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Chad Henne versus Jets: Nails

One of the topics that seems to be constantly on the tongue of fans and media is the progress of quarterback Chad Henne.

The topic matters so much this week because Henne faces perhaps one of the best defenses he will see all year this week when Miami plays the Jets. The Jets have the No. 11 total defense in the NFL right now.

They press up front and play zone behind that. They press up front and play Cover 2 behind that.

They come with multiple fronts and multiple pressures.

And against the chaos Henne last season completed 32 of 47 passes (68 percent completion) for 353 yards with three touchdowns and zero interceptions in two games.

Most importantly, Henne was 2-0 against New York.

"Is there anyone else in the league 2-0?" Offensive coordinator Dan Henning asked rhetorically today. "And one of the best games offensively we've offensively here -- in fact, I would go so far as to say the best game we've had -- was last year. I think it was his third start. He played magnificently ... He played a superb game."

Henning continued: "There were times in the game the pressure came on Chad Henne and he did the right thing ... He had a chance to have something bad happen to him and did the right thing to avoid that. And he made some big plays when they were there. And at the end of the second game, although we didn't have a lot of stats, in the fourth quarter we had a drive for a touchdown to put the game where we up by five."

One of the primary goals of the Jets defense is to get in a QB's head. Henning isn't worried about that with Henne.

"I don't know how far Chad is going to go in this game as a quarterback," Henning said. "Now, he has all the tools. He has a tremendous desire to be the best. He is willing to take the pain of discipline rather than accept the pain of regret later. He's willing to do that. He's in this building every night. He looks at every piece of film. He studies. There's nothing frivolous about Chad Henne when it comes to football. I would think it would be tough to get in that guy's head."

[Update: The Dolphins have claimed TE Mickey Shuler Jr. off waivers from the Minnesota Vikings, according to a club source.]  


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Odin, missed it! Who is the pie holed moron?

Odin, I can specialize in any cases...are you talking about what I investigate.....or do?


Manny Fernandez.

REDSKY is 007

odin ,today you can't have a relationship w/a cheerleader girl and the girls can't have any relationships inside the club or get fired .

p.s .....who's fermandez? when was that ?


Either or?

Tell us what you do and where?

Odin, Aloco....The Miami Herald is saying in today's paper that Revis is NOT playing Sunday. What's your take on this, I haven't read the whole blog today.

Manny Fernandaz was a defensive tackle with the No Name Defense back in the Seventies.

He was on the Super Bowl teams.

His favorite "hobby" was going out in the everglades and wrestling alligators with his bare hands.

True Story.

According to everything I've heard today, Reamis ain't even making the trip.

I think he got a little cold feet thinking about Marshall being due for a big game.

Odin I retired as a Lieutenant in So. Florida, 34 years total, but as a Lt. 11 years in Homicide and 2 years, in domestic crimes/ child abuse/ elderly abuse and missing persons. There's more, I'm still a firearms, defensive tacticts and pursuit driving instructor....and there is more after that...

that's a nice story about fermandez and alligators .1970's was a good time that's when jane fonda made her lose weight tapes .right ?

odin, the Manny Fernandez story is true, so are the Czonka stories, one of Czonks was that he "stubbed" his toe, it swelled, turned black and blue...so he drilled a hole in it to relieve the swelling by letting out the blood. He did not miss a day of play....

you think crowder can do wrestling w/alligators ?


Sounds like a H E L L of a ride. Did 11 years in Homocide "jade" you?

I retired a strung out Bass Player in a rehab center. I was brokedown, dirty, and dressed in rags.

I put my life back together and thanks to royalty checks and the Ford Motor company using our songs in commercials, I'm living a truly blessed life.

Aloco, yes....putz....a nice 1970's story, i just provided another one! LOL. Jerk!

redsky/odin.......do you know of gay players on the old dolphin teams ?

ODIN....NO, not HOMOcide

not homocide! HOMIcide!


NO! Jane Fonda was called Hanoi Jane in the early seveties. She went to NORTH Viet Nam in support of the communist Ho Chi Mihn and protested against the United Staes War there. She was considered a traitor back the.
She "re-invented" herself in the early 80's with that banging Hot A S S and made the video's and most of her movies after that.

Oh God, the memories of her Doggy Style Curves discombobulates me to this DAY!!!!

see Odin, Aloco is going off tangentally!

no aloco, no gays on old dolphins! sorry


Laughter is the only medicine for the spirit. I couldn't resist.

Are you sure Redsky?

I always thought that Garo Yepremian guy looked like he could've had alittle sugar in his tank.

Who's Garo Yepremian ?

Ok,who the most player in fins history who visited the jail cell ?


How old are you?

Garo wore jersey no. 1. He was the dumb a s s kicker that threw the interception to mike Bass in the Super Bowl against Washington.

The bad part about it was that he was the only guy that could stop Bass from taking it back for a TD. Garo chased him down, lined him up, and made the gayest half hearted attempt of a tackle I've ever seen. Bass scored.

JANE FONDA was a person a lot of people respected and still for standing for what she believes in.today all people are salsa .

lol@odin .priceless

Good Evening Dolfans

What Do U Know!


turner can play sunday home .how you like that home ?

Aloco, Are you asking who went to jail the most or for the longest bit?

Longest Bit: Mercury Morriss. Posession of Cocaine with intent to distribute.

As old as Redsky is, he was probably the arresting officer.

that's nice odin but i am asking who's the player who kept going and going and going to jail .

Loose hearted lady sleepy was she
Love for Christ brought her to me
Seeds of a thousand drawn to her sin
Seasons of Wither holdin her in

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Ooh woe is me I feel so sadly for you
In time bound to lose your mind
Live on borrowed time
Take the wind right out of your sails

Fireflies dance in the heat of
Hound dogs that bay at the moon
My ship leaves in the midnight
Can't say I'll be back too son

Home says

Miami Dolphins 2-0

2 To Go!

Miami Dolphins start the 2010 NFL season 4-0

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

well...after THAT play, maybe Garo....


Hope this correspondence finds U doing well



"Love for the Devil"

Seasons of Whither

Aerosmith 1975

Completely Freaking awesome, CLASSIC!!!!

i am fine home .hope you and your kid doing great .

I Say
I Say

Knock off all that long haired hippie Yankee sas
Now Boy!

Miami Dolphins Beat The NY Jets

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****


What do you think of the fact that John Foster Dulles was secretary of stae at the same time that his brother Allen Dulles was director of Central Intelligence agency?


Hope this correspondence finds U doing well

but love for Christ
not the Devil
brought her to me

as Home walks with Christ

So please excuse the abridged lyrics

Re: jailed Dolphins....
Eugene "Mercury" Morris: retired from Miami Dolphins, drug trafficking, 20 years (conviction overturned - reached plea bargain and released after serving 3 years)

in today world you meet a 1000 person and they all the same but there's only on home who has style of his own that screams of true love to all .

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Chad Henne played in the orange jersey
Night game
Gainst the Jets

So Does Home ...

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Home, if you are a quotin' Gene Autrey, gibe him credit!

meant GIVE, not gibe....


Not a problem.

Abridged lyrics don't bother me at all.

Matter of fact, after enough Rum and Cokes, abridged lyrics is all you get out of me;)

See Ya @ the Game

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

lol @ Odin
Fellow Pirate

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Misi is pretty cool, Huh!


Did you know that Joe Perry actually plays the Bass track on back in the saddle?

Definitely one of my all time favorites.

Homes has taste in Music!

Let the Music
Do the Talking

Joe Perry Project

i enjoy reading these lyrics a lot .



Pretty cool? I think that might be an understatement.
The feature of him on playbook had better angles of him. He looked like a straight up beast on there. He was throwing 350lb Bryant McKinnie around like a punk.


Did U hear?

There is a "New Marshall" in town for the season opener



Let`s enjoy the game

Eh Dolfans!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

no one else could come up w/(( new marshall )) in town but home .


I actually handed Joe Perry a Heineken one time when I was working as a roadie.

He was opening up for Alice Cooper, who I also got to meet.

The Joe Perry Project did the baddesy a s s e d version of Heartbreak Hotel I've ever heard.

He was telling the audience to scream loud on it because it was going to be on an upcoming album. It never did make any of their albums, but still it was an awesome night.

Rock On Odin & Enjoy the Most Awesome Win Sun Night


Peace, Love and Birth Control

Local Dolfan


Dominant defense is dolphin's key vs jets .

talking about nolan and dansby exceeding expectations ...read it .

good night to all


I'm going to do just that.

For now, I'm having a night cap and M O L E S T I N G my Stratocaster for awhile!!!!


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