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Will Allen's knee exam turns into surgery

Somebody once told me there are no routine surgeries. Then that person put the mask over my mouth and off to sleep I went before I had knee surgery about a decade ago.

Well, on Thursday coach Tony Sparano made it seem like cornerback Will Allen had a routine trip to the doctor to have his surgically repaired knee examined. I didn't buy it, saying it was bad news. Anytime a player needs to go back for a look-see of a knee that was reconstructed the previous season, it sounds ominous.

And now The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting the news is indeed not good if you consider Allen may be out the entire preseason because he underwent arthroscopic knee surgery today.

The surgery is not believed to be serious enough to keep Allen from playing in 2010. But ..

One never knows and so the Dolphins now must prepare as if Jason Allen is now the No. 3 cornerback. Rookie Nolan Carroll, who has flashed excellent ball skills in practice, also will get more repetitions going forward.

The Allen injury is not terrible if he is able to be full speed by the second week of the season. In the season opener, the Dolphins can probably get by against Buffalo with their current contingent of corners. But the following week and for several games forward, Miami faces teams that can throw three-wide and four-wide packages on the field with good talent.

So while the idea is to have Allen back by Sept. 12, the more important date by which Miami seriously needs all cornerback hands on deck is Sept. 19 when the string of games versus Minnesota, New York, New England, Green Bay, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati begins.


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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Not Jason(But I'am a good Special teams player) Allen at cornerback........

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Somebody once told me there are no routine surgeries. Then that person put the mask over my mouth and off to sleep I went"

When you woke up did you "Put he lotion in the basket" ?

Mr. Salguero your surgeon, He covets. That is his nature. And how do we begin to covet, Mr. Salguero ? Do we seek out things to covet? Make an effort to answer now.

Soiled :)



doesn't matter, because we have a budding superstar in Nolan Carroll. by mid season he'll be a contributing factor in games one way or another. his playmaking ability and speed will make up for his inevitable rookie mistakes.

J. Allen filling in for an injured Smith or Davis sounds terrifying, but coach sparano has hinted that maybe J. Allen is finally turning a corner. hope so.




Allen is a 10 year veteran or somewhere around that. He had a scope done to clean up loose cartilage. The reason this is a "minor procedure" is because it happens after every surgery that is on or around a joint. There is no way to prevent it from happening especially when a player is a bit older. You get it cleaned up now and then you don't have ANY discomfort during the regular season.

Allen could've played the entire season without the surgery and I've seen players in all sports wait until after the season. He would have some minor pain after working the knee but it wouldn't turn into something more serious.

Here's what this looks like. Allen had some discomfort and told the team. They found out that if he got in for the cleanup they could get him back for the regular season, as Mando said they don't need him until the second week (or do they need him at all with Nolan Carroll tearing things up out there?!) of the season. They figured they have rookies and two second year players that could use all of the snaps that they can get. They know what Allen brings to the tabel, he's a vet, so lets get him completly healthy now and get him back in time for the real games.

Brett Favre plays the hardest position in football. The guys a vet. He hasn't been to a full training camp in four years. Doesn't seem to be hurting him. Allen is a corner. The only thing I would be concerned with is his conditioning. He doesn't need to 'gel' with anyone and he probably already knows the playbook like the back of his hand. Everything is going to be fine.

Or the sky is falling. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

Is Jamar Fletcher available?
Just kidding!

Aloco, Here is how they get paid. Someone in human resources writes a check. Then the check is delivered to the player or deposited directly into a bank account. :)

Ny Scott, not sure that simpleton even can understand that. LMFAO

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, you meant why are they getting paid if they're injured. ;)

You're just being a wise guy right? Surely you understand the inherent risks in playing a sport where the other guy is trying to kill you. Well so do the players, coaches, owners, gms, and agents. They work out contracts knowing that a player is more likely to be hurt in his career then he is to stay healthy. It's the nature of the business. They didn't get hurt on purpose. They got hurt giving 100% of their mind and body to an organization. They get hurt they get paid. You call in sick to work you get paid (if you're on salary) so why shouldn't they?

Also stop bugging out over injuries. Every team in the league has injuries right now. The Cowboys entire TE position is injured right now. It happens.

This will be fine for the Dolphins. No big deal. We have our starting corner and some young backups and they need all the reps they can get. Allen does not. The worrisome thing is that the Trifecta has been quite (strategically) ruthless in weeding out the players with chronic injuries and re-injuries for the good reason that all things considered they detract from the flexibility and reliability of the team. Allen now has an injury and a re-injury. Doubtless he will be under a microscope moving forward and if shaky will be a trade candidate.

can you blame them student1776? what good is a player if you can rely on them and work them into your game plan?

"Can't rely on them", sorry.

Thats pretty funny how you glossed over the Buffalo game as if their passing game is so bad that we dont even need all of our CBs... I agree.

This defense is scary...BAD. One good player deep. Don't see how we are going to grt it done this year

As long as our OLB can contain the QB... otherwise, who needs to pass when your QB can run for 30+yrd TDs..

And I hope to god they are not taking Buffalo lightly... that is how you lose to weaker division rivals. We can't assume victory -we NEED that game... did you see what follows?

What's the word on Derrick Walker? I heard we were close to signing this guy. To be honest, I don't think the Will Allen surgery is a huge deal. I'm not positive he was going to start this season anyways. I like the two kids we have and I think they are going to be better this season. Nolan Carrol sounds like he will have a future and Jason Allen is passable. I don't want Will Allen rushing back. He's be good depth for us to have when he's back and healthy.

Oh my goodness... NYScott, my namesake. Why do you bother with ALoco? When he's not talking about pies or farms or his mom, he spends time not understand or comprehending 90% of what others say (or at least he acts like it). You on the other hand, my friend, are a good poster, quite intelligent football wise, and quite typically have well thought out points even if I disagree with them at times. Surprised your interacting with the poor little lonely fella. You must have a heart of gold. :)
If you guys would research Nolan Carrol, he has ALWAYS had the speed and talent, but he could never stay healthy. If memory serves, he was healthy only 1 year out of 3 or 4 in college. Tough to rely on a kid like that to last a full NFL season.

Get to the quarterback and this will be a non issue


May be true, but if he's in the nickel, he won't be on the field the whole game. That tends to help players stay healthy. Even in nickel situations, he'll probably rotate with Jason Allen, who I don't think is as bad as people think.

I know that every corner position is important, but I'm honestly more worried about Sean Smith coming around than what's going on with our nickel guys. I think Carroll/Allen will be fine there, especially if they only have to hold the fort for a few weeks.

Sky isn't falling yet.

And as far as injuries go, you could say the same about Will Allen the past few years. He's missed a lot of PT. I guess one way to think of it is this: Half of a Will Allen and half of a Nolan Carroll make a pretty good corner. I'm not too worried about this just yet.

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