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Battle for the starting C spot settled ... for now

The battle for the starting center spot was perhaps the most heated competition in training camp for the Dolphins.

And the winner is ... Joe Berger.

Didn't I tell you guys that on Aug. 18? Here it is right here in case you missed it the first time.

The interesting thing is that Berger has won the starting job for the regular-season opener. But this is a battle that may continue throughout the season.

The fact is Jake Grove doesn't seem 100 percent healthy as he nurses a shoulder injury. So Berger, who has played well and is healthy, gets the call versus the Bills.

But Berger must continue to play well even as Grove returns to health. Once Grove is 100 percent healthy, the Dolphins will re-evaluate the situation. At that point, it could be that Grove is the better call. At that point, it could be Berger is playing so well the Dolphins won't make a switch.

I cannot predict the future so I can't tell you what will happen then. I can tell you Berger is the Dolphins starting center against Buffalo. 

I'm off today (Sunday). Follow Jeff Darlington for all the latest Dolphins news today. I will be back to work Monday morning on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, on 640-Sports in South Florida. If you're not in South Florida, you can listen here every weekday 6-10 a.m. 


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Always have to pat yourself on the back, don't you, Armando?

You'd be regarded as such a better sportswriter if you didn't constantly do those sorts of things. Always being unable to resist opportunities to toot your own horn is the #1 reason why you get so many annoyed comments from readers - far more than the other South Florida sports columnists.

Home sees u all got coned by Grove
Who this month is out with a hang nail

C`mon Man
Get serious Grove is the biggest injury cry baby in the NFL

Berger is more reliable than Grove
Who has dandruff and is out for two more weeks

another "first reported by" that will be forgotten within a few hours ....

congrats to Berger .... that's one tough job he has ahead of him ... take a look at the list of monsters he has to face in the first two months ... they will need both of those guys before all is said and done ...

Sparano got conned by Grove
Who needs to trimhis armpit hair and will be out for 4-6 weeks

Sparano needs to be replaced by Jon Gruden aka "Chuckie"

Sparano fired All his uper level draft picks

White , Henne, Turner, CB Carroll, safety Clemmons, sean "the Poser Boy " smith and spit instead of 260 lb TE with awesome blocking skill, great hands, great stiff arm, and WR skills

No thanks to Chuckie.
Not impressed with what he did in Tampa.
Took Tony Dungy's boys to the SB.
Years later, the team was in disarray.
Tampa's version of Dave Waanstadt.

sean smith = vocal leader for the 7-9 Miami Dolphins


Chuckie the QB hater won a Super Bowl with one of the worst teams in NFL History

BP is senile
and should not but the groceries

...chicken shiet cannot turn into chicken salad lol

Armando off? Huh?

Cut our 2nd round and 3 rd round draft pick from 12 months ago

F#!@#! Genius

Go Pats!

Home ::: Life long toxic waste diposal

*Dynasty be Pats*

The Bucs were the worst until Tony Dungy arrived.
The Bucs had the most feared defense in all the land with Tony Dungy.

Chuckie forHC of the Miami Dolphins!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Out Smarted again by imposter Miami Herald bloggers


Love That Home!

Gruden Is Da Best!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

****Sean Smith for President of Dolphins Football Operations 2011****

Cast your vote now

*Dynasty be Pats*

Rob in OC- I think the main reason that Spiller wasn't considered more intensly is that he is a poor blocker. I think Best would have been a better fit here for this offense because he is a more rounded back. Nobody, it doesn't matter if you were Orenthal will play running back for a Parcells team that cannot block. I guess that goes with your point that some of the "rules of engagement" that this regime has are puzzling at times, they come across as the grumpy old uncle that time has passed.

kevin stevens! go easy on AS, anyone that can toot his own horn is double jointed!

so let's get rid of injury prone jake grove and bring david martin back....

so let's get rid of injury prone jake grove and bring david martin back....

Guys here's your first "unofficial" depth chart courtesy MiamiDolphin.com. Pay careful attention to the fact they have Roberto Wallace starting over Brian Hartline.


WR 19 Brandon Marshall 15 Davone Bess 18 Roberto Wallace

LT 77 Jake Long 76 Lydon Murtha
LG 68 Richie Incognito
C 67 Joe Berger 64 Jake Grove
RG 74 John Jerry 61 Cory Procter
RT 72 Vernon Carey 79 Pat McQuistan
TE 80 Anthony Fasano 86 John Nalbone
WR 82 Brian Hartline 14 Marlon Moore
QB 7 Chad Henne 16 Tyler Thigpen 10 Chad Pennington
RB 23 Ronnie Brown 34 Ricky Williams 38 Patrick Cobbs 26 Lex Hilliard
FB 36 Lousaka Polite


POS STARTER 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
LE 70 Kendall Langford 78 Tony McDaniel 53 Charles Grant
NT 94 Randy Starks 96 Paul Soliai
RE 98 Jared Odrick 95 Marques Douglas
SLB 55 Koa Misi 59 Ikaika Alama-Francis 93 Quentin Moses
ILB 52 Channing Crowder 51 Tim Dobbins
ILB 58 Karlos Dansby 57 Micah Johnson
WLB 91 Cameron Wake 56 Charlie Anderson
LCB 21 Vontae Davis 25 Will Allen 27 Benny Sapp
RCB 24 Sean Smith 32 Jason Allen 28 Nolan Carroll
SS 37 Yeremiah Bell 29 Tyrone Culver
FS 30 Chris Clemons 35 Reshad Jones


POS STARTER 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
P 2 Brandon Fields
K 5 Dan Carpenter
H 2 Brandon Fields
KR 38 Patrick Cobbs 28 Nolan Carroll
PR 15 Davone Bess 82 Brian Hartline
LS 92 John Denney

Opps my bad Hartline is a starter. LOL

Where's Ted Ginn, Samson Satele, and John Beck?
Just kidding.
Bring on Buffalo!

Just couldnt give ya'll varmits Crayton, so I gave you the ugliest guy I could find.....

You could have two more Super Bowls if your big head didn't get in the way of Jimmy Johnson.
Now you're no better than Pittsburgh.

Nope...we are just fine...and JJ had to go, so did that Tuna guy, Saprano and the worst scout guy i had...good luck with them 3 cats!

Home is the biggest idiot in the world. He is NJ 12-fold.

Darryl Dunphy,

You got that right...this regime loves them some blockers!

Maybe they should get a couple more dynamic folks that get a TD rather than block so well to gain field goals? Lol.

Overall this regime has done ok, we are younger and stouter than we have been for quite some time. Let's hope we can pressure opposing QBs and run the ball well. With Henne coming on even a little stronger, with better weapons in BM, healthy Cobbs, healthy RB and Fasano fighting for his due. Heck even Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace should contribute (I liked the way they played over Turner and others from what I saw).

Cheers DD... onward to the season kicking off with a Buffalo vic!

It's just preseason so we will have to see what is the real deal when the spot lights go on. I hope they have some serious firepower on OfF and Def.

Home is really Rex Ryan - The Herald should screen it's subscribers more carefully.

I wonder what the scouts are actually scouting in college? That's 4 '09 picks gone, none having any effect in the NFL so far (except White, who's had a negative effect, giving women the false impression they can play professional football).

I think maybe these scouts are looking at the goodie-goodies a little too much. There was Dez Bryant, for any team to grab, and no one wanted to touch him because he couldn't get along with a college coach (remember, Nick Saban is a college coach, that should tell you how much credibility they have). Everything I heard says Dez is the real thing. Scouts need to scout TALENT, 80-90%, and then 10-20% personality/character. I think Miami's scouts under this regime might be more 50-50, and that's hurting decision-making. In the end, though, who are the REAL players: guys like Joey Porter, Brandon Marshall, Ricky Williams. Ok, I give you Jake Long, but you get my point. Football is a tough sport, and you need tough guys, regardless if they're wild and get on peoples nerves sometimes. Or else you have a bunch of choir boys and never win any games. I'd much rather a team of escaped inmates winning a SuperBowl than a bunch of debate-teamers winning 7 games a year.

Hope the Trifecta are learning from their mistakes (it's not 1990, you can't run the team like you did back then Bill-o).

Right On DC Dolfan,
Hey I'm in Va right now; came up from Miami to go to the Boise-VT game. Do you live in the vicinity of Hyatsville?

They interviewed Dez and weren't impressed enough to take an unproved talent over the available Marshall. It was either Dez or Marshall, not both...we took the right guy, proven and tough. Dez does look great, but he also looks fragile. Already missed pre season after stepping on a butterfly.

Well, we reported the same thing in our blog when we read your blog and find things out.

We're No. 2!

FB, yeah I live in NE on Rhode Island, so right near Hyattsville. That Va Tech/Boise St. game should be awesome. At FedEx field too! Nice. I'm a UVa grad, so definitely not for Tech, but it's good to have college football back (until the REAL DEAL starts next week).

WilyO, absolutely agree. We made the right decision with BM. My point was everyone was scared away from Dez because he was deemed a "problem." I thought it was a joke then, and I still do. He was the FIRST guy who signed after the draft. So, I was saying that hopefully the scouters look more to talent and how that can parlay into a good NFL career and less at who's going to be a "good locker room" guy (not that that's not important too).

Case in point, Ray Lewis. Charged with murder. Became the best linebacker of our time. Or Randy Moss. What'd NE get him for (he was practically given to them)? I'd say NE wouldn't have won 1/2 their games without him. Even Joey Porter. Yeah, big mouth, started dissing the coach, but we'll see this year how many sacks Wake has (now, I was all for Porter's termination, but the guy knew how to attack the QB).

There's more to football than being a "good guy." That's my point.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"I'm off today (Sunday). Follow Jeff Darlington for all the latest Dolphins news today"

Mr. Salguero : I'm taking sunday off, you've got the blog Jeff(Darlington), don't F$#@ it up or your fired.

Also, what were you thinking when you agreed to do a radio show that starts at 6 AM....bet you kick yourself in the ass every Monday through Friday morning when your alarm clock goes off at 4:45 AM

Always thinking ahead

Soiled :)

Dear Mr. Salguero

"I'm off today (Sunday). Follow Jeff Darlington for all the latest Dolphins news today"

Mr. Salguero : I'm taking sunday off, you've got the blog Jeff(Darlington), don't F$#@ it up or your fired.

Also, what were you thinking when you agreed to do a radio show that starts at 6 AM....bet you kick yourself in the ass every Monday through Friday morning when your alarm clock goes off at 4:45 AM

Always thinking ahead

Soiled :)

Double post, better hope Mr. Salguero doesn't see it Mr. Darlington...it could be your ass on the line.

Soiled :)

guess we can always count on you to crow about yourself, huh, Mando?

and actually you said "a source" had told you Berger beat out Grove BUT this was subject to change....so of course you had an out

not sure why you are such an insecure and needy person, but it really does impact your journalistic credibility

Armando gets paid to blog about the fins...we do it for free, what's wrong with this picture?
Armando does supply some good facts every now and then but all the good stuff is in the fans blogging....keep it up mates!
BTW, I support the trifecta's moves this year and when you look at our starters, you've got to feel good about our chances of winning a lot of games this year.

I'm not impressed with this FO's evaluation of talent. Couldn't we come up with the same results by flipping a coin? IMO it's not the guys on the field busting their humps, we're an average team after year 3 because of management.

Being injury-prone, Grove is just another in a long line of disapointments.

DC Dolfan:

You don't have to have a team of thugs or criminals to win football games. I am very happy that the Dolphins TRY to look at character as well as skill - too bad more teams don't put more of an emphasis on this.


andyk , in football you don't need journalistic credibility ,all you need is a lab top .

I'm most interested in the what's happening with the waiver wire. Anyone have some predictions?

From what I've read the fins are looking for a TE, a DE and possibly a receiver. I hope they are set with receiver because there's nothing but over the hill receivers available. I lile our youth movement and would, for now, stick with developing Moore and Wallace on the active roster.

I'd look for a real RG and not the imposters we have playing now. Can't believe they cut Thomas. Anyone know why? Someone will pick him up off the wire quickly.

Also, I'd look for a real returner.

we have to do alot better job of evaluating talent in the draft class. jeff ireland is lacking in this area from what i can see. none of the draft analysts could believe we selected pat white, sean smith and patrick turner so early in the draft. later rounds maybe;much later. the safety position is going to hurt us if we think clemons is the answer. he had 1 tackle in the 4 preseason games.

Phinaticalone, no you don't need a team of thugs. But you DO need a team of athletically superior players. Why? So they don't get hurt blowing their noses like Jake Grove.

You appreciate the Dolphins looking at character, so do I, as long as those classy players are also physically-imposing specimens with no-quit attitudes and win-at-all-costs hearts.

Can you have both, maybe. But it seems in certain positions (LB, WR, RB), the best players in the league display qualities like being arrogant, selfish, loud, trash-talkers, etc. And to the extent you don't want that on your team, you LOSE the ability to have game-changers on the team.

Even Parcells understand that or they wouldn't have picked-up Brandon Marshall. And they knew about Porter before they signed him, but were more interested in sacks than Sportsman of the Year awards.

That's my point. Winning matters in the NFL. Winning games (not hearts and minds, this isn't the Iraq War). Winning division titles. Winning SUPERBOWLS. That's what I want. I want to buy that Miami Dolphins SuperBowl Champs shirt. I want to see my team win the ultimate game ONCE IN MY LIFETIME! I want that more than I want a team of guys known for helping grandmothers cross the street.

NostraHomeus 1000% Lock Of The Day

Jake Grove will start over Joe Berger

Lock it in Dolphin Fans

NostraHomeus knows all


glad to see the garbage thrown out, turner and white. sad part about this is how bad that draft was. lets face it, these guys arent drafting well. im not impressed with this years draft either

Go and Get the Center that was cut by Steelers....NOW!

MojoMark, I was kind of surprised at Thomas too. Mostly from him though (not as much that we cut him). He was a real find a couple of years ago (late in the draft, started Day 1). But maybe that injury set him back too much. I don't know if it's footwork, or his heart, but he was just beaten out in preseason by the other players at that position. It was definitely his job to lose, and he lost it. But you're right, we need some more talent on the O-line, and that's pretty shameful, since this has been the MOST worked-on and paid area of our coaches attention since the Trifecta got here (and they're still tinkering). Guess it's a long-term project. At least the anchors are there (Long and Carey).

Dear Mr. Salguero

I just put a grand down in vagas that Jake Grove starts over Joe Berger.

I know this guy and he says its a lock.
You should get in on the action early.

Soiled :)

would be better just pick a number from a hat since we released most of our 2 and 3 draft picks or let the team can hire DyingBreed to do it .

how much money does jeff ireland gets btw ?

soiled , How i can get in ? there's any pets involve Crowder ?

Mr. Aloco

Question for you

If the Dolphins didn't like the idea of Jason Taylor on Dancing with the Stars, how do you think they would react if Channing Crowder joins the show "Swamp people" ?


Are you a real person or just Rogue artificial inteligence loose on the internet ?

Soiled :)

Follow Jeff Darlington. Now, How can anyone follow that slacker. Hes probably at home reading the Sun Sentinel.

mr , soiled.....what did you have for breakfast ?

I'll pass on "Chuckie" too

"Won with one of the worst teams in NFL history"

if you are referring to the Bucs general franchise history, that was largely irrelevant as they'd been a playoff team for years at that point.

If you mean worst among historical SB teams, please. What he did was take Dungy's team, with easily one of the top 5 best SB defenses in SB history (and I would argue top 3) and beat up on his former team, where Callahan was still using his old playbook.

Even Wannstedt could have won it with a handicap like that

Mr. Aloco

"what did you have for breakfast ?"

2 cups of coffee (light and sweet...2 1/2 sugers plus generous amount of half and half) and 2 bowl pacs....keeps a man regular

Soiled :)

mama maria is about to make breakfast for us,i am trying to get new ideas for breakfast .

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