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Another look at the final set of downs vs. Jets

Normally, I'm on to the next game on a Thursday.

Today is not a normal Thursday.

The Dolphins don't play until Monday night so we'll have some time to get to the New England game soon enough. Meantime, I want to take you back to the final set of downs the Dolphins had against the Jets Sunday night.

The NFL Network did a good job of relating those final important downs in a breakdown segment that took Brandon Marshall to task for his effort on those final four downs.

Host Mike Mayock began the segment by showing Marshall's 30-yard catch and run that got the Dolphins to the New York 11 yard line with 54 seconds remaining.

Mayock, former NFL wideout Sterling Sharpe and former NFL DB Solomon Wilcots then break down Marshall not exactly flying off the line of scrimmage on first down -- a fade pass from Chad Henne in the end zone that Marshall didn't get to despite only man-coverage from Antonio Cromartie.

"Go get the ball! Go get the ball!" Wilcots said as Mayock was saying, "I know he's tired. I know he's gassed, but his hand doesn't even go up. He doesn't jump ..."

On second down, the criticism gets sharper with Mayock circling Marshall on the telestrator and saying, "he's just jogging, he's just jogging," on the play coming off the line.

"Now, you've got third-and-9. [The Jets] are going to bring three and drop eight, and here's our guy [Marshall] again. You traded, and paid this guy a lot of money. Beat the jam and get open. It's done. He's going to check is down to the far side. They're not even looking at Brandon Marshall right now, the best player, supposedly, on their team. Fourth down, game on the line, down eight points. [The Jets are] showing five, they're only going to bring three. Brandon Marshall, is he working hard?"

Wilcots chimes in, "No."

At the end of it all, Sharpe gives something of a note to Marshall with the kicker line in his thought to Marshall being: "At the end of the day, you my friend are going to have to bring it."

And here are Salguero's thoughts:

Aside from the look of Marshall, I want to know why the Dolphins aren't in shotgun? Look at the video and every time, even when they have no backs in the backfield, the Dolphins put Henne under center. Why?

Offensive coordinator Dan Henning will speak in a few minutes. Marshall is scheduled to speak today also.

Come back for their reactions.

[UPDATE 1: Henning was apparently not in the mood to give straight answers on a couple of questions today. One of those was why put Henne under center during that final set of downs and no RBs in the backfield, although he did reveal Henne does prefer to operate under center.

I asked Henning what his thinking was for having Henne under center on the final set of downs ...

"Is it better for him to be in shotgun?" he said to me.

"I don't know, I'm asking you," I said to him.

"We didn't have any thinking about whether he's under center or in shotgun. It doesn't make any difference, he works well out of both places," he said. "We had two timeouts left. We have a running game and there's all kinds of possibilities left. He in particular like to be under, by the way. But those plays we called had no bearing whether he was in shotgun or not."


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Would also like to know why they opted for Hartline instead of Bess.

Henning doesn't know what shotgun means.
1960's football.
Marshall is supposed to get open spaces for the other guys.
On this final drive we should have gone to Bess, the guy with the best hands

You have your black guys confused Armando. That's not Sterling Sharpe.

THANK YOU!!! I have been asking the same question regarding Henne being under center with an empty backfield every game so far.

Please find out from Henning why they do this. If you go back and watch the Vikes and Bills games, Henne would routinely be under center in obvious passing downs and no one in the backfield. Every time they did this the play ended with an incompletion or a check down for nominal yardage.

This makes no sense and it has killed them on several drives.

It doesn't take a football savant to know that you only have so much time to find an open receiver and throw the ball. Wasting time on 3,5,7 foot drops in obvious passing downs takes away valuable time for the QB to be able to read a defense, find an open receiver and deliver an accurate pass.

Shotgun please.

That NFL Netwrork segment is the beginning of the end for this regime and for Brandon's success as a Dolphin. Scary scary scary info.

He does it because Mike Martz does it. Henning thinks Mike Martz is an offensive genius.

It is the worst formation in football.

Cut Marshall some slack. The playcalling was aweful. Ronnie had four yards of daylight to the goal line but Henne was dialed in to only one receiver on the play.

I'm a total DIKHEAD. I will go away now back to something I know, ballet

Let's see, Marshall is 6'4", Bess is what, 5'10"? With 8 guys dropping back in coverage, the middle of the field is completely full of defenders. That's why they wouldn't go to Bess in the red zone from that close in. Your options are Marshall, FASANO, Hartline, or some trick/diversion play to one of the backs. I would like to think Henning (who loves to pass to TE's) would have tried ONE play to his big TE (and like everyone said, he wouldn't have had to stay back in pass protection if Henne was in the shotgun).

But really, I'm done with that game. Can't do anything about the outcome now (except learn from it). Time for Patriots planning.

yea i sent out the text last night. Seems to me by the tape they are right. Now with the comments from our OC it sounds like he is mad at marshall. makes reference to him pouting.

throw all 4 passes to BM and one would be a TD to help possibly tie the game. he was a bit slughish because he knew the ball wasnt going to him

I've been asking the same question since last year. 3rd and 20 and henne is under center? Henning should be fired. He's gonna be the reason we miss the playoffs yet again and sparano will lose his job because of it.

he should pout...we should have thrown to him for the TD! you gotta see this people..we paid him 50mil to do a job...when clearly he is the best talent WR we have. Its simple peeps, throw the ball to BM

i totally agree bout henning...dinosaurs are dead for a reason folks

Go whack off Jessie Ventura Douchebag.
No one cares about your LIES

Why not shotgun with a draw option? Ooooohhhhhhh......... No it wouldn't make since to let you QB see only three men rushing and have the option to hand it to one of the top backs in the league after all 4 yards is a long way to go for a RB who doesn't shy from contact... No he's not a bowling ball back but he does seem to see the field well right? Oh wait no he doesn't see the field that's why they keep running the wildcat because he always runs to his designated hole and never makes reads and hits a different whole.... Excuse the slight sarcasm

I understand that Dan Henning has forgotten more football schemes and gameplans than many of us will ever know, but the man doesn't put that knowledge to good use! He sticks with the same old-school stuff, and rarely ever tries to change it up. Outside of the Wildcat, which has been performing more like an alley cat in recent games, Henning hasn't contributed much to the Dolphins offense. Even though offense, and Henne in particular, had one of their better games last Sunday, they could have been so much better if it weren't for Henning calling for momentum-killing Wildcat plays following successful first-down plays and putting Henne in 3rd-and-long situations.

It has always been known(and felt) that there has been an anti-Dolphins feeling in the national Media. Why? That's another story. But don't let them sway you(specially Mayock).

Oh and coaches themselves said "the wild cat is there to get a few good yards we don't expect big plays but Ronnie can see the field and make reads and pick up 4to 5 yards..... So let's run the wildcat on 2nd and 15 but pass 3 plays in a row from the 4 yard line....

Are you guys ready for your front running Heat because our Jets are winning the Division

Marshall is overrated and so is Henne...Dolphins will probably fall to 2-2 Monday.

Lageman, I sir don't mind a dreamer in fact I encourage people to dream big, however no one like an out of place douche bag so let the fin fans have their space and go back to bed to have your WETS dreams

FaN, not nice! Compassion dude. Think about it. How many Jets fans do you know who can spell, let alone type at a computer. You know the 1/2 of the country that doesn't have access to a computer, well, 1/2 of those are Jets fans.

So Lageman, welcome. Glad you're the 1 in a million Jets fan who is actually literate. Congrats buddy!

For once I am in total agreement with your blog! Why have the fins not put Henne in more shotgun formations? Why have they not thrown more screens to their dynamic backs and get them in space and allow them to make plays after the catch? The offense problems are not created by the players, it is the Offense Coordinator's lack of vision and creativity that is killing the team right now. The coaching staff had better wake up quickly or this season is over.

Oliver rubber, you are correct sir 3 consecutive 100 catch seasons, single game record for catches must lead to being overrated and don't bring up his drop stats sir, Brett favre is the all time interception king we don't call him overrated simply old. And if anything henne is underrated everyone doubts him when he's started only a seasons worth of games and his coordinator has generally made him a game manager he may never live up to the shadow he's playing in but he's the best QB we've had since Marino and much better than big ears Fiedler was

DC Dolfan, I understand and apologize for my intolerance it was more so the fact his ignorance or lack of intelligence is bringing up basketball and we'll this is football and until the Super Bowl is over there no reason to act as though any other sport matters

Did i win dumbest statement of all time? Marshall is over rated, I should go now and smoke some more crack.

can someone please tell me why the special teams coordinator still has a job, that unit has been awful for three years now, please explain......

Oliver rubber, far from the dumbest however if you don't intend on adding any intelligent input to the conversation and just bash might I recommend you sell your pc or laptop I'm sure it will provide with with some funds for your crack needs

I just came from the Daily News in NY, and all the Jets fans love ragging on your fruity little "costumes" Maybe one day youll get an owner who is interest in winning and not wiping JLO and Marc Anthonys arse

How about someone else make a play if a teammate is sucking wind? Also, get him off the field if he is winded.

Henning is an old, washed up coach, who needs to be fired right this minute.

Lageman, I just came from the Daily News too, and their top story was about the Gay Parade in the Village...oh, wait, my bad, that's Braylon Edwards and the other Jets just getting a little R&R. Sorry dude, my bad, looked like the Gay Parade.

Henning isnt gona be fired 3 games in, we are stuck with him

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Another look at the final set of downs vs. Jets"

I'm trying to let that wound heal...and your pickin at the scab.

Soiled :)

I think they should give Henne a longer leash to make plays and not rely on the wildcat because its not fooling anyone right now. Why dont we run the Texas two step with Ronnie and Ricky? A handoff to Ricky could be either an inside run, a counter or a sweep as opposed to the wildcat a handoff to Ricky is always a sweep.


Working hard and churning out the blogs today....thats all we can ask....


A Jets fan is lecturing us on not winning????

40 + years man, 40 + years.

Let's see, Marshall is 6'4", Bess is what, 5'10"? With 8 guys dropping back in coverage, the middle of the field is completely full of defenders. That's why they wouldn't go to Bess in the red zone from that close in. Your options are Marshall, FASANO, Hartline, or some trick/diversion play to one of the backs. I would like to think Henning (who loves to pass to TE's) would have tried ONE play to his big TE (and like everyone said, he wouldn't have had to stay back in pass protection if Henne was in the shotgun).

Actually , hartline is 6-2 , please get a clue about your team . thanks !

that's why you can also go to hartline in that situation. he's done it before (see the vikes game )

Blaming the OC is dumb. It's the players, the Jets were more fired up than the Fins period. The real issue seems like it took the offense almost 2 quarters to wake up, while the Jets came out burning. Both Ronnie and Ricky looked sluggish and plodding, plus Jerry was out. Plus or D has now dropped 3 or 4 easy picks in the last two games. The WC isn't about fooling anybody, its no different than any other play, its designed to create a favorable match up.

Every time we did something good we followed it up with something gut-wrenchingly bad.

TOUCHDOWN.....followed by 50 yard kick off return

TOUCHDOWN....followed by kicker kicks ball out of bounds.

FEIELD GOAL to take the lead.....followed by Jason Allen slip...80 yard touchdown jets.

We have the team....we have the will...WE MUST MINIMIZE MISTAKES!

The AFC EAST is ripe fo the taking....Momnday night we can take a GIANT step twards our goal. The BILLS are hungry for a win....they will beat the jets....write it down.

We must do our parts and BEAT the patriots.

WHY NOT US!!!!!!!

Putting marshall on the stand like this is another example of the NY media trying to rip the Dolphins. When mark sanchez only got 5 first downs in week 1 at home, did they do this to him???

nobody can question marshall's effort last sunday. he was a beast.

Second and goal from the 2 ... this is where you run the wildcat at least once

If it was me calling the plays I would have lined up in shotgun on 1st and ten and run a draw play to ronnie brown. He gets you 4 or 5 yards, or even a possible score. line up in empty set, no time out, fake the spike. have the receivers run slants, and look for bess on the inside. at worst its an completion. its likely a four yard gain at the one. or a possible touchdown. if no touchdown but a completion, call time. last play of game, give it to Ronnie Brown. The Jets have no Kris Jenkins. Let your beast of a running back take it to the hole. Brandon was gasped. he played great. the play calling was horrid.

mR742, I would have pounded it 4 times when we have 1st and goal at the 2. we're supposed to be hardcore, that's when oyu man up

DLT, I was hoping for the draw at 1st and goal on the last set of downs too.

oh well, too bad, so sad.

Did it really matter if Henne was in Shotgun or under center? I don't see how it matters. If you go empty backfield and have 5 wide it might be easier to see the field if you are in shotgun but I still don't see the big deal. If Henne is comfortable under center then that's where he should be. If they go 4 wide and a RB why not be under center it may hold the defenses attention and give them something else to worry about.

As far as Marshall not giving effort is nit picking at a terrific performance. I knew before the game he was going to have a monster game. I was there and he was walking by himself during pregame warm ups and was working himself and the crowd. He might of been gassed and if that was the case he is human. He made a few big plays and just caught a 30 yarder at the end. I am not mad at him for being gassed. It was hot and humid and he played his best all game. I still think 3rd down should have been a run and go no huddle on 4th but bottom line we lost. Defense stunk it up and that is my major concern not Marshall or Henne.

thigpen scrambles for all of those first downs that henne missed on to run the clock down and secure the win.

instead,henne threw the int in the ez to secure the loss. lol

I am not the biggest fan of the way Henning has called plays but he is not the reason Miami lost. Look at the other side of the ball. I don't know who was more at fault the defensive players or Mike Nolan. I like Nolan a lot but he got burned time and time again. The blitz schemes were non-existent. Wake's bull rush was so ineffective that I was wondering when he would try a different move. A spin, inside rip, speed rush, anything other then the bull rush that Woody had no problem stoning time and time again. Misi, was horrible. He is a rookie so I will be patient. He had no pass rush and was killing Miami against the run. Dansby you are my new favorite Dolphin. He made some plays and missed a few but he plays balls out and hard every down. He had a few solo tackles that most players would miss. Carpenter and Dobbins aren't playing good. I just praised Carpenter for being around the ball but he is bad against the run. I see why he is on his third team and has been labeled as being soft. Bell was horrible in coverage, Allen had a very bad performance but hopefully he is more the player we saw in week 1 and 2 then week 3. Vontae didn't do much which is a good thing cause he has been playing well and they didn't throw at him. Clemons needs to make an impact play. He should of locked up on Keller. He gives up size but has to be better then Bell and faster.

2 watt, Henne played very good. He was shaky early but got Miami the lead. The defense is the reason Miami lost the game. Yeah, I would like to see Henne make a play late but he came up short, it happens. Mike Nolan and not Henning can take the blame on this one. He couldn't dial up anything to stop Sanchez early or late. Sanchez put up good numbers but nothing special if you take away Edwards 67 yeard td. If he completes that play and Edwards is tackled Sanchez finishes 14-27 175 yards and 2 tds not 3 and not in the 200 plus yard range. Miami's D killed us all night. Very disappointing.

Bobby12 is correct, Henning is not going to be fired during the season. It just isn't the way things are done. Look for Henning to 'retire' after the season's over. Too bad it's 2 years too late.

a big problem with henne is that he's never learned the "good" play fake to the running back where the qb sticks the ball in the backs stomach and then pulls it out after the D has taken a few misguided steps. watch tape of bret favre to see how its done. henne doesnt get within 3' of the running back so why bother with a meaningless fake????? henne also should be in the shotgun with an empty backfield. who cares if he's more comfortable!!! thigpen could have run it in on any of those 4 downs. henne still cant throw a fade to a 6'4" receiver after 2 years of practice???????

Mr. Henning, as you said you had 2 timeouts and plenty of time then why the F*** DID YOU NOT RUN THE BALL????? Henne is not Brees which seemed your game plan. Horrible play calling in the end. How do you on 4th down with all the marbles throw to ANTHONY FASANO???? A TRIPLED COVERED FASANO AT THAT??? WHAT A JOKE!

To me the game was lost, when we had the ball inside the 5 yard line, down 20-17, and we don't even try once to run the ball in!!!!

Arent you guys excited your team is going to the dump hole...you can always re hire cam cameron, his name is a fruity as you tutu's. Brandon Marshall will probably be arrest by week 10 for cross dressing in public with one of those pink jersey's tied in a knot.

why try to run against the Jets when your bound to fail? What do you expect?

Jason- correct the Dolphins are a joke, even the lowly NJ Nets have a better celebrity owner in Jay Z, you guys have JLO and Marc Anthony.

Henning messed up big time... he forgot he had Ricky & Ronnie there with sufficient time. and I must wonder why would you allow him to go under center in those occasions when you know that it's better to go on a shotgun formation? Henning sounds stupid when he said he felt better under center.. Don't tell me that Henne is allowed to do whatever the F@#$# he wants now... If that's the case, I don't see him throwing 30+ passes every game. MAKE HIM USE THE SHOTGUN FORMATION!!! The cr@p happened vs. the Vikings...

Jason Taylor....dont even get me started....he has come to the promise land...."Chad Henne flat like a penny"

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