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A rewind of Jake Long vs. Jared Allen

Everyone should agree the meeting between Miami Dolphins left tackle Jake Long and defensive end Jared Allen was a clash of two high-quality guys.

I'm not absolutely certain who won the one-on-one matchup. There seems to be a difference of opinion on the matter, if you ask the folks involved. And While no one declared outright victory -- perhaps because there was no clear, blowout winner -- I think it fair to say both men landed blows against the other's armor on Sunday afternoon.

Long's best play was the block in which he took Allen upfield and out of the picture on Ronnie Brown's 51-yard run. The run, by the way, went left just inside of where Allen should have been if Long had not blocked him.

Allen, meanwhile, had a sack and did draw help from left guard Richie Incognito a couple of times. The sack is a little misleading because it means Allen got a good at-bat even while the Dolphins threw only 15 passes. Usually, a team throws 30 or so passes and then one sack is a very good day. So one sack in 15 chances is outstanding.

So when it was over, both men had something to hang their helmets on.

"I knew it would be a battle all game," Long said. "Watching film on him, I knew he plays to the whistle and is very relentless. My mindset was I had to match that or go beyond that. We had some good battles there, it was fun. It was a fun battle."

"I just wanted to come out and let him know I was going to be there all game and not let him intimidate me. I just wanted to go out there and match his intensity and finish every play."

Allen, appearing on the Jim Rome show, admitted he and Long were two well-matched, strong, physical men. But he did make the point he got limited chances to get to Chad Henne. 

"It was and I decided to get it hot a little early, why not, have fun with it," Allen said. "I started talking some trash and poking and prodding. Jake's a strong, physical guy. I tend to think I'm a strong pyhysical guy, I don't know if it's true or not. But it was tough because they didn't really throw the ball that many times when you think about it. I think they threw the ball 15 times. So its hard to get into a rhythm

"I thought up front was a hard fought game like we expected, but I thought we were able to dominate from the defensive side and kept them off the board and obviously they did the same."

Bottom line ... Did Long win the battle or did Allen win the battle?

"I don't know, I mean, they won, so I guess they did," Allen said. "But on the other hand I got a sack so I'll take that. I tend to look at things as how many one-on-one opportunities I got. I got a couple of them this game. The quarterback was siutting shallow so I kew it was going to be hard getting around the corner so I just starting taking him up the field and started countering back into the B gap. On the sack I did get, I got chiped. I barely missed another one, he gained a yard. But Jake did a god job. There were some times they were able to get the ball off and shut me down. But I still feel like a draw Richie Incognito he was chipping and there were times he was trying to tear my ribs apart a little bit."


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any music at half time ?
how are the tickets selling ?

MIAMI POUND MACHINE ready to thump the NY Jokes.

Allen is even taking some credit for doing positive things yesterday? he should be embarassed. Like many people said, his one sack was a result of good coverage and Henne ran right into the blocked Allen. It was barely even behind the line of scrimmage. Long ate his lunch, took his money, and banged his sister.

And what is all this mention of Jason Taylor and jared Allen on this blog.

The only Jason and Allen I ever heard of is Jason Allen who should have 4 picks already in 2 games.

And Vontae will be a consensus first team all pro is he continues this play all year. He has arrived.

Richmond Webb meet Jake Long.
Jake Long meet Richmond Webb.

ODIN, andy ried,is this the coach who had his house searched for drugs ?

Posted by: ALoco | September 20, 2010 at 05:16 PM

Yeah, his house was searched after his son, who is in prison, snitched on his dad, Andy Reid, for smuggling Opiates(I think it was Oxy Contin)to him during a visit at the prison.

Reid plead guilty and was placed on Probabation.

Goodell pretended like he never heard of the Fat White Coach Andy Reid.


Chipping is when you have a big pile of Cocaine or Heroin and you keep "cutting up lines" all night.

you r very harsh Mark . fin fans are known to be miserable .it's a team sport ,they won as a team .they won as a team .the way TUNA planed it .

Jake Long is the best blind-side bouncer in the game.

ODIN, thanks.i didn't know the part of guilty.i asked the right person .lol

I'm harsh because jared allen is ajoker. he got his butt kicked and goes on tv and tells people he did good things??? If I was a Vikes fan, I'd be pizzed.

As much as I hate the guy, listen to the way Tom Brady explained his and his team's performance after yesterday's game. That's one reason why the man has a closetful of super bowls

Look at the all the posts describing Allens sack as a trash sack(which it was).

Then look at Armando's take on it. Keep in Mind this Armando guy picked us to go 0-2.


Allen, meanwhile, had a sack and did draw help from left guard Richie Incognito a couple of times. The sack is a little misleading because it means Allen got a good at-bat even while the Dolphins threw only 15 passes. Usually, a team throws 30 or so passes and then one sack is a very good day. So one sack in 15 chances is outstanding.

He not only defends Allen's play, he calls his sack OUTSTANDING!?!?

Com'on man! Sack? That sack was no Long's fault.

Armando's summary of Allen's performance is misleading at best.


Don't quit your Day Job-LOL!

With all due respect to Jared Allen, f**k him.

I would like to point something out if I may. He brought up winning the one on one battle the time he got a sack? That was a COVERAGE sack Jared. Henne checked down 4 times, no one was open, and he tucked it and took the sack. A more experienced QB would've thrown the ball at someones feet and then he wouldn't have done s**t the whole game.

ALSO! When you're one on one with an offensive linemen you have the upper hand 9 times out of 10 in passing situations. Why? Because the friggin offensive linemen, especially a tackle, can't see behind him to know what the other side of the pressure is doing to make the QB adjust his drop back.

If Henne has to step up to avoid a rusher and the play called for a 5 step drop then Jake has no idea because he doesn't have eyes in the back of his head. He's playing to push the DE to the inside or keep him in front because he doesn't want him turning the corner. Therefore the DE has the upper hand because he can see the QBs adjustment and make the necessary adjustments himself, Jake can not.

So thank you for playing Jared, you're a punk and Jake handled you better than most any player I've ever watched going against you. Oh yeah, and the Dolphins beat you so shut up and sit down!

Jake Long left Jared Allen for dead, and Allen knows it.

SORRY MARK , i took allen for long .sorry .

NYScott, i like your style! Well said.

Mando, enough of writing about opposing players already. This is OUR blog and we certainly take time to roast them when they're down so we should give them kudos when they're doing fine.

Jason Allen should be talked about here. Everyone in town has wanted the guy gone and probably the current regime would have cut him too if the roster wasn't so bad when they took over. he's been playing at a pro bowl level for the first 2 weeks and has certainly better than that "BIG acquisition" playing corner for the Jets in Cromartie thus far.

So Cam Wake had the defensive play of the game stripping Farve in the end zone. This is great, I jumped on the Wake bandwagon before he ever donned a Dolphin Jersey.

What puzzles me is why nobody has mentioned my second favorite defensive play of the game.

I'm still eating crow over Jason Allen and his int's were awesome, but how about Carlos Dansby's touchdown saving pass defense in the corner of the endzone. He's a 260 lb monster and he played that better than most CB's!

I heard all the reports that Dansby was a good pass rusher, run stuffer and that he was good in coverage, but DAMN!!!!

Who said we don't have play makers?

Why not us!!!!

Post of the Day Nominee:

With all due respect to Jared Allen, f**k him.

Posted by: NYScott | September 20, 2010 at 05:44 PM

We have a winner!

post of the day,

( Reied Plead Guilty and was placed on Probation )

by,odinseye @ 5;30 pm

Mark, I like your style, well said @ 5:26

Harsh? I don't think so. I especially liked the part about banging his sister, but you left out kicking his dog in the nads from behind.

Jason Taylor? Jared Allen? Jason Allen!!!!


It was clear to me that Jake Long dominated Jared Allen, period. He stood him up, stopped him in his tracks, and otherwise rendered him ineffective.

Henne practically ran into Allen for the so-called "sack," so to refer to it as such and to claim victory on that play is pretty preposterous.

Well done, Jake.

how was that a sack it was at the line of crimmage hmm

the cowboys will fire jason garett, before wade phillips.


Homemade Cashew Chicken and Broccoli, w/white rice!

Ummmmm ;p


Testing, Testing 1-2?

Is this thing on?

Breasting, breasting 1-2?

OH MAN! I think the clock is SLOW!!!!

All of us should be super appreciative of Josh McDaniels and the amazing gifts he gave us this past offseason. Mike Nolan AND Brandon Marshall!!! Those two moves are gigantic for us

Also how great is it to see the mildmannered Koa Misi show the fiery side oncehe buckles the chinstraps!! Him, Wake, and Dansby are all going to do big things for us in the coming years.


After making "moves" like this, McDaniels better win now or he'll be on the hot seat in no time.


Odinseye, reading some of your posts, I see you are an expert at being a reporter, at coaching football, at playing football and announcing football.

So tell me, which one of those four exactly is it that you do for a living?

Also, I recognize everyone here is a fan. But to say things like "the sack wasn't a true sack" is like saying the Dolphins didn't really score 14 points because one of them came on defense.

It was a sack. It is in the stat book. It goes down as a sack. Get over it.

It was a sack. Give credit where credit is due otherwise you lose credibility as someone who knows what they're talking about.

The sack wasn't because allen beat long it was because henne ran right up in the pocket to him

where the hell do i find that white t-shirt with the grey dolphins logo that they wear on the sideline? does anyone know?

Odinseye, reading some of your posts, I see you are an expert at being a reporter, at coaching football, at playing football and announcing football.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | September 20, 2010 at 07:18 PM

An expert? Armando, surely you jest. I'm very flattered though and it's always nice to know I've won over another fan.

PS: Hot tip for ya: Knock off the "picking us to lose" bit, it's pissing off your readers ;-)


Big burn @ 7:18 PM.....could be the post of the blog.....damn


Whats the line on the Jets game?

However Armando...

Your take on jason allen VS Jake Long is clearly slanted. True...I am a fan...guilty as charged. But I am also objective enough to give credit where credit is due.

Jason Allen was "credited" with one sack...the stat sheets don't lie. I got that.

How many hits did he have on the QB
How many hurries did he have on the QB
How many times did you say "damn we got to get jason allen blocked?

I said it or thought it zero times, I'd be surprised if you did either.

I can see how Jason Allen was "credited with a sack, He tackled the QB behind the line of scrimage.

Can you see how he was dominated for the other 59 minutes and 30 seconds of play?

Odin, if you pick to go with coaching for a living.... They may have an opening soon in Dallas.

Well said Chris.

ODIN, your dinner made me go and cook kale soup for a change .

ARMANDO, is our hero in this blog .if armando said we will lose vs MIN and Bufallo that's his right but he still proved wrong .if armando said that allen sacked henne .we have to look at that .
b/c it didn't look like .

odin, you knowledge for football can't be matched on this blog .

new blog



Quit being a suck up. Armando picked buff and Minn over us and came out today praising Allen's trash sack.

You know he's wrong here on multiple levels.

Kris, Kris..............Kris...............

I thought you were better than that?

interesting, I thought that blog topic was about who won the matchup, Jake or Jared, but to read Armando's rebuttles here, it appears that the blog topic was about the technical definition of the stat known as 'sack'.

So call it whatever you want Armando, if he had 8 sacks against Vernon Carey and none against Jake, Jake still won the matchup.

It's not even close, and to cite the technical definition of a sack to further the argument to the contrary, reveals that it is really YOU who lacks credibility.

Please try using spell check next time.

I bet if there wasn't a double-team, then Allen wouldn't have even had the one sack. It's a differnent mentality for a left tackle when it's a double-team. You have to be more passive and play a sceme rather than just hand-handling the guy.

Anyone who watched the game knows that Jake got the best of the matchup.

a draw? Mando you just damaged your already slipping journalistic credibility....Allen is a game changer, and the fact that Long made him look mundane means Long won, hands down

I totally agree. a draw? are you serious? there is no way that is a draw. allen usually eats QBs for supper. he couldn't get close to the table.

Gimme a break. Long absolutely dominated Allen.

Long owned Allen, end of story but of course, all you are gonna really hear about is, what went wrong for the Vikings, not what the Dolphins did right or the fact that pound for pound the Dolphins did a better job. The O-line held their own against a really good defensive line and they do deserve praise for it. Allen's motor was shut down all day as if Long were sugar in his gas tank and that suedo sack had no real impact on the game.

Armando- I appreciate your reporting most of the time, but if you truly consider the Long vs Allen match up a "draw" and picked the Fins to lose at Buffalo?! ... I'm gonna have to consider your "expert" opinions in name only. Odinseye is right on buddy.

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