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Will Allen sent to have (repaired?) knee examined

Several comings and goings and one sobering injury update today from Dolphins camp:

First, cornerback Will Allen, who missed the past couple of days while "resting" his surgically repaired knee, was sent to the doctor to have that knee checked, according to coach Tony Sparano. That is obviously not great news because it is not a routinely scheduled visit.

Allen missed most of last season after blowing out the knee against the New Orleans Saints the sixth game of the season.

The Dolphins signed free agent cornerback Kevin Hobbs but that is thought to only address the need created by the injury earlier this week to Evan Oglesby, who sustained an ankle injury. Oglesby was placed on injured reserve today.

The team also worked out veteran CBs Frank Walker and Matteral Richardson on Wednesday but didn't make a roster move with either, yet.

One would assume the Dolphins will wait on the Allen report before taking deciding on their next step at the position. In the meantime, the coaches will have their eyes on Nolan Carroll, who has been impressive so far, to see if he is more than a special teams guy. They want to see if he merits more confidence than that of a rookie learning the ropes on the bench.

The Dolphins waived wide receiver Taurus Johnson and used that spot to re-sign guard Ray Feinga.Feinga had previously been let go when he was nursing a concussion. He practiced this morning.

Jake Grove was back practicing this morning.

The Dolphins will play their preseason opener Saturday versus Tampa Bay. Sparano said quarterback Chad Henne will start and play approximately one quarter, depending on how many snaps he actually gets. 


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Wow Am I first??

Certainly hope Allen is Ok was looking forward to see him take Smiths starting job!

Extending playing for Nolan and Jason Allen.

Secondary is very green, with no experienced vet apart from Bell.

Time for Sean Smith to learn how to tackle

I've come here every day this week multiple times, as is my normal routine in following Dolphins football. I've got to say that WOW, this blog has really become a piece of C R A P. Used to be hands down number one, and I hate to say it, but now it is hands down crappage. The last message thread had 5 pages of response... 1/2 page response of actual football talk and 4.5 pages of utter, vile, disgusting nonsense. Last few years, you could come here and Armando would have nice insights or at the very least an outline of the opinions which he gathered and viewed at the practices EACH AND EVERY DAY. He would make an effort to police the sight and keep conversation football-centric (for the most part), and help the blog remain in a good place. We had lots of intelligent posts and posters, with some legitimate debate. If it was a "closed" practice, Armando would catch up with a player or coach and give us an overview of his talk with them. Now, no one is policing or moderating the board, and you have guys like "Home" taking over the board with his conspiracy crap about people needing to die and a new world order, Aloco talking to himself and about bananas and stock markets and posting in his ongoing bad grammar under multiple names, and Cuban Menace doing who the heck knows what under how many names. Amazing how fast this went down hill. Officially a worthless POS. Don't even know why I keep checking back every day, hoping for a different result... the definition of crazy. I guess I've officially lost my mind.

Mabey we could move pat white to corner!! LOL

I agree with you Hank... There actually used to be real football talk. Now it's all 90% nonsense about fighting over identities and other crap

@ HANK....

This blog has turned into garbage with no patrolling from MODS or our New local Celebrity ARMANDO.

Armando and the AMIGO.... Was the demise of this blog.

PLEASE FAKE CUBAN MENACE = NJ/TIM/Scum Sentinel hate group, keep off the PPB BLOG


Will Allen's days as a productive player are over. Last year, even before he got hurt, he was getting TOASTED. Please check the San Diego game.

Now the guy not only has a declining talent but a bum knee. Bye-bye Will Allen.

Well said Hank

Hank go EFF yourself. Armando still has the best information by far. His play-by-play of the scrimmage the other day was AWESOME and the explanation of what's going on with the offensive line was also very good.

Get a clue. The Palm Beach Post blog is run by two stooges that know zero about football.

Not good news. If Allen is seriously hurt, we just went from having depth in the secondary to having Jason Allen as our third CB.


Hank, a lot of us share your sentiments about this blog. however I happen to think Aloco is a loyal fins blogger so I personally just breeze past his comments when their not pertinent. As for cuban, when there were lots of intelligent fans posting/expresses their opinions cuban was awesome a keeping it light. (so was that Nathan halthorn or whatever with his 10 ten lists. he was great).

anyway, once the season starts things will improve.

Mando, PLEASE ban HOME.


AMEN Hank! Amen bro! Well said! I watch from afar and don't much post, yet too am almost ready to "wash my hands" of it and be done.
FHB, apparently YOU blow, and don't bother to read the garbage that goes on here.

Nice post.

Hanks aka bobby go f u c k yourself .

Jason Allen shut down Welker last year. No Worries dude

Hahahahah. You guys saying stuff about the Palm Beach Post are on drugs.

Today they reported the team signed Frank Walker http://blogs.palmbeachpost.com/thedailydolphin/2010/08/12/miami-dolphins-talking-points-de-charles-grant-a-worthwhile-pickup/

Armando says the team signed Hobbs. The Dolphins roster shows Hobbs and not Walker.


scfinagain=hanks=bobby=dqbmx12 12 as bobbyd12 .

Mando, any update on Nate Garner? Lots of rumors out there but no one has nailed down any info.

Let me get this correct: Sean Smith has been inconsistent and now Will Allen is missing practices and going to the doctor.

I thought CB would be a strong point going into the season. I think CB is now a problem.

Anyone think the Dolphins should trade for REVIS?

Aloco, you probably wouldn't bother people as bad if you'd just stop writing in caps my man. Makes it easy for them to want to jump on you.
DolfanSF, I have to agree with you about Nathaniel Dodsworth... he was the one guy whom I thought was really funny in his semi-Fins talk. Soiled seems to try to replicate him in a way, but Nathaniel was usually pretty darned witty and a surprisingly good writer.
I 100% agree that banning Home would be a great first step to restoring this blog. I'd vote to ban ALoco too. I don't truly believe he's a fan. I think he's just some bored, lonely foreigner, or some one pretending to be a bored, lonely foreigner. It's funny how sometimes he writes perfect sentences that are complex, and then turns around and messes up the most basic of writing. Seems to me coerced or forced... oh man, now I'm having conspiracy theories like Home. AAAAAHHHHH! See what this nonsense does?

I don't normally post, but it seems to me there is plenty of football talk on THIS thread except for YOU Hank.

So why don't you become part of the solution now instead of the entire problem today? Jeez!

Anyway, Mando will you be doing a live blog of the game Saturday?

... and the jets would never trade Revis, Knight who says nuts.

Here is the thing. A lot of the posts here have been nonsense, this started after the draft, and has gotten progresivley worse since Armando has returned from vacation. Many of us were psyhced to have this blog back up and running because we consider it the best. Most have built solid repitoire with good people, with great knowledge of the Phins, and the game. Not all of the posts were football related, but were in good fun. Be it movies, girlfriends, or ripping the hated jets. Now this has been reduced to people cutting and pasting from another blog, about people who never post here. This is the spot to get updates about a guy from NJ, or a dude named Tim. These guy probably think they have reached cult hero status the way they are talked about here every day. It is hard to ignore all the babble, but for those who want to have a better blog, this is what needs to happen. Treat these posts like litlle children that are whining for a cookie, and ignore them. Eventually it will stop. And please MR. Soiled Bottom, release your memiors in time for Christmas. I'm counting on you.

w.allen was at most fair,when he was paired up with goodman,but that was 2 years ago.should have kept goodman. he was having an all pro season then.

So we have the following at Corner:

Allen Carrol
Hobbs Weaver

This looks very thin if Allen put on the PUP.

Hopefully this journeyman hobbs is decent. The Trifucta has done a good job at picking up the most elite scrubs from the heap pile ei: Berger, Douglas, Culver etc


Armando is doing a good job as far as keeping us informed about the Dolphins...however,the non sense posting that goes on is pretty frustrating.Things should improve once we get a taste of an actual game,so hang in there guys.

Well, I saw on Hard Knocks last night that the Jets have considered trading Revis. I would give up a first round pick for him. I'd give up two first rounders for him. He's a STUD. And he's a guy who never will get arrested or suspended for roids.

Kudos for Hank. And for the rest of you that would like to see the blog improve, please learn to ignore ALL nonsense bloggers. Every time anyone responds to them it just encourages them to blog more nonsense. They are bored, silly people just needing attention that they can't get in the real world.

Armando is doing a good job as far as keeping us informed about the Dolphins...however,the non sense posting that goes on is pretty frustrating.Things should improve once we get a taste of an actual game,so hang in there guys. Posted by: beerndrums | August 12, 2010 at 02:23 PM


Now...about our corner backs:If we can get our LBs and DEs to put a major pass rush on the QB,our corners should be solid.Revis gets all this credit for being a shut down corner,but the main reason he was effective was because of the different blitzes the Jets threw at the offense.A strong blitz and a confused QB should help our D.I hope I'm right on this one.

I see they are deleting garbage posts!!!!!
whoooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooo

i would not rely on any of these papers, by themselves. i read all three and can't wait till3pm when sirius nfl radio spends 4 hours talking dolphins and interviewing players. they were there all day and don't have the biases these bloggers (armundo, omar et all) have. i'd believe what pat kirwan, bill cower and tim ryan have to say over these guys. if you have sirius it's channel 124 from 3 to 7 pm. adam schefter is here today too. i'll take his info over these guys too.

Dear Mr. Hanks had it

I also miss Nathaniel Dodsworth, but since he renounced "Rush" as the greatest band of all time and became an American citizen the Canuck Government has send spys(Mark in Toronto and the guy from Montreal)to hunt down and kill our new American.

Soiled :)

Jaison, please keep us informed, as many of us dont have SERIOUS NFL RADIO

Can't wait for Saturday. Let's go Dolphins!!

Certainly, Will Allen's re-injured knee will hurt us. Not much depth there. However, it's a great opportunity for Nolan Carroll to make plenty of noise.

I hope that the OL gets settled soon. There's a couple of injuries there as well, which means less rotation chances. I see this as a good thing actually. I know the OL is Sparano's bread & butter, still , in my opinion he is over-analizing that bunch. We need continuity people, and it starts in camp, not in pre-season games.

It's a shame that AJ Edds got injured. Lot's of promise. Next year I guess. Spitler is reportedly playing big since he came back from the illness. Gotta see this unit on Saturday. Pass covrg. & rush.

FS. Chris Clemons makes few mistakes, but Reshad Jones has the size and the looks of a devastating hitter, and has gotten his hands on some footballs out there.

The difference in what Revis does for the jets, is his ability to play one on one against the oppositions best reciever. This helps the pass rush, because the QB, has to go through his progression because the first opition is covered like a blanket. Those split seconds are the difference when it comes down to pressure on the Qb. If Revis sits out(not going to happen) This changes the whole defensive scheme for those bed wetters. We have to play more of a zone scheme because our corners are not able to go after it man on, they will get toarched by a good QB. Hopefully waterboy is right, and the pass rush will be more ferocious this year, this should help these young guys tremendously.

sorry, Beerndrums @ 2:31

I dont see our pass rush being a problem. I am worried about the run defense. Clammy is always jumping on the pile 5 yd down field. Hopefully ALAMA or another guy can step it up and set the edge.

dd,hence the constant blitz pkg's during camp nova.nolan sees the db weakness'.a qb on his back and throwing off of his back foot is what will work for the d.

i agree

Homer Hater. Thanks for the report about the qb's on the last post. If Henne cannot learn to be more accurate with his short throws, we are going to be in a world of hurt. This is where QB's make their money. All the top QB's are very good a putting the ball in spaces where the recievers can catch it on the run, and get yards after the catch.

Bummer on the Wil allen news. I agree the useless posts here have made the blog hard to read, as well as less interesting to get involved in. Thanks for speaking up Hank.

I am not feeling to great about the secondary at this point...

i for one like to read home ,cuban and aloco.the secondry will fine .

bobby12,when is your and NJ's tryst.?....lol

why waste the effort on Allen??? he falls down in coverage even when he's healthy!!! get rid of him!!!

Killer Fin,
Allen is always failing down. He has the wrong cleats on or something.
During Draft days, I was saying we needed to draft a cleat guy with a late rd pick.

I used to be a very avid fan of this blog and posted every day. Then we started getting info on what people were doing on the weekend. Or what they were eating. It then became no fun. 10 pages of crap with serious fan stuff in between.

I hope Will Allen is OK. We need him as a starter or depth with experience. There aren't enough good Cb's to go around.


I guess you shouldn't have dumped on little nate jones.......



Please excuse me for asking a dumb question. But, what happen to Nathaniel Dodsworth? I miss him too.

By the way we should the fins should really trade for Vincent Jackson. What if, I mean just if, something happens to Marshall. The Fins would be right back where they started from without a true number 1 receiver and now they would be without any kind of a deep threat. ie Ginn. Say what you want about Teddy, but at least he had speed and on occasion stretched the defense.


Aloco, I'm with ya on this one. I am also concerned about the number of injuries thus far in camp. And the Fins have not even played their first pre-season game.


I sgreed with your first post but then your second post became part of the same problem/issue you complained about on your first post. I agree 100% though...talk football, nothing else, no trash talk about women, drugs, drinking, etc....just football and when I say football I mean the Phins....so that means all the pats and jets fans need to say on thier own sites!
NOW - Go Phins! Henne the Hero....

Yeah, I always thought that Goddman, evan though older was and still is a better corner that W. Allen.


oops, I meant Goodman.

I would like to propose that trash talking of the worst and ugliest kind is acceptable as long as it is directed at the Jets and / or those loser Jets fans that come here to post.


From the Phinsider http://www.thephinsider.com/2010/8/12/1618617/dolphins-training-camp-day-12-a#storyjump

Dolphins Training Camp, Day 12: A young secondary growing up
by Matty I on Aug 12, 2010 2:00 AM PDT in 2010 Miami Dolphins Training Camp 23 comments, 23 new

Alan Diaz - AP
View full size photo »
On Wednesday the Dolphins took to the field in the morning for the 12th day of training camp. With just days left until the preseason opener against Tampa Bay, there's still a lot to sort out. So let's get right into some of the newsworthy developments from Davie.

Smith and Davis starting to assert themselves
As you all know, a big question entering training camp was how the two young cornerbacks - Sean Smith and Vontae Davis - would perform entering camp as the favorites to start and knowing that a lot of the defense's success this year would be on their shoulders. After a slow start to camp - particularly for Smith, who has been matched up with Brandon Marshall the majority of the time - many fans were beginning to whisper about these two.

"Sophomore slump."

If you kept quiet, you could hear the whispers from the "glass half empty" Dolphin fans.

But ever since Saturday's scrimmage when the defense was clearly ahead of the offense, there's been a change. Sean Smith broke up a deep pass on the first play of the scrimmage intended for Marshall. That seems to have been the beginning of a resurgence in practice from these two corners. Since then, both Davis and Smith have been looking like the corners we have all been hoping they'd be in year two.

Yes, Marshall has still gotten his over the past week - including a long completion over Smith this week that resembled the first play of the scrimmage. But all reports seem to indicate that these two have been winning far more battles this week than they've lost.

The most pessimistic of the reporters who cover the Dolphins, Omar Kelly, was impressed with Sean's work on Wednesday, tweeting that "Sean Smith had his best practice of camp this morning. He had a pick-6 and a couple of impressive deflections."

Kelly also added that "Vontae Davis had a nice breakup of a pass intended for Brandon Marshall, who was invisible today. CB's are catching onto his tricks."

I bet these two, along with the rest of the team, are excited to go up players other than themselves. And for Smith, in particular, it'll be interesting to see how he performs when he doesn't have to go up against a top three receiver play after play.

Others in secondary also playing well
Perhaps no one player on defense was under the gun entering camp as much as second year safety Chris Clemons. After the Dolphins failed to address their free safety position - though not for a lack of trying considering offers were made to Antrel Rolle and Ryan Clark - Clemons inherited the job. The Dolphins then saw enough out of Clemons during the offseason to not go hard after O.J. Atogwe when he became a free agent. And now? Tony Sparano can't seem to say enough about how his young safety is developing.

Clemons always had the speed and athleticism to become a solid free safety. The mental part was what most questioned. But Sparano says Clemons has participated in over 400 snaps in camp, working both with the first and third team defense. In those 400+ snaps, he's committed just one mental error - spurring Sparano to say Clemons has been "amazing" so far. He added, though, that he's not yet ready to name Clemons the starter. He wants to see Chris in a live game first. But it's safe to assume Clemons will be officially named the starter sooner rather than later.

We're all also aware that rookie corner Nolan Carroll has been turning heads left and right in camp and may prove to be a steal as a fifth round pick (the pick Miami got from the Niners for Ted Ginn, by the way). But Sparano also praised the maligned Jason Allen, telling the media that Allen has been a "really good surprise" in camp so far. Allen is one of the most important special teams contributors on the team so he was always expected to make the team this year. But expectations for Allen as a corner have been reduced virtually as low as can be for the former first round pick.

Maybe Jason has some hope as a nickel or dime back after all. Or maybe Sparano is just blowing smoke. Let's see what happens.

Camp Quick Hits

Nate Garner, one of the most valuable offensive linemen on the roster thanks to his versatility, may have re-aggravated the foot injury that caused him to miss all of the offseason activities this year. He's day-to-day right now but will likely miss the preseason opener - a blow to him as he had been working with the starters at left guard the past couple of days. But this now opens the door for some of the other guys who have been rotating in and out at left guard - Donald Thomas, Richie Incognito, and Cory Procter.
Keep an eye on Paul Soliai. He's quietly had an impressive camp and is going to have a bigger role than some probably expected this year.
The defense again was all over the quarterback on Wednesday during team drills. Is it time to start worrying about the offensive line yet?
Austin Spitler, working with the second team defense, picked up a couple of sacks on Wednesday and had his best day of camp since he returned to practice this week. He'll be a practice squad guy for sure.
Chad Henne completed 4 of his 5 attempts during 7-on-7s yesterday. The one incompletion was a pass break-up by Sean Smith.

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