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Chad Henne versus Jets: Nails

One of the topics that seems to be constantly on the tongue of fans and media is the progress of quarterback Chad Henne.

The topic matters so much this week because Henne faces perhaps one of the best defenses he will see all year this week when Miami plays the Jets. The Jets have the No. 11 total defense in the NFL right now.

They press up front and play zone behind that. They press up front and play Cover 2 behind that.

They come with multiple fronts and multiple pressures.

And against the chaos Henne last season completed 32 of 47 passes (68 percent completion) for 353 yards with three touchdowns and zero interceptions in two games.

Most importantly, Henne was 2-0 against New York.

"Is there anyone else in the league 2-0?" Offensive coordinator Dan Henning asked rhetorically today. "And one of the best games offensively we've offensively here -- in fact, I would go so far as to say the best game we've had -- was last year. I think it was his third start. He played magnificently ... He played a superb game."

Henning continued: "There were times in the game the pressure came on Chad Henne and he did the right thing ... He had a chance to have something bad happen to him and did the right thing to avoid that. And he made some big plays when they were there. And at the end of the second game, although we didn't have a lot of stats, in the fourth quarter we had a drive for a touchdown to put the game where we up by five."

One of the primary goals of the Jets defense is to get in a QB's head. Henning isn't worried about that with Henne.

"I don't know how far Chad is going to go in this game as a quarterback," Henning said. "Now, he has all the tools. He has a tremendous desire to be the best. He is willing to take the pain of discipline rather than accept the pain of regret later. He's willing to do that. He's in this building every night. He looks at every piece of film. He studies. There's nothing frivolous about Chad Henne when it comes to football. I would think it would be tough to get in that guy's head."

[Update: The Dolphins have claimed TE Mickey Shuler Jr. off waivers from the Minnesota Vikings, according to a club source.]  


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Ah, much better mando.

I have no fear about Henne. When he has to pass, he does well. Look at our 2 first q's this year. After we get up, the coaches just shut him down and do not even allow him to take a chance. That's why the offense has been quiet afterwards.

If they would only put the wildcat in the garbage too. The days of Ricky and Ronnie being our 2 best offensive players are over.

That's not a really heartening endorsement of his QB but atleast it's honest. I like Henning but at times he seems way too old school

Me likey wildcat. We should use it often.. over 7YPP! thats a productive offense.

Mark, Ronnie is atleast our 3rd or 4th best player on the team. I'd say he is better than Henne as of now.
our offense needs more playmakers!

Jake Long
B Marshall

Everyone else is expendable

If we can protect Henne, I think we beat the prop planes going away. We have a huge mismatch on one side, Marshall has dominated Cromartie in the past, I would expect they would roll coverages over that way. If thats the case, and Henne is getting protection, there are going to be times where the cover 2 will be exposed, and we will have some grear matchups to get big plays. I expect Bess to have a huge game, as well as Fasano. If we can stay patient, and avoid turnovers, and win the field position battle, we will be able to make some huge plays against these guys

beerphin, if they passed out of the wildcat at least sometimes like they did the first time they used it then fine. But they haven't even looked to pass it for over the last year. Opposing defenses just run blitz it and that offense stymied at least 2 promising drives this year already.

I don't understand, Henne makes a nice throw or two, moves them down the field, then we see wildcat. It makes me crazy.

yea i see that too, but Henning is wiley. The option to throw in the wildcat is probably being setup so that when they do throw that wrinkle out in the wildcat, it goes for a big gain and catches the defense offguard at a crucial moment in the game. I'd say look for it against Pats or Jets when it's close.

as an nfl QB its all about rythymn. QB's strive to find that and carry it thru the game. our coaches are breaking that rythymn with the wildcat and by putting the offense "on ice" for the remainder of the game. it takes points off the board and unnecessarily taxes the Defense. we are afraid of INT's but what about fumbles? just as bad;maybe worse. a long bomb that is INT. is like a punt. downfield passing also opens up your run game.

Mark in Toronto-I agree, last week I refered to the Wildcat as the cooler that ends your hot streak when your on the craps table. The only thing that I see as a positive from that wildcat, is that it makes teams prepare for it. I know this isn't a gimmick, trick play formation, but the other teams in the league look like they have no trouble dealing with it. If we want to get the ball into Ronnies hands more, do it with screens,or routes out of the backfield, or let him punt it. But the wildcat IMO needs to be shot.

When the phins are winning or up at all in a game. Henning plays it really really conservative. He runs like 70% of the time. I just wish he'd notice that the opposing teams recognize this and he would setup audibles for Henne to switch over to when he sees an overloaded rush on a running play

greg, i agree. the philosophy in the first 2 games of playing mistake free offense once up, has allowed the opposing defenses to crowd the line of scrimmage and run blitz like crazy. trying a pass of longer than 3 yards would do wonders for taking the pressure off the qb.

Hotdog Sanchez loves his weiner.


just read about new TE Jeron Mastrud played for KAnsas State pretty good receiving stats

While helping to get us two wins, Dan Henning's "Prevent Offense", much like the prevent defense, sure can help keep the opponent in the game late.

Another reason we win going away. It's the jets against OUR defense in OUR casa with OUR fans going ape. How will the right side of their line do against our rush, How will Snachez do recognizing where our pressure is coming from? There is another defense out there Sunday that is pretty good. Sure the jets scored some points last week, but NE's secondary, and defense as a whole were a question mark all off season, and looked like thei weak link during preseason games. We are a different animal, I hope we come after them like a wild pack of dolphins???? ok, dogs, like a wild pack of dogs. This defense has shown thet can rise up when needed, lets create some turnovers, and make Snachizes life worse then it already is


Great write up. You're getting better. You keep this up and someday you'll be able to do it for a living.

Henne last season completed 32 of 47 passes (68 percent completion) for 353 yards with three touchdowns and zero interceptions in two games.

Good numbers Mando, relevant information too boot? You go Bu-ooyy!

He's in this building every night. He looks at every piece of film. He studies. There's nothing frivolous about Chad Henne when it comes to football. I would think it would be tough to get in that guy's head."

An overall quality write up Armando, with a strong finish. A very pertinent article with good, positive Miami Dolphins information that we can all wrap our heads around and sink our teeth into.

Hows that Armando? Am I trying too hard? I don't sound like a suck up do I?

The reason minnesota went for it on 4th down on their 1st drive was to get up on the phins so that Henne would have to throw to win. As long as we are in the lead we can play conservatively.Which is why the games are so low scoring. If a teams gets up by 2 scores we will see what henne has. This makes me nervous because we don't have a receiver opposite Marshall that if you make a mistake can take it to the house from 70+. Hartline while good is merely a possession receiver. When we play someone on the roster with that ability or next year pick up someone like Desean Jackson or Brandon Tate then we will be scary. Even without Revis the jets are thinking they can shadow marshall and still cover the rest

DD, i agree on your assessment of the Patriots. While they are lethal passing the ball. Their running game completely sucks and so does their defence. Wonder if they would take back the Seymour trade right now although that would be a hard trade to turn down.

Are the Dolphins one of the teams inquiring about V. Jackson? How bout Crowder a 2nd and 4th rd pick for Jackson

beerphn, the dolphins don't have a 2nd pick this year. They would have to get creative in order to get it done. And apprently AJ Smith wants a 2nd and 3rd this year.

Anyone see the ESPN power rankings this week? The Jets are ranked ahead of Miami somehow. Getting 6 first downs in your first game at home obviously doesn't carry a heavy penalty. Sheesh!

I WISH DAN HENNING DIDN'T sound over confident .well he waited 2 years to say such thing .as for armando he really trying but all the info on this article coming from the team and armando just passing it a long .

we need armando's writing of yesterday not armando of today .

p.s....odin ,that was a kiss butt .

Rubedaddy- The cover 2 by nature puts a ton of pressure on 1 the pressure put on the qb, and 2 the ability of the corner backs to cover. This can be a tough nut to crack if these thing happen, because the rest of the defense plays to an area. I think that, and I said this earlier that I think they will need to roll coverage towards Marshall, because he usually has his way with Cromartie, If we use 3 reciever sets, and can get away from max protection on every passing down. There should be open spaces for the recievers, and especially the tight end. Hopefully Marlon Moore is grasping the offense, and gets to see some action. He is the gut that lined up on the same side of Marshall, can help. Inm two ways, He can get deep, 2 he can run interference routes so Marshall can get into the spaces in their zone, either shallow, or deep. Now it's up to Henne to get the ball into the hands of the recievers in stride. There will be some big plays to be had

i'd trade our 1st + 4th and crowder and get back V. Jackson and their 2nd

As good as Henne was good last year in the first game the wildcat was what really killed the Jets. I remember they're all this wild cat thing is not real football

Look closely at Hennings statements about Chad Henne above.

Look at Henne's numbers against one of the top, if not the best defenses in the NFL. Outstanding numbers for a young inexperienced Quarterback!!!!


There were times in the game the pressure came on Chad Henne and he did the right thing ...

He had a chance to have something bad happen to him and did the right thing to avoid that.

And he made some big plays when they were there.

Now, he has all the tools.

He has a tremendous desire to be the best.

He is willing to take the pain of discipline rather than accept the pain of regret later.

Sorry Dan, when you say all these things and then only let the guy throw the ball 15 times in a tight game on the road, you impeach your own credibility.

This is nothing but lip service, blow smoke up someone else's a s s please.

On the other hand Dan, if you truly believe these things you've said, then you impeach your own abilities to carry out your duties and perform your job.

I know senility is a Be-atch Dan, but you can't have your prune juice and drink it too!


Seriously you guys, is it just me or do any of you see a serious SERIOUS problem here?

HENNE AT 600,000 .....AUCTION ,1,2,3


Saw that Mark. But AccuScore has us beating them by 5. They say if we have 100 yards rushing, we have 77% chance of winning. If they hold us to under 100 yds., then they have a 65% chance to win.

So don't let Henning see that, he may only let Henne throw the ball in warm-ups.

if we were to land Jackson we'd be a late draft pick anyways def going deep into playoffs. there isn't much diff between our 1st and last year's second. Trading Crowder would give up the space needed to resign Jackson longterm

How is Osama Bin Edwards allowed to play in this game after being arrested? Is the NFL waiting until Holmes comes back to discipline Edwards? You have to be fair to the Jets, no???

beerphin, what's the point of having 2 $10 million receivers if we shut down the passing game after going up by 7?

There was a deadline yesterday at 7;00pm for any deal involving Jackson.

Nobody bit, it's too late. His agent said he would sit out the season rather than risk injury playing in 6 games to get credit for the season.

Jackson's on the shelf.



HENNE. AT 600,000.........AUCTION

please proof read

Marshall against Cromartie, Might be the most lopsided sporting event since David Slew Goliath Ii mean did you see what the Ravens did to this clown, Sure he had a INT, But was beaten so badly the cops should have been called......

You are correct Mark. If the offense goes up 7 early in the game, and the defense is playing lights out, the coaching staff probably figures why give future opponenets anything new on film unless they need to, lol.

Keeping it vanilla, until you got no choice but chocolate.

UTdolfan, if that what MARK meant,then it make a lot of sense .good job mark .

Are you guys seriously talking about V-Jax? While were at it maybe we can package Fasano and our 4th for Jermichael Finley. Then we can send our 1st this year, 2nd/3rd next year and Ronnie Browns expiring contract for Adrian Peterson. Think Jake Long/Henne and the next 5 1st rounders could land us P Manning?

Henne opens it up this week, offense puts ot together and mauls the Jests, not even close 34-10 Miami

In this pass happy quick scoring NFL you guys think it's prudent to sit on a 7 point lead? Why give future opponents anything new on film?

Are you freaking kidding me?

First, You don't sit on a 7 point lead EVER.

Second, you don't think about next weeks opponent when your nursing a 7 point lead THIS WEEK! OMG, have you ever heard of one game at a time? In this day and age of pairity you can;t afford to look past anyone.

I think I hear Vince Lombardi chuckling in his grave.

Sure let's risk loosing the game so we don't show our hand?

Come on man! You get a two score lead and it changes everything. A three score lead even better. I'm not talking about the obvious. I'm saying this team is perfectly suited to play with a two score lead. We grind the clock as it is. We get a two score lead, there ain't many teams that can catch up with us.

Not only that, a two or three score lead opens up the playbook for Nolan's defense. We can pin our ears back and get after the quarterback.

C'mon Man!

it's nice to see an add for J,JILL on this page instead of the ugly pictures we see for losing weight people .

PS: Aloco,

That's not what Mark meant.

Mark was being sarcastic.

well ,ODIN....YOUR LAST POST killed that idea of sitting pretty on 7-0.

Last year Teddy Ginn was the jet killer. 2 KO returns for TD and took revis deep for another 6. Why trade him for 5 th rounder? His speeed opposite Marshall?

the only way henning will open up the passing game wide open would be if were Down 2 scores... If were up, expect Run,Run,Run! Henning believes why pass when ur up already. i think we have wildcat pass plays and trick plays in the pass game but why expose it when were ahead. i say pass alittle more nomatter the score. but im happy w/ the RunFirst if were up two scores.

in the honor of The memory of TED GINN i declare SUNDAY A TED GINN DAY .

Clee, Ted (Sideline)Ginn is the biggest coward playing in the NFL, The only guy in the 90 year history of the NFL to return 2 K.O for a TD in 1 season but yet was #7 in KO returns last year....Though he did lead the league in running out of bounds,Falling down,and dropped passes....






SundayNight!The Jets Get Spank, In The Fish Tank!!!

I WISH WE had ted ginn.he's the needed remedy right now .we love you ted .

CUBAN, based on the interest in ashley. where did you meet such a nice girl like ashley ?


I agree he is not a first rounder and at 180 lbs he is a coward to concerned with self preservation...however I would have kept him for running reverses, deep routes and KO returns. You have to respect his speed. Brain Hartline is not opening the field for Marshal. Worth more than a 5 th rounder in my opinion.

PS: Odin,

I was being sarcastic, too.

Poking a little fun at their ultra-conservative play calling. No fun watching them begging the opponent to stay in the game.

Clee, The Sidelines are safer with Ted in San fran.... At least Miami's sideline that is...lol

i am who i am and i love my Cuban to death .


My guess is you would have trade Jason allen for a bag of chips a few years ago?

Clee, More then likley, I guess he's just a late blummer....


Great, you were being sarcastic too.

Thanks, way to make me look stupid!

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