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Battle for the starting C spot settled ... for now

The battle for the starting center spot was perhaps the most heated competition in training camp for the Dolphins.

And the winner is ... Joe Berger.

Didn't I tell you guys that on Aug. 18? Here it is right here in case you missed it the first time.

The interesting thing is that Berger has won the starting job for the regular-season opener. But this is a battle that may continue throughout the season.

The fact is Jake Grove doesn't seem 100 percent healthy as he nurses a shoulder injury. So Berger, who has played well and is healthy, gets the call versus the Bills.

But Berger must continue to play well even as Grove returns to health. Once Grove is 100 percent healthy, the Dolphins will re-evaluate the situation. At that point, it could be that Grove is the better call. At that point, it could be Berger is playing so well the Dolphins won't make a switch.

I cannot predict the future so I can't tell you what will happen then. I can tell you Berger is the Dolphins starting center against Buffalo. 

I'm off today (Sunday). Follow Jeff Darlington for all the latest Dolphins news today. I will be back to work Monday morning on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, on 640-Sports in South Florida. If you're not in South Florida, you can listen here every weekday 6-10 a.m. 


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Only coach sitting out there right now that is worth discussing is Bill Cowher. And there is no discussion there because Coach Sparano is our coach and unless he has just a horrible year he will continue to be our coach. IMO, IF and it's a big IF, there is football next year, he will be in line for the Giants job unless they have a great year. Dolphins 31-14 over Buffalo to start..

I think it will be interesting to see what if anything the Dolphins do off the waiver wire. For example, is Jarvis Green an upgrade on some of the guys we kept on the DL, is he a guy we would consider? I think he's an upgrade but I expect others will grab him. How about Anthony Becht? Parcells has a history with him. I think he would be an upgrade over Nalbone and then it will be interesting to see if they bring Martin back. There are some good players out there and some good receivers too but I think we are all set at the WR position. I'm also interested to see who if anyone picks up Pat White. I'm doing as down on him as most people on here.

im glad we cut white and turner but....... remember they didn't pick us; ireland picked them in early rounds without doing his homework. one of parcells tenets is that we don't want to draft projects;we want tough football players. these picks went against our philosophy. our QB's are taught to be game managers; pat white would have been a major project to change him to fit our vision of a QB. turner never had the game or toughness necessary to be an NFL receiver. another project. our GM failed as much as the players.

The Steelers released former starting center Justin Hartwig on Saturday after efforts to try to trade him failed.

Hartwig was beaten out by first-round choice Maurkice Pouncey in training camp. He was scheduled to make $2.08 million, which the Steelers considered too much for a backup center.
This is the GUY to be a OUR Center.....

Craig M, Pat White should go CFL, and I don't mean that in a negative way. CFL suits his game, wider field, mote of a sprinters QB style, he would do well there. I can't see us standing still on TE, not sure if Becht is answer. I would hope by next draft TE will be one of our high targeted positions. I too like our WR corps, funny how all of a sudden it's a strength, not a weakness.



There's a lot of talk that Pat White will follow his baseball dreams. I guess we'll see. There's no question he could do well in the CFL. As a casual fan of the CFL, I can tell you there is a bit of a void for decent QB's in the league right now.

I think Gronkowski would look pretty good in our offence right now, no Bobby? I think it's disappointing in a year where there was good TE talent available in the draft that we missed an opportunity to add some elite talent at the position. Not sure how the trifecta is doing their talent evaluating but I think they need to closely scutinize how they are doing things. Their tracek record over the last three years is spotty at best.

I watched Gronkowski play in the Preseason. He will be an absolute monster in the NFL. Yes, he woulda looked good in a Fins uniform

I'll be at the game in Buffalo next Sunday to cheer on our team. I'm expecting to see a completely different team to start the season. We've seen nothing from Brown so far and very little from Marshall and Henne. I expect to see a pass rush and blitzes from all over the field. I know the preseason sucked but that was the preseason. Time to get down to business boys.

DC - regarding the 'problem' players you mentioned, the media blows every little thing so out of proportion that it's hard to tell really who might be a problem. If you remember, Vontae was considered a problem player with an attitude, and after the draft Mel Kiper(meaningless Mel) slammed the pick saying no way he would fit on a Parcells team. Well after two seasons Vontae has been pretty much a role model player.

how come the empty suits are the ones who select draft players like ireland and saban ,these guys never touched a football .

Mr. Soiled Bottom... Which Vegas Casino do you perfer? I'm a Golden Nugget Man myself... Low key, great gaming options, nice suites, the comps come easier there then those high faluten strip hotels.

How come so many impersonating Home?

We know Home loves the Dolphins

What is the matter with you?

IMO why would we sign Becht? I would rather see Nalboner get a chance at this point. At least we get something different. Becht might be best served to go play with the jets and all of the rest of the geriatric leftovers they have on the plate up there. But my question is. If the Phins are looking for a tight end, will they look for veteran help, or look for a rookie that didn't make the final cut, someone they like that they can put on the practice squad, and call upon if needed down the line?


Way to pat your self on the back Bro. I know the feeling.

Since last April 31 I've been telling the sportswriter at my favorite blog that Dobbins will be the starter over Crowder(Here it is **right here**)

The sportswriter at my favorite blog is a moody little guy, but he's kool. I think he wants me to help him out with his sports writing because he asked me:

Odinseye, do you know something Sporano doesn't know?



Chase Coffman is out there from the Bengals. He hasn't been able to stay healthy since he was drafted but he put up big numbers in College. If his health problems aren't career lingering he might be a decent pickup for the practice squad. I think his days were numbered in Cinci when they drafted Gresham.

Home is a fool

That's all


Everyone in the league knew Grove was injury prone, and we still gave him a fat contract.
Since the end of last season, Berger is ahead of Grove, even when Grove is healthy.
Our front office sucks big time.

ALoco....you should try my breakfast.A buttered bologna sandwich,ramen noodles(oriental flavored) and a six-pack of Schlitz.....lite.MMM MMM Thank you Jesus.


I think Martin will right back. The guy couldn't find a team for 6 months so they figure he'll probably clear waivers.

Now that they don't have to give him the 725, 000(?) I think they'll resign him and release Charlie Anderson or Quentin Moses.

If they do pick up somebody else, my guess would be a vet. The reason is that they have to be feeling like they've invested/wasted a lot of time and energy on guys like Nalbone and Haynos. I'm all for developing young guys, but as it stands right now, the clock is ticking and were heading to Buffalo with Nalbone as our no. 2 TE. WTF?

Sober Ramblings from a Hungover Fin Fan

"Pat White cut was a fait accompli for weeks..."

(Mortensen on twitter)

This seems to imply that the decision to cut him was made either when he didn't show up for the first day of camp or when White "tweeted" that he'd rather play baseball than switch to WR.

It also implies that someone in the FO gave Mortensen the tip or someone has loose lips.

Why not just release him then?

Was the FO hoping someone would offer a draft pick?

....you should try my breakfast.A buttered bologna sandwich,ramen noodles(oriental flavored)

That reminds me, I have to check in with my parole officer.

Was the FO hoping someone would offer a draft pick?

Posted by: Swamy | September 05, 2010 at 12:52 PM

Yeah, for Thiggy or Penny. We pick up some extra pick(s) and Pat and the wildcat free rides for one more season.

Too bad it didn't work out.

What chances are there that the Fins trade Thigpen or Pennington after the Bills game if a #1 QB goes down?


French cut green beans with crab meat, sauteed in old school authentic salsa with a sprinkling of cheddar.

Breakfast of Champions!

The Fins were not giving up Thigpen or Penny for a guy who cant play NFL QB. White was a warm body, QB number 4 in camp. Every team carries 4 QBs in camp, they didnt cut White bacause of that, no other reason


what makes you think trading penny or thigpen will be better .

beemdrums, what are you having for lunch if that was your breakfast ?

did you ever eat a grilled goat's head ? it's really good or blood sausage ?


It's just my opinion of course, but I think if you've got 3 talented QB's like we do, you have to be ready to listen to any and all offers.

I would keep Penny and Thiggy on the trading block right up until the deadline.


i have king crab meat ,i am going to send mama maria to buy french cut green beens and make it for lunch .i never had some thing like that before.

p.s when i ask what any body ate for a meal i am looking for new ideas ,it's not a joke .

football players love to eat ground beef for breakfast and pork chops for lunch and ribs for dinner then go to sleep .

How many 2nd round draft picks did the Fins foulup trying to either draft or trade for a QB during the last 10 years? Are we snake bit when it comes to the 2nd round pick. I hope not, because Henne was also picked as a 2nd rounder.


I don't understand what you mean by better. Better than what?

All I'm saying is that if it were up to me, I'd consider trading ALMOST anybody on the team.

The sticking point would be the compensation. I think having Pennington on the team is invaluable in multiple ways, so the compensation would have to be high. Otherwise, I'm happier than a pig in sheet to keep him.

I would PROBABLY take a little less for Thigpen, because, well, he aint Chad Pennington. Still I believe he's a "younger" guy with all the skills and has been steadily improving. So again, if I can't get at least what I feel he's worth to the team, I'm a happy pig.


i agree about penny .

what do you think about the running game which can be the big factor this year w/ronnie brown ,ricky and fasnano playing a huge role w/marshall and co .

p.s when i ask what any body ate for a meal i am looking for new ideas ,it's not a joke .

Posted by: ALoco | September 05, 2010 at 01:16 PM

It's no joke Aloco. It's my own recipe.

I work out alot and I hate taking pills/vitamins/supplements so I am always trying to find good healthy high protein meals.

I love the stuff.

PS: I always try to add some bulb onions as well. Good for the digestive tract.

For lunch I'm taking all my left overs from the past two and a half weeks and putting it in a blender and then heat it in the microwave and pouring it over ramen noodles.Followed by a six pack of warm Schlitz lite.Whatever I'm unable to eat will be served for dinner.


I think our running game will be top 5 again this year. I'm also confident in the OL and pass protection being better, whether it's Berger or Grove, who I think is the better of the two.

Still, make no mistake about it, finding our next great RB as well as "THE" TE, will a priority in next years draft.

Leftovers from the past two and half weeks?

Dude, I hope you've got some good tupper ware.

Just saying..............

I'm just joking.I'm trying to change the tempo ofthis blog from "Our coaches suck and we're gonna be lucky to finish 7-9 and Henne sucks".It's annoying reading about how our season is finished before we've even played a meaninful game
I don't understand the David Martin release,but I'm not a coach either.

The Trifecta has really been a disappointment so far. The list of bad free agents that were given huge amounts of money is growing as is the number of bad draft picks.

Wilford, Crocker, Wilson, and now Grove...ughh. It's not like they even sign that many free agents.

time to jump on the BILL COWHER bandwagon..............

the 3 STOOGES have been a JOKE... we all said all those wasted draft picks from past regimes killed us, NOW look at these bozos

and to top it off FREE AGENCY what a JOKE....

I think we need to root against the FINS as hard as that may be, BUT let's face it, all you guys that have been saying TRUST IN TUNA,

HAA hahahahah

HAVE you opened your eyes yet......

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