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Uninspiring Falcons beat sloppy Dolphins in preseason G3

This was supposed to be the sneak peek. This was the dress rehearsal for the Dolphin before the regular-season show opens because this was the game the coaches prepared for the opponent, the starters played longer and units and sub packages were comprised of personnel you're likely to see in the regular season.

But it wasn't good enough. As I write in my column in the Saturday Miami Herald, the Dolphins are not yet ready for the start of the regular season, which is only 14 days away at Buffalo. (Thankfully, guys, it doesn't look like the Jets or Pats are playing much better.)

But let us concentrate on the Dolphins:

"We played sloppy, inconsistent," coach Tony Sparano said, "at times did some decent things, but couldn't finish. We just didn't finish. There was something always unexecuted one place or another on either side of the ball. They were 10 of 18 on third down on defense and on the other side we were two of 12. So we didn't stay on the field, and we really couldn't get off the field too well, either. There was something always unexecuted one way or the other.

"That's my fault. I got to do a better job."

Truth is, everyone has to do better for the Dolphins to be ready to play to start the regular season. Sparano did a study of how teams make the playoffs and he found an undeniable connection between starting fast and getting in the playoffs.

So the Dolphins must start fast in 2010.

They must find a pass rush as the first-team defense hasn't really created a consistent one all preseason. Last night the Dolphins had 26 pass-rush opportunities for their first-teamers. They did not sack Matt Ryan even once.

Sure, they didn't blitz but once. But sometimes you have to get to the passer without creating the rush. Sometimes it has to come from your core rushers without the help of corners or safeties or other blitzes.

"We really didn't do a whole lot from a pressure standpoint in this game," Sparano said. "I think you want to see what happens when you have four or five guys in the rush in the rush. At times with four or five guys you have to win your individual match-up and we didn't always do that."

Cameron Wake won his matchup twice that I counted. He didn't collect a sack, but he got a hit on Ryan or hurried a throw. I didn't see anyone else do that.

I'd like to see quarterback Chad Henne begin to find a groove. The hope was that he could pick up Friday night where he left off last week against Jacksonville. He had an excellent night against the Jags. He could not extend that excellence versus Atlanta.

Henne never looked comfortable. Never looked on the same page with his primary receiver Brandon Marshall. And he seemingly, and most troubling, never looked the defense off. He seemed to lock onto one side of the field or one receiver and throw it to that side or receiver while never seeming to think about turning his head and, whaddaya know, surprising the coverage by throwing the other way.

"We're going to need some work," Henne said. "Obviously, we're inconsistent in areas. We just got to keep on grinding. I mean time is running out. We need to start clicking and get it done in this preseason game, next preseason game and do it in practice."

Sparano said this outing probably will not affect the way he approaches the final preseason game. He did say it might change how he approaches "the next three days of practice." That probably means the intensity will be stepped up. I can only hope.

The running game, by the way, is also becoming a source of attention, if not outright concern. The Dolphins really haven't created much daylight or run lanes this preseason. I have yet to see a great block by an interior lineman at the second level of the defense. Perhaps that's a product of all the mixing and matching they've done in practice with the interior guys at RG, C, and LG.

But that sounds like something of an excuse. The fact is John Jerry has been the RG since the second week of camp. He's been a first-team fixture. The truth is Richie Incognito has been at LG for over two weeks now. Yes, the center spot has been a revolving door. Maybe that is where the problem lies. Jake Grove is the better run-blocker while Joe Berger is probably the better pass-blocker.

This position needs to get settled with some sort of permanence this week -- with permanence defined as finding the dude that will start the Buffalo game and giving him most of the work the next 14 days.

There were some positive points last night.

Yeremiah Bell is still as solid a strong safety as you will find and he had an interception. Karlos Dansby showed his coverage skills on a couple of plays in which he caused incompletions on throws to tight end Tony Gonzalez. Brian Hartline seems to be coming out of his shell a bit and is figuring in the offense pretty well. There were no obvious mental mistakes in the defensive backfield. Vontae Davis played well.

But ... even some of the positives raise questions.

How is it Davis can be showing such nice progress in his second season while Sean Smith is not? Smith missed the start because he violated a team rule, according to Sparano. Not too worried about that. But when he got in the game in the second quarter, he got tore up (yes, tore up) on a double move that left his lower body defending an out and his upper body chasing a receiver streaking down the sideline.

Smith was a good five yards behind the receiver when Ryan overthrew the apparent touchdown pass. Crisis averted, but that move is on film now. You think the Bills will try that on Smith with Lee Evans applying a banquet of double moves on Sept. 12?

"It's frustrating," Bell said. "You never want to go out and literally get punched in the mouth. They hit us off some plays tonight, they were more physical than we were. As players, the coaches can't do anything about that. We have to take that upon ourselves and go out and do a better job."

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Sounds like Home's ex-wife might have been given it up
to a shucking, jiving, black guy in real life?

For Those Who Think Sparano

Of course racist Home likes other black players
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No NJPHINFAN gave it up to a Shucking & Jiving black guy and now he is shaving his legs & @SS

Home is probably not a racist.

My guess is that Sean must of denied his autograph request...

like I've said (using other aliases) "Let the Coaches COACH." That's what they get paid for.

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"Let the Coaches COACH."

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Booby12 that is why they get fired too.
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No doubt about it

Home is not a racist ...... he owns 5 colored TVs

Good Night, Jack@SS


He owns 5 "colored" tv's
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my feeling is that bobbyd12 is behind this home bashing,,,,,,racist you say look no further than boobbyd12, a man with racial tendencies.....sad

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What`s the difference between a pizza and X NFL CB sean smith ?

A pizza can feed a family of four

Now Good Night

The entire offense had a off night. It is only a pre-season game. Henne and Marshall have not had a lot of time to gel. We are going to be a force. As bad as we played we were only down 10 - 3 at half.

Home had to leave
Crosses to burn
Imperial Wizards to impress

course camarillo leads vikings in catches and yards tonight, what a mistake that will be

Sean Smith is making mental errors.

Every single one of his "breakdowns" this pre season has been mental.

I mean serious pop warner 101 mistakes.

I could see if a receiver just outplays you, that's one thing. That's not been the case for Sean so far. He physically outmatches most of the receivers he faces. He just looses focus.

Tony I think you should try starting Sean on some strattera or something.

Freshman JV Football 101: You absolutely cannot, ever, under any circumstances, bite on an out route when playing inside technique.

The reason you play inside technique is to free up a safety. That means your on your own. You bite on a fake in this situation, 9 times out of 10 your toast.

Seriously people, this is Pop Warner level mental mistakes.

Sean, Tony wants to see you in his office. He wants you to trade in all your hip hop Cd's, your video games and cell phones for a playbook and some game film!

Other than special teams, Sean Smith and Jason Allen are my current pet peeves.

Excellent prototypical guys with size and speed. They should be in there just killing it. Instead there out there making mental mistakes.

How Effing embarrassing. We bench Smith to make a point. Allen goes in and gets beat deep for a TD. We pull Allen and Sean goes in and gets so turned around, he looks like he's in an exorcist movie!

The really funny part, they're our best corners other than the guy whose name I won't even include in the same post.


odin, Jason is doing the best he can ... just is handicapped .... ever hear him speak ... not the sharpest pencil in the box ... he has reached his potential (unfortunately not a proper evaluation by the drafting team) ...

"Poser" is another story ... spends more time trying to look cool than time trying to be great .... he thinks he is good enough already ...

I hope Will Allen returns soon ....

Odin, it goes to show you that even with athletic ability you can still paly sub par due to mental mistakes. I hope Sean pulls through before we play the first game.


I have to agree on both points.

It starting to make me sick seeing Sean looking up at the jumbo-tron and being late lining up on his guy.

I can just see it now. If he ever makes a regular season interception, they'll have to make the tunnel bigger just to get his fat head on the field!

I hope I'm wrong, but it looks like this guy is wasting a lot of talent and opportunities.

You know what they say, it's a privilege to play in the NFL. Apparently Sean thinks he's entitled.


You said Bro.

You can't get by on talent alone. Not in the NFL. You have to dedicated and focused. Sean doesn't appear to be either.


That should read: You said it Bro.


sean smith is a disgrace to the Miami Dolphins brand and an embarrassment to the organization

Why the veterans ever let this Loser
That has never made one big game changing play in regular season run his idiotic egotistical mouth after getting burned again and again with twice the opportunity of Vontae, who has 4 Ints, a pick 6, 1 two point conversion knock down, many bone crushing hits for a loss, forced fumbles and is gunner on ST is way beyond me

This punk sean smith needs to shut up and try to resemble a CB
Cuz he sucks and sucks BAD


Oh by the way
Just my opinion since 2009 Dolphin Training Camp
sean smith should not be on our team
not even as a back up


Oh by the way
Just my opinion since 2009 Dolphin Training Camp
Vontae Davis will soon be voted to the Pro Bowl



We all know how you feel about Sean Smith.

I'd rather you tell us how you feel about TWO free agents ROOKIES have passing up yo boy Patrick.

Moore and Wallace have both outplayed Turner so far. They both run better routes and are more naturally athletic.

What was that prediction you made about Turner?

You know, the one you haven't been posting very much lately.

The below comes from Armando's " Much Ado about a Monday Afternoon" post"

You may remember that Sparano talked about having to clean up some man-coverage issues after the game at Jacksonville. I asked Sean Smith, who yielded a 22-yard completion to Mike Sims-Walker, what cleaning up thos things meant as far as he's concerned.

"I can only speak for myself, but it's about understanding what you want to take away. What leverage to use. It was a very long game for us so it was kind of easy lose technique on certain plays. It's also about knowing when you're being inside or outside technique."

Talk is cheap obviously.


What Up, Wild Man?

Prediction on Pat Turner is he will make the 53
Posted it again earlier on this blog

Never Changed

Turner has 100 % chance of making the 53

Also like Moore
He has been showing flash & has fluid movement & strong desire

Camarillo as Home posted all off season would be O

the odd man out

His trade value was at its highest with no drops and even catching with his @SS

Turner is developing fine
Only thrown to once and Turner caught it for 10 yards & 1st down last game

Marshall, Bess & Hartline will obviously get almost all the action in regular season

Expect Turner to be like Colston the Saints
Only a bit bigger,stronger and def more physical
Would be a big mistake to let Pat Turner go
By next season
U prob will see a Solid Miami Dolphin WR in Pat Turner

Wallace will go to practice squad and prob get poached quickly


At the risk of sounding like a Sun Sentinel blogger: EXACTLY-

You're not getting safety help, inside technique is great. You get good depth and use the sideline to your advantage.

In that situation you can't jump an out route unless:

1. The ball is in the air

2. You've located it.


3. You KNOW you can make a play on it.

Otherwise, you take an angle and wedge your receiver against the sideline.

If I know this, I'm sure Sean Smith knows it. Why then, does he continue to make the same mistakes over and over again?

R&R tell us:

Sean Smith said:
"It was a very long game for us so it was kind of easy lose technique on certain plays."

Long Game??? Too funny!

he lost technique on his very first play in the game ... after being demoted from the first team for arriving late to the park ... unbelievable .....

he needs an attitude adjustment ....

R & R Express

Good Call, Man

sean likes to talk a good game
Like when he bought 50 tickets to chargers game last season for his "friends"
and kept twittering how great he was and watch my big INT

Well Rivers threw a 49 yard pass short went right into seans hands ...
and threw his hands for a 49 yard completion
Rivers longest completion of the season at that point


ThanX sean


Just messing with you.

I think Turner will be good. Especially after Marshall shows him how important it is too be a big, strong BlLOCKING WR.

Out of the three WR's fighting for jobs, I would give a slight nod to Moore. Wallace and Turner seem to be about neck and neck.

Moore 5 catches-75 yards.
Wallace 5 catches 42 yards.
Turner 4 catches 61 yards.

I hated to see Camirillo go, but I still think we'll be fine at WR this year.

Moore could be a guy that does some returning. I would like to see him get some action there in the next game. That would be a big plus for him, and would make it really tough to be cut if he could show some skills on special teams.

Can anyone tell me why Lex didn't get any carries last night? The only 2 things I figured were. He got his leg rolled up on , and was a little shaken up(lucky it wasn't serious) 2 I actually have no idea, maybe they are waiting to see if Ronnie gets hurt, and Bong Pipe starts to wear down.

Knew U were just stirring the pot wild man

Believe Tony Sparano coming out & publicly stating last year "that I made a big mistake Not game planning Pat Turner in 2009" is a pretty good indication of his thoughts on WR Pat Turner

Unfortunately many of his plays are only seen by those attending camp/practice

Turner will learn a ton from B-Marsh
and being a bit taller and bout the same weight at 22 will help Turner as Home expects Turner to soon hit 6.5 235 lbs

As for Moore
He is laying it all out and def showing flash
It`s early lets see consistency b4 we get too excited

Think Moore might be more fluid/better route running naturally than Turner

Have seen Turner
More than once go up & over tall sean grab the ball and run over & flatten CB on the way to the end zone
Also Pat Turner does block well
Gets his big body right in front spreads out wide as seen for instance last season when he sprung lead footed Ernest Wilford Free for his trot in the end zone for TD
Due to Turners blocking

Wallace looks ok too
but have seen him drop a few and whiff on ST blocking

It's a secret study on the effects of alcohol (Ronnie DUI) combined with marijuana.

Hope they sit Marshall against Dallas

So we can plenty of Turner, Moore & Wallace

Also really like Nolan Carroll on ST

Nice to see him so pumped up and gunning down to make that huge hit on KO

Like to see Nolan Carroll take all KR as well

Carroll is Not ready to play CB this year


I thought about that myself. Being the eternal optimist, I'll give you my opinion.

Mainly I think the Trifecta feels safe and confident with knowing what they have in Hilliard.

The logistics are two fold.

1st-They have two RB's coming back from serious injuries in Brown and Cobbs. They want to make sure their fully recovered and can take the pounding.

2nd-They feel safe and confident that our no. 4 rushing offense will be OK and we have more urgent issues to sort out with the pass game.

I can't remember the numbers at the moment, but our run to pass ratio has been pass heavy thus far in the pre season.

PS: Ultimately, I have no clue. That's the best spin I can put on it.

Home, I've had a question for you for some time now:

Is it possible to steal this HAARP weapon from the government and then use it in such a way that the effects are confined to a small area.
That small area would be the Jets' side from the line of scrimmage?

Thank you for your attention.

the quote

"I don't feel good about that from my end. I did a poor job of that," Sparano said. "I should have got him in the game. I should have got him the exposure so I did not do a good job there."

Sparano said he thinks Turner is a great athlete and wants to see him refine his technique so that he can be a regular contributor on offense.

I'm sure Lex will get plenty off carries this week. I understand what his role is on this team, I thought, or hoped that he would get a little action with the 1's. Especially because Ronnie, and Ricky were struggling a bit. It's important they get plenty of reps, because they will be the bread and butter of this offense. As long as Lex keeps playing well when he gets his opportunities, it will become more difficult to keep him off the field.

lol @ Posted by: R & R EXPRESS | August 29, 2010 at 01:01 AM

Like your thinking, Man

HAARP is not a portable weapon of mass destruction
USA has HAARP located in a remote area of Alaska

It has been taken over by the military
Specifically the Air Force & Navy
Spec Ops taking orders from a chain of faceless people (NWO)

Then how about focusing its effect on a slightly larger area?
Say the Buffalo, NY and the New York, NY and the Foxboro Massachusetts area?

. HAARP sends controlled and tuned bursts or streams of high frequency (HF) radio energy at Earth's ionosphere. The enormous amount of energy added to the ionosphere creates a tuned vibration which then is directed around the globe on the jet-streams. Where ever this enormous vibration ends up it creates extremely low frequency (ELF) waves which travel down to the earth. (It can also send down LF, HF, VHF, UHF) Using this method, HAARP is capable of extremely deep earth tomography: basically "x-raying" the earth. That much is not controversial. Well, what if they tune it to resonate with the geological features of a fault line, causing a violent vibration, which then causes the fault to give way.

That is, of course, not the only thing HAARP can do. It has a range of applications. Wanna know how to steer a hurricane? Heat the water along its path. HAARP can do that. HAARP can manipulate weather patters by heating land, air and sea, as well as by changing pressure levels in the upper atmosphere. Wanna shoot a giant bolt of electricity at a target... HAARP can do that. Wanna create an EMF blast to wipe out all electronics in an area? HAARP can do that. How about an EMF blast that will kill all living creatures, but won't damage structures? Wanna send down some of the extensively researched psychoactive and biophysically active frequencies, to create "non-lethal" effects on huge areas of people, all at once? Then you need HAARP.

That's why HAARP is so dangerous.
It's no joke. One of the best kept secrets of our time, but not on the Miami Herald

Every morning a group of plasma-physics grad students wakes up at a research facility in Gakona, Alaska, 200 miles north of Anchorage, and prepares for another day of playing God. It’s cold, dark as a mineshaft in winter, and the day’s work does little to cheer the mood. Depending on the unpredictable agendas of military scientists, this group of technicians must shoot radio waves into the upper reaches of our atmosphere to create missile shields, eviscerate enemy satellites, set off the occasional earthquake, or control the minds of millions of people.

Skywave Propogation: Radio waves travel in straight lines, but the Earth isn’t flat, so sending radio signals to the other side of the world is tricky. HAARP’s findings could lead to ways to extend the range of radio signals by creating irregularities in the ionosphere that would bounce signals across long distances. Paul Wooton
The truth is, though, that the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP—the 180-antenna array that is a fully operational diverse weapon of mass destruction And now, 15 years after construction on the station began, HAARP’s managers are seeing what the fully powered system can do; most recently, they’ve begun zapping the moon with the hope of determining the composition of its soil. “It’s up, it runs, it performs beautifully,” says Ed Kennedy, the former HAARP program manager for the Naval Research Lab

Guess we better rely on CH7, BM19, and the R & R EXPRESS then huh?


Are you afraid of being kidnapped by the US government so that this information doesn't become household knowledge?
Do the Russians and Chinese know about this?

"I don't feel good about that from my end. I did a poor job of that," Sparano said. "I should have got him in the game. I should have got him the exposure so I did not do a good job there."

I hope I don't have to hear Tony saying this about Micah Johnson next year.

I've been harping about Dobbins starting over Crowder every since we traded for him. Forget about it.
Put Dobbins and Crowder on the bench, I'm a full blown Micah Johnson fan. I think he's the steal of the off season and the biggest surprise of the pre season.
This is a new defense with a bunch of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year guys. They have no choice but to be baptized by fire.
We'll be better off in the long run if we just let Johnson start now and get his lumps with the rest of the kids.

It worked with Chad Henne and Vontae Davis. It looks like it's starting to work with Koa Misi.



....and stop name-dropping 'Paul Wooton's name.
I'm pretty sure that he was one of the people involved in "Trooper-Gate"

Am not paranoid
Simply educated with thousands of hours on HAARP and related topics

Russia has their own HAARP
Many followers believe they targeted the BP oil Pipe at the bottom of the ocean floor with pulsating ELF waves

HAARP, now has facilities in various locations. It has two places in Alaska, one in Puerto Rico , one in Norway, and one in Iceland. There may be other locations the U.S. Government is not telling us about.

R&R Express
That is all on this topic for now
Must keep it to a minimum
Do some research with google & you tube between Miami Dolphin news

Take Care
Fellow Slave

Uh oh,

Odin, do you mean you have been HAARPing on Dobbins?
Just kidding.
Hope you are right about Micah.
It's time the Dolphins found a diamond in the rough.


That's too funny dude.

I actually typed Haarpping and then thought better of possibly egging him on.

Homes is right though, them haarp rays are dangerous and cause a lot of collateral damage.

Just last week they were routinely HAARP-o-nizing the area here where I live and all the beer in my refrigerator turned skunky!

Those BASTARDS!!!!


There may be lots of Baptisms by fire this year.

Parcells once said that "every rookie in your starting lineup will cause one loss during a season."

They're still very young and this may take some time for several of these guys to get their feet under them.

Whether we like it or not, most of this development is going to take place during the course of the season.

Odin, R&R
I'm with both of you guys on Micah Johnson. What sold me on him was that play he made in the first pre-season game when he pole axed the Bucs Qb. He got a bs roughing the passer call, but it showed intensity, and willingness to light somebody UP. He drilled the running back for a loss a few plays later. He has that look to him, I don't know exactly what it is but he looks the part of a middle linebacker. He is going to be a good player here.

Remind me
to find, and destroy, this H-A-A-R-P !

The interior of the Oline is in flux. During OTAs Jerry was LG and Incognito was right guard.

Then camp comes, July 30 and bam, Jerry goes to RG and Incognito practices at LG ? Yes Amando, Incognito has been LG TWO FULL WEEKS, . Where as the previous FIVE YEARS and thru OTAs he was at RG. Its not as simple swtiching as people think. Everyone start using their opposite hand starting tomorrow and do it for twoweeks and the ones that have perfected it, get back to me, there will be ZERO. Same for Jerry. He played RT and RG and since he got here, they had him at LG and for the last three weeks he has been RG. Not good, add to that, the kids a rook. His head must be spinning.

Finally, and for whatever reason, they scew with the heads of Berger and Grove. As much as neither is making out of it, you can be sure their heads are spinning. The center is the quarterback of the Oline, as much as they have been switched it makes sense the entire interior of the Oline is not together yet.

Switch Henne Pennington as much as we have switched Grove and Berger, it would be ugly, just like it is now with the interior. Sparano is supposed to be an Oline guy Right ? Well he is breaking the first primitive rule of the Oline, you pick your starters and keep them together and do not switch them around for as lng as you can. Now he said post game he STILL has not firmly decided on who the starter will be at Center. Wanna bet the ice pack that was on Groves shoulder when he left the locker room will be more of a decision maker then Sparano will be on who the starting center is ? Bet ?

This is not a bad offense but even a decent offense gets screwed if the guy running the show keeps changing it around every 7 or 8 min. time frame in practice.


I'm an eternal optimist, but I'm also a realist.
This defense is going to suffer from a lot of "growing pains".
Armando actually thought Tom Brady was going out of his way to show our defense some love. RIGHT! The wets have a solid D and Buffalo's secondary is their teams only strength. Brady was taking backhanded pot shots at us, all the while wiping the drool off his chin.

Here's to hoping our offense can carry us this season!

Forgot one more thing. As " solid " a RT as they say Carey is , umm, no. The guy is overweight, slow and got passed up like a volkswagon in a NASCAR race last night. Long had some big boo boos too folks, so he is not a saint either.

On the play where Polite tried to get the one yard and was stopped ? That was pure bad scheme. They had no one, nobody, nada, to block the guy coming in from Longs side. Him and Incognito blocked down and push their guys back far enough for Polite to be successful but the blitzing on Longs outside was not touched. As a matter of fact he ran in and was at the hole before Polite was and Polite STILL almost made the first down. BAD SCHEME.

Same for defense, wow, some really bad scheme there. IMO, this guy Nolan is not all he was cracked up to be. No mysterious secret blitzes are coming folks, if we had em, we wouldhave seen a few at yesterdays dress rehearsal. We saw nothing because there is nothing. Even Sparano said he is concerned with the lack of pass rush on defense. NOW, if the HC of a team says that do you think he is blowing smoke up peoples rear ends as a smoke screen ? Or maybe, just maybe, we do not have all the stuff on D people THINK we are hiding and preventing other teams from seeing it. Crap, Jets have run every pass rush/blitz imaginable in preseason games. They have it so they use it, we do not use it because none exists, period, end of fairy tale defense story.

I'll drink to that.

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