settled with some sort of permanence this week -- with permanence defined as finding the dude that will start the Buffalo game and giving him most of the work the next 14 days.

There were some positive points last night.

Yeremiah Bell is still as solid a strong safety as you will find and he had an interception. Karlos Dansby showed his coverage skills on a couple of plays in which he caused incompletions on throws to tight end Tony Gonzalez. Brian Hartline seems to be coming out of his shell a bit and is figuring in the offense pretty well. There were no obvious mental mistakes in the defensive backfield. Vontae Davis played well.

But ... even some of the positives raise questions.

How is it Davis can be showing such nice progress in his second season while Sean Smith is not? Smith missed the start because he violated a team rule, according to Sparano. Not too worried about that. But when he got in the game in the second quarter, he got tore up (yes, tore up) on a double move that left his lower body defending an out and his upper body chasing a receiver streaking down the sideline.

Smith was a good five yards behind the receiver when Ryan overthrew the apparent touchdown pass. Crisis averted, but that move is on film now. You think the Bills will try that on Smith with Lee Evans applying a banquet of double moves on Sept. 12?

"It's frustrating," Bell said. "You never want to go out and literally get punched in the mouth. They hit us off some plays tonight, they were more physical than we were. As players, the coaches can't do anything about that. We have to take that upon ourselves and go out and do a better job."

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As bad as we looked last nite...and it was pretty bad...we still were in the game only a 10 point deficit. The offense was terrible and again with the drops i counted 3 last nite.

Hey Mando,

Do you think that it is now safe to say that BOTH of our 2nd round draft picks last year are BUSTS?

Is The Sky Falling? No Its Just Preseason

Ok this doom and gloom stuff has got to stop. Are there any real dolfans left????

I am as old school as the next fan but it seems that A LOT of people are hung up on past glories that nothing short of perfection will quench which is simply ridiculous. I have enjoyed this site in the past but it seems everyone is insistent on only showcasing the downside week in and week out. All I'm asking for is a holistic view of the weeks events not some sugar coated lifetime drama crap. Where is all the talk about the great play of Koa Misi, Vontae Davis and our turnover ratio this preseason??? (Yes we have been taking the ball away but you wouldn't know it) I guess the good points got lost in this seemingly black and white sea of despair everyone insists on talking about!!

This is preseason folks get over it!!! It does count but only as an evaluation period and conditioning nothing more nothing less. Do we need improvement, yes but I am confident that the personnel in place will make the necessary adjustments to have this team on track for the regular season. Neither the offense nor the defense wants to show their hands before the real games begin but you would think the freaking super bowl was on the line the way everyone is talking.

So how about some reporting and talk about both sides or is their only good news and reporting, in bad news??

I think the Dolphins adjust to the team they play to beat them, they have to concentrate more on their game in order to deliver blowouts.

I havent seen the dolphins crush an opponent in a long time and i think we should see some of that pretty soon.

Backup QB's are throwing the ball fine, so is Chad but he is missing some really good opportunities. And the wildcat is nothing but a thing of the past, we need to have a new surprise and unbalancing glitch play, maybe in punt kicking or something...


"You think the Bills will try that on Smith with Lee Evans applying a banquet of double moves on Sept. 12?"
Armando, have you seen the Bills offensive line? I hope they run double moves on him because there is no way in hell Edwards is gonna have the time needed to get a throw off on a double move. Hell i don't think he'll have enough time to get off a 3 step quick slant off let alone a 5 step double route.

the play calling with henne was awful

henning is still too cute in year 3

the oline didn't even pick up any blitzes either


like i said two weeks ago: 7-9 finish here we come.

At Caymanfinfan.
One year does not show enough to call somebody a bust. people are so quick to jump on players sometimes. Give them at least 3 years to develop. Pat White most likely will be a bust but it is still too early. Smith is unfortunately regressing which is a bad sign but he could figure it out and turn things around. I thought his tackling has looked better if nothing else so far this preseason. I think he still starts week 1 and starts to improve, at least I really hope so because he has seemingly unlimited potential.

hartline and fasano they r the drop specialists on this team .if they drop 50 percent of the palls that means no PLAYOFF .

btw,where's the QB coach ,there's one or not ? or penne is doing double duty ?

When you spend the whole offseason just reading the news and blogs of your own team, but this time of year just about every city thinks their team has a shot to with the SB. Then...reality sinks in.

I'm not worried about Henne. He is bound to be erratic for some time but he appears to be a franchise QB and a good one. Give him a little more time. I am concerned that our 'world class' offensive line didn't look so good. Also, the D is young, new players, young players, new D coordinator, my concern is that it takes time ( =losses) for them to come together and gel. That could be our undoing this season.

We have no running game.

This all traces back to the 3 stooges letting Roth, Porter, Taylor& Wilson go and getting nothing in return.

When the draft came around we had to spend everything on defense (with the exception of Jerry) and nothing on running backs. Why was Camarillo not traded before the draft like I posted here over and over again from January to April?

And why was Roth let out of his contract with nothing in return?

A draft pick for Cam and another for Roth and we could have taken Ryan Matthes with the 12th and still had plenty of picks to use on the Edds of the world.

henne is a bad decision maker. he doesn't know how to throw the ball away, instead he takes a sack. that's not going to win you to many games!

I'm thinking letting go of Cam is going to haunt us. He is going to put up big numbers in Minne. Those other players we let go, have to realize its not like we could have got much for them, if anything anyway. Ireland is plenty smart enough to figure out its better to get a pick than just let someone walk, have to believe they would have done so if it were possible.

finfaned, you're mostly right in your assessment. There were some good things done out there against the Falcons, and there were some "familiar" things too (and that's what people might be down about).

Bright spots first:
- We do NOT have a weak core of WR's this year. If we don't make the playoffs, don't blame this group.

- finfaned said it, we have gotten turnovers on defense this preseason (especially from Yeremiah, who doesn't have good hands).

- Even if the QB and WR aren't totally on the same page, Brandon Marshall is the exact opposite of Ted Ginn: Big target, good route runner, slick (not just quick), "historically" good hands.

- Koa Misi looks like the real thing. Mando said he only saw Wake get to the QB, but I saw a Misi pressure on a play. He had a few tackles. I only saw one play where he really screwed up (letting the running back juke him to get to the edge).

Ok, some of the bad:

- Special teams was better, but still gave up long runbacks (why can't the first guy EVER get the returner on the ground?).

- Defense CANNOT get off the field. That's three preseason games (makes it more than just a preseason fluke). Ok, Nolan isn't spicing up the plays, but c'mon, I counted exactly ONE 3-and-out (first series of the game), EVEN with backups. Not good enough (Dansby was trying though on pass coverage, did a good job there).

- Offensive Playcalling - Now, this might not be a problem (to finfaned's point, could just be the vanilla nature of preseason playcalling). What makes me nervous is we've all seen Henning do this ALL season long. These lateral passes and handoffs when the defense is stuffing up the middle. Why keep trying to go through the mountain. You have an eagle, let his SOAR over the mountain. Henning historically uses his TE's much more than WR's, and that worries me, given the inconsistent nature of the offense (if you're on the field longer, you have to be more consistent, and not sure that's Henne's strong suit.

- Bell said it, this team got "roughed up." AND THAT WON'T FLY! Miami has become the team that other teams hate to play because they are so rough. That character needs to be shone and, sorry folks, we need a JOEY PORTER-type guy on the defense to step up and take the role of team motivator and enforcer (the team's so young, not sure there's anyone besides Bell to do it, but, he's more of a quiet guy. Maybe Dansby or Crowder, they just have to do it though.

All-in-all, I still have faith in the team, just want to see consistency and that Billy Bad*ss spirit from the defense.

I'm not an this is the end of the world because we lost a preseason game. But that was a medicore performance that was dissapointing.
Offensivley, I thought that we would have played with some confidence comin g off the performance from last week. That didn't happen. The offense took a step back, and looked out of sync, and at times inept. Armando mentioned that our third down success rate was 2 for 12, part of the reason why is that we couldn't gain any first down yardage, and were put in situations that we were "behind the sticks" to many times. I hope this is not the reflection of how the play calling will continue once the season starts. Also we have to do better in the red zone, Turnover, and field goals won't cut it. We have to do better there.
Defensivley, we played pretty well. There were few lapses, but we createad turnovers, and held the first team to ten points. The lack of pressure is of some concern, but everyone from the comentators, to folks on this blog keep saying that Nolan hasn't "let the bulldog loose" and that once it counts we will see more agressive play. The linebackers look great, I'll say it again, Micah Johnson is going to be a good player, great find by the trifecta. Vontae played great, Carrol was good, but the rest of the corners have some work to do. The last touchdown, I thought Hobbs had pretty good coverage, it was just a good pass, and catch. It's the NFL, the other teams have good players too.
Special teams wise, we were better. Only one big return that I remember. This unit still must get better. Nolan Carrol looked good on both returns, and on coverage of punts. I would like to see Marlon Moore get some opportunities to return kicks next week, he looks fast, and fearless.
We can put this one in the books, and move forward. The coaching staff has some work to do to get this team ready to go, we can't afford to be inconsistent each week once the season starts, this is on them to get this team back on track.

miami vs atlanta on NFL NOW .

how the fins kept mr hennig as OL coach ?

how to get the ball in marshall hands ?

greg camerallo tonight at 8.00 pm MIN VS SEA .

WHY do i feel i read all these posts last 4 years .come on people say something different .

Mojo's Observations: No Mojo
1. We don't have anyone that can play the LG position, just a lot of RGs playing out of position.
2. Henne actually looked improved with his touch passes.
3. White look the best of all the QB's. Go figure. Pass, pass, run, first down…it was exciting.
4. Receivers, Moore and Wallace continues to push Turner off the team.
5. LB Micah Johnson working with starters, could make team.
6. Donald Thomas on missing persons list. Needs to step up and help this team run better. “Donald, what up, dude?”

mojo, i approve your post ,good one .

DC Dolfan, Good post..

ALoco any cures for gout?

Man Finfaned,

You nailed it... Thats exactly how FANS should be talking. Listen I was disappointed of course. I wanted to see them dominate like everybody else. But a fan needs to stay objective, and support the team regardless.. Do you guys realize they call Miami the worst sports fans in the leaugue. They say were fickle, and only support a Championship team. Believe it or not these blogs matter. Henne needs to continue to improve, but after the non stop revolving door of QB's we have had over the last 15 years I am very glad to have him, and I think he will be a top 10 quarterback eventually. He has a big upside. We have a solid team in place. Maybe not super bowl worthy but this team can compete with anyone. They did last year and they will be better this year. We almost beat both superbowl teams last year. Those teams were blowing people out, so almost is something. We down right dominated Indianapolis with our running game. This year we have Brandon, and that will open things up and we wont see the non stop 8 men in the box we saw last year. Atlantas a very good team and well were not there yet.. Hang in there Dolfans, stay positive and support these guys.. Were on the right track.. I Love you Miami... Said with a Livan Hernandez accent..Old School Baby...lol

FFS why don't we wait and see how the season pans out before we condemn the team. It pre season for gods sake, some of you fairweather fans don't deserve a team, either get behind the fins or shut the hell up, you guys make me sick!!!

looking back on this whole preseason for what its worth i think no one should have been annointed after a 7-9 season and folding in crunch time. sparano has said it doesnt matter what we did last year;you start over. maybe there should be an open competition in ota's and camp to see who can earn their roster position. one area of concern to me is vernon careys inability to pass block. another is sean smith inability to get low enough to change direction using his hips. he doesnt jam the WR either so they can lose him whenever they wish. might help to watch tapes of revis physical nature of the position.

Smith isn't a bust yet. Still way too soon to tell with a CB. There's a reason Vontae was a solid first round pick and Sean wasn't. We're seeing that right now. But if this stuff starts eating at Smith's confidence, he'll have a rough time just keeping up. He should get extra work against the Cowboys.
As for the big play Jason Allen gave up, it looked like to me that he should have had inside help from the FS that never materialized.

Odrick is bust ,it's written all over him .

Henne had a bad game. no problem. Running game will come around.

Smith and the lack of a pass rush are what bother me. this doomed us in most of our games last season. sure hope coach Nolan unveils whatever the hell it is thats supposed to turn this unit around.


Agreed Comoletely Greg Z. Well Said

Chiming in, there are a lot of good comments here, points of view...but at times it seems like some of you don't realize there isn't a single thought expressed here that the trio hasn't thought of. If one of us is thinking of it, they've thought of it 100 different ways. It's what they do, 100% of their lives are spent on this. So, the blog is good when we don't have all those silly boys wandering off subject...just have faith there is method to their madness...and yes even they can make a mistake once in awhile.

Not making excuses ..but the falcons were fired up in this game.they had 11 days off and played bad vs. the pats on defense..so you know they got ripped by there coaches..as for the fins 'sporano seems to not have the guys ready for the game..another coach ala saban...dave.w....etc..just because fasano had a good game last week ..does not mean you can go to him again.this week ..dan henning needs to go..i feel in the middle of the season they will give the rains to pennigton to call the plays ..i notice marshall was singled covered all day..brian hartline reminds me alot of former ohio.st. wr ted ginn..he can run but he has bad hands..not starter material..why does ricky and ronnie always go to the defense .when they run the ball. can't they bounce outside?jared odrick looks like another phillip merling..he's always on the floor..lacks strength..chris clemons can't locate the ball. not a ball hawk at all...can you ask the coaches what they work on during the week?cause it looks like they don't do nothing during the week,.IT SEEMS THERE NOT READY AT ALL.DID YOU SEE THE FALCONS ..THEy were prepared ..no mistakes .that's coaching.after the game sporano said again i need to do a better job of coaching..dan henning needs to be in a home..as for the d..everyone is saying wait till the first game with the blitzing..what are they gonna do... get a invisible player to get to the qb..the bills are gonna be ready for that..this team needs to be more organized..

polite's play is getting old .

i'm smelling here comes 8-8 and parcells retirement.

One more chime... Remember Parcells just about went to Atlanta and then came to Miami at the last minute? Well both of these teams began rebuilding from scratch at the same exact time. Ok, this was preseason. It will be interesting to see though where these two teams are at the end of the regular season. Fins looked better the first year, Falcons looked better the second year. So let's see which regime does better in the long run.

MR.ROSS wants to be great..that's why he does all this crap with off the field stuff..if the fins don't make the playoffs this year ;'heads will roll.including parcells..they have just made to many mistakes 'with players and coaches..grove..wilford..p.white.etc........And don't forget there's 3 coache's that would love this job..BILL.C..TONY D...JOHN.G...SO THEY BETTER GET THERE S?@@#T TOGETHER..FAST!

Mr. Aloco

"polite's play is getting old "

Hennings play calling is getting old.

There I fixed it for you

Soiled :)

THE play were sean smith got beat..was the same play of the game last year vs. atlanta..were white burned him for a td but ryan overthrew the ball. this time white droped the ball..smith is to tall to react quickly..on double moves..as for matt ryan ..i rather have chad henne ,,.matt just plays on a more organise offensive system...go fins!

U Already Know What Home Thinks Bout sean smith

and What Home Thinks Bout
Soon to be Voted to the Pro Bowl Bone Crushing Brady to Moss Intercepting and Bills Pick 6 Intercepting CB with Mike Tyson Fiece Focused Confident Determination Mean Mountain of a Man
Vontae Davis

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****


Are you in anyway shape or form related to the Drunk Viking from Michigan...your writings seem oddly similar

Soiled :)

Miami Dolphins were NOT READY last season and
Home predicted & Posted the Miami Dolphins WOULD LOSE THEIR 1st (2) TWO GAMES

Once Again Tony Sparano & his coaches Do Not have the Miami Dolphins ready for the start of regular season

C`mon Tony
Home Has Predicted Miami Dolphins Go 4-0 @ the start of the 2010 regular season

Get Your Shiet Together

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

The only part of the team that concerns me is the O-line. O-line should not be looking this bad even though its the preseason. I have defended Sparano on the rotating O-line to find the best fit because of his knowledge of the O-line, but I am starting to wonder. At some point of time you have to settle on your true starters so they can gel. I also think part of the reason Henne looks so uncomfortable in there is because he lacks confidence in the O-line. This team was built to have a strong line on both sides of the ball and this season will hinge on how well this O-line plays.

SoiledBottom..are you anyway related to the ''FLYING MONKEYS'' FROM THE WIZARD OF OZ?

ALoco, Polite's play is used everytime because it worked everytime previously. But anyone could see that was almost 2 yards, and way too far to run that play. Like Soiled said, Henning should have dialed another play. But, to his defense, he could be calling plays everyone THINKS we'd run now, and (hoping against hope here) he'd call a surprise in that situation every once and a while (especially at an important stage of the game).


Not to be Homer, ... but

Jake Long DID NOT HOLD on that crucial 3rd down play

Marshall had a completion with (2) two steps after catch and the ball was stripped by Owens and recovered by Ronnie Brown resulting in a Miami Dolphins 1st down

Saw the the plays live and watched the replay on the Jumbotron

Real Bad Calls by the refs

Call It
The Way I See It

and those were 2 bad calls against the Dolphins

aloco, first henning is the OC not the OL coach. odrick hasbeen doing his job just fine. in the 3-4 the line is supposed to keep the OL occupied so the LB's can make plays. our ends line up between the G & T. misi and wake are supposed to make the plays on the outside, dansby and crowder on the inside. they have targeted marshall plenty,considering he's played less than a half on average, problem is he has dropped at least one in every game. but has been targeted at least 4 times per half. how is polite's play in short yardage getting old when he got stopped once in 13 tries?? i'll take those odds every time!!

also, how is smith a bust? yes he got beat on a double move, it does happen. but teams still seam to stay away from him and throw at davis a lot more often. are these teams just dumb?? it's not like davis follows their best receiver. on that play, where was the safety?? sometimes a corner knows he can bite on the short route because he has help over the top. davis, dansby, and bell had a great game. the rest of the defense overall was good. we should win plenty of games if we keep our opponents under 17. that was without the real defensive playbook. atlanta ran their fullbdefense.

Pre season game 1

sean smith had only TD of the game scored against him

Pre season game 2
sean smith was thrown against 3 times
All 3 passes for completions against smith

Pre season game 3
sean smith benched
Very first play when sean came in the game
smith Burned Bad for TD by five yards


Well-considered post, Armando. I'm impressed with your new attitude. The old Armando would've cried that the sky is falling after a game like this. Please keep using this new, more fair-minded approach as it is much more becoming than the old doom and gloom outlook. One can now almost believe that you don't hate our team.

There are areas of concern but after all, its just a pre-season game, full of sound and (no) fury, signifying nothing.

jax dolphins, armando has a new attitude already since he became a radio guy ,he needs to think about people coming to his show .so he takes afriendly attitude toawrd them ....armando isn't the same armando .

these aren't coaches,these are line cooks except sparano .

DCdolphin, i hear you ,that may be the case .

Y-Bell & Vontae Look Ready

The Rest of the Secondary NOT SO MUCH and
No Chemistry

C`mon Man!
Only 2 Weeks To Go

the biggest problem so far is penalties. drive killing penalties. then the special teams play (not including the 2 kickers) then drops. the defense will be much better when the full playbook is used. then drops. i don't agree with armundo's assessment of henne. he does survey the field and looks off guys. he still needs more work on the trajectory of some passes. a touch more arc on the ball and he would have had a TD to fasano.

ALoco, I think the new Armando is an improvement. Not nearly so much Dolphin-bashing as before. I prefer constructive criticism over the other kind, lol. Its not enough to say "they sucked", now he is offering reasons why, and proposing solutions.

I agree with him in that we should go after Vjax, making our starting WR tandem one of the most formidable in the league.

Must disagree on the coaching. I think Nolan will be better than the line cook known as Pasqualoni, at any rate.

Keep those loco posts coming, this blog needs them.


they need to have a summit and the topic should be ...how to get the football to the 50 million man via any QB playing .

henne the 600 thousand to the 50 million man .doesn't seem right .may if we raise henne's pay to 6 million a year he will do much petter .

I agree w/ jax ,aramndo will be better b/c now he's a part of the establishment and he's climbing the ladder of the nfl media .

in 2 years i see armando having a cabin in maine .

why are ALL the receivers dropping balls??? its not them! henne throws a difficult to catch ball. its obvious, when 'sure hands multi million $ marshall' can't even catch them! marino threw hard but with a touch, henne throws bullets with no touch. put penne in and you will see things come together.

THAT WAS UGLY! SEAN SMITH sucks...He has from day one. Vontae Davis is a beast and tackles like one. OL is pourous and hasn't provided any push in the run game. (Smiley maybe?) Front 7 pressure non-existent (Porter, Taylor?)
Henne erratic. What was the deal running up into the pocket and throwing the high pass that Bess dropped? He could have ran for the first down. Speaking of drops, saw Bess, Hartline, Ricky and Marshall drop at least one each. Misi had a couple good plays on the edge, but, missed an open field tackle as well. Dasby looked good in coverage. NOLAN CARROL looked great on ST making at least 2 solo tackles, and the first hurdle on a return looked good, 2nd one could have ended his career! Langford and Starks got decent penetration a few times, but, neither consistently. Didn't realize Odrick was on the team. He's been invisible. Neither Brown nor Williams has impressed in the run game, but, normally have a defender on them in the backfield when they get the ball. Cannot run to the outside (No pulling guards?)

I'm not going to worry about the drops until it happens in a real game. Let's not forget that the Bills have a pretty good pass defense, how the passing game fares versus Buffalo will be a good indicator. So we'll see after that.

pennington is a real good QB but his arm is very weak. if only we could put henne's arm on penne. thigpen is probably our best option. i'd like to see henne and tyler split the reps and see who wins the job.

I honestly believe while Sean Smith is alright he is not a starter yet... Jason Allen is better IMHO i'm sorry Mando I know how much you hate him but it seems to me the lights have came on. Nobody denies he is in great shape and is an athlete on the field its the mental side of it that he needs to get quicker with. That TD catch made on him yesterday looked to me like he played outside becuz he was supposed to have help inside and he still was on him pretty well if Clemons came up for the hit it would've been a great pass defended Td averted

Also Benny Sapp trade was a steal

have to agree; sean smith hasnt earned a starters role but neither has clemons. i like jason allen and nate ness from what i've seen so far. sean doesnt jam,stay low, swivel or change direction. clemons never seems to be in on a play. our secondary needs to improve quickly in a pass happy league or it'll be a long season!

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