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Chad Henne versus Jets: Nails

One of the topics that seems to be constantly on the tongue of fans and media is the progress of quarterback Chad Henne.

The topic matters so much this week because Henne faces perhaps one of the best defenses he will see all year this week when Miami plays the Jets. The Jets have the No. 11 total defense in the NFL right now.

They press up front and play zone behind that. They press up front and play Cover 2 behind that.

They come with multiple fronts and multiple pressures.

And against the chaos Henne last season completed 32 of 47 passes (68 percent completion) for 353 yards with three touchdowns and zero interceptions in two games.

Most importantly, Henne was 2-0 against New York.

"Is there anyone else in the league 2-0?" Offensive coordinator Dan Henning asked rhetorically today. "And one of the best games offensively we've offensively here -- in fact, I would go so far as to say the best game we've had -- was last year. I think it was his third start. He played magnificently ... He played a superb game."

Henning continued: "There were times in the game the pressure came on Chad Henne and he did the right thing ... He had a chance to have something bad happen to him and did the right thing to avoid that. And he made some big plays when they were there. And at the end of the second game, although we didn't have a lot of stats, in the fourth quarter we had a drive for a touchdown to put the game where we up by five."

One of the primary goals of the Jets defense is to get in a QB's head. Henning isn't worried about that with Henne.

"I don't know how far Chad is going to go in this game as a quarterback," Henning said. "Now, he has all the tools. He has a tremendous desire to be the best. He is willing to take the pain of discipline rather than accept the pain of regret later. He's willing to do that. He's in this building every night. He looks at every piece of film. He studies. There's nothing frivolous about Chad Henne when it comes to football. I would think it would be tough to get in that guy's head."

[Update: The Dolphins have claimed TE Mickey Shuler Jr. off waivers from the Minnesota Vikings, according to a club source.]  


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Mark, all stocks are doing well ,nflx,googl,aapl,pcln .....all but who knew that would happen .i am going to short when the time comes .

gold the ticker (gold was 87 10 days ago and now is 103 ,it's a scary market .i can't buy any thing to fall down in a hurry and can't short b/c they come up w / bougs numbers every day .

ok, but i definitely would not short gold. ur right on that

Never seen Utdolfan here before, but "Prevent Offense" is a pretty apt description. Clearly knows his Henning. . .
I think we do see some Wildcat Sunday, though, like it or not. And I see that as potentially a good thing if it doesn't kill the offensive rhythm. I think it was well used against the Vikings, and could come in handy against the Jets. It's smashmouth our guys against your guys football--exactly what we need Sunday night.

Mark,was nice talking to you ...later

It's usually at this time of year that the FAN in me starts to blind me from objective analysis.

I'm nust looking for anyones opinion on Benny Sapp.

When we signed him people were saying he's a liability in coverage, but solid on Corner Blitzes.

Does anyone have an opinion on Sapps play thus far?

lot of good pre-drinking thoughts and comments today guys! i'm going to kick back and enjoy them, thanks.

saw a tackle from Sapp against Vikes. didn't get burnt. Camarillo didn't do much against us, either,so it may have been an okay trade after all.

Benny Sapp has been good playing the slot. We don't ask him to do much and frees up Sean Smith to cover TE's. Definitely better than Nolan Carrol right now. I think the trade was shrewd.

The NFL is largely driven by revenues, which is driven by ratings, which is driven by competetive games and playoff implications.

Therefore, the corrupt powers that be will not allow this big tv rating rivalry get to far apart in the standings. Therefore, the Dolphins will not be allowed to go up 3wins/0losses with a head to head win over the Jets. Therefore, the fix will be in for the Jets to win this game in order to keep parady in the division. Thereby preserving the teams tv ratings. ...Happens every time.

Mark, Back then Miami had NO defense, never had a 1000 yd rusher either. Miami can open up the offense with much more passing (look at the jets last week for example) if we do not open the offense we WILL lose this game. Ronnie/Ricky will not be able to gain any substantial yards against Jet D.

Open up or die running

Wasn't Sapp in position for a possible pick-6 in the Buff game?

Where in NC? Have a lot of family there.

The NFL is largely driven by revenues, which is driven by ratings, which is driven by competetive games and playoff implications.

Therefore, the corrupt powers that be will not allow this big tv rating rivalry get to far apart in the standings. Therefore, the Dolphins will not be allowed to go up 3wins/0losses with a head to head win over the Jets. Therefore, the fix will be in for the Jets to win this game in order to keep parady in the division. Thereby preserving the teams tv ratings. ...Happens every time.

UT, I was right there in Buffalo and Sapp did miss the pick 6 and later Allen missed a pick 6 no further than 25 ft of where I was. One of those 2 would have put the game away right there and then.

I'm getting the same feeling about Sapp as I am Jason Allen. I'm not even talking about one being as good as the other. Just overall cautious optimism with both of them.
Other than two times when Allen lost his footing(one time in each game that I saw)he's been flat out balling. I never thought I would ever consider using the word lockdown and Jason Allen in the same sentence, Ha! I just did.
Seriously though, with the emergence of Allen and Clemons, solid play from Sapp and Sean Smith going one on one with TE's this secondary just keeps looking better and better.

Is it just me? Is it the heat of battle blinding me? Everybody has been talking alot about the front seven, but this secondary, as a unit is starting look lights out too me.

PS: Sanchez should prove to be an easy mismatch to these guys!

Re The Wildcat: I was iffy about it too; but then I heard Dilfer explain how Def's view it last season.
Def players are programmed for gaps and assignments and the Wildcat shreds ALL THAT INSTINCTIVE action. So for a split second , and that's all it takes in the NFL, we have sort of an extra advantage. I'm convinced.

The NFL is largely driven by revenues, which is driven by ratings, which is driven by competetive games and playoff implications.

Therefore, the corrupt powers that be will not allow this big tv rating rivalry get to far apart in the standings. Therefore, the Dolphins will not be allowed to go up 3wins/0losses with a head to head win over the Jets. Therefore, the fix will be in for the Jets to win this game in order to keep parady in the division. Therefore preserving these teams tv ratings. ...Happens every time.

The secondary is playing very well. Allen & Vontae are a great pair right now. If Smith can keep improving and locking down TE's, it'll free up Dansby & Bell to Blitz.

Let's face it, Cam Wake should get alot of props for how the secondary is playing. Cam seems to ALWAYS get pressure. All he needs to do is get close, make the qb step & lose rythm and alot of passes will be off target. We've seen that alot. If they double Wake, which I'm sure the Jets will do, Dansby and the blitz comes from the other side.

That helps the secondary more than anything. Not having to cover for too long. In the NFL, someone will always be open if the QB has all day to throw.

Odin, these young DBs have stepped up huge so far this year. Vontae has taken the next step and will be in Hawaii, uhm, wherever they play the pro bowl this year. Allen looks at the very least like a very good NFL corner, and Clemons has been a very effective tackler. Sapp and Bell have continued their steady veteran leader's role. Even Sean Smith had every reason to go into the crapper with the terrible pre season he had but he came back hard last week and put the team first. It could not have gone any better for these guys.


I know you had to be thinking you were gonna be celebrating six points for the Phins on that play.

Jason Allen sure held onto the ball the next three chances he got. I know only two in the books, but he didn't drop em against the Vikes.

OK, Swami, we get it. The fix is in. Just out of curiosity, how exactly does the fix get "IN"?

When I used to coach Pop Warner football, I used to tell my kids the same thing I had heard Don Shula once say:

Good teams overcome bad officiating!

Seriously though, I'm sure your argument is sound. Parity definitely helps revenue and ratings. Tell us how you think they do it?


I found that escapee you told me about last night.

He was hiding in the bottom of an empty beer can this morning :)

UT, for sure on jason Allen. Vontae is already getting that "let's not throw to his side" treatment so that means he will have to keep it up. Chances for 4 picks in 2 games tells me he's doing a lot right though.


I have to agree,we have to give credit to Wake and the pressure up front.

Ultimately though, I think we have to reserve the highest praise for Nolan. He's already proven that he knows how to utilize his weapons and get guys in the best possible position to suceed.

The move that surprised me the most and one that I strongly doubted at first: Starting Allen. But wait, there's more! He follows this up with putting Smith on the TE's. Brilliant!

I don't know exactly how to sum up Nolan, but I can say this: Watching his defense beats the h e l l out of watching JT playing STRONGSIDE LINEBACKER!

Seriously, I finished up my last job of the week and the clock is running slow.

I got some college games to watch tomorrow, but even the thought of that isn't helping much. Actually, I'm getting tired of talking about it. I'm tired of hearing about it. It's time to be about it. I can't stand it!

Seriously, I'm thinking about turning my Pit Bull loose on something. I want to tip over some tables, break some glass!

I want to punch a wet fan right in his FAT F O C K I N G FACE!!!!


Odin, i'm looking forward to the ARK ALA game tomorrow. I firmly believe Ryan Mallett is the best QB in college who's game most easily transfers to the NFL. I want to see what he does against Saban's crew.


Is this the same Mallet that played at Michigan as a Freshman?

It's probably a dumb question because I'm almost sure it is. Anyway, if it is, I remember him coming of the bench as a true Freshman and thinking, here we go, heres the next Great Michigan quarterback.

He was extremely raw at the time, but you could tell he had all the tools. He plays with attitude and toughness. AS A FRESHMAN he had the "Swagger".

PS: I always root for whoever Saban's crew plays-LOL!

Odin, me too. F**K Saban.

And yes it is the same Ryan Mallett. He's put it all together at Arkansas. I think Buffalo is thrwoing their whole season just to get this guy. At 6'5 and a gunslinger's arm and mentality - he will be a great one.

This game is also a match up of the 2 coaches who are public enemy #1 in different NFL cities. Petrino in ATL, Saban in MIA.

They might have been quiffs as NFL coaches but they surely can coach and recruit in college.

Mark/Odin, two words Denard Robinson. He's the next Pat White (love him in college, doubt his game will transfer to the NFL as a QB).

Also, just FYI, the wife went to a dinner this past weekend and sat at a table with the head of the Players Association (forgot his name). Anyway, she picked his brain, asked him (privately, but not that private guys, this is my wife we're talking about), what the chances were for a lockout next year. He said 99%, it's pretty much a done deal.

So, we should all be under the assumption that there will be no football in 2011 (unless it's with scrubs), or at least for a portion of the season.

That means we need to go for broke this year. I'm glad we have a young team though, most should still be viable in 2 years.

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

DC, I think the biggest issue with Denard is what happens to Tate Forcier. Denard may be the relevant college QB but Tate has a chance to be a high 1st round pick. He has to transfer out from Michigan.

Just one question though, if he transfers now, can he play right away next year because he hasn't played this year or does he have to sit out a full year?

Just got up and kicked the copier! That's what happens when I hear the words...Nick Saban! Just like Office Space, "it's good to be a gangsta!"

Mark, not sure. I think he can play (he's a sophmore, right?). I heard he will transfer (especially if Denard keeps winning). No way they go to Tate in that case.

Yes, DC, he is a sophomore. I hope he doesn't have to sit out. The one year sit our rule for transfers is just dumb and should be done away with.

Don't think Tate is big enough for the NFL as a quarterback. I do agree he will transfer from Michigan if Denard keeps being Denard! Which Tate will only start if Denard gets hurt and I sure don't want that to happen. Also, Denard seems totally like a team guy, which makes me think if he gets to the NFL he will play any and all positons his team needs him to play!

Ahhh Odinseye...what a wise name.

The Swami says, there are many ways to put the fix in. Shady officiating, fumbles, picks, timely penalties and playcalling. ...To name a few. The Swami is not a conspiracy theorist but a realist. Do not blame the messenger.
But beware the powers that be.

mark, your comment about expendable players is a farce. Maybe you forget the so called expendable player known as WES WELKER!!! If you think Bess is expendable then when he goes to a team that passes the rock, you'll be saying "why can't we get players like that!" yes I think Bess is becoming the forgotten man but still is second in receptions right now. Marshall gets most of the throws as he should for the money invested, but I think Bess is a keeper.

As much as we hope Henne becomes an elite NFL QB for us, he is very far from it at this point and appears to be lagging in progress. Maybe the coaches' handling of him is a big part of the problem but maybe they are also doing the right thing to keep him from turning over the ball like he had done in the past. I for one am not sold on him, I foresee a much better starting QB (Pennington) either by the end of the season or an all new QB from elsewhere in pre-season next yr.

Also I see Henne as the weak link of our offense that may end up holding us back overall. Do we want to spend all this time developing him when we are capable of winning big now with a proven, quality QB? You have to strike while the iron is hot! In the NFL you only have small windows of opportunity to "make it happen."

Pppnlnlmurbctoi Yiohkbpppxpphhvybuch

First of all you doofin writers keep leaving out how awful henne was in the second game,why is that? he had like 50 passing yards and the doofins scored all thier points on special teams.
Doofin awfulence had 104 total yds and 10 pts 3-13 third down coversions, while the jets where 10-13 on third downs and 272 yds and all thier points were scored on offense. 23
So you got all wrong! heene and marshall are going to suddenly come "alive" they couldn't score on either buffalo or minnesota. Marshall was shutout in both games. Wit da 27th ranked awfulence against the 11 th ranked defense you won't score more than 10 pts

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