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Bill Parcells is stepping back from Dolphins control

Bill Parcells is stepping back.

Effecitive immediately general manager Jeff Ireland will assume full control over all decisions pertaining to Miami Dolphins football. This according to a short, carefully worded statement just out from the Dolphins.

In other words, Parcells has given full personnel control to Ireland effective immediately as he previously had given Tony Sparano full coaching control. And, yes, this is clearly a first and important step signaling Parcells' intention to eventually depart the organization.

This was his plan all along and he has decided to implement it at this time.

The full statement from the Dolphins reads as follows: "Effective immediately, Jeff Ireland will assume full control over all aspects and decisions in regard to the Miami Dolphin football team and support staff.This was the intent of the structure put in place in the past. Bill Parcells will remain with the club on a daily consultant basis."

Parcells has effectively taken the training wheels off of Ireland, an eventuality he had been planning when he first took over as Dolphins football czar in 2008 but has pushed harder the last few months.

An example of that happened in the offseason when the Dolphins first learned that defensive end Phillip Merling had torn his Achilles' tendon while working out on his own. Ireland called Parcells in his upstate New York home and asked what the team should do.

Parcells basically said, "You want me to tell you what we're going to do? You tell me what we're going to do."

The two men agreed to hang up, give Ireland a chance to study the situation overnight and propose solutions the following morning. The next morning Ireland called back and told Parcells his plan included signing "bridge" free agents on the market.

Parcells approved that plan -- much like a consultant might -- and Ireland put it to work, signing Charles Grant and Marques Douglas.

That was clear indication that Parcells wanted Ireland to fend for himself, think for himself, control the fate of the team ... himself.

The reasons Parcells has taken this step back from control of the team now is uncertain. The timing intrigues. Clearly, he didn't want to leave the team altogether at this time -- not days before the start of the 2010 season.

That would cause an earthquake within the organization that could distract and hurt Miami's chances on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. What effect this announcement and tomorrow's media frenzy that it will cause within the lockerroom is is unclear.

What is clear is that Parcells is backing away and intends to do so further very soon. He is signed through the 2011 season but is free to leave at any time and still collect his salary, according to a source familiar with his contract details.

So this partial step has happened now. It is possible, even likely, Parcells' full disconnect from the Dolphins will happen before the 2011 season dawns, according to a club source.

Parcells is the only one who really can answer when he intends to leave the organization altogether. He does not typically speak to local media.

He does typically work long hours. He has not missed any Dolphins practice this training camp and preseason. Starting every December he locks himself in his office and studies tape of every college player that will become draft eligible.

Until now, Ireland has worn the mantle of general manager, but every personnel move has gone through Parcells. Every player Miami has drafted or signed has passed under the Parcells microscope.

It is unclear if that will be the case going forward.

It is more likely that Parcells will handle Ireland as he has handled Sparano. Parcells makes himself available to Sparano for advice but not necessarily consent. There have been a handful of incidents that Parcells has not agreed how Sparano has handled the team -- one among them benching of a player in the last two years for disciplinary reasons.

But Parcells has never over-ruled Sparano. He had previously disagreed with and over-ruled Ireland. That is likely to change. He is now apparently more likely to give his advice and allow Ireland to make his own decision.

And by the time the 2010 season is over, Parcells will make his own decision that no one else will have the ability to alter -- whether and how he will leave the Dolphins altogether.


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ACE, great post...the dolphins must win in buffalo .must win

Aloco dolphins will beat the Bills.

Movie of the night,,,,,please.

TOO EARLY ACE FOR A MOVIE .I HOPE tuna gives me 1 million from the 6 million due him .


u, me, NY Scott, A loco, and a Odin will have the last laugh in a few weeks.

I'm not even gonna count buffalo (not that i under estimate them) just not gonna coout them. sht talking begins after minissota game. promise!

You'd think this news would make the yammerhead Parcells bashers happy. But no, here they still are, bashing away. Yammering along like they know anything about football, or our team. He is gone now yammerheads, so STFU.



Yan, if he's such a great line coach why after 3 years, and a revolving door of players does our line still SUCK!

Posted by: Marc | September 07, 2010 at 04:09 PM

Yep, 4th best rushing attack in the league with no defense we faced respecting our pass game. That O-line really sucked LMAO I'm not one for name calling but if the shoe fits then wear it Marc. You're an idiot...

Gloom, Despair and agony on me
Deep Dark Depression
Pain & Misery

Has the complexity of our season reason for concern? Absolutely..Jets, Patsies, Balto. Pittsy, Cinciny, Minnesota...those are 6 possible losses right there...Jets will not allow Taylor to be tossed around by his former team so I'm thinking we lose the first Jet game and maybe win at home. Been a Dolphin fane for over 35 years, never gave up on them, tho I'll always be a devoted fan, I'm not confident this season.

we are putting a lot of weight on the shoulders of coaches ,how can one coaches makes 2 million is able to mange 53 players making 100 million .we NEED 3 HEAD COACHES FOR EVERY TEAM .


I said it 3 days ago about the BILL COWHER bandwagon and the 3 STOOGES have got to go!!!!!!!!!!

now what little boys>>>>>>>>>>>>

seeing how most teams BP has been with have had their most success AFTER he left i thought most would be relieved with this news!!!

BP has helped bring an attitude chnage to this franchise and has them on the right track all the while grooming those in place for some time. i actually like his timing
and though it seems it is a sink or swim situation i think we will not only tread water but swim like, well Dolphins.

i cant believe some of you think he is hanging us out to dry. this is not something spontaneous this was planned and thought out all along and anyone that didnt see it coming is blind.

stop acting like a bucnch of fairwearher NY fans. there is a difference between a realist and a whinning biatch.

I've been a diehard fan since 1970,and right now,I would kill to atleast have the friggin Jay Fiedler,pat surtain,z.thomas,j. taylor team of the early 2000's. :) just sayin

Sparano reminds me of George Wilson, and Ireland reminds me of Cam Cameron. In over their heads.

Dear Mr Salguero

This is the way I'm seeing it.

Look for Mr. Ross to bring in Simon Cowell to team up with J Lo and Gloria Estefon to judge Miami talent from now on

Also look for bill Parcells to be hitting on Paula Abdul while ingnoring Randy Jackson's Yo dog on America's got talent.

Soiled :)

Last thing

Miami Dolphins 2010- 9-7

Posted by: NYScott | September 07, 2010 at 04:57 PM

awesome Scotty, we'll be mediocre

Ace, if you're going to say Marc "I love to wear dresses", that would imply a direct quote. Don't think you'll find that, unless it was from an imposter. You could put Marc (who wore a dress), or Marc "I wore a dress", but, never did I claim to love it. Just trying to keep everything straight here

It is laughable that that's the worst insult you can come up with, especially considering the dress-wearing in question was done in a BET for this Dolphins team we love

That's the last time I'll address said dress

Oh, thank Bill for changing the "attitude" of the team, we might be mediocre at best, but, we have the heart of a champ!


Good point Abel...

Jay freaking fielder ru kidding me ppl are calling for Jay f------ fiedler!!!! OMFG the season has not even started and the capabilities of this ream, for the mist part unknown an we are are xalling for Jay F()

awww my rant got cut off but i think my point remains intact.

So it was Parcells that decided to use the high draft pick on Pat White.....I was thinking that was Ireland.

Good things that Parcells has brought that no other football guy would have:

Devone Bess
Dan Carpenter
Vontae Davis
Brandon Marshall?

you blind fans are you finally SEEING the LIGHT......

Bill is leaving cause he SCREWED everything up..

we all talked about HOW MANY DRAFT PICKS Wannstache, Cam screwed up on.

how bout BILL????

open your freaking eyes and smell the freaking coffee......

it's time for a REAL FOOTBALL GURU who's young...

BILL COWHER heck I'll even take CHUCKIE........

If you think the Tuna had anything to do with B Marsh you are sadly mistaken! In fact, if anything, that may have put him over the edge...

See, Keyshawn, Owens, Glenn(she)

I told everyone I will be blowing my boyfriend and it came true'n

finfaned...I believe the point was that there was more talent on the team with Fiedler than there is now...

It was a valid point. Fielder sucked, everyone with eyes saw that, but, the D was awesome, and Ricky was as well, until he decided that weed was more important than millions of dollars, fame, awards, and his legacy....

I still can't get over all those waisted 2nd round draft picks. Hell, I lost count.

Keep on down mouthing your team guys... at least the Meat log sucking Wets fans have an excuse... yours is just being afraid your team might lose and then you'll still have to say this is your team. That's F***ing Weak man... seriously weak... You guys down mouthing your own team would be better off bobbing the meat log with the Rex Whynin chumps. Tony Sparano has the support of the team... you know? The guys who play the F***ing games? As long they have Tony's back... so do I.

Watch and see if Miami doesn't ruin a few teams day's this year... The deeper dog's they get made... the harder they'll bite coming out the gate. Adversity is the millstone of character.

Why can't Sparano just come out and say what is really wrong with Long's knee, something like "his knee is sprang and he is day to day". Instead, Sparano has to be all vague and secretive. Now here's the thing. If Sparano really knows what is wrong with Long's knee than he should say something. If he really does not know what is wrong with his knee than he is an idiot. either way, I would not want him coaching my team.

Dolphins will do good this year, but reading most of these comments, you all sound like jet fans, your either a dolphin or your are not.
GO Dolphins

Actually, it may be a moot point

An example of that happened in the offseason when the Dolphins first learned that defensive end Phillip Merling had torn his Achilles' tendon while working out on his own. Ireland called Parcells in his upstate New York home and asked what the team should do.

Parcells basically said, "You want me to tell you what we're going to do? You tell me what we're going to do."

SO BASICALLY, he are paying the Tuna several million dollars a year for nothing? That's like hiring a tutor, and when you're working a problem, you say "Hey tutor, how would I go about solving this problem?" to which the tutor retorts "I don't know, you tell me."

How about You EXPLETIVE tell me! I EXPLETIVE hired your EXPLETIVE donkey for millions of EXPLETIVE dollars you EXPLITIVE piece of EXPLETIVE!

How does a Jet's fan sound? I'm not sure because I'm not from NY, never been to NY. Last time I heard a Jet's fan they were going to with the Superbowl, so, yeah, I suppose some of these people DO "sound like Jet's fans"

Now what do the few of you who swore by BP and his actions with our team?? how bad we are screwed remains the 100,000 dollar question. i dont trust Ireland by himself...great timing too when most of the good FAgents are already signed elsewhere. Ireland couldnt find his way out of a phonebooth without the Tuna...strange timeing too folks

Why does it matter if Sparano comments on Longs knee? How does that change anything? The team knows what the status of his knee is, thats all that matters. Unless that is you were planning on laying some action on Sundays contest. In that case, it would be nice to know how Jakes knee is.

Go back and look at the roster from 2007(that's too easy, look at 2006), I think Tuna has left this house in better shape then it was when he moved in. It's not like this franchise was tearing it up each year, like we struck fear in anything. Sure there has been bumps in the road, but this team is in much better shape now then it was when Parcells stepped in.

In finale, all I'll say fellas is grow a penis, support our Dolphins. OUT!

Fiedler!!! What homemade crack are you smokin??? The only thing Fiedler is good for is giving the real football player's meatsword's a good polishing



go fins

Of course i'll support the team, again i'm a fan since birth...questioning someones fan-ship towards miami is not the point here guys who said that. i will always support the team but that doesnt mean i cant be concerned about what just happened here

Turner already cut from Jets...For all u dum fu@ks who cried saying he will kill us

I really hope Ireland doesnt screw up this team now that hes partially alone. i have some trust sparano knows whats uo and what players are good or bad but watch Ireland try to trump tony and then tony can put a hit out on his head

no way turner would do anything except get knocked out by one of our players

Thats all this team needs is a GM in training - this is great. If Parcells goes - they all should go. Our owner is more concerned about Michigan and their sucky team - he better start worrying about his pro team! Get a qualified, experienced GM in here that can make his own decisions and pick a coach who can win!!! Damn, I'm fired up now!

Bill stepped down ..cause that's was the plan was all along..He waited till the start of the season so he could still help with transactions with other teams!As for will allen getting on injured reserve..When you're a cb ..you have to be at full speed,,you can't be 80% and play corner on this level..EVEN IF HE came back in a couple of weeks..I have a hard time beliveing he would be 100% this year.As for the dolphins bashers these people are jet fans and bills and pat fans..or dolphins haters ,...who cares what they think..Dolphins4Life.

the plan all a long was for tuna to get 12 MILLIOM for 2 years work...BACKCEROTE is a smart goat

ALoco... On the menu this evening. Braised pork belly, with roasted chanterelle mushrooms, and swiss chard. For desert, Panna Cotta with hazelnuts, and figs, balsamic vinegar.

According to the Sun-Sentinel there is nothing to read into this. Parcells will be around on a DAILY basis, as in a DAILY consultant. DAILY means EVERYDAY for you people cant connect the dots. Ireland has been working woith Parcells for years. There comes a time when you pull off tge training wheels. I love how some of you always try to read something about nothing. Since no one here works for the Fins i suggest you know nothing except trying to make a contriversy where none exists

Hey man - I'm Dolphins4Life for sure but I would like to have someone running the team that I can have some confidence in.

they need to get rid of ireland, and sparano and start over again. who is out there i don't know but it couldn't be any worse than it is now. ross will be selling the team soon too!

By the way.... Thought I would poke a comment in to those who were going OFF on the team for releasing Turner and then the Jests picking him up.... The Wet spots waived him too.... now I suppose its a legit crappy play...Huh?

Douche bags......

Darryl, What a great dinner you having as if you r the one who getting the 12 million dollars as tuna did .

p.s////this menus was put together by a pro knows that chanterelle mushrooms goes well w/Braised Pork .

Turner blows and so do the Jets - they would have been a good fit

Thank you Aloco, I have worked hard at the restaraunt, this is the special tonight.

Mr. Jimbo Michigan does not suck going thru transition and is still the program with the most wins ever. If your up for the challenge watch them this week and you will see a difference from last year!. Ross loves the Fins and has the smarts like all MIchigan Grads!

Mr. Socalfan - when is the last time Michigan beat its main rival, Ohio State? 1977 or so? C'mon dude, they haven't been relevant since Reagan was president - I do like those helmets though.

Capital One Bowl!

GArY with the silent "r"

One useless person almost out the door in parcells, One soon to be Head Coach and GM to follow.

I could care less how much money Tune got. I did not cut the check and neither did anyone on this blog. He is doing exactly what he said he would. I am confused why so many of YOU are confused. He has made it clear he will remain in direct contact with football operations and just doing what he said he would, transferring control of the team over to Ireland and Sparano.

Did it ever even occur to some of you that this may just be a GOOD thing? Did it ever occur to anyone that Parcells and Ireland may not ALWAYS see eye to eye? Did it occur to anyone that 3 opinions is generally 1 too many?

Jeff Ireland is a well respected personnel manager in the NFL.I would like to know how many choices may have been different if Ireland made them instead of Parcells. Many of you "Knee-jerk specialist" are taking this as a negative thing. Go ahead.. Its your business, I am rather intrigued about the direction Ireland will take Miami.Tony and Jeff may just be a better duo then the three of them made.

No way in hell I am not going to say this group of players is a wash.... there are way to many quality young men and damn good Free agents we have brought in who would get swooped up in a second should Miami cut them loose. This season is going to be better then you may think and perhaps a little worse then you may want. We all would have LOVED a Superbowl run, and anything is possible. I still believe this can be a 10-6 team with some good bounces and if they continue to take the ball away as they did in preseason. Miami did damn good at getting the ball back on take away's for its Offense. Now let them play 4 Quarters and see what they can do before throwing in the towel.

Hang in there Dolphins fans.... Its gonna be alright and we have some good players on this team.
We are going to win more then we lose...watch and see.

the sky is falling, the sky is falling....

Dolphin77, they need to get rid of Parcells and Ireland?? You need to watch a different sport ur totally clueless about this one. Parcells has done nothing but build WINNERS everywhere he has gone. Tidays Dallas Cowboys ate a result of Parcells and Ireland. God, this blog gets dumber by the minute

Ur right cowkilla (about not questioning fans' love of team when they criticize). I'm fine with criticism. I have some myself. I'm not fine with revisionist history or outright crazy talk (some guy earlier said we have no pass rush, how would he know, we haven't played a game yet, and any schmuck knows that defense schemes in the preseason are vanilla). I'm worried about our pass rush, I'm worried about our o-line, I'm worried about Henne's consistency, I'm worried with special teams, but I don't say we're gonna be trash this year, I don't say we're gonna be 4-12 (like someone predicted). I'm just saying it's too early for that negative talk.

But I welcome your criticism. I like hearing what others think of the team. I like that we're all in the same boat. But some guys on here take it too far, and that's where my comments are directed at (can't speak for anyone else).

I believe this is a sign of things to come. Sparano is in his second to last season. i am sure the post of asst. gm could be filled by a former Dolphin player. Maybe Pennington. Dont laugh, but player input is invaluable. Penny has a good grasp of team and could become an Ireland understudy. Also, this could signal Cowher to SoFla.

IMO Bill Cowher is headed for SoFla. Ross is clearly boss.

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