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Postgame view of Dolphins victory at Buffalo

Are you unhappy with the Dolphins 15-10 victory on Sunday?

You might be because everything didn't go well. The offense was sluggish. The defense gave up a TD drive in the fourth quarter when the game's outcome still hung in the balance. The special teams missed a field goal, booted a kickoff out of bounds and had no returns to speak of.

And yet the Dolphins won.

As I write in this column there are specific issues the Dolphins must address starting today. One issue, in my humble opinion, involves how coaches handle the running back rotation. I get specific in the column so please check it out.

Another issue involves the play-calling with regard to flow. The Dolphins were working the Bills in their base set in the first half and then they went to the wildcat. It changed the flow and the drive stalled.

At another point, Miami was again bullying the Bills on an apparent drive. Then they called for an end around with Davone Bess. Bess who is a fine slot wide receiver with good quickness, but does not have a lot of speed to get wide. The reverse went for no gain.

So the Dolphins, who self-scout, would be well-served to check that out.

"We did the best we could this week to get ready for [the Bills] and they threw some stuff out there that we kind of weren't really prepared for," Bess said after the game. "But our coach put us in positions to be prepared at all times. When we saw the certain coverages, we had answers for them."

Said quarterback Chad Henne: "I think we just need to go back to work and we've got to concentrate. I've got to put the ball in better places and become a little more accurate and we have to and we have to come up with more catches out there and get the ball in the playmakers' hands. Overall it wasn't pretty, but we got some things done."

The defense got most of the things done. It is interesting to me that the unit that was totally revamped in the offseason -- from the coordinator to the captains to starting rookies and others that hadn't started before -- was the unit that carried the day.

Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan showed he can scheme pressure on the quarterback almost immediately when Karlos Dansby collected his first sack as a Dolphin on the game's third play. On that play, the Dolphins brought the blitz with Dansby and Wake on the same side and Dansby came unblocked.

"I was hiding behind [Cameron] Wake, he's a threat," Dansby said. "Somebody's got to make a decision on who to block. Coach Nolan did a great job of dialing up that play, we just put it in this week as a matter of fact and we executed well."

I told you when the Dolphins signed Dansby they loved his ability to rush the passer as well as cover as well as play inside. Then coach Tony Sparano said Dansby was signed to play inside linebacker and talk of moving the player around died.

... Until yesterday.

"I'm all over the place," Dansby said. "You can't really pinpoint me. I've got a lot of guys around me. All I'm trying to do is to help them become better as ball players."

The defense tackled quite well for the first game out, I thought. There were no costly or obvious missed tackles like the ones that plagued much of last season. That will continue to be key as the Dolphins prepare to stem the Adrian Peterson tide next Sunday.

It was interesting perhaps only to me that Nolan employed in the first game what former defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni always hesitated doing: Matching up corners on receivers.

Under Pasqualoni, the Dolphins played a straight right-left scheme. Vontae Davis was always the left cornerback while Sean Smith was always the right cornerback. When I would ask why he wouldn't match up, Pasqualoni would say it created other problems he didn't wish to deal with.

Nolan apparently has no issues dealing with those. And he obviously has no issues dealing with the advantages of the strategy, either.

So Sunday, Jason Allen followed Lee Evans all over the field. Wherever Evans lined up, Allen lined up, be it left or right of the formation. Davis followed Steve Johnson all over the field.

That strategy will get interesting when the Dolphins play passing teams like New England and Green Bay. It will speak to which cornerback the Dolphins feel has a better opportunity to contain the likes of Greg Jennings or Donald Driver or Randy Moss.

One would also hope, by the way, the Dolphins will throw a changeup to this strategy at times, also. That means I would guess there will be times the Dolphins don't match up so as to not be predictable. Nolan will do that, too. He's pretty impressive so far.


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Are you STILL unhappy with the Dolphins 15-10 victory on Sunday?

We uh just stole one from Nyok.

ON SUNDAY canarillo will drop the ball in purposes b/c he loves the fins more than MIN .

Are you STILL unhappy with the Dolphins 15-10 victory on Sunday?

Posted by: hudowl | September 13, 2010 at 11:06 PM

Yes, but watching the wetsies lose made up for it!!!!

ON SUNDAY canarillo will drop the ball in purposes b/c he loves the fins more than MIN .

Posted by: ALoco | September 13, 2010 at 11:10 PM


Just like Chris Carter did for the Vikes!

where are the so-called Jets fans? they must be crying bc they just lost one of the 16 superbowls!! LOL

their next superbowl match is next week vs the Patsies.. and there goes Fat @ss Rexie with his big mouth "we're the team to beat.. we are the team to beat.." 15 superbowls to go.LOL

camarillo actually was one of the few offensive players Minn has onn that team
Rice and Harvin are out

SuperP a win is a win, one of the few roads wins, C' on mom

The Implosion has begun.

Fat Rex will gain 50 lbs. this week drowning his sorrows in Bon bons and Ice cream. Don't be embarrassed Rex, that's how all the be-atches do it.
I hope that lap band is made out of tungsten carbide.

PS: PLEASE don't bench Sanchez, he sucks even more than I thought.

Looks like we may end week one # 1 on D.. still unhappy ?

Week 1 nurber Uno in division still unhappy ??

It's almost as fun to watch the Jet's lose as it is to watch the Mighty Fins win......Almost

Been about an hour now.
Rex Ryan is isolated with Mark Sanchez.
Rex Ryan is taking out his frustration on Mark Sanchez' bent over behind and getting his nightly man-fix at the same time.


I was a little down on Henne coming off pre season. But after watching Ryan, Flacco and Sanchez, I'm feeling a lot better.

Unhappy? No!

Cautiously optimistic? You bet!


Rex should let the defense get some of that too.

I'm sure they feel Sanchito owes them something.

Oops, it looks like the seeds of dissension have just been sown ;p

Thank you Odinseye, Yea we can get better, 3 or 4 games for young Henne to get his bearings and if the D can keep us in the early games we are going to be Ok..

Well, week one will be in the books shortly.

I'd just like to take this opportunity to tell all the naysayers and cry babies, oh yeah, and Bill Connors too:


I love my Miami Dolphins.

Bottoms Up and a Valhalla to All!


With Miami looking to kick some Viking butt, are you experiencing a conflict of interest?
Thor wants to know :-)

Sanchize game 1 line:

7/10, 76 yards, 0 td, 0 int,

Matt Cassel after one half tonight:
6/14, 32 yards, 1 td, 0 int

Henne did a much better job ....

is malcom floyd playing?

yes he gained 10 yatds i won this fantasy week lol

jets have all the making of a let down though both defenses were stout there are holes everywhere on both teams, Sanchez is obviously like Ive always thought Garbage but even Flacco was less then impressive with all those added weapons and the fortunate penalty calls he still couldnt throw a TD. Henne is going to be our guy it just all has to come together. like that throw that armando is putting such emphaizes on while this is the second time ive seen this result so far in this early season i know Chad can make that throw and I gurantee that there will be plenty more times to prove he can make that throw, Brandon Marshall gurantees there will be more. Our man Chad Henne has the arm the diligence the mobility and a supporting cast thst paves his way for success lets just hope that the OC wont be his downfall.

when you have a potent Offense with Playmakers why handcuff them with reverses and Wildcats for Ricky and Ronnie while you could put them five yards back of a Spread four WR set and carve NFL defenses or burn them when they get greedy

A GREAT night to be a Jet....huh?

Rush Yards:............49......116

Pass Yards:............233......60

Total Yards:............282.....176

Time of Poss:.........38:32...21:28

3rd down Conv:.......11\19...1\11------------------(RETARDED)

Penalties - YDS:......5\38....14\125---------------(RETARDED)

Nice Job Rexie
NY Jets are "The Miami Heat" of the NFL !!

Jesus Christ! I hope the Miami Heat are better than the Wets this year! LOL

I can actually see D-Wade and Lebron, after being compaired to the Yet's saying "What the F@#K! Get my lawyer on the phone right F'ing now!! I'm sueing there a55 for slander!!!

im going to say this for the last time: everyone against the wildcat, including manny, ridiculous. you all were against it last years season opener until the next week we did it nonstop for like ten yards a play. look out the average yards per play with the wildcat. your welcome. now shutup.
we need another wide receiver thats for sure, especially if bess and hartline keep dropping passes. i was watching the bengals get shutdown te first half by the pats and the jets all game shut down the ravens, and they have two of the best cores in the league.
minnesotas defense is the real deal. hopefully we can get better.
lastly, i dont know why everyone is so down on the jets. there defense was amazing tonight, against a very potent offense. revis was the exact same as he always is, and they were just as good as ravens. their offense is not good, but not as bad as we think. next week against the patriots will be different, and interesting. theybarw going to be hard teams to beat. we will need more than 13 offensive points.

Quite a showing for the paper champions last nite huh????? ROTFLMAO....

i'll tell you why i down on the Jets becauae i despise them and want them to loose!!!!!

the big theme this week was defense most offenses were lackluster at best so i dont think the Jests D was better than our own. Boldin owned them

Inimounts! It's not about being against the wild cat completely they just don't need to bring it out on the 20 after Henne has taken the team down the field if they want to use it on a series or two bring it out and use it just don't interrupt flow by randomly sticking it in the middle of a drive that's already flowing just fine with out it

Where are the Jets fans at this morning?That was a pathetic game by Sanchez last night.I bet whoever started Sanchez in their fantasy league is real happy....or drunk.

go team go , rah rah rah , go team go , rah rah rah !


Thanks for bringing some COMMON SENSE to this blog. I enjoy a jets loss as much as the next FIN FAN but.....c'mon...the jets look like there gonna be tough. They are a good QB away from being a good team. I know sexy rexy talked alot, it looks like his team is ready to back it up. Alot of hitting in that game. I am glad it was b'more they were playing because Ray Lewis will not allow his team to punk out. There are probably 10-12 teams that would have. The jets will win some games this year. We will have to win also to take care of our buisness.

WHY NOT US!!!!!!!!

sanchez is going to be benched by game 4 .the melt down have started.
he doesn't look like 75 million guy to me .

A loco,

We want sanchez to play....n

the jets gave the people in luxury boxes yesterday a green plastic flashing bracelet for free and A LOSS .

KRIS...sanchez looked like he was hired a QB by mistake .

let give the vikings the yellow eyes .

All I know is watching Flacco air it out about a dozen times made me VERY jealous, whether he was off target or not. Got 'em 3 pass interference calls, one against Revis. Henne went deep ONCE! ONCE! ONCE! OK, twice if you count the 21 Yarder to Fasano

kris, let me give you the opposite view. Ok, yes, will the Jets be tough, of course, the Bills were tough, ANY division game is a battle to the end.

However, last night proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the 2nd best QB in the AFC East, with no exceptions, is Chad Henne. What does that mean? It means, if you can stop the Jets running game (which is WORSE than last year due to Thomas Jones departure and Faneca's departure), and limit mistakes, you have a good chance of beating that team. LT is NOT Jones people. He's still LT, but an older version, not the lights out guy of before.

Second, the Jets whole defensive scheme is predicated on DBs going one-on-one in blitz packages. That's high risk-high reward. If Henne stands in the pocket (knowing he'll get hit) and unloads to his check receiver (which he has been doing very well), then that receiver needs to beat one guy for a big play. AND, it seems the refs are even HARDER on the CBs this year for holding, pass interference. I think that's a flawed system, and teams are starting to be able to overcome that pressure Rex puts on and the DBs of the Jets are getting beat (except Revis). I'm liking Bess' chances, Marshall, Fasano, Ronnie's against a Jets DB.

Add the cherry of Holmes being out when we play in 2 weeks, and I think that is a much easier game to win than Minnesota this week. Sure, Sanchez will get better, but we're very stout against the run. Can Sanchez outplay Henne? That's the question to determine who'll win, and my answer is no how, no way, not a chance! We beat the Jets at home, I'm predicting it now for all to hear.

Maec, flacco is very cool QB ,he has a lot of talent ,you can tell that right away.

mat ryan
sanchez..............all these three are over rated .
jason campell of the raiders hope after hope he gets his seacond defeat next week so their goes down and we have a win against them .


In that same light, for the same reasons, we have a better chance of beating Baltimore than the Jets did. They HAD no offense, we HAVE offensive firepower. You can't topple over the Ravens front 7 defense, they're too good. You need to throw over them. Henne, unlike Sanchez, can do that. Who's gonna cover Marshall for the Ravens? WHO? Fasano against Ray Ray or a rookie safety, c'mon, all day! I say, against Baltimore, Henning, throw away the Wildcat plays, they're not gonna work. It needs to be 10-15 yd. plays down the field to the receivers. But we can win that game. As long as our defense plays similar to the Jets, and our offense plays up to its potential, we can win that game too.

I'm not saying we're there folks, I'm saying a lot of other teams are EVEN MORE rusty and inconsistent than we are. It's not about how good are you, it's about how good you are COMPARED to everyone else. And we're right there in the mix. Playoffs, division title, it's ours for the taking.

sanchez will lose confidence after pats wins next week then they lose in miami and their season is over ..this is not a dream .then we give them the yellow eyes .

DC, don't go over board now .win in Baltimore is too much .put a sure loss there .

Sorry I haven't been here,

I've been douching my Va-Gina

And hiding


ALoco, you're right about Jets being hit for a big loss if they go 0-3 out the gate. For a team built on overconfidence, that could crush them this season.

But, realistically speaking, this test coming up this week will be VERY trying. Minnesota historically doesn't lose at home, they have a huge advantage. So, I'm giving us an "L" there (that's between us friends, the face to the public is we'll win). And I'm giving us an "L" at Green Bay. But we can go right down the line. Beat the Steelers at home, then go beat the Bengals in Cincy, and then, yes, go beat Baltimore at home. Trust and believe, that's the hardest game we'll play all year. But we're do. They beat on us for the last, what, 2, 3 games. We haven't beaten them since that OT game. We're due. And I think we match up very well. Now, we might then come back and lose to the Titans at home, but to me, it'd be worth it, because the Playoffs WILL go through Baltimore. So if we can beat them now (like we almost beat the Colts and Saints last year), we can put ourselves right in line to not only make, but go further than 1 game in the playoffs. This isn't a DC dream dude, we really can beat that squad.

Thats what i'm A loco...Thats what I'm saying. Thats why we want him to play against us.

The thing that struck me about last nights game is how undisciplined the jets play. They win that game if they don't commit half of those penalties on third down. These you can chalk up to coaching as they were mostly mental mistakes. Nice job Rex! Also it kind of gave the game plan as to how to attack these blowhards. You don't even need to try and test Revis, make Cromartie, and Wilson cover. Let Revis shut down his side of the field who cares. Wilson isn't quite ready to play NFL recievers in single coverage, not yet. Keep attacking him untill he proves otherwise. As far as Cromartie, who knows what you will get from him. Sure he is capable of making the big play, but he is just as likely to screw something up, and give up a big one too. Henne will have to be able to recognize where the blitz is coming from, it took Flaco a good part of the game to start to figure it out, but he did. They will have a field day if Henne cannot get into the correct play, or the right protections.

DC agreed we have the 2nd best QB in the EAST

Agreed, LT can make plays but we have to make him feel OLD from the start.

I believe that as far as Henne and the Offense is concernd...they put the muzzle on them early when they realized that Buffallo was just another pre-season game. I think we se what we really got when we play MINNi on Sunday.

The jets will implodewhen we make them 0-3...but we HAVE to do our part and make them 0-3

Just heard on the local radio talk show,a quote from Rex(Two ton)Ryan "I still believe that we're the team that will be in Dallas at the end of the season".... Really Rex,apparently that lap band has slide from your stomach and slide up to your head around your eyes.I never heard of anyone that got a lap-band and actually gained weight, apparently it's blinded rex from seeing clearly too... LMAOROTF of rex(Buffet buster)Ryans blindness.......

Guy's, What do you think was more satisfying to the Menace this week-end1) Fin win,2)Jet loss,3)Sex with hot Ashley??????

Jets would do great on PGA Tour, lowest score wins

Cuban predicted Buffalo win so NO, He is engaged so probaly NO to sex, so i pick Jets loss

Bobby, BINGO.........

menace who cares i dont

Well, Flacco was off target most of the night, but, at least they had deep routes, courtesy of Cam Cameron. Same with River's, same with Cassel. You HAVE to at least ATTEMPT the deep ball a few times a game. I know Henne missed a few opportunities where receivers were open downfield and he hit Ronnie or Polite out of the backfield. There is an obvious difference however in that other teams ATTACK downfield. They make an effort to get the ball downfield. We seem content with a west coast style, control the clock type offense; Scrap the reverse and the wildcat plays in the first quarter and take shots downfield!

the last 3 points was scored last night by the ravens was a result of jASON TAYLOR penalty .lol

September 14, 2010 at 10:34 am
Good morning Dolphin fans and mob . I’M BAAAAAAAAAACK !!! , There is nothing more depressing than coming back from vacation and finding my boyfriend Tim/Knight cheating on me in our own bed,but I did give him the swine flu from all of that Pig romping I had down in Knoxville." smiley face icon ".

1313, just skip my posts........

Actually there is nothing more depressing then a guywith a Va-Gina

That's me

Home uh I meanSS Moderator

Cuban and I do not have intercourse because his pecker is inverted. So he has to use toys. He likes it when I use toys on him. He say's it makes him feel like a lady.

go team go , rah rah rah ! go team go , rah rah rah !

there's a news item saying randy moss could be going to the vikings for bernard Berrian this week .

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