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Bill Parcells is stepping back from Dolphins control

Bill Parcells is stepping back.

Effecitive immediately general manager Jeff Ireland will assume full control over all decisions pertaining to Miami Dolphins football. This according to a short, carefully worded statement just out from the Dolphins.

In other words, Parcells has given full personnel control to Ireland effective immediately as he previously had given Tony Sparano full coaching control. And, yes, this is clearly a first and important step signaling Parcells' intention to eventually depart the organization.

This was his plan all along and he has decided to implement it at this time.

The full statement from the Dolphins reads as follows: "Effective immediately, Jeff Ireland will assume full control over all aspects and decisions in regard to the Miami Dolphin football team and support staff.This was the intent of the structure put in place in the past. Bill Parcells will remain with the club on a daily consultant basis."

Parcells has effectively taken the training wheels off of Ireland, an eventuality he had been planning when he first took over as Dolphins football czar in 2008 but has pushed harder the last few months.

An example of that happened in the offseason when the Dolphins first learned that defensive end Phillip Merling had torn his Achilles' tendon while working out on his own. Ireland called Parcells in his upstate New York home and asked what the team should do.

Parcells basically said, "You want me to tell you what we're going to do? You tell me what we're going to do."

The two men agreed to hang up, give Ireland a chance to study the situation overnight and propose solutions the following morning. The next morning Ireland called back and told Parcells his plan included signing "bridge" free agents on the market.

Parcells approved that plan -- much like a consultant might -- and Ireland put it to work, signing Charles Grant and Marques Douglas.

That was clear indication that Parcells wanted Ireland to fend for himself, think for himself, control the fate of the team ... himself.

The reasons Parcells has taken this step back from control of the team now is uncertain. The timing intrigues. Clearly, he didn't want to leave the team altogether at this time -- not days before the start of the 2010 season.

That would cause an earthquake within the organization that could distract and hurt Miami's chances on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. What effect this announcement and tomorrow's media frenzy that it will cause within the lockerroom is is unclear.

What is clear is that Parcells is backing away and intends to do so further very soon. He is signed through the 2011 season but is free to leave at any time and still collect his salary, according to a source familiar with his contract details.

So this partial step has happened now. It is possible, even likely, Parcells' full disconnect from the Dolphins will happen before the 2011 season dawns, according to a club source.

Parcells is the only one who really can answer when he intends to leave the organization altogether. He does not typically speak to local media.

He does typically work long hours. He has not missed any Dolphins practice this training camp and preseason. Starting every December he locks himself in his office and studies tape of every college player that will become draft eligible.

Until now, Ireland has worn the mantle of general manager, but every personnel move has gone through Parcells. Every player Miami has drafted or signed has passed under the Parcells microscope.

It is unclear if that will be the case going forward.

It is more likely that Parcells will handle Ireland as he has handled Sparano. Parcells makes himself available to Sparano for advice but not necessarily consent. There have been a handful of incidents that Parcells has not agreed how Sparano has handled the team -- one among them benching of a player in the last two years for disciplinary reasons.

But Parcells has never over-ruled Sparano. He had previously disagreed with and over-ruled Ireland. That is likely to change. He is now apparently more likely to give his advice and allow Ireland to make his own decision.

And by the time the 2010 season is over, Parcells will make his own decision that no one else will have the ability to alter -- whether and how he will leave the Dolphins altogether.


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Look at all the injuries that have just sprung up. Parcells is quiting this team when they need him most.

Do as I say, not as I do...right Bill?

marc, didn't you just answer your own question? "a revolving door of players" yet you expect the line to be awesome?

Also please explain how our line sucks when we were top 5 in rushing last year. This will be interesting.

Also you're right about Miami being the place that legends come to die. Problem is it sounds like you're blaming the legends when you should be blaming Miami.

good riddens, he saw how bad he made this team and jumped ship.

Benny Sapp was burned on 8 out of 10 plays last year.

Nice pickup.

You guys are freaking out over BP leaving. HE is not the QB, WR, or RB. He Doesnt play on DEF and he' not fast enough for Special Teams. They will be fine, he turned a sinking ship into a respectable team, Have a good retiremant Bill, and yeah... Mr. Ross, two things, Get Cowher and TRADE FOR VJ !

Exactly headband

OH MY GOD ARE YOU PEOPLE F***ING KIDDING ME?!!! How in the hell is this somehow turned into a negative? Parcells was said to be leaving after last season! He was hired by Huzienga to change the mentality of the organization and that's done. It's time to let the others take control and for him to step back, this was the plan all along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For f***s sake shut up.

Interesting to see how Sparano's blows the media when asked about Jake Long

Who is the starting center again?

Can Someone ask Sunglass man why his Special Teams still blow in year 3?

Scotty, we were #5 LAST YEAR. We have 3 new starters. You don't think there will be regression? And, that was RUNNING! How was our line in pass protection? Middle of the pack I'm guessing?

However, I'll give you the fact he didn't make the cuts, and/or personnell decisions...That lies on the other 2 morons

Guess we'll be seeing more of Tuna at the race track now...he does like the ponies.
Thanks for getting us to the playoffs on your first year!

Hey NYScott; why doesn't he make this announcement after a three game winning streak? or at least wait till the bye?

Oh yeah Marc? The teams been a joke for a decade? So after going 1-15 and then destroying the entire organization only to win the division and make the playoffs the very next year, you were laughing? That was a joke? How about when Ricky broke an all time rushing record for the Dolphins, went to the pro bowl and won MVP. Was that funny as well? How about our top three defense with Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, Pat Surtain, and Sam Madison? Were they a joke? Enough with the dramatics already.

Given all of the crazy moves of the past several days, along with the failure of high draft picks which were cut this past week, how can anyone not read this as a bail out....

Bad Timing on the announcement after the salary dump moves they did in the last 48 hours.

No love lost between Tuna and Bifucta

THIS JUST IN!!!!!!! JOE PATERNO IS TAKING OVER AS DOLPHIN GM!!!!! THE DOLPHINS ARE GIVING AWAY FREE TUNA SANDWICHES IN THE HOME OPENER!!!!! In other related news, Bill Parcells joins the next Survivor crew and will replace Charlie the Tuna in a new series of commercials for Starkist Tuna!!!!

I guess Tuna really is 'the chicken' of the sea.

who was the one that really pushed the PAT WHITE draft pick? Ireland or Tuna?

NYScott, you know we've butt head's for 3-4 years now? You're the eternal optimist, me...Not so much

Yes, Ricky, and JJ's defense were phenominal, and fun to watch, so, I WAS slightly over-dramatic, but, Since then it has been pretty miserable...Really

Really, really, really MISERABLE

Everyone, including Jehova himself realizes that the playoffs that first year via the Wildcat was a joke...

So what are they now, the bi-fecta?

had we had a better preseason...he wouldnt have tken the Pat Riley way out (sorry Pat, I love ya but stick with something)

2 watt said,"they picked up 4-5 scrubs after cut down day. what does that tell you.?...lol"

Well first it confirms my sneaking suspicions that you are a complete idiot.

And second it tells me that they're churning the bottom of the roster as they've done every year they've been here. They've found a bunch of good players in doing this. Glad you're paying attention.

"Oh no the bottom of the roster was turned over, those third stringers and non actives are going to ruin this team worse than the other third stringers and non actives that we've signed"! Idiot.


this team should go around 5-11, he ruined this team. camarillo trade was so bad

This team hasn't had stability in a long time. Finally, a group of adults (Trifecta) come in, do some things to change the organization top-to-bottom, and you thankless ingrates keep whining about doomsday.

Let's see, 1-15 to 11-5, yeah, that's a good stat. Or how about 4th in the league in rushing, another good stat (guess the crappy O-line you people are talking about didn't have anything to do with that). And best of all, Dolphins have become a physical team no one wants to play. Combine that with outplaying the top 2 teams in football last year (even with a 7-9 record), quick turnover when mistakes were made (Turner, Wilford, White, etc.), and a young QB with a gun who has the potential to be great, and, umm, yeah, sounds like a rebuilding team going in the right direction.

Most of you haters posting should go into the woods and off yourselves, bunch of pansies.

Correction-"worse than the third stringers and non actives we let go".

Most of you haters posting should go into the woods and off yourselves, bunch of pansies.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 07, 2010 at 04:34 PM

that was funny

+1 for bifartheysuck
it is a lot to type though

how about bibye, since they'll both be gone very soon...

Most of you haters posting should go into the woods and off yourselves, bunch of pansies.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 07, 2010 at 04:34 PM

that was funny



Look, they say that dancing with the stars is "entertainment" as well. I tried to watch but it sucked. Never watched again. I didn't continue to watch, glued to my tv, buying DWTS t-shirts, and complaining to anyone that would listen. I just stopped watching.

Does this give you any ideas?

NYScott is right about the bottom as well

there's 53 on the roster, 53 don't suit up however. See Pat Turner

Essentially those 5 are only important if they are role players, ST demons, or depth

That I might want to watch Dancing with the stars? You didn't like it, I might?

With or without Bill Parcells, we still go 2-2 or 3-1 in our first four games. I don't think that's the start of a horrible season (now, if we go 1-3, 0-4, then I'll start worrying).

Marc if you're a fan you don't call the wildcat "trickery". It's smash mouth football and everyone knows it. They line up and run it down your throat. There are two backs that can carry the ball or they can decide to throw it. How is that any different than having a QB out there deciding whether to call a run play or audible to pass? Trickery? Pfffffffftttttt. Everyone in the league is doing it.

You sound like an old guy who didn't want passing in the game. "Twenty three skid doo! Whats this tricky throwing the ball thing,,cough,cough,,,just run on every play, stop trying to get fancy,,,,Martha where in the hell is my caster oil, I'm all backed up"!

dolphan ill remind u of that in november when this team is complete garbage

Right DC; my problem isn't with the Team, it's with the Man. Why now?

I say let the season play out and then judge. If they win the division, the trio gets a high grade and if they don't, I'd be concerned. In general, most bloggers expectations during preseason were ridiculous, just because we didn't blow everyone off the field doesn't mean jack, when both teams are subbing players from 1st string to 3rd string throughout the game. Even most SB champs didn't blow out the competition in most games, they just found a way to win. This 3rd season is key. Let it play out and judge afterwards. All the bashers here will be suddenly on the bandwagon if we start off 3-1, which I 'think' is feasible.

FIU fan,,,,ummmmmmmmmm,,, who cares? Do you really care about what's happening in the back hallways of sun life stadium? Holy s**t man. So what, Parcells is following the plan he told us about when he first came to the team! Oh my God, lets all freak out because Parcells is stepping back just like everyone already knew he would do. Are you kidding me with this insane BS?

Not to mention a few of you boners have been screaming that Parcells sucks for two years now. SHOULDN'T YOU BE HAPPY HE'S STEPPING BACK?! Am I in the f****ng twilight zone here?

Funny Marc. :)

im not freaking out cause parcells left, im glad he left. im pissed cause this team looks awful. secondary is horrible, zero pass rush. oline is a joke

ireland and sparano will have to sink or swim. there's no more safety net. ross wants to win now and parcells cant save them anymore. i dont think pat white or pat turner were parcells picks. he doesnt pick "projects" and both would have been multi year projects!

It's no big deal to me that the Tuna is stepping down. Overall him and Ireland has missed on more players than they have hit on. I don't know why they released Charles Grant, outside of Starks he was the best thing on the D-Line. Looking forward to an interesting season. Go Dolphins!!!

ross should call cowher after season and back a brinks truck up to his house

If the Sky was Falling yesterday then some of you will commit suicide today.

Get a Grip and Take a Breath

I don't agree with Bill's timing. I think its selfish and narsacistic of him, but WTH he is Bill Parcells.

I also believe that he hasn't made a relevant decision in this organization in at least a year. As far as I understood it, he was a consultant anyway, and "approver of decisions" if you will.

He just gave this Dolphins team focus. Tony now will have to prove his worth and will with out Big Poppa. The team will respond.

bill_cnnrs, you won't need to remind me, as a fan for the last 20+ years, I know all to well that feeling of being in a sinking ship. Problem is, I don't feel like that this year, didn't feel like that last year, or the year before. I was happy the Trifecta were here. They changed the culture to what it is now.

Maybe your and my expectations are different. I'm predicting 8-8, 9-7 year. That's not 1-15, 6-10. It's not 11-5 making the playoffs either. It's kinda middle-of-the-road. And that's where I think we are. I hope I'm too pessimistic, but with this schedule I don't expect 13-3. So, this "bad" news everyone's crying about is right in line with my expectations. Doesn't mean I'm gonna jump ship. I'll never become a fan of another team, this is my team and I gotta stick with them through thick or thin. Parcells has the luxury to stay or leave, I don't. I'm a ride with the Dolphins 'til I die. So there it is. I'm taking the long view of this whole thing. I just want to win a SB once in my lifetime. That gives the team what, another 50+ years (hopefully) to do it. I think that's not too much to ask. I think it'll be done. And everything I've seen these last few years has given me more hope than what I saw the few years prior. So I ain't sweatin', I'm ready to rock my new B Marsh jersey this weekend and REP THIS TEAM!!

Bec. I live up in NJ (pains me as a Dolphins fan), I expected more from Parcells. I thought we would be in a better place today than we are. Does Parcells see the team not coming together as he would have hoped? Does he see the player decisions he's made not turning out? I'm not impressed with Ireland and if he's been the guy pulling the puppet strings with getting players, we have problems.
Fans can do a better job... Marshall can't do everything himself and defensively, we need help...I'm tired of watching average Dolphin football and hope everyone else is too. We need serious ownership, not Hollywood types needing to do something with their money.

Hey Bill when did the season start? I wasn't aware that they sucked that bad?

Oh you mean the preseason. That time when even the cowboys and jets (two teams most picked to go to the superbowl) were absolutely horrendous?

I guess they suck too even though the season hasn't started?

People I'm not saying they won't suck. I'm not saying they're going to be very good.


I've given Jet fans hell for as long as I can remember about the type of fans they are, I've been a proud loyal fan and until today I've thought most Dolfans couldn't be compared to a Jets fan. Now I see all you F***ing fake bandwagon A** cunts out there saying that this team is heading for a melt down and it sadly reminds me of the same Jet fans I've been at war with for decades! What a F***ing shame, do us real fans a favor and do like DC says, "Most of you haters posting should go into the woods and off yourselves, bunch of pansies."

OK DONKEYS,tuna made 12 million in 2 years and going to a new team that will love him ,


THAT'S IT! I'm out. Some moron just lambasted the team for getting rid of Greg "I've caught 4 td passes in 3 years as a starter" Camarillo. This is beyond ridiculous.


Please don't change your name in a month.

It took Cowher 10 years to a a ring. 10 YEARS!!!! AND YOU WANT TO CALL IT QUITS ON SPORANO AFTER 3.

Now Cowher is god. 3 years ago you where hanging from parcell's nuts i bet.

give me a break.

Last thing

Miami Dolphins 2010- 9-7

FIUFan, first, see NYScott's response. Also, you don't know what's going on with Parcells, dude might be sick. He might be dying (not that I want that to be the case). If so, he wouldn't be any good to the team anyway. Could the timing have been better, probably. But so what. It's time for the season, where the players play and the coaches coach. Parcells just watches. He can still do that. He can still make suggestions, he can still call players out. Again, this means nothing until after the season when talent gets evaluated. And if you're one who thought Parcells was bad at that (I'm not), then you should be happy.

It would be nice if we could get somebody that wanted to stick around it seems over the years all the coaches have quit except cam who deserved to be fired, why can't we hire someone who dsoen't want to quit in a couple of years it is hard to start over all the time



NY Scott...

I thoughty you were harder than that. Don't let these idiots bend your will. We have no less than 10 wins this year. If we handle the division we get 11 or 12

My guess is Parcells did not want to draft Pat White last year. He may have also not wanted to draft Patrick Turner, either.

I read where Parcells posted signs in the "War Room" during this year's draft that said something about, "We will draft prototypical football players based on how they play with their pads on during game days."

This indicates to me he may have asserted himself in the draft this year and was not as lenient, especially on the offensive side, as he was last year.

Now Sparano plays first-team players in a meaningless exhibition game because he wanted to look good in Big D, and Jake Long injures his leg.

Crowder is hurt. Will Allen ain't coming back to shore up the secondary. David Martin gets cut and takes his playbook to Buffalo for $750K. Ditto Pat Turner to the Jets.

Methinks Parcells has seen enough....



Kris good points, NY you too.

Who gives a rats @zzz what marc "I love to wear dresses" thinks. Our Phins will be fine, everyone knows Parcells would not be here for long. Timing sucks, but what they heck!

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