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Bobby Carpenter makes the move from OLB to ILB

When Bill Parcells and his people arrived in Dallas in 2003, Andre Gurode was languishing as an ordinary interior lineman who wasn't really a center and definitely wasn't a very good guard. Parcells and "his people," which included Tony Sparano let Gurode try to make a name for himself as a guard.

It failed miserably.

Well, rather than give up on Gurode, the Cowboys decided to make an investment in reworking his contract and moving Gurode to center.

Andre Gurode's career took off and he is now a perennial Pro Bowl player.

Well, the same group of people -- Parcells, Jeff Ireland and to a lesser degree, Tony Sparano -- drafted Bobby Carpenter out of Ohio State five years ago and tried to turn him into a 3-4 outside linebacker.

The idea failed. Carpenter was considered a bust until the moment the Cowboys cut him and he went to St. Louis. Then the Rams also cut him this preseason and the Dolphins signed him.

But rather than put him in the same position where Carpenter failed with two teams, the Dolphins found a niche for Carpenter at inside linebacker.

Despite joining the team only days before the regular-season opener at Buffalo, Carpenter actually started that game alongside Karlos Dansby. He also started last week at Minnesota. No, he's not playing every down, but rather on a situational basis.

He has only two tackles. But his goal-line stop of Adrian Peterson at Minnesota last week was an impressive and key moment in the game.

"During our time down there [in Dallas] with Bobby, we didn't kind of see him play inside as much as we're seeing him now," coach Tony Sparano said today. "And sometimes some of these guys start a little bit later. They really do, especially if you're bouncing them around positionally. With Andre, when we came in there he had just played a bunch of games at guard and when you watched it, it took us a while to figure out the best place to put him, too. Same thing with Bobby right now."

So can Carpenter possibly make the kind of leap at ILB that Gurode long ago made when he moved to center?

"Except we brought him in and immediately gave him a role. And that role, so we didn't confuse the whole thing because you look at him and he can play him outside or inside -- we didn't want to do that. We got him a role that he can help this football. But I can see him making that kind of improvement down the road, sure."

So consider this move permanent -- or as permanent as anything can be in the NFL.

"He's inside for a long time," Sparano said. "I'd like to keep him there for a long time."


Sparano said today was the best Friday practice the team has ever had since he's been coach. That is good news for the Dolphins as they wind down preparations for the New York Jets.

Typically, the Dolphins play well when they practice well.


Jets center Nick Mangold, out all week with a shoulder injury, practiced today in New Jersey. He is expected to start for the Jets. 


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I thought he was always an ILB.

Hey Armando, two things. First, Carpenter wasn't technically cut by Dallas. Dallas traded him to St. Louis for Alex Barron (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know both guys were on the verge of getting cut). Second, Carpenter has been playing inside as the nickel LB for Dallas the last couple of years. Having him inside on a short-yardage, obvious running down, though, is something new.

jim why are you trying Mando?

I'll have to look at the film but I didnt remember Carpenter making the takle or even being in the play so I like ur comment Mando.

The Jason Allen experiment is another case in point.

Count me among the 99.7% of Dolphins fans who had given up on Allen and his frequent bounces between crappy corner, crappy safety and crappy nickle back.

It looks like the new regime put an end to the uncertainty -- said 'you're our CB' and he's responded with outstanding play through two weeks.

Primetime, Carpenter made the stop on third down. It looked like Peterson was going to get in but Carpenter stood him up then the rest of the gang came. I don't know if Carpenter was in on 4th down but Dansby made the initial hit.

Sorry if I get Mando riled up but those were two pretty easy facts to gather.

Carpenter stood Peterson up on third down.

traded for alex barron... ouch. haha

yes I just checked it he did put a stop the sportscaster called his name on the stop. He sure did. But Vontae Davis and Dansby were in on the 4th down play. Those guys can hit.

After watching the Vikes game a couple times:

Jake Long (w a bad wheel) is top 5 @ his position right now.

Vontae Davis will be considered top 5 by the end of the season. It's been a long time since I've seen a corner hit like that.

Chris Clemons doesn't stand out on tape. He looked way too passive on Jason Allen's second int.

Dansby was worth every dime.

Was it just me, or did Marshall have his panties in a bunch the entire game over a missed TD opportunity?

he was at Ohio State when he was a first round draft pick

What? Carpenter stopped Peterson on third and goal? Blasphemy I say.

I'm sure Crowder would have made that tackle.

((5 yards deep in the endzone-LMAO!!!!))

I have always stood up for Jason Allen. Although i did always stand up for ginn Jr., too. Can't win em all...

All this gushing by sparano over Dobbins and Carpenter makes me think Crowder became expendable and expensive looks like we ahave another Grove dilemma. Trade Crowder and 1st rd pick for V Jackson!

I hope to see more from Bess Sunday night. It seemed like they tried to feed Hartline the ball, to get him going against the Vikes.

Don't get me wrong i like Crowder and was one of the ones pushing for his new contract after 2008 but since then he has been a ghost and a distraction w injuries. He played great for a big contract and then fell off. I'm glad Parcells only gave him 3yr deal. He still has value and with the way we are playing we have no need for help on defense at ILB. Honestly still believe AJ Edds will be the starter at that position for years to come. What we do need is another body on offense. ADD A PLAYMAKER.

Beerphin, a few months ago I would've replied to your last post by saying that would never happen. However, after the Marshall trade I now know that I know nothing about this regime. Therefore, I must say the V. Jackson idea is not far fetched, lol.

In order for Henne to get his rythym going, Bess needs to have a good game. It's a trend that I've noticed.

I know, I know, I never shut up about it.

Still I'm telling you guys Crowder is living on borrowed time.

The icing on the cake was his covering J pezzy's arse while he was ripping the organization as a whole. Not a good move Chan.

Then we bring in Nolan and look what starts to happen. Parcells and Nolan already knew what they had in Chowder, yet look at what they did.

Sign Dansby, draft Edds, trade for Dobbins, sign Micah Johnson and now, bring in one of the own draft picks and put him back at his original position.

In additon to every one of these guys mentioned above being ILB's, can anyone see a pattern developing here?

Odin, please elaborate on your Channing Crowder theory. :)

Beerphin, I have questio for you: What makes you think Channing Crowder -- an averge player who has yet to start a game in 2010 due to injury has any trade value at this point?


Stay tuned!

There's plenty more where that came from!!!!

Trade Chowder, he's simply soup!

Enrique I thought the same thing u did. Marshall was a risk i though t they'd never make. But it's paid off already no doubt at all in my mind. Jackson would make us real SuperBowl threat this year 2-0 now why not make a run for it now!

Beerphin Thanks!

I'm officially changeing my Dolphind In Depth Blogging Slogan.


Couple of things. I realize Carpenter was in on the 3rd down stop of Peterson last week but the REAL play was the stop on 4th down and that was Dansby and Davis. Carpenter is a good depth player but nothing more. I agree he's better inside than out but let's not get this confused with some of the star LBers in the league.

Secondly, don't get the hype on Crowder. We've managed just fine without him the first two weeks. As far I'm concerned, this guy needs to EARN hsi spot back and not have it handed to him. This guy does nothing but disappoint.

You guys really want to pay $20 million dollars a year to receivers?

Man, guys I don't know. Last time a team thought they were a WR away in the middle of the year was Dallas when they traded for Roy Williams and it's handicapped them a pretty fair amount.

The thing about having such a young team is that these guys will want to get paid in a few years.

As aggresive as it is and I do see the upside, I just don't know if I would make the move.

The only thing that makes me want to think it's not a bad idea is Jackson's age. he's not even 25 yet.

In my mind there is no difference between a late 1st rd pick and 2nd. Value for trade would be their 2nd + and Vjackson for Crowder and 1st and conditional pick based on 50+catch season which i doubt he'll make with his 3 game suspension and the team saying not playing him til 6weeks... IDK it seems he won't be traded til the trade deadline becuz the GM is holding on. IDK wishful thinking i guess cuz i'm not liking Hartline as a #2

Count me among those who always stood up for Jason Allen. I still don't agree with the Ginn decision b/c we still don't have a Kick or Punt Returner

IDK, I'm a firm believer that you try to acquire as much young talent (i.e. 30 and younger) as you can. However, it can be one of those moves that backfire. Not sure your offer would get it done though.

Everybody at foxsports.com is picking Miami. It's unanimous. Hard to imagine that kind of respect 2 weeks ago, isn't it? The Jets had basically already one the Super Bowl and were waiting to finish off the formalities and collect their rings. What a difference actual football on the field makes.

What Am I Missing? Didnt Dansby And Davis make that stop?

drsamii, I don't like the Ginn move either. i think he could have served a role on the team. However, it sounds like the administration was really concerned about the guy's psyche. Almost like they were doing him a favour with the trade. Like they don't think he would have survived much longer here a la Pat White.

Ted Ginn was a diamond in the rough .

Crowder has a ton of trade value.....I'm sure we could get a sack of magic beans and set of steak knives for sure!

Mark, I look around at teams to beat just in the AFC and most of them have atleast 2 if not three GOTO receivers that are nasty. ie: Baltimore (3) Bengals (3) Jets(2.5) Pats (2.5) Indy (2) Jags (2) Houston (2) Right now we have Marshall and Bess as the only solid WR on the roster. Crowder was is getting paid round 5 or 6mil a year and Jackson would only be round 8 mil

I suppose we go back to Bess returning punts and Cobbs returning kicks?

MARK, every time i read a post of yours i notice you agree w/some move then you say but i can see why so an so did what ever.can you take a side ?lol

YOU CAN tell mark really had an education .he uses the word ( ADMINISTRATION ) TO DESCRIBE TUNA AND HIS boys .

Yeah, Mark, but look at Jason Allen. Same thing. Talking about mentally screwing with you. But he perservered and finally got consistency and a shot. Can you imagine the match up problems Ginn could have caused just by running go routes with Marshall on the other side. Not to mention, we STILL don't have a kick or Punt returner. But, we agree so. It is just a shame.

I think someone said it would take a lil more than a 2nd and 3rd rd pick. I guess i'm giving Crowder more trade value becuz the Chargers need improvemnet at LB and Jackson won't play for them and wants out. I'd offer 1st 3rd and crowder but I would like a draft pick back atleast somewhere

Yeah Mark,

Pick a side and quit trying to be so diplomatic-LOL!

Then when it turns out your right you can say:

Whud I SAY? Whud I tell Y'all? Who Da MAN! Un Huh-BAM!

or, if it turns out you're wrong you can be like me and piss and moan, rant and rave, cry and whine, etc, etc.

You know, kind of like what I did when we waived Micah Johnson!

guys, jackson will never come here,no room and we don't have time to train a new guy the system ............go fins .

p.s..plus NO MONEY LEFT .


drsamii, while yes we don't have kick returner. i've started looking at the bright side we do have an open spot for Moore and Wallace. Also Nolan Carroll or Reshad Jones was the 5th rd pick. And Nolan Carroll i think we'll see at KR/ PR once he shows consistency.

Mando, how long is Wake signed for? Shouldnt the Fins b working on an extension now b4 they cant afford him?

it seems funny we're favor to win this match up,but something I notice is dolphins do better when we're the underdogs,just my opinion,but lets go for 3-0 on sunday night,

Odin, ALoco, you ever hear that there are 3 sides to every story? Well, most people posting here are pretty football saavy and there is some validity to what they are saying, even if I disagree. So, I find myself agreeing to a certain extent, even when i disagree.

Like with beerphin and VJax. I think it's more risk than reward but I can still see the upside.

And BTW, I never say I told you so. it just reminds me too much of NJ. I used to roll my eyes whenever I'd read him typing that.

And BTW, I never say I told you so. it just reminds me too much of NJ. I used to roll my eyes whenever I'd read him typing that.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 24, 2010 at 04:56 PM

Mark- Let's not talk about ghost,it creeps me out,lol.

WAKE IS signed for 4 years 4.9 million .i million is signing bouns .

1 million signing bonus .

MARK, we will accept you since you evoked the name NJ .

when did this happen ALoco?

what, beerphin ?

enrique, ALoco, points well taken.

beerphin - that was his initial contract so it has 2 more years. If teams are signing players this offseason and he keeps going like he is, expect that contract to be re-done before he hits the market. at 28-29, he has at least 3-4 top years left.

wake in his second season w/fins.i think he signes on jan 2009

for some reason I thought he was a free agent next year.

what happened to NJ?

He blogs every day but not here.

thank god

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