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Cutdown day arrives, players depart

Coach Tony Sparano will speak to the media in about an hour and he may or may not announce all of Miami's roster moves today. [Update 2:30: Sparano's presser has been postponed to Sunday. It makes sense because as you will read further on down the team is making cuts today but today's 53 may not necessarily be the 53 that goes into Buffalo week.]

This is what we know so far:

Pat White has been cut, Parick Turner has been cut, J.D. Folsom has been cut, Austin Spitler has been cut, Ryan Baker has been cut, Donald Thomas has been cut, Montavious Stanley has been cut. Baker, Spitler and Turner are practice squad eligible.

Others likely to get the axe in the coming minutes include Lionel Dotson and Andrew Gardner. Rolly Lumbala, Julius Pruitt, Erick Walden, Kevin Hobbs and Ross Weaver also have reason to worry about job security today.

The defensive line will likely be Jared Odrick, Kendall Langford, Randy Starks, Paul Soliai, Tony McDaniel, Charles Grant, and Marques Douglas. By the way, do not be surprised if either Douglas or Grant aren't on the team on Monday. I'm told the club will be searching the waiver wire and other sources for a younger defensive end to replace one of these veterans. The idea is to have a player that can be a contributor beyond one season. Grant and Douglas are likely one-year contributors. Obviously, this will depend on Miami's ability to find better, younger players on the market.

The Dolphins will keep three quarterbacks -- Chad Henne, Chad Pennington and Tyler Thigpen -- barring a last-second trade offer from some team.

Benny Sapp, acquired from the Minnesota Vikings two weeks ago, makes the team. Pat McQuistan, acquired from the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday, makes the team.

The club is expected to keep Lydon Murtha.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, are not interested in T.J. Houshmandzadeh, according to a source. Houshmandzadeh has been cut by the Seattle Seahawks.

Watch the tight end situation closely. I'm hearing that David Martin is on the outs and John Nalbone will make the team. The Martin portion makes sense because if he is on the roster the first week of the season, his entire salary is guaranteed. The Dolphins probably do not wish to do that.

Again, the Dolphins won't necessarily go with only two tight ends. The waiver wire may add a player at that position. It is also possible Martin gets re-signed after the first week of the season.

[Update 3:25: Martin has indeed been cut, according to his agent.]


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I just don't want Pat White to go another team and play well.

Good riddance pat white, too bad turner didnt turn out better than advertised on paper---Bring on the Billies.

I feel bad for Donald Thomas -- he showed flashes of being a solid pro before getting injured about 47 different times.


gotta make you wonder about the obvious misses on early round picks by our GM jeff ireland.

i think tony sparano conference is sunday at 3pm.

i hope we get to keep ryan baker on the practice squad. he's a 3-4 defensive end with a motor(hard to find!).

Trifecta's draft record

1: Long (very good, not great)
2: Merling (bust)
2: Henne (?)

1: Davis (physical corner, nothing special)
2: White (bust)
2: Smith (average, wouldn't start with a healthy Allen)
3: Turner (bust)

1: Odrick (see Merling)
2: Misi (obviously not a difference maker)

Worse, our OL is still a mess, altough is the most expensive in NFL history.
Our OL is Long (1st round pick), Carey (was there before the Trifecta) and 3 other guys.
OL was supposed to be Sparano's specialty. They haven't been able to develop one single player on the OL. They had to ship a draft pich from their 4th draft (2011) to get who? Mc Quistan?

Oiur roster is weak. Trifecta is a joke. Parcells was a good coach, he's not a good personnel guy. Sparano is a line coach, not a head coach. Ireland is Mr Overpay.

Seriously, let's get rid of those guys.

Too bad they whiffed on those picks last year but if the undrafted guys are that much better, all the power to them. Every GM will whiff on picks every year; it is when they keep them BECAUSE they drafted them that is the biggest mistake.

So long as the phins get better.

Picks get missed on, you move on.

Yann, get some glasses and a brain.

we cant seem to give henne enough time to find a receiver so we're panicking. got rid of justin smiley who could pass protect. he blocked his guy and jakes guy all last year.

To combine a couple of the posts here I don't feel bad for Thomas at all, he didn't improve. I do feel bad for White who was a tremendous college player. I hope he finds great success at his next stop.

Also to Dave Wannstedt's Mustache, can you come over? We are cleaning our house this weekend and we could use a broom around here:).


You cant judge Odrick and Misi yet, give them a season first, Henne needs to show considerable improvement from last year now that hes the CLEAR CUT starter. Smith Could be the next bust to go if he doesnt improve this year. Davis pick looking to be better than most pickups in trifecta yrs. Long is very GOOD and has the potential to be elite!!!

What's wrong withT.J. Houshmandzadeh? We can get him for nothing-he's guaranteed $7 million from Seattle.

We can't draft + miss on free agents-hen is this going to get better?


look at all these tuna picks failing

this year is going to be a disaster.

Oh now how could this be to the Dolphin bashers, only Miami misses ?....

Falcons waived CB Chevis Jackson.

The Falcons admit that they made a mistake with their third-round pick in 2008. Jackson has struggled badly to get on the field and struggled to cover in open spaces. The solid tackler will surely get another chance.

A draft bust ? Say it aint so all you fake Dolphin fans on here !

The Cardinals have told Matt Leinart they will release him today, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

A 4th rounder blown by the ravens, mind boggling !!!

Ravens placed OL David Hale (bruised tailbone) on injured reserve, ending his season.

Hale is a former fourth-round OT that was moved to center. Matt Birk continues to hold down that spot well for the Ravens

Mel Kiper,

Whats the scouting report on WR Mike Clayton?

He was cut today.

Clayton hasn't done squat in years.

A blown 5th by the giants, e-gads !

Giants waived QB Rhett Bomar.

It's a bad sign for Bomar that he couldn't step up when Jim Sorgi went down. The Giants traded for Sage Rosenfels and clearly don't even see Bomar as a long-term project. Bomar was the Giants' fifth-round pick in 2009.

How dare the titans blow a 6th this year !

Titans waived S Myron Rolle.

It will be interesting to see if the Rhodes Scholar clears waivers. He was originally projected as an early-round pick before turning forty times in the 4.6 - 4.8 range at the Combine.

Vikes blow a 6th.

Vikings waived CB DeAndre Wright.

It's a bad sign that for Wright that he can't make it on the corner-needy Vikings. The 2009 sixth-rounder won't garner too much interest on the open market.

Pats blow a 7th

Patriots waived QB Zac Robinson.

The seventh-round pick this season is a practice squad candidate if he clears waivers. The highly-athletic former Oklahoma State standout would probably have a better shot at sticking in the NFL if he switched positions.

you're forgetting bust in waiting 1st round pick Vernon Gholston for the jets as well

Dear Mr. Salguero

I always thought seeing Mel Kiper meant 6 more weeks of winter...whats gives...is this Haarp related ?

Soiled :)

Another blown pick this year, bad bengals.

Bengals waived WR Dezmon Briscoe.

A sixth-round pick this April, Briscoe has good size, great hands, and is coming off a big preseason finale. He'll generate some interest on waivers.

The disease is catching a blown 4th by the saints !

Saints waived S Chip Vaughn.

A fourth-round pick in the 2009 draft, Vaughn was a disappointment in 2010 camp after missing his rookie season due to a knee injury. At 221 pounds with 4.5 speed, the Saints were hoping he'd emerge as a core special teamer.

Mel Kiper,

Are you saying Clayton needs to do more squats? Weak legs huh?

Now lets cut McCoy and Crowder and we'll be set at LB.

DA bears blowed DA 3rd rounder !

Bears informed WR Juaquin Iglesias of his release.

Sam Bradford's No. 1 receiver in college didn't show too poorly in the preseason, so Iglesias figures to be snapped up on waivers by a receiver-needy team like St. Louis (where Bradford just so happens to have landed). Iglesias does not lack the skill set to play in the slot in a West Coast offense.


watch it, homes lurking and it wont much care for haarp related jokes when it comes to his ranting of bad draft picks and pats/jets loving!!!

Yikes, a #1 pick given up, who you gonna call , the fake Dolphin fans !

NFL Network's Jason La Canfora reports that the Broncos are shopping CB Alphonso Smith.

A tough mistake to admit. After trading a 2010 first-round pick to select Smith 37th overall in the 2009 draft, the Broncos are reportedly seeking just a fifth-rounder in return. They probably won't get it. Players exchanged for fifth-rounders of late include Santonio Holmes, Josh Wilson, Ted Ginn, Tony Scheffler, and Josh Wilson. All are impact players. Smith is not.

#1 bust, how could this be ? Any answer fake Dolphin fans ?

Titans coach Jeff Fisher threatened Friday to deactivate Kenny Britt on game days if he doesn't get his head on straight mentally.

"If I suspect there’s issues, he is not part of the 45 (-man roster)," said Fisher. "...If I suspect there would be a problem, we have other receivers I’ll play instead of Kenny." Britt should be active versus Oakland for the opener, but he won't remotely be a fantasy option after an awful preseason. He won't start, and Fisher could play Lavelle Hawkins over him.

Mel, you're awesome, my man

odinseye: (@ 2:52 PM)

Its Weird....
Clayton was Very Good during his first year with the Buccaneers.

...Everything on the Football field went to Sh%t once he got Married!

Mel Kiper, what are you saying*lol*

Miami has the worst front office EVER according to certian ADD members of society that will go unnamed!!

Oh oh, 9ers blowed a 4th on Wallace !

49ers waived C Cody Wallace

Wallace was the 107th overall pick in 2008, but may not even get claimed off waivers after practicing so poorly in San Francisco. Wallace was never even in the mix to replace Eric Heitmann when Heitmann fractured his leg in camp.

Mel Kiper Imposter,

You're not copy and pasting from someone's Tweeter tweets are you?


Not the 9ers fault, this was a 3rd rnd bust of the steelers, they waived him the year they took him, shockingly terrible of them !

49ers informed OLB Bruce Davis of his release.

Pat White made 2.4 million guaranteed money from the Dolphins
Dolphin coaches destroyed all of his mechanics and tried to make Pat White a 6.4 prototypical NFL QB

Took the gloves off him
U know the ones SB winner and future HOF QB Kurt Warner wears

Changed his throwing style

Took away his instinctive plays and inserted him in the game again and again @ the wrong time

Then they cut their 2nd round pick of only one year ago

I Think Not

Pat White will flourish with the Patriots and Bellicheat

Trifecta looking stupider every day with their team that is not even close to ready for regular season

Also gave away their 3rd round pick after Not playing him and HC Sparano admitting he made a mistake by Not game planning Pat Turner in hius rookie year

This year they had Thigpen throw 3 footballs behind Turner at his ankles (Great Job, Jack@sses)
2 catchable balls Turner caught for 34 and 29 yds in 2 preseason games

Turner is developing fine and mark my words will flourish if U dont throw the ball at the ankles of a 6.5 WR that catch balls at 11 feet high

Donald Thomas was an animal that could pancake anyone(biggest guns on the team)but the Dolphins coaching could not develop him either

Finally in round 7 the TriFlunka takes ...
wait for it ... another worthless LB
his name was Spit and he was cut today
great job picking
By the way 260 lb TE Anthony McCoy was available at 7th round
Excellent Hands,Excellent Blocking,Great Stiif Arm and converted WR now will be playing with Seattle
Oh and we have ...F#@!# joke Nalbone

and dont forget bout that great sean smith pick

Go Patriots!

Mel Kiper,

That's all kool. We're getting the point.

Now tell us about some good OT's and CB's that were on the bubble and got cut today.

Look at here, hom-0 has arrived, guess it got tired of posting on other blog, realized noone was paying attention....Attention deficit disorder will cause it to get antsy!!!

Look For Pat(TKO)White to be picked up by the Browns,Not the cleveland browns, But the UPS Brown.....What can Brown do for you??????

wait so has pat white officially been cut yet?

Other teams blew draft picks too? Great news Mel.
Makes me feel really better about us.

What did the Trifecta get for Matt Roth?

KR & #2 WR Ted Ginn?

Pat White?
D Thomas?
Pat Turner?


Dolphins have nothing but B-Marsh
and got his money & honey

Patriots have been way better than Miami for years and years and years

BP is senile
Irelands looking for a hooker and Sparano cannot make his mind up he cuts all his draft picks in year two

squish the fish!

Patriots draft busts.

1. Daniel Graham
2. Benjamin Watson
3. Laurence Maroney
4. Bethel Johnson
5. Chad Jackson
6. Terrence Wheatley
7. Kareem Brown
8. Rich Ohrnberger
9. Rich Ohrnberger

I'm getting tired and I can keep going.

The Donald Thomas cut makes no sense.

Why do u think the patriots always trade down for more picks the following year in drafts, so they get take on more flunkys for the following years fallout bunch!!!

The Patriots won 3 Super Bowls and went 16-0

Dolphin Suck

and 5 of the former Dolphin players already gave the fish the finger in photo after winning Super Bowl

Now the 2 Pats will prob win a Super Bowl with the Patriots and Dolphins with no QB, No O-line, No STs, No secondary will pro go 4 -12

Sparano fired next year

Dexter, he stunk, sense it !

Mel Kiper,

You know that thing you wear on your head?


We need an offensive tackle and/or guard and a CB. What's the word on the waiver wire Mel?

The CRAPFECTA strikes again. Are you kidding me? One year and their 2nd and 3rd round picks gone? Sean Smith will be next no doubt about it. Looking forward to watching this douche get torched over and over in Buffalo.

7 picks in the top two rounds over the past two years and you can't make a case that any of them are top echelon players outside of Long.

Fat Bill was done in the 90's. At least you losers have a big time cheerleader in coach Sparano. No one, and I mean no one, gives a better field goal fist pump in the NFL. Be proud.

Parcells bought the groceries and .....
Dinner Sucks

H E L P !!



Home-o. pats went 16-0 ? What'd that get them ? The biggest choke label ever !!!!

Ha ha ha ha 16-0, where the ring ?????

Ha ha ha, pathetic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never mind, I misread. I was almost sure that they were gonna keep turner. By the way Yann, Jake Long is great he is a top 3 LT with Ryan Clady and Joe Thomas, Vontae Davis is more than just a physical corner, Jared Odrick has looked great in preseason so far, Koa Misi has looked solid, John Jerry has looked good, and you are forgetting about third and fourth round picks Kendall Langford, our starting DE, and Brian Hartline, our starting WR. By the way guys, stop whining about Spitler, he was a seventh round pick and seventh round picks usually don't even make the team.

Henne had bout 100 yds and stalled drives that resulted in incompletions and Ints in the end zone

Henne Sucks

Chad Pennington is way better

Remind me again, did the pasties give the finger to miami after winning the SB while going 16-0 that year*lol* o yea, i forgot, i believe it was everyone else including the NY Giants who gave the Up Yours salute to belecheat and the pats so called dynasty and guess what, they havent been back since!!!

and when you say Miami you're talking SUper Bowl .... BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

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