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Will Allen sent to have (repaired?) knee examined

Several comings and goings and one sobering injury update today from Dolphins camp:

First, cornerback Will Allen, who missed the past couple of days while "resting" his surgically repaired knee, was sent to the doctor to have that knee checked, according to coach Tony Sparano. That is obviously not great news because it is not a routinely scheduled visit.

Allen missed most of last season after blowing out the knee against the New Orleans Saints the sixth game of the season.

The Dolphins signed free agent cornerback Kevin Hobbs but that is thought to only address the need created by the injury earlier this week to Evan Oglesby, who sustained an ankle injury. Oglesby was placed on injured reserve today.

The team also worked out veteran CBs Frank Walker and Matteral Richardson on Wednesday but didn't make a roster move with either, yet.

One would assume the Dolphins will wait on the Allen report before taking deciding on their next step at the position. In the meantime, the coaches will have their eyes on Nolan Carroll, who has been impressive so far, to see if he is more than a special teams guy. They want to see if he merits more confidence than that of a rookie learning the ropes on the bench.

The Dolphins waived wide receiver Taurus Johnson and used that spot to re-sign guard Ray Feinga.Feinga had previously been let go when he was nursing a concussion. He practiced this morning.

Jake Grove was back practicing this morning.

The Dolphins will play their preseason opener Saturday versus Tampa Bay. Sparano said quarterback Chad Henne will start and play approximately one quarter, depending on how many snaps he actually gets. 


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My pleasure sir....the Phinsider site is a daily log on for me...they seem to pull the best from every blog and paper writing about the Phins...the NLP/National Football Post is another site that seems to pull some decent info from time to time. http://www.nationalfootballpost.com/Miami-Dolphins-1898.html
Hope to be heading the JAX/Phins game in Jacksonville next week.....to get a first hand look at the team in action. Go Phins

lol @ R&R ...

however Greenie's Weenie (an appropriate name for a d*ck I might add) had a good point about Nate Jones ....

dude was quick and liked to be physical ...

sorry, Beerndrums @ 2:31

I see your point too.I 'll listen to Dolphin fans and their opinions,but I won't listen to a Jet fan.Patriot fans are irrelevant since spy gate and Bills fans,well,I kinda feel sorry for them but only because I grew up in Western New York and I have family members and friends who still live out there.

bobby12,when is your and NJ's tryst.?....lol

Posted by: SS Moderator | August 12, 2010 at 03:33 PM

Home , why do you care , jealous that you have no friends being the loser that you are ?? now go out and play with the other children !

Why home's Mommy aka bobby aka hanks starting trouble .

Breaking news: I've seen people come and go on Mando's column over the years. It goes up, it goes down but Mando is still the best. And nobody is forcing you to come here. My advice? Go to SS if you don't like it here. Not that hard, is it?

LOL, Soiled IS Dodsworth, Hank.

Phins signed Keven Hobbs LB out of Detroit. Walker had a good out but no deal has been done on him yet.....NLP

listening to sirius at miami today. cowers and the guys LOVE miami's defensive line and think it's the strongest and deepest part of the defense. they think the 2 corners have made a big jump from last year. they feel clemmons is a real fs unlike last year, they felt neither was a cover safety. but need to see him in games since he's making the calls. they like the ILB and feel early that's where the pressure should come from. the OLB's are the biggest question for them.

on offense the unsettled inside 3 is the weakness and of concern. they think TE's are weak. they feel the fins should take a chapter from the pats and run from pass formations using bess as a motion man. also use the bunch a lot. marshall iso. WR,TE,RB combo bunched.

they love henne. they feel penne is no doubt the #2. and said he was hitting all his throws even a couple 40+ yarders, so no worries about the arm. so that leave thiggy and white. based on this i'd be shocked if preseason isn't an audition for thiggy and white for another team.

Did Nate Garner break his foot today? TE is a huge concern for this team. I was suprised that the position wasn't addressed during the draft(there was a lot of depth at that spot)I would like to see a pure pass catcher that could be a guy that Henne could use as a security blanket. This would help with his development big time(IMO) I know that the staff prefers a bigger bodied guy that blocks, and catches. But why not have a guy that can be a matchup nightmere. Besides, on most third down plays it seems like the Phins like to keep a running back to help pass protect.My choice was a guy that didn't even get taken until the 7th round, He would have been a great fit into this offense(again, imo)




Can hardly wait till Saturday! Then we'll see what kind of team has been assembled for the season. The only downside is the fact that Miami will field a very vanilla. O and D. Everybody does during pre-season. But, we may get a glimpse or two here and there of the real deal. Feed the wolf
I've said it before. Some posters on this blog act like little spoiled children. And, as long as they keep posting and posting, the numbers go up in hits and the powers that be just leave it alone thinking that numbers indicate popularity. Still, it makes it very frustrating to have to sift through the chaff in order to find good stuff. It's almost as if they are out to intentionally ruin a good blog. It's a shame that they use this blog as their personal texting space. And, the use of profanity shows their intelligence level (somewhere around that of Jets fans). Grow up! Please! And, let's get ready for the season! Feed the wolf!

Aloco, I guess you need a 3-d TV and 3-D Glasses, also you might need a tin foil hat... Though I might be wrong, Can anyone confirm if you need a 3-D Tv???

And Who the F@ck is Hank???? (Sorry tracy)..

ESPN has the Ravins Vs Carolina on tonite..

What's this crap about Marshall wanting to play basketball if there is a lockout next year.



The Dolphins are a pathetic franchise....

New Post up..... Aloco, Your 5:27 post was funny..

I've been saying this for two years now but it will never happen. If you want to stop the childish fighting and he said/she said BS make everyone sign in so their name appears in blue. That will be your name and you will have to own everything you post. People won't be able to say whatever they want and then go and hide under a different name. They will be held accountable for their posts and the other posters will be able to police the blog by calling someone out if they go over the line.

Is there anyone in here opposed to this? If so is there a reason why you wouldn't want to sign in before you post. I sign in EVERY TIME I post and I back up EVERYTHING I say. I just don't understand why it's not set up in this way. You shouldn't be allowed to post under multiple names. It would also keep out the Jet trash because they're not going to take the time to set up an account .

Great posts today everyone! It was really nice to see some of our old posters stop in and we even got some new people to chime in.

Allen will most likely be back for the start of the season but I got news for everyone thinking he's taking a starting job. He was already being worked into the nickel position but with the emergence of Nolan Carroll he may have a tougher climb back then he thought. Smith and Davis have picked up there game and Clemons has made 1 MENTAL MISTAKE since the beginning of camp. ONE!! That is incredible for a second year guy. Not to mention Reshad has looked very good out there.

Naysayers relax, our defense will definitely be better than last year and there's a chance they could be top ten under Nolan. If you want to worry, worry about Henne and the offensive line. Hennes doing well but we need to see him carry that over when they're playing meaningful games. And the offensive line,,,,, besides injuries,,, lets just say I hope we don't miss Smiley.

I've had my differences with Cuban but at least he signs in. I just hope you're not one of those other mysterious names as well!

And Cuban, don't apologize to women when you swear! It actually offends them more to be apologized too as if they're so fragile they can't handle cursing.

Seriously, you should hear what they say when we're not around! :)

when you look at it the d-line is a strong point. our DE back-ups are grant and douglas! 2 guys who have played great for years.

i was listening to sirius this morning and ross tucker went on a semi-tirade about the jets after getting the 10th revis call. he said revis doesn't matter with sanchez at QB they aren't a superbowl team. he all but called him a liability, then went on a rant about how they have no depth, on the o-line and that they got lucky to get through 2 season with those starting 5. he then ripped them over the kicker. they sign a taylor but let feeley go over $500,000?? he rips folk and his 65% on FG's last year and his kick offs. he went of about faneca and thomas jones and said they are not a superbowl team. i loved it because i think the exact same thing. cowher, ryan and kirwan got a huge laugh when interviewing douglas. they brought up his being with the jets and cracked up when asking him about being replaced by gholston.

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