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Postgame view of Dolphins victory at Buffalo

Are you unhappy with the Dolphins 15-10 victory on Sunday?

You might be because everything didn't go well. The offense was sluggish. The defense gave up a TD drive in the fourth quarter when the game's outcome still hung in the balance. The special teams missed a field goal, booted a kickoff out of bounds and had no returns to speak of.

And yet the Dolphins won.

As I write in this column there are specific issues the Dolphins must address starting today. One issue, in my humble opinion, involves how coaches handle the running back rotation. I get specific in the column so please check it out.

Another issue involves the play-calling with regard to flow. The Dolphins were working the Bills in their base set in the first half and then they went to the wildcat. It changed the flow and the drive stalled.

At another point, Miami was again bullying the Bills on an apparent drive. Then they called for an end around with Davone Bess. Bess who is a fine slot wide receiver with good quickness, but does not have a lot of speed to get wide. The reverse went for no gain.

So the Dolphins, who self-scout, would be well-served to check that out.

"We did the best we could this week to get ready for [the Bills] and they threw some stuff out there that we kind of weren't really prepared for," Bess said after the game. "But our coach put us in positions to be prepared at all times. When we saw the certain coverages, we had answers for them."

Said quarterback Chad Henne: "I think we just need to go back to work and we've got to concentrate. I've got to put the ball in better places and become a little more accurate and we have to and we have to come up with more catches out there and get the ball in the playmakers' hands. Overall it wasn't pretty, but we got some things done."

The defense got most of the things done. It is interesting to me that the unit that was totally revamped in the offseason -- from the coordinator to the captains to starting rookies and others that hadn't started before -- was the unit that carried the day.

Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan showed he can scheme pressure on the quarterback almost immediately when Karlos Dansby collected his first sack as a Dolphin on the game's third play. On that play, the Dolphins brought the blitz with Dansby and Wake on the same side and Dansby came unblocked.

"I was hiding behind [Cameron] Wake, he's a threat," Dansby said. "Somebody's got to make a decision on who to block. Coach Nolan did a great job of dialing up that play, we just put it in this week as a matter of fact and we executed well."

I told you when the Dolphins signed Dansby they loved his ability to rush the passer as well as cover as well as play inside. Then coach Tony Sparano said Dansby was signed to play inside linebacker and talk of moving the player around died.

... Until yesterday.

"I'm all over the place," Dansby said. "You can't really pinpoint me. I've got a lot of guys around me. All I'm trying to do is to help them become better as ball players."

The defense tackled quite well for the first game out, I thought. There were no costly or obvious missed tackles like the ones that plagued much of last season. That will continue to be key as the Dolphins prepare to stem the Adrian Peterson tide next Sunday.

It was interesting perhaps only to me that Nolan employed in the first game what former defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni always hesitated doing: Matching up corners on receivers.

Under Pasqualoni, the Dolphins played a straight right-left scheme. Vontae Davis was always the left cornerback while Sean Smith was always the right cornerback. When I would ask why he wouldn't match up, Pasqualoni would say it created other problems he didn't wish to deal with.

Nolan apparently has no issues dealing with those. And he obviously has no issues dealing with the advantages of the strategy, either.

So Sunday, Jason Allen followed Lee Evans all over the field. Wherever Evans lined up, Allen lined up, be it left or right of the formation. Davis followed Steve Johnson all over the field.

That strategy will get interesting when the Dolphins play passing teams like New England and Green Bay. It will speak to which cornerback the Dolphins feel has a better opportunity to contain the likes of Greg Jennings or Donald Driver or Randy Moss.

One would also hope, by the way, the Dolphins will throw a changeup to this strategy at times, also. That means I would guess there will be times the Dolphins don't match up so as to not be predictable. Nolan will do that, too. He's pretty impressive so far.


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greg camerillo will be STARTING ON sunday game against the DOLPHINS .

I see that there's a impostor on here, so I bid you all "Adieu" for the day, Have a "Phintastic"
Day guys.......


News? News? Is Mandy's radio show any good? Because his blog is dramtically worse...

How about an interview with BELL?! Bell was lighting people up, had as many tackles as Dansby, and was fired up, challenging the crowd!

Dear Mr. Moss,

Imagine the nerve of the Kraft organization giving Brady a new deal and you get nada.

I wouldn't stand for it Mr. Moss. I don't blame you for going back to Minnesota.

I know this probably isn't a good time to ask for favors Mr. Moss, but do you think you could take Wes Welker with you?

new england is saying ,no plans to trade moss.contract talks will start soon .

Dear Mr. Salguero

With Miami's upcomming game with Minnesota we will be dealing with things I'm not sure our defense can handle, I"m talking about the undead....Bret Farve.

There are rumors that Bret Farve pre dates Doug Hennings Offence.

Our only chance would be to equip a safty(Clemmons ?)with a wooden stake, then on a blitz try and run the stake through his heart....thats how you deal with Bret Farve.

If that doesn't work look for our D to try Silver Bullets

Soiled :)

Since there's nothing going on here I thought I'd do like Mandy and go back and toot my own horn for a bit. Too bad typepad only goes back so far...

and for the record I contributed this as well *(before the blog got ridiculous as it always does because of you clowns) Same crop I would have chosen, except I would swap Wake and Henne. Not based on evidence, just a gut feeling. I do believe VD will turn heads long before SEAN SMITH. Clemons is possible based on necessity, if we go for 3 years, add Donald Thomas. He'll regain and keep the RG job
Commented May 14, 2010 on Which players will things 'click' for in 2010? at Miami Dolphins In Depth

I have to see that this is probably the WORST set of comments I've seen in a long time, and that's saying something! I mentioned Jason Allen several times. I feel he has a better chance to stay as a FS/Nickle than Will Allen. If I was Will Allen I would be loooking at real estate in Denver, since that's likely where he'll end up!
Commented May 8, 2010 on Dolphins alumni (and me) head to Haiti today at Miami Dolphins In Depth
1 reply

Torbor should have been worried LONG ago. He's as good as gone...
Commented Apr 26, 2010 on Jeff Ireland: The interview, the Wilson flap at Miami Dolphins In Depth
1 reply

I just find it a bit ironic ODIN, that when people speak of the FS position, J Allen's name is NEVER mentioned, as if he's been cut already. He may well get cut this year, but, it hasn't happened yet!
Commented Apr 26, 2010 on Jeff Ireland: The interview, the Wilson flap at Miami Dolphins In Depth

J Allen did no worse than G Wilson, and the safety before him. I really don't know why he never cracked the starting line up. When he replaced Davis last yr he wasn't terrible. He came in on a few nickle and dime situations and made plays. He's flashed at some point every season...
Commented Apr 26, 2010 on Jeff Ireland: The interview, the Wilson flap at Miami Dolphins In Depth

Well, how has J Allen lasted this long? He's GOT to have intangibles that have saved his butt...Personally, I don't think the kid ever got a fair shake.
Commented Apr 26, 2010 on Jeff Ireland: The interview, the Wilson flap at Miami Dolphins In Depth

Speaking of Jason Allen, I do find it a bit humorous that he's not even in the conversation as FS's when people mention who's on the depth chart, it's Tulver, Clemons, and the rook... Jason Allen does happen to have more career starts at corner OR safety than all of them combined, and somehow is still on the team with Crowder, Bell, and Brown as the only leftovers from Saban...
Commented Apr 26, 2010 on Jeff Ireland: The interview, the Wilson flap at Miami Dolphins In Depth

SEAN SMITH has done NOTHING all freakin' year! One bad game? He hasn't had a GOOD game! Well, instead of ASSUMING and associating maybe you should try FACTS! I would have love Maulauga, but, we weren't in position to get him...
Commented Dec 6, 2009 on Dolphins forge upset with 22-21 victory at Miami Dolphins In Depth

SEAN SMITH does not impress me. Vontae Davis, for all his mistakes however, does. Even on many of the TD catches he was in great position. He also tackles like a man, and supports the run well, whereas SEAN SMITH seems as concerned about hitting as Ginn does about getting hit. Highlight of SEAN SMITH's career so far was his coverage of the Patriot's receiver, who's name escapes me where he got outworked for an 80 Yard TD...
Commented Dec 24, 2009 on Dolphins feelings on Davis, Smith show Sunday at Miami Dolphins In Depth
I'll bet my farm and yours neither Will Allen NOR Sean Smith plays safety...Maybe Jason Allen... Will Allen is tiny, and Sean Smith couldn't tackle Tedd Ginn. He's a pansy. You want him as your last line of defense?
Commented Apr 24, 2010 on Dolphins pick G John Jerry in third round. at Miami Dolphins In Depth

In fact, if Henne doesn't prove himself this year, after Donald Thomas got demoted, and Merling, and Langford then JAKE LONG will be the sole prize from the 2008 draft out of 9 picks I can say with a fair amount of confidence that Vontae and Hartline will be the only 2 out of 2009 out of 9 So, if he's one of the 1 or 2 starters out of this years 9 picks than great
Commented Apr 23, 2010 on Dolphins select Penn State's Jared Odrick at Miami Dolphins In Depth

Charlie Anderson is making over a million a year. Easily replaced by a rookie for being a "decent backup"...
Commented Apr 15, 2010 on Ronnie Brown: Marshall will be good fit at Miami Dolphins In Depth

Predictions: Will Allen is a goner Ginn is a goner (I don't like this) Brown is a goner (I HATE this) Smiley (obviously a goner) JT (HATE also) a goner Thigpen gone I would like: Torbor to be gone Will Allen gone Penny gone McDaniels gone Anderson gone I'm still VERY skeptical of SEAN SMITH
Commented Apr 15, 2010 on Ronnie Brown: Marshall will be good fit at Miami Dolphins In Depth

Did we all forget that we have Jason Allen on the team still. I still think he's gotten a bad wrap for years. He's somehow made it through 3 different regimes though. I don't ever remember him being that huge of a liability, and I would remember!
Commented Apr 15, 2010 on Ronnie Brown: Marshall will be good fit at Miami Dolphins In Depth

Oh yeah, Torbor sucks...They haven't gotten rid of his butt yet?
Commented Mar 12, 2010 on A Pro Days update from around our great land at Miami Dolphins In Depth

Hartline looks a bit lost this year so far
Commented Sep 3, 2010 on Live blog of Dolphins vs. Dallas junior varsity at Miami Dolphins In Depth

If Moses and Anderson are first teamers WE ARE DOOMED!
Commented May 19, 2010 on Quickie OTA notes and observations at Miami Dolphins In Depth

I think LT will make people eat their words
Commented Mar 5, 2010 on Dansby to make first free agent visit to Miami at Miami Dolphins In Depth

Polite, Long, Bell...Same as my captain list...
Commented Jan 6, 2010 on Live blog chat starts at 1 p.m. today at Miami Dolphins In Depth

Can we all finally agree that VD is FAR superior to SEAN SMITH?
Commented Dec 27, 2009 on Texans lead Dolphins 10-0 in 2nd quarter at Miami Dolphins In Depth

Trying to think of the last time I could type SEAN SMITH on a good play...
Commented Dec 13, 2009 on Dolphins lead Jags 14-7 going in 3rd quarter at Miami Dolphins In Depth

With that said, I'm as happy as anyone...However, I still think SEAN SMITH blows!
Commented Dec 6, 2009 on Pats lead Dolphins 21-19 in 4th quarter at Miami Dolphins In Depth

What happened to SEAN SMITH? He hasn't done ANYTHING all season...
Commented Dec 6, 2009 on Pats lead Dolphins 21-19 in 4th quarter at Miami Dolphins In Depth

was that SEAN SMITH getting BURNED AGAIN!?>?!
Commented Dec 6, 2009 on Pats lead Dolphins 21-19 in 4th quarter at Miami Dolphins In Depth

From what I've seen from Sean Smith, he'll never be "elite". Yes, I'd rather have Hall or Samuel. I don't care what our Run D "Ranked" before or after Ferg, I've seen opposing RB's run up the gut all year. The T.O.P. is what skewed the #'s. Besides, why would anyone run on us when they can drop back and throw 30 yard passes all game? JT and Zach (Again) were late round picks, so, yes, I criticize EVERY move! These buttwhipes get paid MILLIONS of dollars to evaluate talent! MILLIONS!
Commented Dec 2, 2009 on Miami Dolphins personnel dept. good not great at Miami Dolphins In Depth

Sean Smith will NOT be the next Surtain, you can take that to the bank
Commented Dec 2, 2009 on Miami Dolphins personnel dept. good not great at Miami Dolphins In Depth

Correction, SEAN SMITH has done NOTHING since PRE-SEASON and OTA's
Commented Dec 6, 2009 on Pats lead Dolphins 21-19 in 4th quarter at Miami Dolphins In Depth

Either way I like Vontae Davis, and DISLIKE SEAN SMITH
Commented Dec 27, 2009 on Texans lead Dolphins 27-3 going to 3rd quarter at Miami Dolphins In Depth

Oh yeah, other things I've learned: SEAN SMITH sucks...He's done noting since OTA's and preseason Vontae Davis is CLEARLY the superior DB Hartline rocks POLITE is the best player on the team. If we could clone him 51 times we'd play like men Gibril Wilson is terrible Things I knew that have been reinforced: Ayodele sucks Torbor sucks Bess is at best a 3rd receiver that leads the team in receptions Nate Jones sucks Merling and Langford are not dominant enough Ricky Williams fumbles...Still Things I will reserve judgement on: Henne Teddy (STILL) Things we have to worry about: JT, JP, Ricky, Ferg are all over 32...
Commented Dec 27, 2009 on Miami Dolphins lose 27-20 to Texans at Miami Dolphins In Depth

ALSO, can you guys PLEASE stop prasing SEAN SMITH?! The guy has been an absolute DISASTER! Vontae takes risks, but, he also MAKES plays...SEAN SMITH just watched his man run into the end zone yesterday...Whereas Davis almost got a sideline INT, and a FF...
Commented Dec 28, 2009 on Miami's biggest problem on defense: LBs at Miami Dolphins In Depth

In 2 years, the only draft picks I can without question are successful...Long, Davis, Carpenter. Free Agents...Polite, Starks, Polite...He's good enough to count for 2 I suppose Merling and Langford have been invisible I'm not impressed at all with SEAN SMITH Smiley/Grove spend more time rehabbing than playing... Henne looks great one minute, but, his TD/INT ratio isn't very promising. Remember Gus Frerote could throw 300+ yds too... Torbor and Ayodele are worthless Gibril Wilson is atrocious Murphy was cut, Wilford, cut, McCown cut, anyone I forgot, was simply forgettable...
Commented Jan 4, 2010 on Owner Ross: Signs indicate Bill Parcells back at Miami Dolphins In Depth

TO BE FAIR. I NEVER, EVER imagined we'd sign Marshall, and SWORE we'd draft a LB in the first. DE (close enough)

jets losing jenkins for season is huge

Missed that...That's GREAT NEWS!

I believe armando has left us for good.
He had more updates in march ( offseason ) than he does now. Actually i think he wrote more when he was on vacation.
This used to be a great blog, its slowly falling to the waste side.

this news paper has no money ,if you listen to armando's show you know he's a goner .

i didn't hear one good thing about this defense on this blog prior to the game. i blogged before the game and told eveyone to lookout, that this defense was going to set a new standard on the defensive side of the ball, one that could rival some of the best defenses of all time. now before the vikes game i'm telling you that we need to find an answer to an area (that before the camrillo trade) did not exist. WAKE UP! this key weakness in the ability to sustain drives needs to be addressed NOW! and the answer is NOT bess. were all fired up about the D, but were not going anywhere if we can't convert on third down consistantly. your blaming everyone from henne to henning, when all we need is a security blanket for our quarterback, camarillo left a big void that if left as is will cost us BIG TIME! WAKE UP!!!!

we have our hands full this week. sure camarillo will kill us. 6 point underdog

bill, we will win this game in MIN .the yellow eyes on favre .

Wow, Marc, That's some great insight there, going back that far in a blog and recording all that can only mean one thing...... Your sex change operation has been put on hold.... sorry big guy/girl...lol,rotflmao, What a buffoon..

Fan/Media Negativity Be Damned

As far as fan negativity...if the Dolphin offense performed like Cowboys, Chargers and the Jets this week there would be a major fan revolt calling for the firing of the whole team coaching staff and management, not to mention the players. Panic would have insured across the Fin Nation and it would appear from the causal observer that the sky had fallen on South Florida. I saw more missed passes, dropped passes, infractions, mental errors in these other games than I could shake a stick at. Every time I saw these I just imagined what our fans and the media would be saying on the blogs, message boards and tweeter.

Look, a lot of teams, in their particular offenses, are rusty, including the Dolphins but the Dolphins where sharp in terms of penalties, turnovers and excision. The more the Fins offense plays together the better they will be. This ain’t the Jerry Spring show, so stop acting as if it is.

hartline is garbage, we miss camarillo. oline looked horrible to. how can we beat minnesota without an offense

Ohhh Snap, Sorry Marc, those were all YOUR posts,I happen to agree with 80% of those posts,.....

new Blog up.....


I think Marcia might have caught something from Homes.

ok, let's clear something up. unless the coaches have seen something previously and truly believe they have a reverse schemed to get a big gain, they are running it to judge how hard the defense is pursuing and possibly set them up for something else entirely. they knew it was probably not going to gain much, but wanted the intell.

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