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Bills preparation begins with Long, minus Crowder

The Dolphins are working out today, with an 11 a.m. practice, and the view during the open media session offered both a bit of good news and bad.

The good news is that, as expected, offensive tackle Jake Long is practicing. Long suffered a knee injury in the preseason finale and there was some question about his availability for the regular-season opener against Buffalo.

The fact he is working, at least on a limited basis, suggests he will indeed play against the Bills.

The news on Channing Crowder is not quite so positive. Miami's starting inside linebacker is still not practicing today. He was off to the side doing rehabilitation work for what has been reported as an abdomen injury.

The injury report will be out later today and we'll have a full update on that once it is in, including the details of Crowder's injury.

Finally, no surprise in that the Dolphins announced the signing of kick returner Clifton Smith. Smith is a former NFC Pro Bowl special teams player as a kick returner. He averaged 27.6 yards per return for Tampa Bay that year. He had a 97 yard KO return TD and a 70-yard punt return TD that year.

Smith is in his third season. He was cut by the Bucs  after he spent the end of last year on the injured reserve list with concussion problems.

The Dolphins cut offensive lineman Joe Reitz to make room for Smith on the roster. Reitz was with Miami two days.

By the way, Bill Parcells was at practice today. It was in the bubble and Parcells was at his usual chair along the sideline one day after he stepped back from the executive vice president job and became a consultant.

Buffalo head coach Chan Gailey was just on conference call here and was asked what effect the Bill Parcells change would have on the Dolphins and he doesn't really buy Miami will be affected at all. "At 1 o'clock on Sunday it will be a moot point," Gailey said.

[Blog update: Check back later for a full update of what happens in the locker room and during the Tony Sparano press conference.]


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You know I'am not sure what to expect, The mighty air breathers seem to be a enigma wrapped in a super secret sauce.... Not sure what we'll see...

have we ever crushed buffalo in buffalo?

i hear what youre saying. all those qbs were past their prime or in the process of passing their prime when they arrived in k.c. they were all stopgaps. but what im saying is, when the same players that are successful in the regular season are not sucessful in the post season. . thats not the fault of the g.m. thats on the coaches and the players themselves. and im not a peterson fan. truthfully i dont like him or parcells. but i think peterson did build a pretty good team back in the day. same can be said for parcells. but its not back in the day anymore and i hope this organization can move forward with ireland and build on some consistancy. thats part of the problem down here. . too much turnover in coaches, players, systems, owners, g.m.'s etc.

Not if he don't want to be 'accidentally' served no damn 18.8-ounce cans* of Campbell's® Chunky™® Baked Potato with Cheddar & Bacon Bits that was ummm ... recalled because they may contain pieces (Bits) of hard plastic that present a choking hazard and could cause injury if swallowed.

(*With the can code JUL 08 2009 07097)
Mama keep a private stock of these for unwelcome guests, Tom Brady, Rex Ryan and people she don't like.

Dat said - Mister Jeff and anyone else on the Dolphins ok wit me.

Bill, They Crushed them in "08"..... Ohhhh Snap, that game was in Canada.....

MAMA MCNAB, TOM Brady is going ti sign 60 million for 3 years ,that's 140 times HENNE'S salary of 600,000.

i know we crushed buffalo in buffalo in 1992 and 1993. maybe 1994. . cant remember on that one.

we never crush them in buffalo, this game will be close cause thats how miami likes to coach every game. killed us last year in buffalo doing that

31-17 Buffalo wil never lead this game

Thank you Mama Mcnabb, Well you be joining us this season while harping(Ohhhh Snap I said HARP)(Hope home is properly medicated) The Virtue's of "Chunky Soup"???? I hope so....

prediction Fins will go 9-7 why? offense will be fairly consistent better than last year but defense not much improved alot of rookies, first yr starters who will be good one game and bad plays next game, tough schedule, tough division, will they make playoffs?? maybe if Jests choke as they have last few years and dolphins win all home games which they should, and no serious injuries to their key players, like Long, Henne etc GO DOLPHINS and GO CANES lets give the Buckeyes a Beatin they will remember for a long,long time!!!

wow bobbyd take that to vegas, line dropping like crazy here. down to 1.5

your saying miami will go 8-0 at home?? come on man lets get real here

dont care about line, i dont gamble, this team is gonna beat Buffalo solid. end of story

miami will be 5-3 at halfway point and 6-2 last 8 games.


I wouldn't call Crowder "aging".

He is 26!

I read daily and its hater nation... our d is fine, crowder makes it better, sean smith will be ok, jason allen plays hard... sofa sitters thinking up clever songs and poems about our team and its players... just be a supporter. Vontae owns evans, spiller gets a dose of dansby, trent edwards gets wake and starks in his face and we own them. 35-10

man i hope bobby is right. id say 7-9, schedule is brutal and the defense will be awful

Maybe I am hesitant to have my hopes up due to past failures (Culpepper/Saban was the last time I had this high of hopes) but I really worry about this Buffalo game on Sunday. IMO, very few criticisms of this regime are merited, but starting very poorly is one of them. Given the gauntlet we face starting in week 2 and ending in week 9, I think we absolutely need a statement win against Buffalo. We need to establish confidence early. We need that game to act as a launching pad, given the amount of youth we have on this team. Players play much harder and believe in themselves more when they win. Of all the great things Dansby and Marshall bring to this team, maybe the most important is their swagger. You can't have swagger if you lose. I don't like making predictions the Wednesday before a game, but as it stands now I like Miami 27-13

Like I said last week, Dont read anything in preseason, You think the beatdowns that the colts and pats took were any indication on how there gonna end up???? The colts and pats well be in the Play-offs and you all know this, Why not give the Mighty Air breathers the same consideration?????

wow all blowouts from u guys after losing by 17 there last year. im stickin with my 19-17 win. and it comes down to last few mins

whos reading into preseason. and i agree bootang, those first 8 games are the toughest stretch i think ive ever seen

Boots right, The last 2 years they started 0 and 5, That wont cut it, again The Menace says they gotta go into the Bye week 3 and 1 at least, anything else is gonna suck....

I think the Clifton Smith signing could be a good one for us. Everyone looks at the Marshall signing and rightfully thinks our offense will be better. I think the Mike Nolan hiring, coupled with a legit return game, helps our offense tremendously. It was all 70-plus yard drives last year. Simply gaining an extra 12 yards of field position thanks to the return game, or getting a short field after a turnover should impact our offense greatly as well.

We should all be Saints fans tomorrow night, especially when they go after Favre. I don't want him to get hurt, just pound him repeatedly, so that the beating we put on him in week 2 hurts even worse.

What kind of "Leash" will tony get now that the tuna is not in charge???? Field goals aren't gonna do it, nor will the "Fist Pumps".....


you sure talk a lot of spit about ireland and that amigo of yours does as well. u are lucky he doesnt step to you and beat you down like the litttle ho you are...u keep talking like that and no wonder the org wants nothing to do with you, youre lucky they allow you on the playground, just report facts and save the comedy for professionals.

if i was ireland i would wlk up spit in your face and then knock you to floor, but i guess jeff is a nicer guy than i am

By the way the Clifton pickup is nice for us. Potential good ST returner who wont Teddy Ginn it to the sidelines

Bootang, I go the other way with tomorrow night. I hope Minn wins and treats it like a Superbowl game. They win they will come home and probaly not be as intense for Miami. They lose they want to come home and show the fans a big win. Let them leave it on the field at NO.

Make it Miami 24-23, Come to think of it with the secondary not coming together. They also have Spiller and Evans.

My prayers are with you Boulder, hopefully all ends up OK. Go Phins, not feeling so good about theis season lately. It would be great to get hit with some early positive news!


Great point. So let's hope that the Vikings win , but Favre takes an absolute beating

I did say the same thing about this team beating Buffalo solid last year and they killed us. So maybe Buffalo wins by two tds. Oh hell, who knows ???

Yeah bobby, cuz clifton getting knocked the hell into concussionville and then cut by arguably the worst team in the NFL beats Teddy Ginning it to the sideline for 2 touchdowns against the most hated Jets. Dude only averaged 3 more yards than Tedd, dude. Just saying, I think that was a mistake letting him go. Hopefully, Nolan Carroll lights it up. On a lighter note, amd excited for the regular season to start and to never hear the words czar and trifecta again. Now its the bifecta.

i was at the buffalo game last year. we were supposed to win easily. everyone picked us then we decided to play real conservative and keep buffalo in the game. all of a sudden they get their confidence and score 3 TD's in 5 minutes. the rest is history. hope we learn from the past!

Last time Miami won "IN" Buffalo was 2003. In the last 10 games "IN" Buffalo, Miami is 3-7. They can't afford to get off to a bad start this season against a lowly Buffalo team. Enough with the slow starts!!!! Kick some ass dammit!!!

if sparano wants max effort out of his players he needs to take a look in the mirror. we need him to be at the top of his game with some exciting offensive playcalling. never mind the cheering for 3pts.; lets get the TD's!!! put these QB's in the shotgun with 4 wide and lets see what we're made of. we gave marshall 50 million;lets get the ball in his hands for gods sake.

ahhh bobby coming around now to reality

I have heard whispers that the Bills plan to use Spiller as the trigger guy in a wildcat type package. This guy is the goods. He will be someone that we are going to have to deal with for years to come. We damn well better tackle well in this game or we will have our hindparts handed to us. It will be interesting to see if the 'Cat will still be a staple in our scheme also. I personally am ready to see less of it. If Sporano and Nolan wanted to keep the opposition guessing, I would have to say that they succeeded. I know the fans sure as hell don't know what to expect. Hope it is all by design.........FINS!!!!

Biloxi, one of the reasons the wildcat is so successful for us is b/c we have Ronnie AND Ricky. Its pick your poison when you have 2 great backs. All they have is spiller, don't think it is the same.

david veikune any1---another samoan at OLB---kid has talent and lets be honest the browns have no idea what they are doing over there---

he was a 2nd round pick, that impressed me in pass rushing drills in senior bowl---strong kid long arms---35 reps on bench---if kno1 grabs him 1st the phins should take him---cut moses, or crowder

spiller, lynch, and now maybe jackson

spiller, lynch, and now maybe jackson, plus our defense blows

does any one knows how much chili should i put in my chili .


bill while you are right that we lost that game by 17 you are neglecting to mention we lost that game in the last 3 minutes (we were tied at 3:15 or something like that) and buffalo scored 3 times in that 3 minute span; our d let us down.

Miami 24 Buffalo 10 they have no line and we will play agressive defensive (don't let the vanilla preseason fool you); just look at any of Nolan's previous d's and you'll understand he is similar to Rex Ryan in how he calls the d.

Isn't Lynch hurt?

Miami goes 15-1 (with the loss to Buffalo Sunday), who wants to take the bet?

Just kidding. I'm getting myself worked up for the game, mental calisthenics!!

kyphin difference is miami has no pass talent to execute the defense. wake is basically the only guy who even gets a decent pass rush and he cant stop the run. no lynch is back and healthy

bill-cnnrs........you seem to know every thing , tell me when r you going to take a hike .

I guess we have to wait and see since I agree Wake is a given pass rusher, and the rest are ??? but taking into considration thier porus O line I think our d will do better than expected, but in Minnesota we will learn more.

minnesota, yeah that game could get ugly. im sure camarillo will torch us

Oh wife just got home have to go upstairs and see what she is going to cook for dinner.

Mando, Long active is great news.............Actually, This is double great news..... This just in, Crowder is a bum.....

Fake bobbyd12 at 1944...Fu@kun x
douchebag...We are gonna stomp Buffalo and win by two TDs. i dont change my opinion. Suk on it Home

Let's hope Ronnie B. can finish a full season this year !!

I think dolphins will win against the bills and they should but I am a little nervous about it, with all that has gone on with them lately. I don't think Ireland is the man for the Job but this year will really tell the tale it is hard to envision them in the playoffs with so many young players, but I hope I am wrong, when you look at the defense you have to wonder how they will stop anybody, I know much has been said about Mike Nolan but you still need the players and they really don't have very many proven Players on that side of the ball now maybe some of these guys do step up but considering their past with FAs and the draft just hard to see, I think you need a mixture of veterans and young and upcom ing players and I mean proven veteran players now maybe dansby will be good but the last game he played in they gave up like 45 points or so to the packers we will see I am glad the season is here though I will be watching every game this season just like the last 15 years or so since direct TV came out GO FINS

All of a sudden a bunch of dolfans questioning our defense and saying were just gonna get pounded on? When will all you turncoats just go ahead and become Jet fans? Im tired of hearing about Porter and JT, especially Porter. Are you so blind to not see that our defense will be 50 times better then last season even with just the addition of Nolan? This is a better team then we've seen in a long time (staff and players), but the haters just gotta have something to say but if we do win the division, we have the weapons to do so, they'll be playing a different tune. Superbowl Champ's in 2010. You heard it here first!

Will the Dolphins have a pass rush this year. Last year we could not stop a 3rd and long.

thats right, f jim kelly. fish 23-buff10` 13tops. thats right, jaksin back in this b^!!sh!!. sit back enjoy the bucks and fins go the distance. sorry cane fans, maybe next yr.

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