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Bobby Carpenter makes the move from OLB to ILB

When Bill Parcells and his people arrived in Dallas in 2003, Andre Gurode was languishing as an ordinary interior lineman who wasn't really a center and definitely wasn't a very good guard. Parcells and "his people," which included Tony Sparano let Gurode try to make a name for himself as a guard.

It failed miserably.

Well, rather than give up on Gurode, the Cowboys decided to make an investment in reworking his contract and moving Gurode to center.

Andre Gurode's career took off and he is now a perennial Pro Bowl player.

Well, the same group of people -- Parcells, Jeff Ireland and to a lesser degree, Tony Sparano -- drafted Bobby Carpenter out of Ohio State five years ago and tried to turn him into a 3-4 outside linebacker.

The idea failed. Carpenter was considered a bust until the moment the Cowboys cut him and he went to St. Louis. Then the Rams also cut him this preseason and the Dolphins signed him.

But rather than put him in the same position where Carpenter failed with two teams, the Dolphins found a niche for Carpenter at inside linebacker.

Despite joining the team only days before the regular-season opener at Buffalo, Carpenter actually started that game alongside Karlos Dansby. He also started last week at Minnesota. No, he's not playing every down, but rather on a situational basis.

He has only two tackles. But his goal-line stop of Adrian Peterson at Minnesota last week was an impressive and key moment in the game.

"During our time down there [in Dallas] with Bobby, we didn't kind of see him play inside as much as we're seeing him now," coach Tony Sparano said today. "And sometimes some of these guys start a little bit later. They really do, especially if you're bouncing them around positionally. With Andre, when we came in there he had just played a bunch of games at guard and when you watched it, it took us a while to figure out the best place to put him, too. Same thing with Bobby right now."

So can Carpenter possibly make the kind of leap at ILB that Gurode long ago made when he moved to center?

"Except we brought him in and immediately gave him a role. And that role, so we didn't confuse the whole thing because you look at him and he can play him outside or inside -- we didn't want to do that. We got him a role that he can help this football. But I can see him making that kind of improvement down the road, sure."

So consider this move permanent -- or as permanent as anything can be in the NFL.

"He's inside for a long time," Sparano said. "I'd like to keep him there for a long time."


Sparano said today was the best Friday practice the team has ever had since he's been coach. That is good news for the Dolphins as they wind down preparations for the New York Jets.

Typically, the Dolphins play well when they practice well.


Jets center Nick Mangold, out all week with a shoulder injury, practiced today in New Jersey. He is expected to start for the Jets. 


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You know I was kidding, RIGHT?

I like your diplomatic approach. Mine however, could use a little work-LOL.

Seriously though, you used to roll your eyes everytime NJ said I told you so?

Wow, I bet you spent a lot of money on Dramamine pills.

i'm off to watch Town w gf l8r

odin, it got to the point where I could not even stand reading anything he wrote. And that was a shame because he had some very good insight and info but man, he had to keep driving the point that he told us first. It was so annoying.

Reminded me of Les Nesman and his Buckeye Newshawk Awards.

ALERT; favre of davis 2 hours ago ;( he must be one of the best corners in the league ) .........then davis tweeted back to him saying (( thank you bret )).

wake said of davis 2 hours ago (( we got to teach him up b/c it's unacceptable )) when asked of davis celebration .

his teammate give him the name ( CP ) Stands for crowed PLEASER .

Aloco. Do you know if anyone on the team makes less then Henne?



huge ass game. come on fins. cant wait to get to my seats

Wow! 2 tackles in 2 games! man can you please get me channing crowder! like i said before dobbins and carpenter are ok but you cannot have a j. allen with more tackles in 1 game than carp and dobb have in two! we cant play the defense we really want because channing is missing! yes dobbins and carpenter have skills but only in certain siuations during game and as a stop gap should somebody get hurt! both are aces on special teams! cant wait for channing to run with dansby! stop saying how good they have been playing b/c they really have been invisible! 2 tackles in 2 games!!!

Does anyone know what the illness is that has made John Jerry doubtful for the Sunday night jets beatdown?

Jerry has a family member very sick i think(grandma)

Sorry, had to leave work. Yeah, well hopefully they will start using Nolan Caroll at kick off and punt returns. What gives? He was doing alright then they get the guy from Tampa who was mediocre. You drafted the guy and didn't cut him so let him play. Nolan Caroll at returns, that is.


You writing the Dolphins off again this week? Haven't read any of your thoughts on last weeks game. What gives?

We need John Jerry to play on Sunday. I don't want him to miss the game. I'm all for being there for family and all but this game is real important. This guy should become a main cog on this line for years to come.

I don't know why you keep begging for Crowder. He doesn't measure up to Jason Allen's number at all. He never did, AND he wasn't sharring time at ILB.

Playing full time last season he startred out with 4 tackles in ther first game and 1 tackle in the second.

SO, playing FULL TIME, he had 5 tackles in two games. Not only that, playing FULL TIME last season he avg. 3 tackles a game. Not exactly Jason Allen type numbers there wouldn't you say.

three steps to get ready for sunday's game;

1- get he beer ready in the freezer
2-get nice dinner made by the woman of the house .no men allowed in kitchen.
3-snacks for when the game starts .


Check your numbers man!

Carpenter had 2 two tackles @ Buff. and 2 @ Minn. 4 total in two games sharing time with Dobbins.

Dobbins had 0 tackles at Buff. and 2 at Minn. sharing time with Carpenter.

That's 6 combined in the first two games this year.

Crowder at this same time last year had 5 total tackles playing full time and went on to avg. just 3 a game all year, well most of the year, he was INJURED AGAIN THEN TOO.

The numbers don't lie, and you need to quit with the comparisons to Jason Allen's best game ever. It's non-applicable. It was an anomaly due to having played against the best running back in the NFL.

There's a reason we signed the biggest free agent ILB on the market, drafted another, traded for another and then signed two more FA ILB's. That reason can only be: Channing Crowder.

Bye Bye Channing, don't let the door hit ya on the way out!

coaches will be without a job cpmes sunday ;

CLE...............BAL AT BAL

CROWDER......................6 MILLION THIS YEAR


Odin you missing the point! has allen been killed by wr's? NO! so in order for j allen to have 11 tackles that means a lb is not getting to his man for the take down! all i no is a total of 6 tackles in 2 game is not good no matter how you slice it! how many of AP runs should have been stop if only dobbins stay on his feet, or shed the blocker, or just straight wiffing! just like you are will to give carp and dobbs a chance why not chowder!


fasano....all put together less than CROWDER...I SAY IT'S TIME TO MOVE HIM .

After two weeks this young Defenses numbers look promising.

Points allowed - 1st - 10 pts per game.

yards allowed - 5th - 265 a game.

pass yards allowed - 6th - 162 a game.

Rush yards allowed - 11th - 103 a game.

The rush yards allowed is especially promising considering we've already played against the best the NFL has to offer in Adrian Peterson.

In every meaningful defensive stat we are virtually top ten in all catagories. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

TRANSLATION: Get Channing Crowder some Pom-Poms!!!!

LAST YEAR dolphins rank in the nfl............26
this year dolphins ranking in the nfl.......... 5

dolphins4life73,,,,,,,,,give it a rest ,you lose .


I'll give Crowder a chance, no problem.

What type of music would he like for his cheerleader tryout-LOL?!?!

PS: I'm a bit skeptical though, with a mug like that, he better be able to dance real good.

let me get ths straight! if it aint broke dont fix it, you say! we winning games but people screaming for more offense! if it aint broke dont fix it? you think trading an oft-injured(your words) lb to san diego for one of the better wr in the game( who happens to be a drunk) it aint gonna happen! Carpenter was a first round pick who got cut by the RAMS of all teams but he's better than channing! you kidding right? the man has by your word 4 tackles in 2 games and dobbins has 2 in two games! are you kidding me! no im not googling player stats! dont need to, the tv dont lie! how many other CB in the league had 11 tackles in a game? thank god allen was in the game or 5 of his tackles might have been TD!! if nothing else carpenter and dobbins are ST aces and serviceable LB not stud and please stop counting on edds and micah johnson who is not even on the 53! was,cut,brought back and is now on the PS! get real! i guess these players arent injury prone you keep harping on!! you right if it aint broke you dont fix it but sometimes you have to polish it up to make it look good!! i want channing and i usually dont like ex-gators, but he's better than all above!

three steps to get ready for sunday's game;

1- get he beer ready in the freezer - CHECK!

2-get nice dinner made by the woman of the house - No "Woman of the house" so I'm doubling up on step 1 - CHECK!

3-snacks for when the game starts - I get to nervous to eat during the game, so I'm doubling up on step 2 - CHECK!

Question: If I'm doubling up on step 2, which is doubling up on step 1, am I quadrupling? Ah, sounds about right too me!

Bottoms Up!!!!

if the dolphins dont want a player they get rid of them! since the draft, we have not gotten one draft pick for a player we released for whatever reason! what makes channing so special in a uncapped year! if the dolphins didnt want him trust me he would have been gone! its hard to get rid of a player when it takes 2 to get 6 tackles! why you really dont like channing! b/c you thought he was siding with porter over the teams? what? j allen was channing before cnanning but know he the toast of the town! i dont understand it!! p.s. truth be told im not sold on henne as long as pennington is still on the team!! henne is afraid to mess up and his game shows it!!


how many tackles crowder had last year ?

odin, will u be able to see the 4th Q clearly?

Aloco i dnt no! it dont matter! i know he has heart and our defense is missing that little edge he bring by being hyper! we need that fire to keep guys into the game for the long haul! his tackle total shouldnt matter! how many game has he played hurt is the bigger question! he get a pass with me b/c up until now he has been partner with a lb of dansby since zack! porter and akin would make most lb look like garbage and jt is not a lb even though he plays one

i hope crowder helps alot. but what ive seen in crowder is he is the ted ginn of LBs. hes a coward on many plays. (Big4Nothing). iny book, he gets another chance sunday night.

DOlphins4 life 74,

so the reason you want crowder to stay and get paid 6 million a year is he reminds you of the golden days of zach,porter and akin and 1-15 team . NICE .

predictions: Henning has heard our thoughts and complaints. we air it out plenty. Our D scares sanchez so bad he begs rex for a hotdog.(rex says get ur own).
PHINS-28 Dookygreen 9.
Final answer!



1st question, seriously, are you enjoying this debate? If you're not, we can just agree to disagree. I myself love everything Miami Dolphins, ESPECIALLY armchair Quarterbacking, OC, DC, GM, etc, etc. I'm a bit of a retard so I'll go "till The Wheels Fall Off"-LOL.

First of all, the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" was a tongue in cheek reference to the defense. I've already made it clear how I feel about "Hennings Handcuffs" and what I think offense needs to do.

You blur the line again with your second statement. I did say oft injured and I did say trade him before it's too late. Never did I make these statements in regards to VJ. It is my understanding that because of his contract and suspension, no deal can be done. He's on the shelf for the season. We can agree on this: VJ ain't happening.

As far as comparing Carpenter, Dobbins and Crowder, I don't know what kind of TV you have, but I do know you should have it check by a qualified service representative. The NUMBERS don't lie. I don't care where any of them came from, where they were drafted, or how many times they have been cut. The fact of the matter is, Dobbins and Carpenter are outplaying Crowder, right now, today! As for Micah Johnson, up to this point, Crowder hasn't done anything more than he has. Finally, you know as well as I do, from watching Crowder play for the past 5 years, he would have never stuck AD like Carpenter did. Crowder would have ended up on his back 5 yards deep in the end zone.

Allen's 11 tackles aren't applicable here. Minn. lines up in max protection and runs the ball straight up 7 on 7. In these instances, it is THE JOB of the secondary to come up in run support. EVERY SINGLE TEAM THAT PETERSON PLAYS AGAINST has a jump in defensive backs making the tackle. Look it up if you like, this is a quite common statistical occurrence with teams facing great running backs. It's been this way 50 years ago and it's the same today.

As far as the injuries, neither Dobbins, Carpenter nor Johnson is anywhere near where Crowder is. Not Collegiately, not Professionally. It's just the facts.

Crowders slower than all of the above, injury prone and a major liability in coverage. Ultimately, his skill set, or lack thereof, simply does not fit with a Nolan ran Defense. The biggest and most convincing indication of this is that almost every move him and Parcells has made since signing Dansby, has been to upgrade the spot right next to him. That's the writing on the wall.

Summation: Crowders been reduced to an afterthought.

Good thing for you guys I ran out of RUM!

Bottoms Up!!!!

odin, will u be able to see the 4th Q clearly?

Posted by: finatic | September 24, 2010 at 07:42 PM


I put in a lot of good work during ota's an training camp. I really pushed it for a full 4 quarters during the pre season.

When it's all said and done, you know these things, and what have you, we'll get it all cleaned up by the end of the day....or night.....or morning after the night before.....ah......yes Finatic, I'm sure I'll be FINE!

Bottoms Up!!!!

Just thought I'd chime in and say that I've got Crowder's back just like I had J Allen's back. He's a leader on the defense (Captain or not). He's a good run stopper. He played very well next to Zach as an OLB. He was moved to the inside and had a fair season considering it was his first year at a new position, and he was calling the plays. Last year he had a decent season, with some blunders, but, who was he paired with? Torbor and Ayodele?

Crowder will do just fine in his 3rd season at ILB without having to call the plays.

J Allen, Y Bell, R Brown, V Carey, M Roth

Null, starters left from the Cam era

Starters left over from Saban era. Guess he knew something after all...

What's up losers?

This is football. Not futbol.

Stop tossing CM's salad and come out and play.


That's all fine and dandy.

You know what though, real football players play well no matter who lines up around them.

If Bobby Carpenter goes down Sunday, Carlos Dansby is STILL going to be Carlos Dansby. He'll play harder and help cover for the injury. Not play worse and blame it on the backup.

I'm so sick of hearing how Crowders F-Cking stinking a s s plat is akin or Torbors fault. Why can't Crowder be Crowder. Oh wait, he is being Crowder, injured and riding the pine.

The fact is, if it wasn't for Zach Thomas, Crowder would have been exposed a long time ago.

I can just see a Jake Long presser:

Question: Jake, why did you give up 10 sacks today?
Answer: Well you know Cognito got hurt last week and well you know, he makes me so much better.

Get the F-CK out of here with that sissy boy garbage.

Marc is missing Saban ,he loves him .

The sports world will see,
the Fins are are Real....
I told everyone i know before the Bills game that the Fins Bandwagon doors will close.
after sundaynight the bandwagon could be in danger. Dont Let Them In!!!


our players going into that game w/open eyes and brave hearts .that's all we can ask of them .

Affleck is gay town was hour too long: the offense needs to score way more the defense is keeping up with touchdowns which shouldn't happen but if these types of wins are going to be regular i'm gonna have to start buying depends. A W is great but they shouldn't come down to the wire against the Bills

beerphin ...i AM going to see the wall street movie at midnight tonight .did you like the movie ( town ) ?


Try Qualudes man, that's what I do.

They're a lot che...........zzzzzzZZZZZZZZ......snrk...........um, yeah...........they're alot cheaper.............zzzzzzzzzzz.........snrk......WHAT? Oh......yeah, Qualudes man, they're lots cheaper than depen...............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Huh? Yeah, that what I dooooooo........zzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

It had three great scenes nothing else coulda been better Then again after all the reviews i was hoping for something like Heat... It wasn't terrible but the bs dragged on and felt pointless. hour too long

My point was that Crowder isn't a MLB, or ILB that should be calling the plays. He had close to 100 tackles 2 seasons ago. He's flourish when he can just do his job

That's OK, I don't mind saying "I told you so" either, so, with that...We'll wait for his return. Until then, let's hope that the 40 million dollar man has 100+ yards and a pair of TD's this week

Marc loves Saban ?

just went to nfl.com and checked these dudes carrer stats! its not even a contest people!! CHANNING all day!!
first off, all three came in the league in 2006!!

carpenter's career stats=60 games played-100 total tackles-1.5 sacks-4 pass def-0 ints!
dobbins career stats=64 games played-154 total tackles-1 sack-6 pass def-2 ints
CHANNING career stats=71 games played-430 total tackles-2.5 sacks-15 pass def-1 int-3 forced fumbles!!!

ODIN im gonna look at your post a little shady from now on, if you think either one of these guys are better!


Why be in love with mediocre.....



I know it was none of my buisness but i coudn't help myself.


Our team has been mediocre at best for over a decade...Just sayin'

Did you guys hear? The Jets will be the champs again after they play their 3rd superbowl this season.. :) LOL

Go Fins!!! The Bitter Orange Attack!!!


Marc should go take his steroids . i am just saying .

great debate i liked crowder when he was young and had good knees, he looks like an old man wearn that kneckroll----isnt a smart linebacker, cant cover, isnt an athlete----is more expensive then dobbins or carpenter

Im not a fan of dobbins, but carpenter has one me over, he is a big guy that can run and cover---and to have him and dansby together ---i think would allow Nolan to be very creative----Crowder might be more physical then carpenter right now, but like that play vs. AD i think he flashes he can play well vs. the run-----dont forget he sheded a block from all pro gaurd hutchinson---

Dobbins is healthier and cheaper then crowder and plays Special teams which crowder doesnt----so i rather have dobbins as well....

Cant wait for sunday nite i hope Carpenter gets most of the snaps---


I'm not shady. Come on. I never said anything about career stats.

YOU claimed Dobbins and Carpenter had two tackles in two games, I corrected YOU. Then compared them FAVORABLY to Crowders stats at the same point last year.

Come on now, lets be fair. You keep trying those end around blur the issue moves and I keep sacking you for losses.

Quick note: I'll even go with you on the career stats if you want.
As far as career stats, Crowder started from day 1. Carpenter and Dobbins were special teams aces playing behind guys like Demarcus Ware and Kevin Burnett.
Those career stats you're talking about are 4 injuries ago in Crowders case and ultimately ancient history. This is a what have you done for me lately league and lately Crowder ain't done squat.

PS: If you look closely at his career stats I'm sure you'll notice he has been on a long, steady, injury induced decline.

guys, when i said i was just going to kick back and listen to your comments, i lied, i was going to the doctor. i am cancer free, so i will continue tormenting you as long as possible! go dolphins!!

Everytime i see Ginn burn Revis that one game it makes me wonder why it didn't work out. My head hurts....


Great debate? I was thinking the same thing.

I don't care what anyone says, Dolphins4life and I have been arguing Channing Crowder for days on end it seems.

You know what? In all that time not one personal insult, no name calling, nadda!

Like Charlie Daniels says in the Geico commercial: That's how it's done son!

I'll debate Dolphin4life about anything, anytime.

Hey! Dolphin4life, what's better, Rum or Bourban?

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