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Uninspiring Falcons beat sloppy Dolphins in preseason G3

This was supposed to be the sneak peek. This was the dress rehearsal for the Dolphin before the regular-season show opens because this was the game the coaches prepared for the opponent, the starters played longer and units and sub packages were comprised of personnel you're likely to see in the regular season.

But it wasn't good enough. As I write in my column in the Saturday Miami Herald, the Dolphins are not yet ready for the start of the regular season, which is only 14 days away at Buffalo. (Thankfully, guys, it doesn't look like the Jets or Pats are playing much better.)

But let us concentrate on the Dolphins:

"We played sloppy, inconsistent," coach Tony Sparano said, "at times did some decent things, but couldn't finish. We just didn't finish. There was something always unexecuted one place or another on either side of the ball. They were 10 of 18 on third down on defense and on the other side we were two of 12. So we didn't stay on the field, and we really couldn't get off the field too well, either. There was something always unexecuted one way or the other.

"That's my fault. I got to do a better job."

Truth is, everyone has to do better for the Dolphins to be ready to play to start the regular season. Sparano did a study of how teams make the playoffs and he found an undeniable connection between starting fast and getting in the playoffs.

So the Dolphins must start fast in 2010.

They must find a pass rush as the first-team defense hasn't really created a consistent one all preseason. Last night the Dolphins had 26 pass-rush opportunities for their first-teamers. They did not sack Matt Ryan even once.

Sure, they didn't blitz but once. But sometimes you have to get to the passer without creating the rush. Sometimes it has to come from your core rushers without the help of corners or safeties or other blitzes.

"We really didn't do a whole lot from a pressure standpoint in this game," Sparano said. "I think you want to see what happens when you have four or five guys in the rush in the rush. At times with four or five guys you have to win your individual match-up and we didn't always do that."

Cameron Wake won his matchup twice that I counted. He didn't collect a sack, but he got a hit on Ryan or hurried a throw. I didn't see anyone else do that.

I'd like to see quarterback Chad Henne begin to find a groove. The hope was that he could pick up Friday night where he left off last week against Jacksonville. He had an excellent night against the Jags. He could not extend that excellence versus Atlanta.

Henne never looked comfortable. Never looked on the same page with his primary receiver Brandon Marshall. And he seemingly, and most troubling, never looked the defense off. He seemed to lock onto one side of the field or one receiver and throw it to that side or receiver while never seeming to think about turning his head and, whaddaya know, surprising the coverage by throwing the other way.

"We're going to need some work," Henne said. "Obviously, we're inconsistent in areas. We just got to keep on grinding. I mean time is running out. We need to start clicking and get it done in this preseason game, next preseason game and do it in practice."

Sparano said this outing probably will not affect the way he approaches the final preseason game. He did say it might change how he approaches "the next three days of practice." That probably means the intensity will be stepped up. I can only hope.

The running game, by the way, is also becoming a source of attention, if not outright concern. The Dolphins really haven't created much daylight or run lanes this preseason. I have yet to see a great block by an interior lineman at the second level of the defense. Perhaps that's a product of all the mixing and matching they've done in practice with the interior guys at RG, C, and LG.

But that sounds like something of an excuse. The fact is John Jerry has been the RG since the second week of camp. He's been a first-team fixture. The truth is Richie Incognito has been at LG for over two weeks now. Yes, the center spot has been a revolving door. Maybe that is where the problem lies. Jake Grove is the better run-blocker while Joe Berger is probably the better pass-blocker.

This position needs to get settled with some sort of permanence this week -- with permanence defined as finding the dude that will start the Buffalo game and giving him most of the work the next 14 days.

There were some positive points last night.

Yeremiah Bell is still as solid a strong safety as you will find and he had an interception. Karlos Dansby showed his coverage skills on a couple of plays in which he caused incompletions on throws to tight end Tony Gonzalez. Brian Hartline seems to be coming out of his shell a bit and is figuring in the offense pretty well. There were no obvious mental mistakes in the defensive backfield. Vontae Davis played well.

But ... even some of the positives raise questions.

How is it Davis can be showing such nice progress in his second season while Sean Smith is not? Smith missed the start because he violated a team rule, according to Sparano. Not too worried about that. But when he got in the game in the second quarter, he got tore up (yes, tore up) on a double move that left his lower body defending an out and his upper body chasing a receiver streaking down the sideline.

Smith was a good five yards behind the receiver when Ryan overthrew the apparent touchdown pass. Crisis averted, but that move is on film now. You think the Bills will try that on Smith with Lee Evans applying a banquet of double moves on Sept. 12?

"It's frustrating," Bell said. "You never want to go out and literally get punched in the mouth. They hit us off some plays tonight, they were more physical than we were. As players, the coaches can't do anything about that. We have to take that upon ourselves and go out and do a better job."

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I'll drink to that.

Alright folks! Welcome to having a young team!!!! Do you really think they are gonna be awesome every game? You are gonna have to get used to a great game (or two hopefully) followed by a not so great game.

Jacksonville was pretty good but, Atlanta was dismal, GET USED TO IT!!!!

You are gonna get this from a young team. All the pressure is on the coaches to get these guys ready.

This team has the potential to be a 12-4 team but they seem to have the heart of an 8-8 team. Which team emerges is up to to coaches IMO.


Johnson was a middle linebacker at Kentucky.
He suffered an injury early last year and another one in Kentucky's Bowl game. He still opted to run at the combine and clocked somewhat slow. This is why he slid in the draft.
He leads all LB's and Linemen in tackles and tackles for loss this pre season. He's an absolute work out warrior and a baller.

If you DVR'ed any of the games, check out how quickly he locates the ball and fights off the guards and tackles trying to block him.

I actually think Crowder and Dobbins are solid, but, like Dansby, Johnson is a cut above.

Anybody got any thoughts on the game against "them cowboys?"


Are you kidding me? I have a prayer. It goes like this:

PLEASE God, let there be NO INJURIES!!!!

PS: Rest the offensive starters and play the defensive starters.

PSS: I've just been informed that if I don't get off this computer, I ain't getting "off" at all!

Priorities fella's, gotta GO!!!!

You would like to see the offense show some kind of rythym. But not at the expence of injury. Get it right in practice it the key now.

Im Not As Worried About Injury (except To Marshall) As I Am About Aggressiveness. Bith Sides Lack It. Period.

When we got rid of Smiley, I was thinking Sparano had an upgrade to the position. Why else get rid of the guy? I don't see it.

Do you think Ricky & Ronnie could have gotten more yardage if Smiley was still here and running plays were called between Long & Smiley? I certainly do.

I don't like Saban as much as the next Dolphin fan but his saying, "make haste slowly" would certainly apply!

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Dolphins could be in for a long season, maybe Sparano and Ireland were not the men for the Job.The constant tinkering with the offensive line is really hurting it can,t be that hard to figure out who your best guys are, and oh by the way the pass rush problem we had a couple good pass rushers and we sent them away for rookies, throw in the Pat White pick at no 2 you have to wonder if these guys know what they are doing, Ireland has had more misses then good picks and that is either FA or the draft, it seems sometime these guys have such big EGOS that it gets in the way of what makes sense like not bringing back JT or JP or both, now they can,t get a pass rush, hmn shouldn't they have thought about that before, I know it is just preseason but they look like sht,If they lose to Buffalo they could start 0-4, and what is up with Henne he doesn't not look any better and he should by now

scott ireland doesnt pick, parcells does. this team does look very bad. and the camarillo trade was complete garbage

Yes Home You Are Correct. You Are A Dumb Ass

Bill, I guess the Colts, Cowboys, Jets should all pack it in because they have looked far worse then the Fins in the Preseason. I mean we were 4-0 the last 2 Preseasons and started 0-3. It means nothing, nada, zippo. Camarillo and Bess are the same guys, one had to go. Ness is a bit better. This gives us a chance to keep Moore, Wallace or both. This team will be just fine.

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Vontae is having a HAPPY day :)

smith is having a HAARPy day :(

with the Miami Dolphins

I think they've been using Haarp rays on some of the fans here.
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Henne doesn't look any better? Maybe you should take a better look.

I've watched every Henne pre season snap AT LEAST 5 times apiece(I have no life, sue me!). I'm not anointing him the second coming, but he has improved in multiple areas.

The first thing that jumped out at me was that he's more vocal on the field. I haven't seen him giving any Marino like ass chewings, but he's improving there. On a blitz/hot read Hartline broke off his route for a short underneath completion that resulted in a first down. By the time Hartline got to his feet, Henne was in his face pointing to his temple. I'm assuming he was saying, that's how you do it, way to use your head.
He seems to be faster with his reads and as a result doesn't check down so/too quick.
I have seen him still locking on to receivers. I've also seen him looking off, or at least trying to look off DB's and Linebackers. This in my opinion is where he really needs to make much improvement.
Henne's play action fake looks improved as well. He still gets his head around a little fast to "sell it" in my opinion. This is a tricky one though, from the time your 10 they pound it into your head, keep your eyes down field, make your reads, etc, etc.
The second biggest improvement I've noticed is his "touch passes". He threw a beautiful swing pass to Ricky. The touch on the ball allowed Ricky to catch it in perfect stride maximizing the yards after the catch. Two other notables were throws to Marshall. He had just enough touch on them that Marshall was the only guy that could make the catch. The 55 yard TD to Fasano had some nice touch on it, zip for sure, but still some nice touch too.

This is his second year as a starter and he has improved across the board.

odin, YOU saved the blog last night when you came in and start talk football.all posts were very good until 2.00 am ,i learned a few things .

let's have a drive to rasie HENNE'S pay to 6 million this year.it's a shame that the dolphins QB the lowest paid on the team let alone the league w/600,000 a year .

he makes less than sean smith and fasano and crowder.

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Hey Pete G
You think every running play has been run to the left ? We are upgraded from Smiley. If you took time to notice, Smiley did not even play in the Jacksonville game, know why ? He can't, his shoulder is toast.

the dolphins better get their s#!t together and start playing like champs and not chumps! if sparano can't get it done this year send his ass out the door too!!


Thanks for the kind words. They make me feel warm and fuzzy all over.

Now that Armundo has limited himself to Bath Tub Gin, AM radio and live blogs only, we're all going to have to pitch in and do our parts.

A Kinder and Gentler Odinseye

Sorry bout that Aloco
Sometimes Home gets carried away with science & physics?
So who should start @ CB next to Vontae?
R season depends on that decision


Will any of those new fangled, high tech, which ya ma jiggies help me with my Rum-a-toid arthur-itis?

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Who should start at CB next too Vontae?

Is this a trick question?

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Hmmmmm..........oh man............I think I need to buy a vowel.



I don't want to start any Sheet(yeah right)............BUT..............

How many Omar's and Mike's does it take too make 1 Armando?

PS: If I have to do a comparative analysis study I will. Don't think I won't!!!!

Where to begin. Where to begin.

I think I'll start with week 1 of the pre season. I'll compare the quantity of articles vs. the quality of articles.

I'll offset positive hits against negative hits and divide that by the number of bloggers brave enough to criticise Armando, Mike and Omar.

Numbers, Numbers, God I love Numbers!

I think the main overall criteria to consider should be the total number of articles proportionally ratioed out to the realative number of hits.

I think I'll reset my data per 1 week intervals so as too include a flavor of objectivity.

Yes, Yes, I think that will do quite well.

Oh God I need to get a life!

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I'm getting a beer and taking my axe out to the woodpile for some excercise.

The bonfire ain't the only thing getting LIT UP tonight.

Bottoms Up!!!!

Dear Mrs. Salguero,

Please wake Armando up.
We need a new information packed post.

NY Jets starting LB Calvin Pace is out for six weeks.

I was at the Ravens/Giants game last night (awesome seats, right behind Ravens bench, 45yd line, 10 rows from field, clear view of Ray Ray (that's Lewis and Rice), Suggs, Ngata, etc. Some observations:
- We've got our work cut out for us with the Ravens. These guys are a well-oiled machine (yeah, even in the Preseason) with stars on all sides of the ball. Boldin has just shot the offense up to the elite level of the defense. Most important, these guys BELIEVE they are going to be the sh*t, they all show it in their demeanor and attitude on the field.

- Eli and the Giants weren't having any luck tryin' to pound Jacobs down their throat. That's not going to work (hear me, up-the-middle Henning). With Ed Reed hurt, and the strength of their defense the front 7, Henne and the WRs are going to have to have a great day to beat Baltimore.

- Giants won't be very good this year. But they have one shining star, WR Cruz. This guy is DeSean Jackson/Percy Harvin-esque. Quick, great hands, he's a player.

- Ravens fans are extremely proud of their team and they show it. It was a Preseason game, but I couldn't see an empty seat in the house (there were one or two, but you get my point). Now, I know these guys are good, and have been good for a long time, so it's no comparison, but I'd love to see that kind of excitement and pride from the Dolphins faithful. Sometimes, watching a game, I wonder where the Dolfans actually are!!

- Mostly, watching that game made me want to get the season under way, to finally see what our guys are about. It's time to stop talkin' and time to start showin'. We don't have to be SuperBowl bound, but it'd be nice to say we've made a jump in progress for the disappointment of last year.

Dear Mr. Salguero

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Do you think he was building a radio to try and get off the Island ?

I didn't get to see the ending so if you know what happened please let me know.

Soiled :)

LMAO @ All HAARPed up SoiledBottom | August 29, 2010 at 05:55 PM

What is it with this place most of you are goons. Look at what you talk about. Get outside and do something already.

As warned earlier in the year and again last week
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Earl may be the 1st by Labor Day Weekend
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Stay Tuned the worst is yet to come

Now if we can just get Tony Sparano to stop tinkering with the O-line and secondary so late into the preseason with no cohesion or chemistry as the regular season approaches in 2 weeks

Did Tony Sparano not make the same mistake last year with the defensive secondary?

How did that work out, not having the Miami Dolphins secondary ready or any chemistry at the start of the season?

C`mon Man!

Home sounds like a person who drinks from the toilet and pees on the floor. Go have another biscuit pooch.


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New post fellas.

Many people here are the type that wear tin foil hats when they go to bed. Harp? a joke, pure joke.

the fins didn't do much blitzing to see how the secondary reacts in coverage. they will bringing the heat against buffalo. alot of teams don't show their hand until the regular season starts.

Henne was intimidated by Pennington

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