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Uninspiring Falcons beat sloppy Dolphins in preseason G3

This was supposed to be the sneak peek. This was the dress rehearsal for the Dolphin before the regular-season show opens because this was the game the coaches prepared for the opponent, the starters played longer and units and sub packages were comprised of personnel you're likely to see in the regular season.

But it wasn't good enough. As I write in my column in the Saturday Miami Herald, the Dolphins are not yet ready for the start of the regular season, which is only 14 days away at Buffalo. (Thankfully, guys, it doesn't look like the Jets or Pats are playing much better.)

But let us concentrate on the Dolphins:

"We played sloppy, inconsistent," coach Tony Sparano said, "at times did some decent things, but couldn't finish. We just didn't finish. There was something always unexecuted one place or another on either side of the ball. They were 10 of 18 on third down on defense and on the other side we were two of 12. So we didn't stay on the field, and we really couldn't get off the field too well, either. There was something always unexecuted one way or the other.

"That's my fault. I got to do a better job."

Truth is, everyone has to do better for the Dolphins to be ready to play to start the regular season. Sparano did a study of how teams make the playoffs and he found an undeniable connection between starting fast and getting in the playoffs.

So the Dolphins must start fast in 2010.

They must find a pass rush as the first-team defense hasn't really created a consistent one all preseason. Last night the Dolphins had 26 pass-rush opportunities for their first-teamers. They did not sack Matt Ryan even once.

Sure, they didn't blitz but once. But sometimes you have to get to the passer without creating the rush. Sometimes it has to come from your core rushers without the help of corners or safeties or other blitzes.

"We really didn't do a whole lot from a pressure standpoint in this game," Sparano said. "I think you want to see what happens when you have four or five guys in the rush in the rush. At times with four or five guys you have to win your individual match-up and we didn't always do that."

Cameron Wake won his matchup twice that I counted. He didn't collect a sack, but he got a hit on Ryan or hurried a throw. I didn't see anyone else do that.

I'd like to see quarterback Chad Henne begin to find a groove. The hope was that he could pick up Friday night where he left off last week against Jacksonville. He had an excellent night against the Jags. He could not extend that excellence versus Atlanta.

Henne never looked comfortable. Never looked on the same page with his primary receiver Brandon Marshall. And he seemingly, and most troubling, never looked the defense off. He seemed to lock onto one side of the field or one receiver and throw it to that side or receiver while never seeming to think about turning his head and, whaddaya know, surprising the coverage by throwing the other way.

"We're going to need some work," Henne said. "Obviously, we're inconsistent in areas. We just got to keep on grinding. I mean time is running out. We need to start clicking and get it done in this preseason game, next preseason game and do it in practice."

Sparano said this outing probably will not affect the way he approaches the final preseason game. He did say it might change how he approaches "the next three days of practice." That probably means the intensity will be stepped up. I can only hope.

The running game, by the way, is also becoming a source of attention, if not outright concern. The Dolphins really haven't created much daylight or run lanes this preseason. I have yet to see a great block by an interior lineman at the second level of the defense. Perhaps that's a product of all the mixing and matching they've done in practice with the interior guys at RG, C, and LG.

But that sounds like something of an excuse. The fact is John Jerry has been the RG since the second week of camp. He's been a first-team fixture. The truth is Richie Incognito has been at LG for over two weeks now. Yes, the center spot has been a revolving door. Maybe that is where the problem lies. Jake Grove is the better run-blocker while Joe Berger is probably the better pass-blocker.

This position needs to get settled with some sort of permanence this week -- with permanence defined as finding the dude that will start the Buffalo game and giving him most of the work the next 14 days.

There were some positive points last night.

Yeremiah Bell is still as solid a strong safety as you will find and he had an interception. Karlos Dansby showed his coverage skills on a couple of plays in which he caused incompletions on throws to tight end Tony Gonzalez. Brian Hartline seems to be coming out of his shell a bit and is figuring in the offense pretty well. There were no obvious mental mistakes in the defensive backfield. Vontae Davis played well.

But ... even some of the positives raise questions.

How is it Davis can be showing such nice progress in his second season while Sean Smith is not? Smith missed the start because he violated a team rule, according to Sparano. Not too worried about that. But when he got in the game in the second quarter, he got tore up (yes, tore up) on a double move that left his lower body defending an out and his upper body chasing a receiver streaking down the sideline.

Smith was a good five yards behind the receiver when Ryan overthrew the apparent touchdown pass. Crisis averted, but that move is on film now. You think the Bills will try that on Smith with Lee Evans applying a banquet of double moves on Sept. 12?

"It's frustrating," Bell said. "You never want to go out and literally get punched in the mouth. They hit us off some plays tonight, they were more physical than we were. As players, the coaches can't do anything about that. We have to take that upon ourselves and go out and do a better job."

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cuban, the great ted gin who's salary not 50 million is playing and catchin the ball tonight at 9.00.......pm SF VS OAK .

GREG CARMALLO is catching the ball tonight frm favre and never drops it at 8.00 MIN VS SEA .

what up blogger,
my take on whats going on in the pre-season is very simply after hearing of all people Nat Moore and sitting back forming my own opinion!! its obvious we haven't shown much,the reasoning being,is to evaluate players without game planning or putting them in position to succeed which is very smart on managements part!! i did see the falcons blitz more but thats no excuse for the o-line given up sacks or pressures!! with this being said!!
Vonte: looks like a beast rite now(he's gonna give up plays ppl)
Misi: looks great, he just needs to keep outside containment, pass coverage was nice too
Clemons: looks decent,hasn't been beat deep yet(thats a good thing) sure he feels he left plays on the field
Wake: looks great in run defense and pressuring QB(joey who)! wish we could've seen him in coverage more though!!
Smith:same ol smith(needs to just play hard and fight every play)tackling looks much improved!! BASICALLY GET FUCKN DIRTY FOR A CHANGE!!!!!!!!!
Odrick: shouldn't be starting period!! i actually saw him as the last line of defense on a run play vs. the falcons, standing near Clemons, thats how far back he got pushed and lost on the play.
Carroll: looks okay at times, maybe thinking to much rite now!! glad to see we have some speed returning kick and he looks like he wanna break one every time he touches the ball!!
Starks,Langford,McDaniels,Grant,Solia,Dobbins,Micah Johnson,Channing,and Bell: all looked solid and dependable!!
Offensively we need to get some continuity on the line! the only battle should have been for RG!! we all expected Incognito to start, we didnt know about Jerry!! Groves much better C if healthy over Berger hands down!! Fasano and Hartline worry me with the drops(cant have that,especially from these 2)R&R will do there thing just hope they actually let one of them get into a rhythm to start the game!! not worried about Marshall at all!! Moore is definitely on the team, Wallace might have bigger up-side than Turner but i feel Turner can play, so don't be surprise if we don't keep 6 WR this year!! Moore needs to return punts also!!
ST: we cleaned up the punt protection(thank god),for some reason on kick coverage we get down field with plenty of men to make a tackle,only to see the return man run straight ahead untouched!! I like Carroll returning kickoffs and Moore seems better suited for punts!!
Overall: we are a better team trust me!! defensively it seems we only have one problem and that smith!! i know some are gonna be quick to say we don't have a pass rush but that will take care of itself once we start blitzing!! from what i've seen, no longer is the LBing unit a problem vs. the run or pass, Clemons haven't been beat deep all pre-season,Vonte looks like he's ready for the challenge, thus leaving only Smith!! WE have to give Smith help till he get right!! Offensively don't drop the ball, get stupid penalties, or be afraid to pass to set-up the run, and if we use the wildcat can it be from mid-field plz!!
GOD BLESS OUR MIAMI DOLPHINS!!!! p.s.: no major injuries plz!!!!

Yeah... those two receiver really put Miami over the top with talent..what were we thinking.....?
Just think, we could still have 6 #3 receivers and no depth in our secondary. And honestly, I don't know HOW TO ACT without Ginn alligator arming passes and diving for the sidelines.....

It will be a rough year without those two..... I hope Marshall & Co can pick up the slack.

LOL At Derek,At least the sidelines are safe in Miami with Ted(Tyrannosaurus Rex arms)Ginn in San Fran...


did i see the same game,did pat white completed all HIS PASSES ?

cuban, the great ted gin who's salary not 50 million is playing and catchin the ball tonight at 9.00.......pm SF VS OAK .

Posted by: ALoco | August 28, 2010 at 06:35 PM

Two words that should not be put in front of Ted(Opps I fell down)Ginn "The Great" LOL, put down the Glue LIL' Buddy.....

WAS WHITE THE ONLY SHINING star in the land of darkness .

where all the haters of pat white ,stand up bobbyd12 .

Wow the stench wafting off of SOFLA is undeniable. Pathetic.

yep that was white!!! how can a reporter know what white has done if they are kicked out of practice 30 minutes into it!! last night i kept hearing commentators say that the 4th string QB wasn't playing! this leads me to believe that thigpen never over took pat white's spot on the team,dating back from the time we traded for him till now!! it also leads me to believe that all the extended playing time was to try and recoup the pick we gave up for him!! its so funny how 5 passes made a career and a guy with 11 starts didn't!! Thigpen is what he is a career back-up, that might get you A win!! To give up on a 2nd rd pick after 5 passes would be just plain stupid!! amazingly nobody is bashing white today!! would have love to have seen him pass the ball if not for the sack!! wonder who he was targeting and if they were open

come on mando, you know football not like the haters and the ride on the wagon crew .............

start....sean smith
..............pat white and leave him in the game .

Aloco, Your cloose to getting a "PLUNGIE" award.....

aloco what up!
Yeah we gotta start Smith unless somebody steps up big time, in the mean time, we gotta give him help!
Moore: love what im seeing from the kid! like someone said before,he looks like what ginn should have been!
Wallace: looks like a keeper!! just needs time. i think he has more upside than turner but i like turner too
PAT WHITE aint going nowhere!! no i dont think he will be an elite QB,but the older he gets im sure he will be open to trying other position on the field but not now!! i do believe we will draft a more nfl type QB this year to develop just in case Henne dont plan out or some freak injury and to just keep competition going!! i believe pat white is a bonafide winner more so than tebow but unlike tebow white don't get the benefit of the doubt!! WONDER WHY??? white won just as much if not more in college than any QB in history and his bowl record is flawless!! THE KID IS A WINNER

you bring up great points and they r all valid points come on mando .

p.s....not one writer in south florida is giving white any chance ,they all haters .


Don't make him do it!...

Do NOT make him do it!.....

Cuban,please no plungie for me .i would do any thing you tell me .

"Come on Mando", Dude, Your talking about a former QB from the Big East, Are you hanging with Aloco sniffing Inhalants???? LOL, sorry couldn't help it bro....

Derek, we didn't hear any thing from you re....pat white

for some reason we think certain guys in the nfl aren't tuff!! THAT'S B.S. in order to make it to the league you have to have some kind of tuffness off top!! we are so quick to get on players for not going all out or to prove their manhood to the fan that its foolish to think WR of ginn profile can take a lickin and keep on tickin!! look at the eagles for example: every time i look up jackson and macklin are hurt!! im glad we dont have that problem! if you not marshall, or andre johnson type wr get what you can get and get down!! even asante Samuels looked big hitting little dexter mcculluster

"PLUNGIE" to be announced tommarrow morning at 7 am.........Later guys have a "PHINTASTIC" Nite........

cuban i wouldnt care what conference he played in the kid won. so by your thinking all great players come strictly from the SEC! i dont even know why i responded to you,you never bring anything to the the table but jokes and you always agreeing instead of bringing!!!!!!!!!!!! and for the record name the last great gators besides Emmitt SMITH, javon kearse and the much underrated fred taylor

oh yeah CUBAN dont try to google it either b/c the answer is there are none!!!

I stopped reading Cote's column because he is doom and gloom all the time. I know you guys need a job and have to make up things to write about, but please, give us a fxxxing break and give the team the benefit of the doubt. Do you guys play pocker? You never show your cards before the end. You never let the other players read your face. This is only the third preseason game and you guys are writing sxxx about Henne. STOP IT. THINK BEFORE YOU WRITE. If you can't write something productive about the Dolphins, then write about some other team. If all you guys continue to write the sxxx you write, I am going to stop buying the Herald. Actually, the only reason I buy the Herald is to read the sports pages, but I guess you guys are not better than the rest of the Herald "journalists".

i was just watching the documentary again on the U!! do you people realize that from the KOSAR days to the last title with Mcghee that the U put a hall a fame offense and defense at every positions and you will have to make tuff decisions on who would start and who would sit!! this is jaw dropping

OH and by the way the pro's in the booth were giving credit to Henne most of the night for looking down the field before he did checkdowns, so Mando people in the know might not agree with your opinion.

Don't Worry Fin Fans, Every Tean That Lost Has Fans That Think Their Team Stinks. So Its Not Just Us, Its The Nature Of Fans, Most Who Have No Freaking Clue On Whar The Team Is Evauating On A Given Play. I Would Love To See Better Performance On The Field , But The Coaches Want To Evaluate Players At This Point, Not Games

Sean Smith has been overrated all offseason. He's a second year player who's just not that good yet. Will Allen would have started if he were healthy.

its funny the CB with the squeaky voice make the bigger plays!

Not only did the Miami Dolphins look displaced, but

The NWO HAARP weather modified & steered storms have also displaced many as planned ...

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- Flooding has displaced an additional 1 million people in Pakistan's Sindh province in the past two days, according to new U.N. estimates released Friday.

Have a HAARPy day :(

"How is it Davis can be showing such nice progress in his second season while Sean Smith is not?"

by Armando

When Home Stuck It Out Last Year After Watching sean smith Get Burned By All Most Every WR in 2009 Miami Dolphin Camp

Home reported this player is a "FRAUD CB"
Home started calling him a NFL player "posing" as a CB
Hence sean`s nickname "POSER BOY" given by Home

Well almost EVERY Single person went against Home`s opinion and Dolphins scouting report
Home was ridiculed by almost all bloggers saying that sean smith should be traded b4 others find out that sean is NOT AN NFL CB and will be the WEAKEST LINK on the Miami Dolphins defense

Last year sean was Damn lucky QBs were misfiring as many times since game 1 2009 against the Falcons sean`s man was WIDE OPEN FOR AN EASY TD

More often than not sean is turned around with hips & feet in the wrong direction or all turned around , if not beat by several steps all together

Home calls it the way he sees it
Sometimes funny
Sometimes annoying, but

It Is
What It Is


Once Again Home was the 1st to report his deep concerns on the poor play of sean smith as an NFL CB

Problem is Omar Kelly "the Hellen Keller of Miami Dolphins Insight" has a huge sickening jaded man crush on this player and has been reporting slanted & untrue info to Miami Dolfans for 2 years now

Omar Kool Aid Kelly should be ashamed of his bogus, slanted garbage reporting hyping sean smith to make U All think this "POSER BOY" is a (in Omars words) "an Elite Pro Bowl CB"

Home All Along has said, "BULLSHIET, sean sucks"

Keep It Real, Dolfans
and ThanX for keeping it honest Armando
something your competitor Omar cannot do
Cuz he is too busy tripping over his undeserved, overinflated, very high opinion of his terrible Miami Dolphins Insight

Stick to the Miami Herald, Dolfan Bloggers
Cuz the sentinel has Omar misreporting crappy lies to cover his own ego on the worst Miami Dolphins Insight anywhere


I wholeheartedly agree with Finfaned,et.al,this is only preseason and I am confident the Fins know better than to show all their cards before they travel to Buffalo. Trust me the blitz packages are coming soon enough.What puzzles and concerns me is this:what does it take for the zebras to call pass interference against an opposing defense? Marshall was practically de-panted in the endzone during the third quarter and yet no flag was thrown.Hmmmm.

Nice post HOME!
I agree with you on Sean Smith, at first i was on the bandwagon too.
After watching Sean Smith for to years now, i could not agree more Sean Smith and Omar Kelly suck at what they do!!!

*two years

Hey Jersey

If That Is Really U



CB Vontae Davis
At times it seemed like Davis was the only player on defense to show up Friday night. He played just over two quarters, but put in a full night’s work: seven tackles (one for loss), a forced fumble and three passes defended.

sean smith once again got beat by five yards for an easy would be TD

after that sean laid next to rookie LB Misi after Mis made the tackle. sean was hoping to get some of the credit for Misi`s tackle by posing on the ground next to Misi

Thanx for stopping by sean


Oh yeah
By the way
That was on sean`s very first play of the game after being benched for the first half

ThanX for stopping by sean


home to funny

trade turner .net

Friday Night Game

Vontae Davis stats:
seven tackles (one for loss), a forced fumble and three passes defended.

sean smith stats:
gave up would be TD very 1st play after coming off bench
and lots of shucking & Jiving while polishing his empty 0 Interception NFL career trophy case

Enjoy the Pro Bowl Vontae

ThanX for stopping by sean

Friday night game,
turner is not show .

thanks for stopping by turner .

Like I said last night, the only "shining lights" Pat White is gonna see is the Northern Lights of Canada. Played garbage time against Falcon scrubs, not impressed.


You just don't like the guy because he talks and acts like Wesley Snipes's YOUNGER BROTHER in the movie 'Sugar Hill'.

Tony Sparano told Home
Turner is a lock in the 53
Turner one pass to him for 10 yds Friday Night
Completed for a Miami Dolphin 1st Down

Resting like a Star for Dallas

Good Job Pat Turner
Future Miami Dolphins 6.5 Physical WR developing well

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Cuz sean sucks
and Home wants to see the Miami Dolphins
In Dallas
In Feb 2011

Give Smith this Season to prove himself...If there is a real problem then they'll have him on the bench.

The DO WATCH the games.

If sean starts expect another losing season and the most embarrassing Miami Dolphins CB EVER


How do U make sean smith poop his pants, turn his feet & hips the wrong way and have his head turned around backwards with slippery ball go right through his butter fingers?


Throw the football near him in regular NFL season

They DO WATCH the games.
As long as they think that his MISTAKES ARE CORRECTABLE, then he'll remain on the team.

sean smith has to do every thing davis does from running to eating .

I did a little research on Denver’s preseason a year ago. The Denver D looked very weak, especially in week 3 against Cutler and the Bears. The Denver D gave up 17 points in the first half, and had no INTs or sacks for the whole game. Their D ended up being pretty good that year, so maybe we should all just chill. Nolam obviously doesn't show anything resembling the real defense during preseason.

"POSER BOY" has been exposed

sean smith is going to start ,i have no doubt .

Please do not use sean`s name in the same sentence next to future Miami Dolphins Pro Bowl CB Vontae Davis


Home don't like Smith because he is black and talks.
Home uses words like shucking, jiving, coconut head, every single racist code word he can think of on this blog. If Smith didn't talk and listened to country music Home would love him.


Thanks Thomas...

That makes me feel a bit better.

We also can't forget that they're young.

People forget this is the third game that the defense has played in this scheme. It may take them until the FOURTH REGULAR SEASON GAME to get it right.

They also have a few players who have never played a 3/4 before.

Statistics show THAT learning curve to be as long as TWO YEARS.

I think that they'll be more competitive one the games are for real.

Last Check Home really likes having NT Randy, Dansby, Y-Bell, Vontae Davis, Misi, Ronnie & Ricky,
Cobbs, The Hill, Polite, Big John, Brangetterdon Marshall, Simply The Bess, Pat Turner & the new guy to make the team WR Moore

So lets knock off the racist crap


Only one with crappy play but a big undeserving mouth is ... "POSER BOY"

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