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Bill Parcells is stepping back from Dolphins control

Bill Parcells is stepping back.

Effecitive immediately general manager Jeff Ireland will assume full control over all decisions pertaining to Miami Dolphins football. This according to a short, carefully worded statement just out from the Dolphins.

In other words, Parcells has given full personnel control to Ireland effective immediately as he previously had given Tony Sparano full coaching control. And, yes, this is clearly a first and important step signaling Parcells' intention to eventually depart the organization.

This was his plan all along and he has decided to implement it at this time.

The full statement from the Dolphins reads as follows: "Effective immediately, Jeff Ireland will assume full control over all aspects and decisions in regard to the Miami Dolphin football team and support staff.This was the intent of the structure put in place in the past. Bill Parcells will remain with the club on a daily consultant basis."

Parcells has effectively taken the training wheels off of Ireland, an eventuality he had been planning when he first took over as Dolphins football czar in 2008 but has pushed harder the last few months.

An example of that happened in the offseason when the Dolphins first learned that defensive end Phillip Merling had torn his Achilles' tendon while working out on his own. Ireland called Parcells in his upstate New York home and asked what the team should do.

Parcells basically said, "You want me to tell you what we're going to do? You tell me what we're going to do."

The two men agreed to hang up, give Ireland a chance to study the situation overnight and propose solutions the following morning. The next morning Ireland called back and told Parcells his plan included signing "bridge" free agents on the market.

Parcells approved that plan -- much like a consultant might -- and Ireland put it to work, signing Charles Grant and Marques Douglas.

That was clear indication that Parcells wanted Ireland to fend for himself, think for himself, control the fate of the team ... himself.

The reasons Parcells has taken this step back from control of the team now is uncertain. The timing intrigues. Clearly, he didn't want to leave the team altogether at this time -- not days before the start of the 2010 season.

That would cause an earthquake within the organization that could distract and hurt Miami's chances on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. What effect this announcement and tomorrow's media frenzy that it will cause within the lockerroom is is unclear.

What is clear is that Parcells is backing away and intends to do so further very soon. He is signed through the 2011 season but is free to leave at any time and still collect his salary, according to a source familiar with his contract details.

So this partial step has happened now. It is possible, even likely, Parcells' full disconnect from the Dolphins will happen before the 2011 season dawns, according to a club source.

Parcells is the only one who really can answer when he intends to leave the organization altogether. He does not typically speak to local media.

He does typically work long hours. He has not missed any Dolphins practice this training camp and preseason. Starting every December he locks himself in his office and studies tape of every college player that will become draft eligible.

Until now, Ireland has worn the mantle of general manager, but every personnel move has gone through Parcells. Every player Miami has drafted or signed has passed under the Parcells microscope.

It is unclear if that will be the case going forward.

It is more likely that Parcells will handle Ireland as he has handled Sparano. Parcells makes himself available to Sparano for advice but not necessarily consent. There have been a handful of incidents that Parcells has not agreed how Sparano has handled the team -- one among them benching of a player in the last two years for disciplinary reasons.

But Parcells has never over-ruled Sparano. He had previously disagreed with and over-ruled Ireland. That is likely to change. He is now apparently more likely to give his advice and allow Ireland to make his own decision.

And by the time the 2010 season is over, Parcells will make his own decision that no one else will have the ability to alter -- whether and how he will leave the Dolphins altogether.


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Hope it's not perceived as parcells jumping off a sinking ship

Hope it's not perceived as parcells jumping off a sinking ship

Maybe Parcell knows that this team is going to suck.

So Is He Still Going To Collect A Fat Check? Sounds Like It!

The sky is falling
The sky is falling

Sunglass man is next if he keeps up his bonehead moves

I don't know what to think of this, but like I said on my last post. I will no longer pay attention to anything in the media regarding the Dolphins. I'm putting everything on hold until after Sunday.

Miami, where legends go to die...LOL..You guys think tuna is leaving because he perceives his work to be done? Tarnished with a dismal season last year, or that maybe he wants out before it gets worse?

TUNA WILL GET HIS MONEY .6 million due him .

as for the team ,no thing changed .

seems like Mando has established a relationship with Ireland, if he spilled his guts about Merling...

Trifucta is now the Bisuckta

whatever. just bring in Bill Cowher now its a means to a end.jeff ireland is now running the team. how sad. werehave we fallen.maybe parcells is going to be on the next survivor.

In a year when the team owner wants his team in the super bowl, the VP of football hands down the crown to his diciple??? I'd hate to assume anything and make an ass out of myself. No more worries til after Sunday!!!


Tuna is angry on the pat white cut. Pat White was his legacy.

What a joke this team has been for over a decade

Jesus himself couldn't fix the dolphins

TUNA IS SMARTER THAN ROSS,he knows the end will be by the end of the year .



the day the team changed owners from Wayne(to the current idiot) was the day the Tuna began his departure.

Thanks Mando, once again you always get us the latest. Appreciate you insight and keen perception.

Sunglass Man is now officially a lame duck coach.

Peterson and Gruden in 2011.

Lets see if Henne is the answer and see if any of the Trifucta draft picks stick in 2011.

The man is in his Mid 70's and wants to move on. So what? Thanks Bill for rebuilding our team. We may not win enough to make the playoffs, but, I for one am confident that the Phins will be competitive and are on the right track.

The man is in his Mid 70's and wants to move on. So what? Thanks Bill for rebuilding our team. We may not win enough to make the playoffs, but, I for one am confident that the Phins will be competitive and are on the right track.

What a joke Marc has been for over a decade.......and counting.

Lets win Sunday.

Shut the F up with your CAPS Aloco!


6-10 here we come

all those failure picks left this team with a horrible def, bad coaching, etc


Any truth to V. Jax becoming a Fin by wk3 along side Marshall?


"the day the team changed owners from Wayne(to the current idiot) was the day the Tuna began his departure."

Ross may be an idiot but Wayne's the guy who ended Shula's career, brought in JJ, Wannstedt, Saban, Cameron and the current fat ass.

Cowher is the only answer. Here's hoping Ross is not as big an idiot as Huizenga.

its a sinking ship folks

the writing is on the wall

only the fake media/dolphin homers dont see it


Mike Nolan to take over after bye week?

Yeah, thanks for nothing Bill...

Wait, thanks for Shaun Murphy, Eric Green, The Jax receiver, Merling, Torbor, Anderson, Donald Thomas, Pat White, Pat Turner, and all the other misses in free agency and the draft

Oh, and thanks for releasing JT and allowing him to sign with our division rivals

Releasing Porter and Roth, both better than what we have to replace them

Wait, yeah, thanks for nothing


Dolphins will find a way to win 9 games.

Buffalo will win 5 games.

Patriots will find a way to win the division.

The jets will find a way to be... well, the Jets!

Not sure if this is good news or not. For sure the trifecta's track record in the draft and free agency has been spotty at best over the last 2-3 years. I think Parcells realizes that these guys are up against it. I think it's playoffs or bust for these guys. I expect a whole new regime in charge if things don't happen this year.

whats up Jamillion?

I am very worried... We should have drafted my Name is Earl or Dan Williams

Our defense looks putrid on paper. Now Jason Allen is suddenly a stud and Sparano is selling us BS on the roster turnover and Barbie Carpenter.

Clam Chowder is Missing and Sparano F'ed Jake Longs knee while he kept practicing his fist pump routine!

Need to blow out the bills this Sunday

lol @ dolphin homers about the jets

jets made the afc championship last year....

they upgraded on both sides of the ball

we did nothing

its over folks

Oh, forgot...I have to give a BIG thanks for my homie SEAN SMITH!




The only thing we need to change is the OC. Henning has screwed up Henne's mind with his play not to loose philosophy. We have a solid football team with an unimaginative offensive scheme. Nolan will correct the defense, but, it will take time. Sparano needs to stop out thinking himself and focus on the immediate.

dolphin homers and fake media say that parcells is the best and that he is always right

look at his draft picks



Parcells has given us back the credibility we had lost in the NFL. Good thing.
But I remained convinced that he is not good a personnel guy (with an outdated football philosophy), and that he made lots of mistakes during his 3 offseasons with us.

Next up to leave the ship: Sparano.

Unless we go deep into the playoffs this year, I think Ireland will want to pick his own guy. Good thing too, because Sparano is more suited to be a line coach.

All in all, it's good news for us.
Go Dolphins!

why keep ireland?

so many useless FA moves and draft picks have set us back and wasted millions of dollars

fire ireland and morono when we finish 6-10



Yan, if he's such a great line coach why after 3 years, and a revolving door of players does our line still SUCK!


If Parcells goes anywhere he will go to the Chiefs and be with his family.

This is not good news. Must be problems with the owner and money. He wants to cut payroll and turn the Dolphins into a side show act. With half assed rapers and Hollywood types with no talent that stink up the place. I think it's over for the Dolphins in Miami until they can move to a real football city.Miami is a third world country.

have a good afternoon. Time to go home and coach Pop Warner Football

TNPhinFan , that sound good ,that if their coach still have a job next year .

gee marc, why not go root for another team now? why waste enery on this sinking ship? go root for a winner? hanging around here whining about the team's demise makes you as bad as you perceive them to be.

Barbie Carpenter with a game winning pick 6 next weekend!

Then everyone will say Ireland is a genius

Murtha will start against the Bills.

Have a hunch Long's knee is in the crapper.

Wow, pretty big news there. No one knows how this will affect the team (so calm down children). Parcells has over-ruled Ireland before, not Sparano. So, I wonder what else Parcells over-ruled Ireland on (and who ended up being right). I think most of all, this hampers our personnel decisions. Yeah, yeah, many of you posters think Parcells has done an average to below-average job so far for the Dolphins, but I beg to differ. He the most experienced person on the team analyzing talent. That's what he does. Now we'll have to see if Ireland learned enough or is in way over his head. No wonder they're tinkering so hard these first few days. We'll REALLY be able to tell the effect next draft day. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous.

hows matt ryan doing.?

parcells is senile,has been for 10 years.

they picked up 4-5 scrubs after cut down day. what does that tell you.?...lol

All of a sudden a bunch of dolfans questioning our defense and saying were just gonna get pounded on? When will all you turncoats just go ahead and become Jet fans? Im tired of hearing about Porter and JT, especially Porter. Are you so blind to not see that our defense will be 50 times better then last season even with just the addition of Nolan? This is a better team then we've seen in a long time (staff and players), but the haters just gotta have something to say but if we do win the division, we have the weapons to do so, they'll be playing a different tune. Superbowl Champ's in 2010. You heard it here first!

He dropped more balls than he caught. Bye.

no surprise. parcellz checked out 2 years ago.

Because I love the team, good or bad, but, is it too much to ask for a product worth watching? Football is ENTERTAINMENT! ENTERTAIN me! I'm just tired of the miserable teams we've had for...Oh, since Marino "retired". It's agonizing watching some of this crap they've put out there. The only reason we were even semi-successful during yet another failed era, is due to the trickry known as the Wildcat...Give me a break. I've been a fan forever, always will be, but, SHOW ME SOMETHING!

Parcells showed me absolutely NOTHING.

Wake me up when Nolan suits up and rushes the passer. You need quality players to make his schemes work.

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