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Cutdown day arrives, players depart

Coach Tony Sparano will speak to the media in about an hour and he may or may not announce all of Miami's roster moves today. [Update 2:30: Sparano's presser has been postponed to Sunday. It makes sense because as you will read further on down the team is making cuts today but today's 53 may not necessarily be the 53 that goes into Buffalo week.]

This is what we know so far:

Pat White has been cut, Parick Turner has been cut, J.D. Folsom has been cut, Austin Spitler has been cut, Ryan Baker has been cut, Donald Thomas has been cut, Montavious Stanley has been cut. Baker, Spitler and Turner are practice squad eligible.

Others likely to get the axe in the coming minutes include Lionel Dotson and Andrew Gardner. Rolly Lumbala, Julius Pruitt, Erick Walden, Kevin Hobbs and Ross Weaver also have reason to worry about job security today.

The defensive line will likely be Jared Odrick, Kendall Langford, Randy Starks, Paul Soliai, Tony McDaniel, Charles Grant, and Marques Douglas. By the way, do not be surprised if either Douglas or Grant aren't on the team on Monday. I'm told the club will be searching the waiver wire and other sources for a younger defensive end to replace one of these veterans. The idea is to have a player that can be a contributor beyond one season. Grant and Douglas are likely one-year contributors. Obviously, this will depend on Miami's ability to find better, younger players on the market.

The Dolphins will keep three quarterbacks -- Chad Henne, Chad Pennington and Tyler Thigpen -- barring a last-second trade offer from some team.

Benny Sapp, acquired from the Minnesota Vikings two weeks ago, makes the team. Pat McQuistan, acquired from the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday, makes the team.

The club is expected to keep Lydon Murtha.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, are not interested in T.J. Houshmandzadeh, according to a source. Houshmandzadeh has been cut by the Seattle Seahawks.

Watch the tight end situation closely. I'm hearing that David Martin is on the outs and John Nalbone will make the team. The Martin portion makes sense because if he is on the roster the first week of the season, his entire salary is guaranteed. The Dolphins probably do not wish to do that.

Again, the Dolphins won't necessarily go with only two tight ends. The waiver wire may add a player at that position. It is also possible Martin gets re-signed after the first week of the season.

[Update 3:25: Martin has indeed been cut, according to his agent.]


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Sean Smith is the speaking voice for the failed Miami Dolphins

Nuff said LMAO!!!!

Go Patriots!

Damn Home,I thought Turner was a shoe in.

All roads go through Foxboro
Home of the 2009 AFC EAST Champions

Turner will be scoring TDs against Sean Smith soon
Like everyday in practice

Dolphins 4-12

Both Bills QBs are playing better than Henne.

im an idiot, everything is worthless, hell im a worthless person. Wheres my milk bottle at?


I'm not positive, but I think I coined the phrase "field goal fist pump" and I must say, I like the way you use it.

His offseason condition shows. I actually seen him get a little air during his fist pump last Thursday.

We're very proud of Tony here in Miami.

home said Patrick Turner would make the team

home guranteed this

now home wants to be a patriots fan?

go home

LT is playing much better for the NY JETs than
Ronnie Brown the dancer is playing for the fish.

Can somebody bring me my damn milk bottle PLEASE

'Off-Season Fist Pump' Conditioning.

LMFAO !!!!!

Pat White will be running the Wild Pat for the AFC East Champion Patriots running right by Sean Smith for another TD

Miami 4-12
Sparano fired

Brady or Henne

Hmmmm ...

What about his first down cheer? Could you critique the form please and comment on how this will perhaps provide increased motivation to the players. Its hard to find much fault in it, but I am slightly concerned he might knock his sunglasses off inadvertently.

this just in

Parcells is senile
Sparano really is blind
Ireland in jail arrested at prostitution sting

2 Pats win Super Bowl with the Pats

Im just playing with you guys, Pat white sucks and turner was never that good. Comparisons to my wifes performances and sh!tty Pat whites throwing Performences are completely exagerated.


His first down cheer is adequate, though I am looking forward to seeing improvement.

Sources close to the team have informed me that he has been working on a leg kick to go along with his fist pump. Adding, this "double move" will be strictly limited to 3rd down conversion cheers.

Nalbone over Martin because of a guaranteed salary in an uncapped year? Nalbone is a warm body at best. Martin is a fine receiver (and better blocker than Nalbone) that makes Fasano into a good player. They need martin. Nalbone is either the #3 TE or is waived and resigned to the PS (if he makes it - which he should because, well...he isn't very good).

White and Turner being gone is better for them and us.

To dump Thomas when the O-Line is thin portends another acquisition in addition to Braveheart McQuistan (perhaps tackle/guard Stacy Andrews as he is on the outs in Philly?)

Shhh guys, Armando snuck me in to the news conference

Jimmy Jam,

Using the word perhaps makes you sound sophisticated.

Let me try it:

Perhaps you'd like to elaborate a little more on Stacy Andrews?

Why is David Martin on the outs?? They just recently signed the guy and he could be the deep threat tight end that the Fins need.. What gives??


Tony's presser won't be until Sunday.

Nalbone over Martin?

Armando Quick get Tony some pizzas and Ireland a couple of hookers. Oh, and get Hennings......ah..........I don't know, a rubic's cube or something.

These guys must be distracting Bill.

I know the trifecta are going to get RIPPED for the Turner pick last year but the reality is in the draft, come the third round they decided they needed a wide receiver. It could have been that there were other guys they wanted that got snapped up before they picked. I know they liked Brandon Tait(not sure if he was still there or not). So rather than not pick anyone they took a WR in Turner and it turns out he wasn't the guy. So it was a bad call....move on. The two kids they kept over him, Moore and Wallace look like the real deal. Time will tell. Ad I know you guys will hate to hear it but I'm scared sh*tless that Pat White will end up in New England or somewhere else and flourish. Time will tell....

Bradshaw wishes Rex Ryan would shut up

"He doesn't even play, so it's easy for him to shoot his mouth off," Bradshaw told television station KTBS. "He doesn't make a tackle. He doesn't run a ball. He doesn't make a catch or throw a ball. He just sits over there. Unfortunately, I don't think his players are quite as strong-minded as he is."

Bradshaw, a Hall of Fame quarterback who won four Super Bowls with the Pittsburgh Steelers, didn't express much confidence that Mark Sanchez could handle it, either. Bradshaw at least was sympathetic to what the young quarterback is dealing with.

"He's putting a lot of pressure on his young quarterback," Bradshaw said of Ryan. "If they can't run the ball, they're going to have to throw it, and they can't pass protect.

"He'll shut up real quick. You know what? I don't like guys like that, OK?"

Now Rex cant invite him to his pre super bowl bash celebration next thursday night @ Outbacks famous steakhouse.

I don't know if that was Home that posted all that but if it was F u, we will see

We have to wait to see what happens in the first three games of the regular season. However this regime is not looking good regarding the draft. Pat White and Patrick Turner are two obvious busts. I would keep and eye on Sean Smith because he may have to be replaced by Will Allen when he is healthy. This regime could have used the two 2nd round busts (Turner and White) to draft a good receiving tight end or a wide out to stretch the field. I would question this regimes ability to draft at the skill positions.

Donald Thomas cut took me for a loop a little but when you consider 2 things it makes sense.

1. Horrible in pass protection.
2. Rarely got 2nd level blocks; couldnt play in space.

Thomas was awesome straight ahead blocker but rest of game sucked.

Odin -

He's Shawn Andrews brother. Used to play for the Bengals until he tore up his knee or something. Mostly a guard but played some R tackle. Known to be very versatile. Solid second stringer but good enough to start. PFT reported that he might be supplanted up there and he wasn't happy and that he might be cut (presumably due to salary?).

Using the word "portend" certainly doesn't make me sophisticated, simply attentive in school when I was a pup :-)

Scott from delaware,

make no mistake, that was all him. Dont know about the poster @ 3:49, But everything else is its own words. The Guys always been in love with the pats and he has showed it every year with his @ss like comments.

Hey, the drafts a crap shoot. They bombed a little on that one, it happens.
If Sean gets his head into the game he and Vontae can still save the entire draft class.

Until then, I'm just going to pretend we used the Pat and Pat picks on Wallace and Moore.


Pat White spotted at mall shopping for winter attire. It gets awfully cold up in Canada.

Also for u who believe White will end up in Bellichek's lair, it aint happening! Pat White refuses to play any position besides qb. He aint a nfl qb. Canada here he comes!

We shall see odin, hopefully the trifecta has improved their eyesight when it comes to reciever talent for this team, Marshall was good start!!!

Canada here he comes!

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 04, 2010 at 04:29 PM

Is he playing for the Bills this year????

Dying your right on about Thomas, though it still caught me for a surprise. The writing was on the wall for Turner. Pat White is just well.....pat white. I am not worried if he ends up in Bellicheat's lair, what the heck is pat going to do, nothing.

The next future move you guys may not see coming is Marlon Moore lining up next to Marshall. He has good hands, runs good routes, and is faster than Brian Hartline.

We need better speed next to Marshall and Hartline is a #3 wr at best on most nfl teams.

I like this Marlon guy alot. He will continue to flourish in the WR position. We will all be pleased with him.

For Idiots, er, uh ppl that are concerned white will remain in the NFL as QB, heres a good hint for you............Over the offseason, with rumors circulating the Dolphins might try him at wide receiver, White tweeted he rather would return to baseball.

White was selected in the Major League Baseball draft four times: fourth round by the Los Angeles Angels in 2006, 24th round by the Angels in 2007, seventh round by the Cincinnati Reds in 2008 and the 48th round by the New York Yankees in 2009.....safe bet to say White is done!!!!

I believe Marlon Moore's going to supplant Hartline at the #2. At worst, I believe he gives us an awesome 4wr set.

I disagree DB, i beleive Bess is our Best #2 right now and moore still needs time in regular season to develope his skills more proficiently. I do agree that hartline has had enough ups and downs to warrent dropping him down the depth chart to give chances for guys like wallace and moore to shine!!!

The Myron Rolle cut wasnt a huge shocker when you consider the biggest knock against him was does he have the desire and dedication to the game. Seems that question's now answered with his release. Talent wasnt ever an issue.

Am I the only one who sees an 8-8 season ahead of us? Our offense looks horrible and I'm not sold on Henne yet. He has all of the skill set you would want in a QB, but he never seems to make the crucial play when you need it and his decision making is still suspect at times. I agree with Yann that we are overpaying for an average offensive line and our recent draft history has not been great. Jake Long is a good player, but anyone out there would rather have Matt Ryan at QB for the dolphins. The Falcons who were a worse team than us with a horrible defense have already passed us by because they had the balls to draft a QB at the top of the draft. I don't know what parcells was thinking there. That is going down as a bigger screw up than even the Ted Ginn debacle. Ryan was the surest thing coming out of the draft in a long time at QB.

Well, they did it: David Martin cut. If he gets snapped up by another team before they can re-sign him, they are, indeed, a bunch of f*c*ktards. I thought they were doing great so far, but Nalbone? Come on. The guy's a piece of meat. He can't catch consistently, etc. etc.

Fasano bites the big one without Martin. Lessee: 2008 Fasano is the man because Martin and he were a good duo. 2009, Martin out, Fasano stinks up the joint. 2010 PS - Fasano again the man because Martin is there.

Trifecta going with their beloved Jersey boys over someone who can actually play. LEt's hope he makes it through so they can pick him up again.


Bess is the #3, the slot wr is always the #3 reciever. Love the heck out of Bess, he's our "Mr. 3rd down."

smells like tuna,

You joke nobody here wants to hear your krap. Henne is good and thats all you need azzz clown!!

Trifucta strikes again
whiffing At several 2008 and 2009 draft picks.
I can hear the defenders: but they found all the udfa

get real
now you keep nalboner that cant block instead of martin
you cut 3 ol that you hand picked?
Still no clue at who is the center?

Playoffs or broom time for ross

Something has to be going on with regards to cutting Martin.

We can't go into the season with Nalbone backing up Fasano.

out of all the moves, david martin caught me off guard! it is logical to keep him! what am i saying? i've lost my mind. dolphins management and logic....????

yea, but i like his consistancy to make plays, his hands at times are ??? marks but i think hes as capable as hartline for that 2 hole. If Moore and Wallace can turn in to someone like Edalmen in NE...Watch out!!!

NALBONE??????? I'm pouring myself a drink!

The thing that amazes me is that the Dolphins were the only NFL team(out of 32) that made picks that didn't pan out.Thirty one other teams made the right choice....that freaks me out a little bit.

They have to be looking to make another addition next week at TE, Nalbone is not the answer...cant be???can it???

The only reason they're keeping Nalbone is because he's from Jersey. Him and Sparano will be out of a job next year. Maybe the can be on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey". What a bunch of clowns.
What a classless move releasing White. The kid was never used properly and his confidence was destroyed by our play calling. Meanwhile, senile Henning continues to call plays.
I sure hope White goes to another team and comes back to kick Sparano's behind.

Remember guys the importance of Martin in 08 was opening up the middle of the field for Fasano. Marshall automatically does that now. Martin's importance is now diminished.

Also Nalbone had a very nice 30yd grab against Dallas. Martin getting cut would actually be great news beause it means the coaching staff see the light is finally coming on for Nalbone. That would be fantastic!

It is easy to say that Ryan is was a sure thing because he has played well. The fact is there is no sure thing at that position, to many high qb draft picks turn out to be run of the mill, if not poor NFL Qb's. This is the first season that Henne goes in knowing this is his team. How is this fair judgmented? If Henne has problems, and can't get it. we have a more then capable backup ready to come in and lead this offense. Parcells has a blue print as to how to build a team, some may not like it, understand it, or think it's stubborn, and outdated.The people that make the football decisions for this team think Henne is the right guy. It's easy for us as bloggers,or fanatics to second guess every move, there is aslo a reason that we sit behind our screens, instead of building football teams.

FB, read post @ 4:38 in regards to pat whites future plans.....Nuff said!!!

they have to be signing or trading for another TE

Nalboner shafts his way to a first down

superphin, you're talking about nalbone and hartline being comparable? i don't see it! but this is where we, the fans, are every year, scratching our collective heads at some of their decisions......praying to the dolphin gods that they know more than us...have some magic potion. well, the next few days will tell, and as always, we'll take it a game at a time. as for me, i'm going to find some pesky neighbor or animal to sacrifice to the dolphin gods!

There's also a reason why some of these guys cannot build championship teams. There's also a reason why some people should be coaches and not GM's. What has Parcells done as a GM? What has Sparano done as a coach? Digressed from 11-5 to 7-9 because of his suspect decisions.
If you liked a guy so much coming out of college, why the heck didn't you give him another chance at proving himself?

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