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Uninspiring Falcons beat sloppy Dolphins in preseason G3

This was supposed to be the sneak peek. This was the dress rehearsal for the Dolphin before the regular-season show opens because this was the game the coaches prepared for the opponent, the starters played longer and units and sub packages were comprised of personnel you're likely to see in the regular season.

But it wasn't good enough. As I write in my column in the Saturday Miami Herald, the Dolphins are not yet ready for the start of the regular season, which is only 14 days away at Buffalo. (Thankfully, guys, it doesn't look like the Jets or Pats are playing much better.)

But let us concentrate on the Dolphins:

"We played sloppy, inconsistent," coach Tony Sparano said, "at times did some decent things, but couldn't finish. We just didn't finish. There was something always unexecuted one place or another on either side of the ball. They were 10 of 18 on third down on defense and on the other side we were two of 12. So we didn't stay on the field, and we really couldn't get off the field too well, either. There was something always unexecuted one way or the other.

"That's my fault. I got to do a better job."

Truth is, everyone has to do better for the Dolphins to be ready to play to start the regular season. Sparano did a study of how teams make the playoffs and he found an undeniable connection between starting fast and getting in the playoffs.

So the Dolphins must start fast in 2010.

They must find a pass rush as the first-team defense hasn't really created a consistent one all preseason. Last night the Dolphins had 26 pass-rush opportunities for their first-teamers. They did not sack Matt Ryan even once.

Sure, they didn't blitz but once. But sometimes you have to get to the passer without creating the rush. Sometimes it has to come from your core rushers without the help of corners or safeties or other blitzes.

"We really didn't do a whole lot from a pressure standpoint in this game," Sparano said. "I think you want to see what happens when you have four or five guys in the rush in the rush. At times with four or five guys you have to win your individual match-up and we didn't always do that."

Cameron Wake won his matchup twice that I counted. He didn't collect a sack, but he got a hit on Ryan or hurried a throw. I didn't see anyone else do that.

I'd like to see quarterback Chad Henne begin to find a groove. The hope was that he could pick up Friday night where he left off last week against Jacksonville. He had an excellent night against the Jags. He could not extend that excellence versus Atlanta.

Henne never looked comfortable. Never looked on the same page with his primary receiver Brandon Marshall. And he seemingly, and most troubling, never looked the defense off. He seemed to lock onto one side of the field or one receiver and throw it to that side or receiver while never seeming to think about turning his head and, whaddaya know, surprising the coverage by throwing the other way.

"We're going to need some work," Henne said. "Obviously, we're inconsistent in areas. We just got to keep on grinding. I mean time is running out. We need to start clicking and get it done in this preseason game, next preseason game and do it in practice."

Sparano said this outing probably will not affect the way he approaches the final preseason game. He did say it might change how he approaches "the next three days of practice." That probably means the intensity will be stepped up. I can only hope.

The running game, by the way, is also becoming a source of attention, if not outright concern. The Dolphins really haven't created much daylight or run lanes this preseason. I have yet to see a great block by an interior lineman at the second level of the defense. Perhaps that's a product of all the mixing and matching they've done in practice with the interior guys at RG, C, and LG.

But that sounds like something of an excuse. The fact is John Jerry has been the RG since the second week of camp. He's been a first-team fixture. The truth is Richie Incognito has been at LG for over two weeks now. Yes, the center spot has been a revolving door. Maybe that is where the problem lies. Jake Grove is the better run-blocker while Joe Berger is probably the better pass-blocker.

This position needs to get settled with some sort of permanence this week -- with permanence defined as finding the dude that will start the Buffalo game and giving him most of the work the next 14 days.

There were some positive points last night.

Yeremiah Bell is still as solid a strong safety as you will find and he had an interception. Karlos Dansby showed his coverage skills on a couple of plays in which he caused incompletions on throws to tight end Tony Gonzalez. Brian Hartline seems to be coming out of his shell a bit and is figuring in the offense pretty well. There were no obvious mental mistakes in the defensive backfield. Vontae Davis played well.

But ... even some of the positives raise questions.

How is it Davis can be showing such nice progress in his second season while Sean Smith is not? Smith missed the start because he violated a team rule, according to Sparano. Not too worried about that. But when he got in the game in the second quarter, he got tore up (yes, tore up) on a double move that left his lower body defending an out and his upper body chasing a receiver streaking down the sideline.

Smith was a good five yards behind the receiver when Ryan overthrew the apparent touchdown pass. Crisis averted, but that move is on film now. You think the Bills will try that on Smith with Lee Evans applying a banquet of double moves on Sept. 12?

"It's frustrating," Bell said. "You never want to go out and literally get punched in the mouth. They hit us off some plays tonight, they were more physical than we were. As players, the coaches can't do anything about that. We have to take that upon ourselves and go out and do a better job."

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We should have shown all of our blitz packages and all of our tricky offensive plays last night to win the game.What is the coaching staff thinking?They must not be affected by losing like I am.I want to see EVERYTHING during the next game or I'm out.LMAO....we're doomed.LMAO.

I'm just kidding.We have 2 more weeks to fine tune our game and I promise you that we will be in the thick of the AFC East.Watch.

fu,,,k the afc.........playoffs or not that's the question donkeys ?not 8-9 or 10-6 or whatever,it's not if we are in the thick of things in the AFC .

playoff or we all go work as a line cook .

everyone says penne has a weak arm, yet he was runner up to mvp peyton in his first season here. he is ACCURATE, SEES the field, knows where to put the ball!!! Thigpen is impressive on 30% of his plays and then totally screws up on the other 70%. he is not going to change...its a tease, looks great, give him time they say...yet...he has had plenty of time and plenty of starts in this league. dump him!

i really like dobbins,misi, micah johnson and charles grant all playing hard and getting tackles!

Everyone talks about the staleness of the play calling, how we haven't seen the best of what we have to offer as far as scheme or package. The players still need to execute the plays, as simple, or basic as they may seem. This is what didn't happen last night. Even though this is preseason, as a team it is important to know that you can consistantly go out and execute, even if there isn't a scripted game plan. Hopefully we can find some consitant play, the preseason is almost over, and we don't want to go into the season with a team that is up and down.

Sparano has always interesting stats.
I have another one for him: 90% of head coaches with back to back losing seasons are fired.
Time to get your guys fired up Tony...

Anything less than a first round playoff win be seen as a failure. Then for sure next season will be do or die for top dogs.

Henne did not have a bad game the receiver's did..Right now we have no OL to speak of. They did not open up the run game and gave Henne no time to throw the ball. He did a great job with what he had! We need to improve the OL or we will be in trouble, the talent is there. Time to move on and prpare for Dallas and then the Bills.

i'm kinda concerned with the amount of drops when henne throws the ball. the WR's don't drop penne's throws because they are put in the right spot with touch. henne throws a dart when he might not have to. we missed on alot of easy checkdowns and screens last year too. backs like ricky have a hard time with a hard quick throw. its not always the receivers fault;sometimes it is however.

Do you people forget it's preseason? Look around the league who has looked great preseason so far? The Packers, and a handful of others but c'mon it's preseason. 15 years ago this wouldn't even be a story. The internet and media outlets make every bad practice, scrimmage and EXHIBITION game seem like it's all there is to the season. Get over it guys. The game didn't count. The Dolphins didn't watch any tape on the Falcons. The offense and defense won't show anything outside of "vanilla" play calling until the season starts and didn't start yet so relax. The Dolphins will have a good season if Henne plays like a good QB. Will he be inconsistant? Yes. Will he play good? Yes. Miami 10-6 fellas.

henning should have been canned last year too

HOME Stop Tallking About Yout Self In Third Person You Sound Like A Retard

Now that I ripped you all for you PRESEASON (practice games that DON'T count) rants. Our biggest problem last year was the secondary and unathletic, one dimensional linebackers.

I do agree about Sean Smith. I don't like his game at all yet. He can make me a believer but watching him play last year made me wonder why the staff was so high on him. I think they are impressed with his size and athleticism. There are a lot of athletic guys hat aren't very good. I think if you aren't physical you can't be coached to be physical. I do like Vontae Davis and Bell. Clemons? I don't know what he can do in real game situations.

Watch out for Micah Johnson. He ran a slow 40 and that's why he went undrafted. He didn't look slow at all in the game. He also was way more physical then I have seen Crowder play since 08. Johnson looked better then Dobbins and Crowder has this preseason. Dansby, I loved that he made Ryan throw bad passes because he had great coverage on play after play. He also came up with a fumble. It might seem as it's not hard to fall on a football but people who know football understand that playmakers are always in the right position because they are always around the ball and have awareness. Cameron Wake looked good at times and made a few plays against the run and rushed the QB twice. Misi is a rookie and has had a rookie like preseason. Last night was his worst game. He looked lost and inefficient.




mikeoliver - better not to respond to the juvenile posters. they just want attention. responding to them just feeds their ego to post more. there's no value to wasting anytime with them. the more folks that ignore them, the more chance they will go away.

is it me or is the crowder hamstring problem soundn to feel like the Roth situation----

Dansby, dobbins, will play in base

Micah has looked good, and can play on Special teams which crowder doesnt, and im def for the whole Charlie anderson experiment at ILB---i think it would be a better fit for him---plus he is good on special teams----

Crowder should be worried, and every player that we have traded or cut---the Trifecta has come out and said nice comments about them in the weeks leading up to the departure---

Crowder is 1 dimensional-doesnt play special teams---and is injured way to often-----

Interesting situation to follow----SIDENOTE---

We need to add another talent at OLB---old veteran or young kid with potential---the OLB is the biggest weak spot of defense----Wake is predictable and he is the only pass rusher with immediate upside----The pressure is biggest concern---you have young corners covering for too long

Justin Credible. I agree Chad Henne has looked good. His worst pass this preseason was a stare down, forced throw to Fasano last night that was tipped and intercepted. Chad has had about 7-8 drops this preaseason. He will have some ups and downs this season but I think more ups then downs. I'm not even worried about that horrible running performance from last night. Come the regular season when it COUNTS they will be top 10 rushing team again.

Still playing scared.... and soft coverage.
Marshall looks like he is more interested in not dropping the ball than he is in YAC.
As its his first season dont know if that just his preseason mode but i see more fear than confidence from him.
And yes Mando, Henne needs to follow progression, but also go by feel. He looks like he decides where to throw before the play even begins....JEESH!!

Andy Nj

Good post, all the secondary concerns are legit because its a bunch of young guys----but if you get pressure those same young corners look a whole lot better-----OLB---i think are solid vs run with misi, Ike,---Wake will get sum pressure but he needs help we need to make a move for an OLB asap

Allen I agree with you about Crowder. I don't think he will get cut but he should. He is always nicked up and Micah Johnson although it was a PRESEAON game the DON'T COUNT he looked aggressive and physical. He is a classical thumper at ILB. I counted him in on 6 tackles last night and most were solo or he was the first one there. An undrafted rookie has a lot more upside then a 5 year vet like Crowder who has had an up and down career. Dobbins was just resigned to an extension and can play special teams. Where does that leave Crowder who hasn't practiced or played in weeks. As a team they already know what he brings to the table a bunch of talk and a few tackles.

This was the most unprepared team for a Third Pre-Season Game in the history of the franchise.

rockmaister what an irrelavent statement. The most unprepared in for third Pre-season game? You are serious with that statement? Please tell me you are joking. What a clown!

The Colts notoriously suck in the preseason. The Buffalo Bills the same team that kicked out ass for the early half of the 90's went 0-16 for 4 straight years and they also made the Super Bowl those years. You guys are idiots on this blog and have no football IQ at all. A bunch of fair weather non-football knowing clowns!

AndyNJ - go plug your stinky a-hole in that stench of a state.

I shouldn't be but still am surprised by the amount of excuses: Only preseason, doesn't count, not game planned, roster decisions, holding back/not showing our hand, showcasing trades, injury concerns.....have I missed any?

How does that saying go? Something about gold spray paint and a disguising a turd

First things is first, this is just the preseason and even though it was game three... the showcase game, it's still preseason. Allot of the problems for the offense seems to surround the offensive line. For most of the second quarter Henne got quick feet, and rushed some passes when he had ample time, I believed this was caused by the pressure being put on early in the game. The issue here is that the line has not been set yet, and this will be an issue early on, since it takes about five games together for an O-Line to jell. At this point that means two weeks of training camp, and three games. I my opinion Jake Grove played better then Berger, but not by much.

I was pleasantly surprised by the the way the defense played, including the secondary. Considering that most of the time CB's and safeties when covering a TE of RB, where left in the island; overall, they did a very good job. At one point Matt Ryan was 5 for 15, this only changed when the base defensive players began to be changed. If he keeps developing; Koa Misi is going to be make people forget Jason Taylor quickly. On the other hand Cameron Wake on running plays, seems to be reacting more then attacking, which is probably normal at this stage in his development. Odrick was holding his ground on running plays, and was bull rushing all the way to the quarterback on many passing plays, he is going to be good... Vontae Davis was a beast, as well as Dansby. I'm worried about Smith, he should be further along on knowing receivers moves and his weaknesses at this point. Jason Allen played well, but not good enough to be a starting CB but could play the nickel, even though he would not be my first choice. The safeties played well, considering that Atlantas TE's did not burn us, coo-does also go out to Dansby for this.

I believe the biggest issue was in the team preparation for the game, and this falls squarely on Sparano. At least he is man enough to admit up to it...

Micah Johnson looks good but so does AJ Edds next year they will have to make a decision on whether or not he is a progress stopper or he just had one bad year... He was one of our leading tacklers in 2008 I haven't forgot why we signed him but he has caused us to question him with his lackluster ghostlike play

talking about Channing Crowder up there... Dobbins is a much more serviceable backup he didn't show me enough aggressiveness

Both the O and D looked, well:


(I really wish Baskin and Robbins would bring back the. Boysenberry Cheesecake.).

We're gonna do fine this year.
Feed the wolf!!! Cause he looked like he was busy scratching fleas to me!

If this loss lights a fire under the whole organization, top to bottom, then it served the best purpose it could.

Hello to all,

If this was suppose to be a dress rehearsal, I think the Fins forgot to put on some clothes or decided to wear a tutu...lol

Still hopeful

sparano better get rid of the "feed the wolf" and big countdown "clock" and start motivating some of these overpaid, underachieving annoited starters. how come we cant execute the vanilla offense we been practicing since ota's started??

This team as all the dolphin teams of the past going back to the 80's, are full of potential players, work in progress, developing, rebuilding bla bla bla..... same crap we have been hearing for years from Shula, to Johnson, to Wanestead, Saban, the moron for 1 year and now to Sporano.....
we need to go after big time players when they are available, make the trades, get rid of bust picks (like Pat White)...... like all the winning teams.... except maybe the Colts. I'm not even asking for a Super Bowl, but at least a team that has some sort of continuity that can be a challenge to other teams, that plays with intensity!!..... not these clowns that one week play great, the next 3 mediocre, then they suck for 2 more etc...etc.....

"How is it Davis can be showing such nice progress in his second season while Sean Smith is not?"

by Armando

When Home Stuck It Out Last Year After Watching sean smith Get Burned By All Most Every WR in 2009 Miami Dolphin Camp

Home reported this player is a "FRAUD CB"
Home started calling him a NFL player "posing" as a CB
Hence sean`s nickname "POSER BOY" given by Home

Well almost EVERY Single person went against Homes opinion and Dolphins scouting report
Home was ridiculed by almost all bloggers saying that sean smith should be traded b4 others find out that sean is NOT AN NFL CB and will be the WEAKEST LINK on the Miami Dolphins defense

Last year sean was Damn lucky QBs were misfiring as many times since game 1 2009 against the Falcons sean`s man was WIDE OPEN FOR AN EASY TD

More often than not sean is turned around with hips & feet in the wrong direction or all turned around , if not beat by several steps all together

Home calls it the way he sees it
Sometimes funny
Sometimes annoying, but

It Is
What It Is


Once Again Home was the 1st to report his deep concerns on the poor play of sean smith as an NFL CB

Problem is Omar Kelly "the Hellen Keller of Miami Dolphins Insight" has a huge sickening jaded man crush on this player and has been reporting slanted & untrue info to Miami Dolfans for 2 years now

Omar Kool Aid Kelly should be ashamed of his bogus, slanted garbage reporting hyping sean smith to make U All think this "POSER BOY" is a (in Omars words) "an Elite Pro Bowl CB"

Home All Along has said, "BULLSHIET, sean sucks"

Keep It Real, Dolfans
and ThanX for keeping it honest Armando
something your competitor Omar cannot do
Cuz he is too busy tripping over his undeserved, overinflated, very high opinion of his terrible Miami Dolphins Insight

Stick to the Miami Herald, Dolfan Bloggers
Cuz the sentinel has Omar misreporting crappy lies to cover his own ego on the worst Miami Dolphins Insight anywhere


Where did the 10 preseason game win streak get us before? Who really cares what happens in preseason. These games don't mean sht. All of you who are ready to jump off a bridge are overreacting btches.

The only problem I have with this write up and the column in the paper is that Armando fails to mention the horrible line play as being something that just maybe could have affected Henne last night. The guy was brilliant the week before and hmmmmm lets figure this one out, the line gave him time to throw and the running game was working. This week the line looked disinterested. They didn't show up and there were absolutely no holes for the running game which took away any play action they might have used. Henne was rushed, sacked, hurried, spun around, and had 4 passes dropped. But what we get from Armando is that Hennes inconsistency is troubling?! Seriously?!!! Does Armando actually watch the games because I'm starting to think he just goes to hang out with his friends and then looks at the stat sheet at the end of the game so he can write an article.

Not to defend the offense but during preseason the OC's dont gameplan the defense. So there's no way they anyicipated Falcons coming with so many blitzes. Seems they blitzed everyother play th first 2-3 qtrs.

During the season Henne will need to learn to identify, call the right pass protection, and change audible into the correct plays design to take advantage and beat the blitz. If not, meet our new returning starting qb, Mr. Chad Pennington.

No doubt defenses will be throwing the kitchen sink at Henne in his 2nd starting season until he proves that he can make them pay. Once he does this, then we can consider him a true starting nfl qb and burgeoning superstar.

This only occurs when a qb can force the defense to make them play him honest. Only then are they at his mercy.

greg z., You absolutely positively can not blame Henne for dropped passes when the ball is hitting the receivers in the hands. Marino threw the ball harder than anyone I've ever seen and his receivers didn't drop many passes unless they were looking for a quick ride to the bench. Marino didn't throw to backs or TEs with much touch either. He had to force a lot of throws into small openings so he would throw hard. The receivers caught the damn balls. This is not a Henne issue.


The primary difference in Henne's performance this week and last week was Jax didnt blitz him whlie the dirtybirds did what all defenses will do to the 2nd yr qb this season. Blitz hell out of him until he proves he can make them pay. Expect to see Sanchez recieve the same treatment too.

We let an obvious all star in Dez Bryant go for what? For an obvious back up Dlineman in Odrick? Why can't we get people to draft that have a clue?

Guys get a grip. The Jets are going to the super bowl (according to them and many other news outlets) and they've played much worse than the fins this pre-season. The Pats are the afc east favorites and they've looked pedestrian.

The next step in any young qb's natural progression is to prove he can make the defense pay on steady diets of blitzes. They know he's good against the base defensive sets but now they want to see what happens when they dial up the heavy pressure. All the great qb's have had to deal with this early in thier careers. This part of the test has to be passed before a young qb can go any further.

Every nfl team will used the Falcons preseason tape has a blueprint to disrupt our offense. We will see vry few base defensive sets until Henne proves he can make the defenses pay.

"He looks like he decides where to throw before the play even begins....JEESH"!!

Actually he's done this in one, count them,,,,ONE preseason game. But now because Armando told you this is his issue you somehow take it as gospel. Mando doesn't have any special insight while watching. You can see the same things. So you should've noticed Henne checking down 3 to 4 times against the bucs before making a throw on most plays. But lets ignore common sense and reason. Apparantly Henne is supposed to be better than the best QBs in the league and is never allowed to have one rough game.

Not to mention the guy was being attacked from all angels so it tends to make a QB a little nervous when his line isn't blocking. How in the hell is he supposed to go through a bunch of reads in a situation like that? What because he didn't have pressure on the one interception? Oooops sorry, yeah just because he was hurried the entire time before that doesn't mean he should be nervous on that play? Woopdy doo the line blocked one time last night. Ya wanna get on someone, get on Parcells and Ireland for making the o-line their very first priority when arriving and still not being able to find a starter they can trust on the inside. We have a fu***ng offensive line guru as a coach and Parcells keeps throwing him scrubs.

It took only Peyton Manning half a game to figure the Rex Ryan pressure scheme during the afc championship game. Once he did victory became child's play.

Manegotts - we got Odrick, Misi and Dobbins for that pick. You are ready to knock the picks before they even have their first season under their belt? Trading a #12 for those three will prove to be excellent management.

besides they interviewed Dez and weren't impressed, so they went out and got Brandon. Dez seems fragile and injury prone to me, he is already injured, stepped on a butterfly.

Henne is not the answer at the Q.B. position- period. The team looks like a different team when Pennington is in there! Everyone quit drinking the Henne kool ade!!

Dez Bryant,,,,,,obvious star,,,,,bwahahahaha! To who, you? People in Dallas aren't saying the same thing you are. Besides the guy has had two different injuries and the season hasn't even started. Oh and his pri madonna I wont carry pads allthough greats like Michael Irvin and Troy Aikman did. This is the guy you want instead of Misi, Odrick, and Dobbins? Get a clue


Manning, Breeze, Rothlisberger, just to name a few. Thier protection isnt always immaculate but what separates them from "a youhg" Henne is reading blitzes at the line, calling the correct protection and audibling into the correct play designed to beat the blitz. Right now Henne isnt doing this well, but he's only just beginning his 2nd yr as a starter,

Now, when the defense applies pressure on the base rush(3 or 4 man line) these guys are adept at moving in the pocket just enough to buy time to throw, if no one's open throw it away.

If the defense is getting great pressure on your qb with a 3 or 4 man rush the problem is your o-line protection. But if they are sending 6-7 rushers at the line the qb should know he will have extremely little time to throw and need to make a very quick decision with the ball.

I agree Dying, Henne was pressured a lot and he will adjust. But the problem is in the o-line as well. If they can't pick up blitzes and/or henning doesn't recognize the need to keep a back or two in the backfield for extra blockers it won't matter what henne does.

leo, try having an original thought. Take your old used up kool aid line and shove it. Kool aid kool aid "you're drinking the kool aid yuck yuck yuck". Shat up already.

I love that by the way. "Henne is not the answer at QB, period".

WOW, you know this because you are..........? Who,,,just some dude? Well Steve Young, Marino, Jimmy Johnson, Ditka, the entire crew from NFL live, and many others have said they believe the kid will have a great career. But sense you think he won't I guess we will believe you,,,,,just some dude.

If you come in and say " In my opinion I don't think Henne is our answer at QB you will illicit better responses from other posters. Otherwise you just look like some know nothing blow hard who believes he's smarter than everyone else.

I hear ya dying.

to be or not to be ......................

50 million man doesn't get the ball

hartline drops 2 balls
fasano drops one ball .
henne...600 thousand doolars a years ,may be if they give him 6 million we will see more TD'S

sapp is a steal .
penne should atayed home .
start white as second QB after henne and make sure you leave him there .

One of the most boring games I've witnessed in years.........


What troubled me was that the Falcons would overload thier blitzes to the weakside of the formation and I never saw our protection(offensive formation) adjust to it.

If I were the OC if I was not going to put an extra tightend over there I would have added more rollout pass plays to the opposite. We never see Henne in rollout pass plays.

Im wondering if its because Hennes may have accuracy issues throwing on the run, we dont want to reveal that part of the offensive install yet, or Henning has gotten to old and doesnt know that's a good option when the blitz overloads to the opposite side of the o-line?

phins78 -- funny! but agree...
Look, I think Penne is right now clearly superior in reading the D and making decisions. I think even with his 'noodle' arm he is a top 5 QB in this league when not injured of course. That being said, I've been impressed with Henne from the get go. He looks confident, has the tools. Maybe he doesn't have the touch pass, well every player has their upsides and downsides. Peyton was erratic as hell is first season. I expect Henne to have his ups and downs this season, but I see nothing but upside potential and most likely a top 10 franchise QB in the making.

I love watching the roaches run when they think trouble is coming...

Trying to make anything out of a preseason game going bad is for people dumb enough to pay full price to go see one at the stadium.

I can't even believe we have fans (that is what they call themselves anyway) who are ready to call some of our first year rookies busts before ever even playing a real game. I mean that has GOT to be the level of stupidity that other teams fans are always accusing some of the Dolphins fans for having.

Those guys are out there working out the kinks just like every other team is. But just like true idiots.. some of you find a way to believe Miami is the only team who is not showing their hands.

I have watched Every single AFC East game this preseason...every one of them (Yeah, I pay big bucks and like it) and Miami looks no worse then anyone else in our division. In fact, in many way they actually look better. So go ahead and run around like Cockroaches runing from the light. Miami will do just fine and you can get back up on the band wagon with the real fans again...we'll let you back on a couple times before telling you to go pound dirt.

We have a very good team out there, they are going to give a bunch of team a headache and send a bunch home losers. Acting like you are... you won't even get to enjoy the season for worry over stupid crap... but hey...Don't let Griese and Moore and 20 other people who have seen what this team has in its playbook offensively and defensively that it has not shown you change your mind...keep up the doom and gloom...it makes for a "Greek Tragedy" style blog. I just hate watching our fans gesticulate and worry over matters of concern that you are not even certain ARE MATTERS OF CONCERN. Why not wait until they have played a few real games then decide if they have the ability to compete..heck, if you do that... you may even see a starter play an entire game before deciding...what a concept!


btw......this is the first year henne starts ,last 2 years we started under penne 0-3 so it can't get worse .

sign r.brown before season starts for extintion .

start....moore,wallace,sean smith .

Though many fans may differ, I love the idea of getting as many reps as possible in the base offense and defense. From what we've seen the team definitely needs it. If a team isnt solid in thier base offensive and defensive sets trying to execute outside of these sets will only add to the confusion.

The coaching staff's goal during the preseason clearly seems to be giving the team as many reps as possible out of the base sets to sharpen the play during the regular season.

Thank you Derek............Aloco, Put down the Inhalants and seek help,Your all over the place.

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