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A rewind of Jake Long vs. Jared Allen

Everyone should agree the meeting between Miami Dolphins left tackle Jake Long and defensive end Jared Allen was a clash of two high-quality guys.

I'm not absolutely certain who won the one-on-one matchup. There seems to be a difference of opinion on the matter, if you ask the folks involved. And While no one declared outright victory -- perhaps because there was no clear, blowout winner -- I think it fair to say both men landed blows against the other's armor on Sunday afternoon.

Long's best play was the block in which he took Allen upfield and out of the picture on Ronnie Brown's 51-yard run. The run, by the way, went left just inside of where Allen should have been if Long had not blocked him.

Allen, meanwhile, had a sack and did draw help from left guard Richie Incognito a couple of times. The sack is a little misleading because it means Allen got a good at-bat even while the Dolphins threw only 15 passes. Usually, a team throws 30 or so passes and then one sack is a very good day. So one sack in 15 chances is outstanding.

So when it was over, both men had something to hang their helmets on.

"I knew it would be a battle all game," Long said. "Watching film on him, I knew he plays to the whistle and is very relentless. My mindset was I had to match that or go beyond that. We had some good battles there, it was fun. It was a fun battle."

"I just wanted to come out and let him know I was going to be there all game and not let him intimidate me. I just wanted to go out there and match his intensity and finish every play."

Allen, appearing on the Jim Rome show, admitted he and Long were two well-matched, strong, physical men. But he did make the point he got limited chances to get to Chad Henne. 

"It was and I decided to get it hot a little early, why not, have fun with it," Allen said. "I started talking some trash and poking and prodding. Jake's a strong, physical guy. I tend to think I'm a strong pyhysical guy, I don't know if it's true or not. But it was tough because they didn't really throw the ball that many times when you think about it. I think they threw the ball 15 times. So its hard to get into a rhythm

"I thought up front was a hard fought game like we expected, but I thought we were able to dominate from the defensive side and kept them off the board and obviously they did the same."

Bottom line ... Did Long win the battle or did Allen win the battle?

"I don't know, I mean, they won, so I guess they did," Allen said. "But on the other hand I got a sack so I'll take that. I tend to look at things as how many one-on-one opportunities I got. I got a couple of them this game. The quarterback was siutting shallow so I kew it was going to be hard getting around the corner so I just starting taking him up the field and started countering back into the B gap. On the sack I did get, I got chiped. I barely missed another one, he gained a yard. But Jake did a god job. There were some times they were able to get the ball off and shut me down. But I still feel like a draw Richie Incognito he was chipping and there were times he was trying to tear my ribs apart a little bit."


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It's a beautiful day in Florida.
Sky is blue.
Dolphins are 2-0.

am i first?

Is this the sack that he recorded when Henne was escaping pressure from up the middle and ran into Allen just behind the line of Scrimmage while Allen was being blocked out of the picture by Long? Cause if it is he has some serious nerve taking credit for it.

Allen calls that a sack? A tackle for a 2 inch loss when he catches a scrambling QB from behind? No wonder the Vikings are 0-2 with that kind of attitude from Allen.

I'm all posted out....I just posted 4 on the other site....I will cut and paste them and call it a day

I think long dominated him doesnt matter how many times we passed the ball every time you looked at them long had allen. He is the best DE in the league so whats that say about Long.

Precisley 2-0

WHY NOT US!!!!!!!

If we beat the jets we are looking very legitimate. Hopefully we do and the AFC eats could be ours.

LOCO....you had the post of last night, but BOBBYD12 has the post of this particular blog @ 12:34.

To add to it if I may. We must stop talking about other teams as if we are scrubs and they are the toast of the town. Teams should fear us!!! Other teams fan's should be writing "damn...we got the FINS this week. We will be lucky to get out of this one with a win"

It's too bad that we don't expect to win every game...WE SHOULD!!!!!

WHY NOT US!!!!!!

Posted by: kris | September 20, 2010 at 03:43 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/09/reaction-from-the-locker-room-of-dolphins-victory/comments/page/5/#comments#ixzz106NkatIe

Allen had 1 sack on the stat sheet, but c'mon. Go back to the play. Jake had Allen blocked and out of the play. Henne tucked the ball and headed towards Allen's gap. Allen stopped Henne for a loss of 1. Hardly a momentum changing play, besides, if Long hadn't blocked Allen so soundly on that play, Allen would have been deeper in the backfield and wouldn't have tallied his one and only sack. Bottom Line, Jake Long won the matchup.

That suck...the news about revis.

I would much rather whip their butts with their best player on the field.

I wanted to see marshal use him like toilet paper....

WHY NOT US!!!!!!

Stinking revis...gets burnt by Moss and he is so ashamed that he fakes a hamstring...how embarrasing


kris,i agree bobbyd12 had a good post .

the dallas coach will be fired shortly .
the panthers QB BENCHED .


Jets are without Calvin Pace, Santonio Holmes, Kris Jenkins, and Darrelle Revis.

I freakin' can't wait for Sunday night!

Long won, plain and simple. Why are the home town media having such a hard time declaring it ? You trash the team so much, believe me, nobody thinks you're homers, you're so far from it, it's not even funny. You people were full of trash with the cuts and Parcells and guess what, Miami is 2-0 ! So go ahead, give Long his due, you won't be though of any worse, you people can't go lower in most eyes.

Bill Connrs...ARe you really gonna wait for us to lose before you come back on this blog...that would be a real weak move....

Come take your medicine now and get it over with....

I know your not the only one but for some reason your bitching and moaning sticks out the most


WHY NOT US!!!!!!

i don't want our dolphins to have the false bravado of a jets team.....trash talking jerks that they are! i want our team to have a quiet confidence/dignity....to know in their hearts that they can match up with anyone, can beat any team and can overcome any obstacle. that is the seed that can be planted at team meetings and it is watered by their success. a game at a time, jets RIP!

Bill is hiding behind his mother's skirt.


Allen was a non-factor...A NON-FACTOR.

I was surprised a how well Jake played him....

His name was barely mentioned...and thats why we won

WHY NOT US!!!!!!

Jared had 3 tackles for the whole game.If he wants to toot his horn about that,I've got another horn he can toot.


Kris, i watched the game live, the commentators kept mentioning how jake long was able to stop jared allen, time and time again....without a penalty! that was the " Clash of the Titans!"

Long's a beast!! I'm proud of how much he's improved considering he was whooped by Falcons DE last yr or the yr before...

Even Braylon can't shut the F up

robby, that was the first and only time he has been embarrassed!

Jets are without Calvin Pace, Santonio Holmes, Kris Jenkins, and Darrelle Revis.

Game is in Miami.

Can you say 3 - 0?

Guys, the ENTIRE OLINE was great. The Vikings have one of the best defensive front lines in the NFL! Our Oline held! We won! PERIOD! Now we get ready for the BIGMOUTHED BASSTURDS! jets....

Million dollars that Jason Taylor is faking elbow injury cuz he knows Long will DOMINATE him all game..

I have been hearing the name of Jason Taylor quite a bit lately.
Who the hell is Jason Taylor?

Not sure what Allen's talking about, he got abused like a Catholic schoolboy.

Also, kris, let me disagree with you, I'm SO happy Revis is out. I'd rather beat the Jets without Revis any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Don't get too heady there, love him or hate him, he's still the best CB in the league. I hope he's out for our Dec. game too.

I've notice on espn how bad dobbins looked yesterday, And it was amazing! now i see why carpenter is starting! He missed farve on a blitz, missed AP on a blitz that should've been a tackle for a lost and every play after that he was getting eatin up by olinemen or simply over running the play or in the wrong gap!! CAN WE PLEASE GET CHANNING BACK TO RUN WITH DANSBY! CHANNING IS THE MISSING LINK TO A GREAT DEFENSE!!!!!!!!

Redsky, were you at the game? I'm trying to find out if the WR/TE's were open on plays and Henne didn't see them, or if passing was an afterthought all game long.

If they weren't open, it's receivers fault. If they were open and Henne didn't see them, then it's his fault or the o-line's fault. If they were open, but Henne was going with the play called (screen to a back, handoff), then it's what most of us believe, HENNING'S fault!

By the way, peep the NFL.com poll on the site. It says, "Which is the most surprising 2-0 team?" Guess who has the LEAST percentage out of all the teams? YUP, the MIAMI DOLPHINS! That means, nobody is surprised we're 2-0, because they know we are a GREAT team! Even with a crappy OC, we're STILL great! We're even lower than Houston, who everyone knew would be good this year.

i didnt even notice Channing was out....maybe thats a good thing

DC Dolfan I tend to think that with only 15 attempted passes that they were either not open or Henne was going with the play called.

I think that it is all Dan Hennings fault but they play calling is made up during the week based on the opponent (supposedly); I don't think there is a question about Henne since we saw him throw for 3 300+ yard games last year and maintain almost a 61 completion percentage throughout the year.

Look for us to follow the same game plan vs. the jets; i.e. run, run, and run some more. Me I would run right at JT all game since he will wear down in the 4th quarter and will give us some big gains.



"Incognito tried to tear my ribs out". LMAO Best quote ive heard about a Dolphin coming from the other side in a looong time.

I agree belive it or not on Channing, and it would be great if he returned for the Jets. I don't care what anyone says, I hope Taylor's elbow is really hurt and he does not play. He was all over Brady! I do not want to Phin like JT having any poisitive moments against us. So I just hope he is HURT! BTW, if Fireman Ed shows up to Miami again, can you guys who live out there torture him, make him never want to come back. Oh and BTW. PHIN FANS BETTER FILL THE HOUSE!!!!!!!

OK ALoco,

Vontae Davis got me pumped.
Just feedin' off of his energy.

lol; yeah bobbyd that is why Sparano likes him; mean and nasty

Dc dolphan i did! once we signed dansby i knew the defense would be much improve! i know ppl think safety was a huge weakness but it was the lb's (porter and akin) that was costing us games! we see now with better lb how great the defense could be! the db's look so much better now that everybody can play their positions and not try to cover up for all the lapses akin and porter caused!!! the offense will come

Allen's sack was a stat, not a play made. Henne ran into that sack, Allen didn't get any pressure.

I thought it was fairly obvious Long won the battle. Even with only 15 passes attempted.

I'm not absolutely certain who won the one-on-one match up.

Posted By: Armando Salguero

What has happened to the media today? You guys are to afraid to ask real questions of a regime that gives no real answers anyway? What do you have to loose? WTF?

You pick us to lose to buff, then Minn and top it off with this crap?

Armando C'mon MAN! Even notorious Dolphin hater Deirdorf pointed out how Long just manhandled Allen, blocked him till the whistle and threw him away like trash! Grow a pair Hombre!

PS: Armando, if you missed the Long-Allen match up because it was announced that the headlights of a Hot Pink Corvette had been left on in the parking lot, just disregard this post. Thank You!

Jake dogged that Punk!

Why is this even a debate??? Long DOMINATED that fool, he wasn't even a topic of conversation during the game. Well, not unless you count the times when the announcers had nothing else to say, so they went with...."Jake long has eliminated Allen from the game, that kid is doing a great job on the outside"... Jake Long=Best LT in the league!


Yes Jake Long definitively won the matchup, and to his credit he remained humble (unlike the Jets) he credited his opponent for a great matchup, and a stat sack while not making a big deal of knocking him out of the picture for a 51 yard run against a team that hasn't allowed a 100 yard rushing team in how long?

No doubt that Long won the battle even with the cheap sack that Allen got from the scramble by Henne.

"Incognito tried to tear my ribs out". LMAO Best quote ive heard about a Dolphin coming from the other side in a looong time.

Posted by: bobbyd12 | September 20, 2010 at 04:56 PM

I'll second that Bobby, I loved it!

This is a Joke, even those sacks are not counted agaisnt the o player. It was a sorry sack that will be eventually changed to a no gain run. Long had him dead on that play.
I liked Allen, but he is a baby girl crying, because Long just flat out kick h is ass

the dallas coach will be fired shortly.
hasselback will be benched shortly
favre will wear his welcome back and quit by week 4 .
the panthers QB benched
the Bufallo QB Benched



ODIN,TELL us a few lines about the the atmosphere on sunday night .


Andy Reid is "benching" Vick this week. I guess benching isn't really correct though. Reid said Kolb is healthy and he will be starting this week.

I watched the matchup pretty closely when Miami did actually throw and Long handled him. The sack wasn't a true sack he just kind of rolled off Long because Henne was playing conservative with the lead and didn't want to go deep. Long stoned Allen and blew him up on the Brown 51 yard run and a run early in the first qaurter. I like Allen he is a beast but he didn't make any winning plays that changed the game like Cam Wake did and Miami won the game. Hands down Long won the matchup versus a top 3 DE.

what is "chipping"???

ODIN, andy ried,is this the coach who had his house searched for drugs ?


The atmosphere will be:
79% nitrogen, 20% oxygen, and 1% other gases.

ODIN,TELL us a few lines about the the atmosphere on sunday night .

Posted by: ALoco | September 20, 2010 at 05:11 PM

Sunday night was a little "HAZY". During the game the atmosphere was absolutely electric with varying degrees of humidity(I was sweating a little at the end there).

beerphin its O- line talk used in zone blocking or slide protection, screens quick passes usually you see your TEs chipping helping that outside corner for the tackle

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