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Welcome to the cool climes of NSMB

I talked to Patrick Turner for some time after practice this afternoon and he was telling me how much of a toll training camp practices outside take on him.

"I lose five pounds every time we come out here," Turner said. "Some guys will lose 10 or 11 pounds per practice. It's Florida, now. It's hot."

No doubt Turner and his teammates were pleased this evening's practice happened in the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble (NSMB).

It was an otherwise routine practice except for the fact rookie linebacker A.J. Edds suffered a tweaked knee and had to leave the drills. He was wrapped in ice and spent the rest of the practice watching and walking along the sideline. [Update: The Miami Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting Edds has a torn ACL. That would be a small blow to Miami's plans to use him in the situational passing defense.]

Ryan Grice-Mullen (leg) did not practice again.

I talked to strong safety Yeremiah Bell, one of my favorite players, and he shared with me how his role will change in 2010 in the Mike Nolan defense. I will play the interview on my radio show on Tuesday between 6-10 a.m. (You know you can listen live on the web or in your car if you're in South Florida at 640-AM.)

To me one of the most entertaining and athletically competitive drills in practice is the one-on-one matches between the wide receivers and defensive backs.

I watched this drill Monday. And this is how it went.

Brandon Marshall against Sean Smith. Marshall catches a pass over Smith who stumbles to his knees.

Brian Hartline against Will Allen. Allen knocked away an incomplete pass.

Davone Bess against Jason Allen. Bess beats Allen on a deep out.

Greg Camarillo versus Vontae Davis. Camarillo catches an in-cut.

Patrick Turner against Nate Ness. Turner flies (not kidding) pass Ness around the 10 yard line, Ness recovers and tips the pass around five yards deep in the end zone, but Turner snatches out of the air and keeps his feet in bounds. TD!

Taurus Johnson versus A.J. Wallace. Johnson catches one over the top.

Marshall versus Jason Allen. Unfair right? Wrong. Allen tips away the pass on a comeback route.

Jonathon Amaya vs. Julius Pruitt. Amaya knocks down a poor pass.

Davone Bess versus Ross Weaver. Bess catches one over the top.

Hartline versus Davis. Vontae jumps the short out. Interception.

Camarillo versus Allen. Camarillo uses a double move, first in and then up for a long TD.

Turner versus Ness. Turner uses his big body to catch an in-cut.

Marshall against Allen. Marshall goes deep down the middle and Allen doesn't keep up. TD.

Johnson versus Wallace. Short completion.

Bess versus Weaver. Bess catches an in-cut.

Hartline against Amaya. Hartline gets his hands on an inaccurate throw but doesn't make the catch.

Camarillo versus Allen. Camarillo uses the exact same double move he used the last repetition against Allen and as he's getting beat for the TD, Allen yells, "Ahhh. Same thing!"

Turner vers Ness. Turner fakes in goes out. Complete.

Marshall versus Nolan Carroll. Marshall runs past the super-fast rookie who is much faster than him. It's about technique and position with Marshall. TD.

Bess versys Weaver again. Completion again.

Marlon Moore versus Amaya. Short completion for Moore.